by Nina Koski

"O'Reily!" I heard him yelling behind me. I turned around. He was grinning almost cheerfully.

"What?" I asked a bit annoyed, I was busy to go see someone. He just stared at me grinning widely. I like his grin. It's dumb looking but still shows how damn evil he is.

"Goin' somewhere?" He asked walking to me.

I automatically took a few steps back. It can save your life in prison as you know.

"Things to do. None of your business." I replied turning back to the direction I was first going. He grabbed me from my shoulder and turned me back with force. I snatched myself off.

"What the fuck do ya want?!" I hissed pushing him away.

One of the guards glanced at us but kept walking on ignoring us. I was a bit scared now. "You've set this up..." I almost whispered. I thought it was my end when he took a small carpet knife out of his pocked placing it to my throat. I tried to fall backwards away from the knife but he grabbed me first.

"Let's go." He said with peaceful voice and dragged me away from the guards. The last ones who could have save me from death I thought then. He took me near the segregation cells. Now I was sure it was planned. There was guard waiting at one of the cells. An empty cell. I hit my head to the floor when he pushed me inside the cell. Then he just nodded at the guard who closed the door and the peeking hole on the door. Now I was really angry.

He lifted me up and smacked me so hard that I dropped back to the floor. I quickly stood up trying to hit him... but he was faster and throwed me against the wall.

"Don't fight back or it hurts even more..." He said friendly.

I was couching blood now but it wasn't over yet. He lifted me up again and pushed me against the wall and was now choking me. Then he loosed a bit. I gasped for air while he had took the carpet knife out of his pocked. "No..." I said still couching. I was sitting on the floor leaning against the wall. I was all sweaty because of the panic and fear I felt.

"Take of your shirt." He said still sounding friendly and somekind nice.

I was so scared and ready to die that I did what he told.

"Good..." He said smiling. Then he knee bended in front of me and smoothed my hair. "Don't be afraid...." He whispered.

I was still unknown of what he was going to do before he'd kill me. I startled when he moved the knife on my skin. Slowly he moved it from my neck to my chest.

"Don't be afraid..." He said again. Suddenly with a fast movement he slashed my left nipple off. I screamed in pain. I can't describe the pain I felt. And I screamed when the blood bursted out. "Shut up!" He shouted and smacked me against the wall. I didn't scream anymore.

He once again lifted me up and smashed against the wall. Then he smacked my head to the wall so hard that my nose broke. That moment I was so out of my mind that I didn't even notice it.

He twisted my hands behind my back and tied them with tape or something. I heard the knife dropping to the stone floor.

He kissed my neck. "This won't hurt much...." He said.

Now I knew what he was going to do. "No... No! Please no..." I begged him but it wasn't working. He ripped me pants down and pushed his cock inside me. I screamed again because it felt like being ripped open inside out. "Please... please... please don't..." I whispered begging but he just pushed it harder making me feel more pain.

He was puffing and moaning and pushed it even more inside me. I screamed again but it only made him more excited. I felt he was coming and I screamed more because of the pain. He smashed my head on the wall again making a few of my teeth fall off. He pushed and pushed until he moaned in great pleasure. His juices burned me inside because of the damage he had made. He dropped me to the floor. I cried.

"That doesn't help you much." He said with that friendly voice again.

He cut the tapes off my hands.

I tried to cover my face but he took them off looking straight into my eyes.

"See you later." He said and walked to the door knocking it twice.

The guard opened it letting him out. Then he and the guard walked away. And now I'm here. In my important meeting I was heading before he stopped me. I know you already called McManus.... but can I just sit here for a while? I think....I think..... I-I'm sorry...so sorry.... but I think I love him... Oh God, forgive me.... I think I love Schillinger.... I.....

Ryan cried. Now not because of pain or shame... because of the truth...

Sister Pete: Ryan...

The door opens.

McManus: Oh my God... Ryan...

Tim says as he sees O'Reily sitting there shivering, crying and bleeding.

"I love him so much...." Ryan whispers before he faints.