In the Dark
by Kristin

Toby lurked in the dark corner under the stairway, knowing it wouldn't take long for one of the horny inmates he'd been courting to seek him out. Office hours from 3:00 to 4:00, conveniently located under the loneliest staircase in Oz. The consultation was free, the fucks quick and often dissatisfying. But at least it gave Toby another hobby - anything was better than spending all of his time watching Keller.

Which was what he wanted to be doing right now, he had to admit to himself as he distractedly scanned Em City for the man who continued to obsess him. But Keller was nowhere in sight, and his failure to notice Toby's latest assignation was just another defeat to add to a litany of disappointments that made up the war of Beecher and Keller.

So here he was again, even though today he was sick - the head cold that had hit all the hacks last week was now sweeping through the inmates, and it was no big shock that Toby would be among the first to get it. After all, he was one of the few inmates trading secretions on a regular basis with anyone and everyone. But the logic didn't make his stuffed head any easier to bear. It had kept him in his bed for two days, though, and being alone inside his head hadn't exactly been a picnic. He felt much better today, and he needed some kind of release, something, anything to snap him out of the funk all that self-reflection had gotten him into.

The sound of footsteps behind him penetrated Toby's thoughts, and he sensed a presence slip into the darkness. With a sigh, he tried to turn his attention to the man waiting expectantly behind him. Another faceless, nameless fuck. Another body taking the place of the man he wanted to be close to. They were all starting to run together, and Toby wasn't sure he had the energy to turn to face the next notch on his belt.

"Wanna fuck?" Toby queried, only half-interested in the response, not even bothering to face the stranger behind him.


A mere whisper came in reply, the sounds slinking into Toby's brain, grabbing his attention completely and making the hair on the back of his neck stand up. A shiver wracked his frame as he shifted and began to turn towards the stranger.


Again, the whisper defied identification. But there was no doubting the intent of the man who stepped up swiftly to prevent Toby's movement. The stranger pressed against Toby's back, his muscular length and firm arousal leaving Toby almost breathless. Heat soaked through the thin t-shirts separating the two men.

An insistent hand grabbed Toby's right hip, fitting Toby firmly into the curve of a slender pelvis, the man's hardened cock throbbing as it nestled into the indentation of Toby's ass. Another hand moved to Toby's cock, unerringly finding the rapidly hardening member as it unfurled in response to the passion rising between the two men. The mystery man's fingers cupped the lengthening shaft, rubbing, stroking, demanding a response Toby found himself only too willing to give.

"God. That's so good. Don't stop," Toby groaned, as he lost himself in the pleasure creeping into his groin. This wasn't like the hurried couplings with other inmates, where more often than not, Toby had to jerk off while on his knees sucking cock. Always giving, never getting. Shemin had seemed a little different, but they'd only been together one time before Chris had --

Toby's thoughts were interrupted as the stranger's lips began tracing a path along the nape of his neck. Toby's soft groan brought an answering murmur as the delicate nibbles and warm tongue reached the sensitive skin along his hairline. The seductive mouth skirted around to find its way behind Toby's ear, tugging on the soft skin at the corner of his jaw, tasting the beginning of a beard there.

Toby reached up to press the stranger's head closer, but his arm was intercepted by a firm hand.


The voice was still too soft to identify, and Toby decided he didn't care who or what was making him feel so good. He'd been searching for this kind of pleasure, something he could abandon himself to, since the day Keller had refused to forgive him. And maybe he could blame it on still being a little fuzzy from all the antihistamines he'd been taking for his cold, but he didn't have the energy to fight this anymore. Firmly banishing further thought, he closed his eyes, and capitulated to the will of the mystery man.

The man captured both of Toby's arms, and drew them upward to the back of the stairs. Gently, the man slotted his body around Toby's, covering his hands with his own, embracing him from behind and encompassing him with heat and strength.

A leg inserted itself between Toby's, widening his stance, leaving him spread-eagled and shaking with need. His hands clenched tight to the hard cement of the staircase as he felt a soft breath on the nape of his neck.

"Keep your hands here. And don't let go."

Toby struggled to process the soft words, and his cock pulsed as the commands penetrated the fogged recesses of his mind. The position gave the stranger open access to his body, and Toby had to resist the urge to turn around, to confront the other man. But he could feel the familiar need for release rising, and it was almost easy to give himself up to the unrelenting hands running over his body.

This man, finally, would help Toby find the escape he'd sought for weeks. He would take, and Toby would give, and for just a few minutes, he might have some peace in Oz.

"I won't let go." Toby's voice was hoarse as he let his body lean back into the solid embrace of the stranger. Toby arched his back, rubbing his ass against the length of steel pressing against him. Assenting to the demands of the stranger, Toby lost himself in passion, his newest drug of choice.

The stranger ground his hips more firmly into Toby's ass in response and for long moments, the two men rocked in a gentle rhythm. Toby moaned at the frustratingly tantalizing pantomime of fucking - the clothing forming soft and teasing barriers to what he desperately needed. His cock lengthened and he let his head roll back onto the shoulder of the stranger as the pleasure built. Strong hands smoothed down his arms, settling on either side of his hips and pulling him more fully into the rocking rhythm.

"Yes. Please. Fuck me." Toby begged, the words spilling from his mouth in a gasp.

"Yes," came the soft reply. "I'm gonna fuck you. Gonna fuck you so good, Beecher. So good."

The husky words amplified the tension rising between the two men, and Toby couldn't control his reflexive shudder. One of the stranger's hands moved down to outline Toby's hard cock, trapped within the constricting clothing. The hand drifted lower to cup Toby's balls, and while the palm pressed against the sensitive sac, a single finger crept back to outline the seam of Toby's pants, moving instinctively towards Toby's asshole.

Toby shuddered at the combination of sensations, deliciously muted by his clothing. The stranger's lips spiked the passion again as he nibbled at the patch of shoulder exposed by Toby's loose t-shirt. He felt the whisper of whiskers as a tongue snaked out to lap at the hollow of his neck, before moving on to his Adam's apple. The teasing touches made him ache to press the other man closer.

"Let me - I wanna see you." Toby beseeched the stranger. He wanted to return the caresses that were driving him wild. It was ironic, really - for the first time in months, he was on the receiving end of caresses, and now he ached to give again.

But the stranger was having none of it. "No. Don't let go," he murmured into Toby's neck.

Another shudder shook Toby's body as the stranger's hands moved to his waistband, unsnapping the button and lowering his zipper. The proximity of the hands to his cock made him ache, and he thrust unabashedly into the fingers that were baring his flesh.

"Uhn... yes," Toby hissed as the stranger's hand skimmed over the silken flesh he had just uncovered. His cock oozed with precum, and the stranger's thumb washed the warm liquid around the sensitive glans, coaxing a moan from deep inside of Toby, devastating his senses.

Toby's pants slipped to the floor, exposing his lower body, and he quivered as he felt the stranger lean back slightly to access the shadowy hollow he had revealed. The strong hand pulling on his cock never changed its rhythm as a long finger traced ever narrowing circles over his ass, honing in on its target. Toby flinched as a fingernail found his crack, the slight pain exploding into pleasure when it finally reached its goal, and pressed lightly against the seal of his anus. He scrabbled at the solid cement of the staircase as he writhed under the determined caresses of the stranger, his arms aching to break their consensual pseudo-bondage.

The stranger's left hand moved more quickly up and down on Toby's cock, pulling at the silky skin and pressing into the stiffened flesh, even as he scratched lightly across the pulsing asshole. Toby heard the other man spit and then struggled under the onslaught of sensations as he felt a long, wet finger enter him. With a gasp he welcomed the possession, craving the path the man was tracing inside of him.

Toby fought for control as the stranger introduced another searching finger into his receptive anus. The fingers moved unfailingly deeper into Toby's ass, and he growled at the pleasure, his breath hitching as he felt himself get closer and closer to the edge. His hands itched with the need to participate; his promise echoed in his mind as he continued to resist the urge to let go of the staircase.

"No, I'm not ready, wait," Toby pleaded, hoping to prolong the pleasure he was receiving from the silent stranger, struggling to resist the familiar rush beginning in the base of his spine.

But he was given no respite, and the hands continued their determined assault. The soft lips again found Toby's neck, licking and sucking at the soft skin and the sharp angled bones, nuzzling against Toby as he came with a wail, pumping out his climax. The rhythm the stranger was inflicting on Toby's cock increased in response, keeping the pressure up, and added another finger to the ones scissoring in and out of Toby's grasping hole.

The intensity of the sensuous attack was more than Toby could bear, and he collapsed into the stranger's arms as the last few drops of pleasure spewed from his aching cock, draining his legs of all their strength.

The stranger slowly lowered Toby until he was sitting on the hard ground, stroking his head and murmuring unintelligibly as he fought to catch his breath. After a moment, he turned to face his seducer, reaching instinctively for the man's hard cock. His path was blocked by a strong hand, and Toby looked up questioningly, his head fuzzier than ever from the combined impact of his lingering head cold and the creeping lethargy following his climax.

It was even darker in the shadows under the stairs, and Toby couldn't make out any features, although he could see something glinting around the other man's neck as he shook his head and pushed Toby's hand away.


Toby swallowed, confusion sweeping through him. "" he managed.

"I'm nobody," came the answer, still in that husky whisper that was becoming increasingly familiar.

"O'Reily? Is it you?" Toby couldn't believe it was, but maybe the necklace was Ryan's cross, reflecting in the dim light.

A chuckle rumbled from the stranger's chest, the sound familiar enough to clear all the cobwebs from Toby's thinking. Before he had a chance to react, the other man sprang to his feet, the easy grace of his movements hammering into Toby's brain whose arms he'd just been languishing in.

"Chris? Chris?" Toby reached out to the man who continued to back away from him, his chiseled features finally revealed as he stepped into a sliver of light. "Does this mean you forgive me?" Toby couldn't keep the hope, the pleading out of his voice.

A mocking laugh emerged from Keller's throat. He quirked an eyebrow at the man at his feet and without a word, turned and walked away.

Toby struggled to absorb the implications of what had just happened. He scrambled to his fee to follow Keller, but his pants were still around his ankles. Hands that were still shaking from the violence of his orgasm hampered his hurried attempt to dress.

After finally refastening his clothing, Toby followed Keller out from under the stairs in time to see him disappearing up to the second level of Em City. Racing up the stairs, Toby caught the other man's arm as he was about to enter his pod.

Keller looked down at the hand restraining him, and back at Toby. "Take your hands off me," he commanded softly, the tone icy and his eyes cold. When Toby didn't respond, he leaned closer. "Beecher. Take your fucking hands off me."

Toby recoiled from the change in Keller. Where was the man who had held him so tenderly? Where was the man who had seduced him so completely? Where was the man who had loved him once?

Toby reluctantly dropped his hand, but he couldn't help the question that came to his lips.

"Why, Chris? I...I just don't understand. Please, why?"

Keller turned again, and smiled at Toby. "I just wanted to see if I was right. And I was."

"About what?"

"That dick of yours, baby. It *is* lethal."