by Waffles

Tobias Beecher lay back on his top bunk, right arm raised above his head, framing his face as he looked down below to his pod-mate, and recurrent lover Chris Keller. He watched as Chris rinsed his face off with his hands, drawing them downwards, shaking the excess water from his fingers. Beecher stared as Keller raised his eyes and stared back, his face hard to read, watching Toby from the reflection in the mirror.

"Happy New Year."

"Happy New Year."

The small exchange of words, six words, were full of meaning only the two men could understand. The tensions of the past melting away, each man knowing what the other one was relaying. Chris wiped his face again, slowly pulling his hands down his angled cheeks as he sighed deeply. Should he take the chance? He turned to face the bunk as Toby slid silently onto the concrete floor; the chill running through his body causing him to shiver, perhaps from the coolness below him, perhaps from the intensity from Chris' gaze.

Neither man spoke as they looked at each other; Keller's head held straight ahead, sure of his pending actions, as Toby's seemed to tilt downwards, perhaps anticipating Chris' next move, or maybe bit scared of showing his buried emotions.

They read each other's expressions for a moment, neither one moving, till slowly, Chris took a few steps forward towards his apprehensive love. As he grew closer, Toby reached raised his right arm and placed it hesitantly on Chris' left breast bone. He was not sure if he was ready to give in to the perplexing man, their love had been an emotional roller coaster up to this point, but he longed to be held again in Keller's stone grasp.

Their heads dipped together, their foreheads just barely touching as Keller raised his right hand and placed it cautiously in the shallow dip above Toby's hip. He peered into the blonde's light blue eyes, trying to read through the mask of mixed emotions. The prolonged anticipation of Chris' next move was almost too much to bear. Suddenly, Keller took a chance and slightly tilted his head, slanting towards the right and cautiously pressed his lips against Toby's. He waited a moment until he felt Toby melting under his touch, he felt his lips part slightly, inviting Chris' to enter.

Beecher emitted a low moan as Chris' teeth grazed across his tongue. Keller moved one of his thick arms from Toby's thin frame and slid it slowly down his spine, occasionally massaging the tense muscles, tracing small circles around his hipbones. His hand was rough through the white cotton T-shirt due to years of hard, manual labor, yet it gave Toby a sense of protection as it lightly caressed him.

The touch of Keller's hands on his side was suddenly almost unbearable in its unusual show of tenderness. Toby lifted his left arm and gently stroked Chris' smooth cheek with his long fingers. He ran his thumb across Keller's ear and felt the short hairs on his neck tickle against his palm. Keller flexed his fingers in the soft flesh in Toby's side as his lover melted into his hard body; his touch, firm and stimulating inviting Toby to clutch Chris' body close to his.

As they stood, their frames fitting together like pieces of a puzzle, Chris dropped his hand towards Toby's buttocks, slipping past the elastic waistband of his boxer shorts and began to knead the plump mounds of flesh beneath. He felt Toby's body pushing closer to his own, making their bodies unite through the thin layer of clothing.

Toby blindly grasped at Chris' worn gray wife-beater, still locked in a hungry barrage of kisses, and slowly peeled it from his brawny mass, dragging his slim fingers across the well-defined shoulders, feeling the hard muscles quivering beneath his touch. The feel of Chris' hot flesh pushing against him aroused Toby, making him break the kiss. "Fuck me..." The words breathed out, his voice sounding throaty and full of need. "I want..."

Chris silenced him with a stout finger, gently pushing his it over Toby's soft, pliant lips. "Shh.." Keller leaned in and replaced the digit with his mouth, running his tongue across Beecher's rosy flesh, tasting the faint remains of toothpaste, minty, mixed with his unique musk. He drove his tongue deep into Toby's now willing mouth and sucked intensely on the warm muscle within.

"Chris.. please.." Toby tried to form the words from under Keller's smothering kisses. He felt his lovers' hands begin to lift his thin shirt from his lithe form, the mere touch of his hands sent shivers throughout his body.

As Chris discarded the garment haphazardly onto the floor, he propelled their naked torsos against one another, pushing Toby back against the cool metal bars of their bunk, like a predator stalking it's prey. Toby's knees buckled as they hit the mattress and sent him tumbling backwards, down onto the bed, Chris' hulking form following him closely.

Their arms and legs entwined, caught together in a pretzel of limbed flurry. Toby had asked Keller to fuck him, not have sex, not make love, but to _fuck_ him. Music to Keller's ears. He didn't mind making love to Toby, just the opposite, the gentle caressing, to the passion filled massages, in and out, he relished it. But fucking was Keller's primal instinct, the sexual predator's dream, but in this case, he wouldn't hurt Toby. Not now, not _ever_ again.

Keller felt his cock twitch alive with the sudden fall on top of his lover, their hard-ons pushing together, rubbing together in unison, grinding, despite the cloth between them. He wanted in. In Beecher's clothes, under his boxers. _In_ Beecher. Keller positioned himself above Toby, his arms on either side of the blond head, supporting most of his weight while his sinewy thighs pinned the smaller man to the mattress.

Underneath Keller's domineering presence Toby tried frantically to undo the small, metal button that held Chris' dark pants in place. His fingers fumbled, seemingly tumbling over each other in a heated fervor to release Keller's straining erection from behind its fabric restraint.

As Toby finally unclasped his mates pants, Keller's cock sprung from the slit in his sheer boxers, throbbing and aching, pearls of pre-come already forming on the pink swollen tip. Keller reached down and quickly stripped Beecher of his under-shorts and grinned mischievously as Toby attempted to squirm out from underneath him and tried to pull Chris' athletic physique against his own.

Keller grasped Beecher's arms and extended them above his head, rendering the smaller man motionless. His eyes burned fire as they met with Toby's. Passion and lust reading battling against Keller's burning gaze. Keller left one hand restraining Toby's wrists as he reached down and briskly stripped himself of his remaining clothing. Soon Chris twisted Toby's body beneath his and held him down, on his stomach with one heavy hand, nudging his pale legs apart with his own solid knees.

He slowly began to slide his shaft down Beecher's pallid and tattooed ass, teasing at his puckered entrance, just resting his weeping tip on Toby's hole, leaving him whimpering below. "Chris... fu..." His words hitched and were cut off as Keller leaned down and whispered quietly in his lover's ear. "My way... wait..."

Drawing this out was only increasing Keller's pleasure, making his blood steam within, all the while driving Toby wild beneath with a desired urgency. Keller continued to taunt Toby's anxious ring, just barely pushing his pink steel up against the opening, smearing the growing quantity of pre-come around with the tip, causing Toby to buck his hips up into Keller's groin.

Toby felt Chris' rock-hardness against him as he pushed back, trying to entice his lovers cock inside. His legs spread by Keller's taut thighs, his dick dragging along his crack, the intense pressure of him on top. He knew Keller's game, the more he begged, the more Chris would tease him and the longer it would be until they reached their ultimate goal.

Keller reached up and grabbed his pillow from underneath Toby's head and quickly positioned it underneath his lover's abdomen, tilting his mid-section, readying his ass for it's impending pleasuring. "Hold on..."

Chris' voice permeated though the heat in the room, his hand seared a path as it traveled down Toby's back, and lay to rest on one thigh. His hands searched out all of Toby's pleasure points, gently sliding between his legs, tickling at his inner thighs, teasing at his sensitive scrotum, pushing his thumb against the smooth patch of skin just under his balls and before his anus. Keller could barely contain himself as Toby's body wriggled below, demanding, without words to be fucked.

Still teasing his lover, Chris reached under his mattress and drew out a small tube of Vaseline and applied a small amount to his pointer and middle fingers. Toby tensed as Keller slid one lubed up finger down his crack and pushed into his burning entrance. Keller waited as Toby's muscles relaxed against the intrusion, and slowly began to push deeper as his lover's hips rose up to meet his hand. Soon, Keller inserted his middle finger; beginning to stretch and scissor the tight passage, readying it for the much larger invasion that was soon to come.

Toby began to buck his hips furiously as Chris tormented and teased his asshole unrelentlessly with his thick fingers. "Plee..." He didn't want to beg, but he could not hold out much longer; Keller was stroking his prostate sending waves of pleasure throughout his body, making him, and his cock, twitch in ecstasy.

The time was right. Toby was uncontrollable beneath him, and Keller slowly withdrew his fingers one at a time, leaving Toby whimpering, sad at the loss of Chris' fingers inside him. His feelings of emptiness soon were quelled as Keller roughly shoved his swelled prick past his tight anal ring, and drove his cock inside.

Beecher dug his fingers into the white sheets beneath him, turning his knuckles white as Keller continued to impale him on his shaft. Not really waiting for the constricting passage to loosen, but stuffing his cock-stand in as far as he could go. Toby let out a wail as Keller's stiffness grazed against his prostate, but was silenced as he felt a hand wrap tightly around his mouth. Chris hissed at him to be quiet, they couldn't risk getting caught this far into their act.

Pounding his manhood in and out of Keller was bliss. Restraining Toby's movements only made this much more exciting for him, dominating the smaller man, but this is what he asked for. Fucking. When Keller deemed Toby to be quiet enough, he removed his rugged hand from his mouth and placed it under Toby's armpit and pulled him up onto all fours.

Toby bit into his tender flesh on his inner arm as Keller gripped his slim hips and fucked him for all he was worth. Pleasure ripped through his veins, causing him to buck violently, loving the feel of Keller's balls colliding with his own. Tears built in Toby's eyes, tumbling down over his cheekbones, forming small damp stains on the bed below. Tears of passion, joy, fervor. Not pain.

Keller looked down and watched his inflated erection sliding in and out of Toby's sweet asshole, loving the control he possessed over the smaller man. Control; it turned him on, seeing himself lance his lover, watching the blond wriggle in elation due to his actions.

"God, Beecher.." Keller's voice growled deeply from within his being as the familiar shock-waves of sheer pleasure ripped through his body; starting deep in his groin, spreading like a burning fire, quickly traveling outwards towards all his extremities as if threatening to consume his body in numbness. His frame shook, and stars burst behind his closed lids as his lover clamped his tight, muscular passage around his pulsing cock. "Fuuuck.."

The intense gutteral noises surging from the more powerful man was enough to push Beecher's worn body into overdrive as he deliberately clenched and released his anus, sheathing the large organ, making it jump and release it's seed in sporadic bursts. Keller buried his dick deep within the moist confines of his lover's ass as he came, feeling the hot juice dripping down back onto his overly sensitive cock-head.

Toby felt his own need for release come to a boiling point as Keller erupted deep inside of him. He desperately urged Chris' hand towards his swollen shaft, and whimpered as a vice-like grip wrapped around his erection and began to pump vigorously. Toby writhed beneath the solid figure as his lover expertly manipulated his cock until he delivered his warm, sticky load into the closed fist, and all over his stomach.

"Uhh..ooh.." Toby's moans hitched in his throat as his body processed the post-orgasmic shudders. Carefully, he maneuvered himself beneath Keller to a position where he was able to look into his stony, penetrating eyes. Still connected, he pulled his lover's rugged, sweat covered torso down on top of his own lean frame, wrapping his arms around Chris' broad shoulders, causing the viscous mess to smear between their trembling bodies.

Neither man spoke, relishing the last few post-fuck moments they would be able to spend together, joined, man to man, until the fluorescent lights flooded EmCity, bringing with them the onset of another day. Keller smiled to himself, his face buried in Toby's golden locks, he fucked him, but he didn't hurt him.

Not _ever_ again.