by Alex

Her face. Her skin. Her voice. Her scent. Fuck. He had been in this shit hole of a prison for over three years now, and the passing of time had become bearable at best; if he tried to numb himself to the world that surrounded him outside, once in a great while he could lull himself into believing that he was semi-content. The passing days became a blur of time that he tried to forget about - what did time matter anyway? No longer caring what day or month it was - fuck - or even what year for that matter, he trudged through the successive stream of days that faced him each morning upon waking up and tried to be grateful for the small things in life. Like the fact that he had his brother here with him to keep him company, could protect him, and could spend time with him - perhaps even attempt to atone for the shit of a brother he'd always been to him - after all, Cyril was in here thanks to him. He was grateful that he was on top of the prison food chain - never able to let his guard down for a second or stop looking over his shoulder due to this fact, he was still thankful that he wasn't someone's prag; other than that SS frau from hell, Hedda Himmler herself - AKA Clare Howell.

Sometimes late at night, when the comforting blanket of sleep had almost covered him in its lulling grasp, her face would flash momentarily behind his barely closed lids - and then he'd be wide awake once more, his heart pounding, and the sound of her voice ringing in her ears. Maria Soriano - why her name and face still stuck with him so many years after the fact was a mystery, one of those puzzling things about life. A scrappy Italian chick that had attended school at St. Pat's with him and Cyril, she was notorious for the tighter-than-tight shirts she'd wear under the bland white button down oxford shirt that was de rigueur. Come the last bell that signaled the end of the school day, quick as a flash, that plaid skirt was hiked up to show off those famous legs of hers and the oxford shirt was abandoned in favor of the teeniest of halter tops, the tighter and shorter the better - which always barely managed to contain her overflowing D cups.

St. Pat's parochial school was divided along certain ethnic lines - and everyone knew their place - that was a given. There were the Irish, the Italians and the Puerto Ricans - and you were one of the three - or you were nothing at all. Turf was fought for on a regular basis, and everyone knew to stick with their 'own kind' - of course, this didn't prevent appreciative glances being cast towards the opposite sex of the opposing culture once in a blue moon. Let's face it - this was high school - and the hormones were raging.

Ryan had noticed Maria from the moment she had first stepped into the school - or his biology class to be more exact. His cynical fa*ade never giving way one inch, his quick intelligent gaze nevertheless summed her up in two seconds flat; as the delectable yet forbidden cupcake that she was. Looking around at the rest of her classmates somewhat anxiously while trying to keep her cool, hating her position as the new kid on the block, Maria looked around for the first available seat, and managed to plunk herself down right next to Ryan O'Reilly. The sweet strawberry scent of the shampoo she used floating over towards him, and Ryan stifled an appreciative grin.

"So - what's your story?" he asked her. Turning around she let her eyes flicker over his long gangly frame slowly, her look cool and impersonal. "What's it to ya?" she replied smartly, cracking her gum rhythmically as she returned his bold gaze.

"Nothing - just being friendly is all."

"Well I don't need no mick welcoming committee - thanks anyways," she retorted with a cool flip of her hair, her long legs crossing themselves as her skirt fell down her smooth thighs. "Don't get your guinea panties in a twist," Ryan replied with a short laugh. "Just felt sorry for ya is all - being the new kid."

Ignoring his infuriating comment, Maria made a big show of doodling in her biology textbook as the teacher gave out their various assignments that would need to be completed that semester. "And one more thing - we'll be doing lab work - the table that you're seated at now is the group that you'll be working with for the remainder of the semester."

Rolling her eyes in response, Maria caught the eye of the jock sitting at the next table, pursing her lavishly lipsticked crimson lips in response to the open leer that he cast in her direction. With their homework assignment handed out, school was dismissed for the day, and Maria made her way home, books forgotten in her school locker as she contemplated instead what she would wear to school the next day, and if that cute boy who had smiled at her in class might like her enough to ask her to the school dance next week.

Yes, that was Maria Soriano - all 5'4" 120 succulent pounds of her - earthy and not afraid to mix it up with the best of them. She was different from most other chicks Ryan knew at school - she somehow carried an aura of combined innocence and sophistication about her - an intoxicating mixture that he was helpless to resist in the end. It turns out that Cyril had heard about her as well; being a few years younger than Ryan, he nevertheless had the same circle of friends. And at 15 he'd been checking out the girl scene for a few years now - helped along of course by 17 year old Ryan - both in constant competition for the number of girls they could 'score' with - and better yet - steal from one another.

Trying to tread the fine line of maintaining his cool rep and yet trying to reel this luscious Italian canap* in at the same time, Ryan was overjoyed when they were instructed to form study groups in order to finish up their lab assignments for their biology class. He let her come to him about this matter, knowing that if he approached her first it would look like he was using the opportunity for his own advantage - which of course he was - but he couldn't let her know that now could he? So he coolly and reluctantly agreed to meet her once a week after school at the soda fountain down the street for half an hour, in order to report in on what they had each accomplished towards their combined lab assignment.

Unbeknownst to the other, both Ryan and Maria were more alike then they knew; each counting on using their considerable charm with the opposite sex to weasel out of any real homework or research - get them out of any real work - thinking they could flirt with the other party and thus talk them into doing their share of the work for them. When this fact was discovered by both Ryan and Maria the next week when they met up again, they both had to laugh for a moment and quickly reassess the situation at hand. They agreed that they would try this once more the following week, this time with actual work to show for their time spent on supposed homework. Of course, neither one ever had any real intention of holding up their end of the bargain.

That night after he'd gone to bed, Cyril asked Ryan about Maria - he'd seen them at the caf* together and wanted the full story. "Nothing to tell bro - we had to meet up for a study group - y'know - for biology class."

"Sure - tell me another one," Cyril snorted in reply. "You know that if those guinea fucks see you with her outta school they'll have your ball sack."

"It's all legit - this is for school Cyril - 'sides - what would I want with a stupid garlic salami lovin' schmo like Maria Soriano anyways?"

"Plenty - and don't you lie about that," Cyril replied. "Have you noticed her tits? Fuckin' HUGE - plus someone told me that she loves giving head - they've seen her going into the boys bathroom to do just that - she even gives it away for free."

"Yeah right - they wish - whoever 'they' are," Ryan replied. "Go to sleep Cyril - we gotta get up early tomorrow - I promised Ma that we'd stop off at Mrs. Gallagher's place and deliver something for her before school."

The next few weeks rolled into months as life continued as normal in the O'Reilly household, the brothers merely coming home to eat their supper and go to bed, trying their best to stay clear of their father John's ever present drunken wrath. For the first time ever Ryan actually looked forward to going to school - especially to his last class of the day - biology - with Maria. 'Too bad it couldn't have been anatomy class instead,' he thought to himself one day as the class prepared for their dissection exercise. 'I don't wanna look at a fuckin' frog - I wanna see those tits of hers,' he thought as he gazed over her shoulder, affording himself a quick glimpse of heavenly cleavage.

"Ryan - I can't do this - I swear - I'm gonna puke - you do it," Maria begged Ryan as she handed him the scalpel in which to cut open poor Mr. Frog who was lying in front of them belly up, his limbs impaled neatly to the cardboard with large pins. "But you have to do this too in order to get credit for it," he reminded her. "I know that - but please - I hate this Ryan - I'm gonna puke - I mean it."

"Okay, okay," he told her with a sigh, cutting into the frog and smiling at her reaction of horror as a mass of thin white intestines peeked up at them through the skin. Stumbling up to the front of the class she pleaded for a hall pass in which to go to the bathroom, which the teacher reluctantly gave her. Using the excuse that it was the last class of the day, Maria promptly left the school grounds, making her way over to a group of friends that were walking over towards the railroad tracks. A bottle of scotch had been commandeered from somewhere, and never one to waste an opportunity, a few hours later a tipsy Maria wandered her way back through town towards her place, the scarlet of her ever present lipstick smearing slightly as she rubbed the back of her hand across her dry lips. "I'm already late coming home - fuck it," she thought, hiking up her thigh high hose before making a detour down an alley nearby.

"Hey Maria - what'cha doing here?" Ryan's voice called out to her from the entranceway to his gang's basement hangout. "Nothing - just walking," she slurred back to him slightly. "You're drunk - you can't go home like that," Ryan told her. "You wanna hang out for awhile and sober up?"

"Sure," she shrugged, having nothing better to do and no one better to do it with. Holding the door open for her, Ryan ushered her inside, telling her to watch her step as she made her way downstairs in the dim light. Stumbling slightly, Maria was quickly steadied by Ryan as he gripped her arm tightly, leading her over towards a ratty couch almost devoid of stuffing that sat in the corner. "So how do you think we did on our lab assignment?" he asked her.

"Who cares?" she replied coolly, her hands reaching back to undo the tight braid that restrained the lush dark curls of her hair. "Yeah - who cares?" Ryan echoed, lighting up a cigarette for each of them with obvious finesse and handing one to her. "So what's your story?"

"Don't got one - and if I did - would be too boring to tell you anyway," she replied, her lips fastening themselves around the tip of the filter as she inhaled deeply. Suddenly finding himself mesmerized by those two crimson pillows that were Maria's lips, Ryan's breath halted for a minute as he watched her chest expand as she exhaled, her breasts straining against the confines of her halter top until he wondered how her straps didn't snap from the pressure. "Quit lookin' at my tits," Maria told him smartly.

"I - I wasn't - why do you think - what -"

"Cause you're a guy O'Reilly - and all the guys look at my tits," she responded with a laugh as she exhaled another large plume of smoke. "It's okay."

They spent the next half an hour talking about school gossip before the door suddenly opened with a loud clang, heavy footsteps trouncing down the stairs as Cyril made his way into the basement. "There you are - what the fuck took you so long?" Ryan asked his brother, who handed him a beer.

"The guy went to a different store this time - the other place was getting suspicious - I think the clerk's on to us," Cyril replied, smiling at Maria and offering her a beer, which she accepted with a nod of thanks. "What's she doing here?" Cyril asked Ryan, gesturing towards Maria with a quick nod of his head while he wiped his mouth after a deep drag off his bottle. "SHE was invited here," Maria replied tartly. "You can address me you know," she continued in a sassy voice.

"My fuckin' apologies then - what are you doing here - m'lady?" Cyril asked her, the irritation in his voice dying out as she giggled in response to his question. "I got drunk with some friends and Ryan told me I could sober up here before going home."

"Good way to sober up - with beer," both brothers chorused, their bottles clinking together as they clapped one another on the back. "So is this like your club house or something?" Maria asked, looking around at their surroundings.

"Something like that - and a place to bring our conquests to," Ryan chuckled to her. "Oh sure - conquests - like you have many of those," Maria scoffed. "You'd be surprised," Cyril spoke up, a knowing glitter in his eyes as he eyed her intently. "Come on now - what do you do around here for fun?"

"Play games," Ryan told her quietly, his fingernail picking off the label of the beer bottle. "What kind of games?" Maria asked him.

"Y'know - depends on who we have here - with girls its normally spin the bottle," Ryan replied with a twist of his lips.

"Come on - get the fuck outta here - haven't played that since I was 10," Maria laughed. "Are you for real?"

"Sure am - right Cyril?"

"That's right," Cyril said, nodding his head in confirmation. "But its our version of 'Spin The Bottle' - wanna play?"

The gauntlet having been thrown down, there was no way that Maria could back out of this one - so Cyril finished his beer with several gulps and a loud belch before placing it before him on the floor, squatting in front of it and beckoning Ryan and Maria to join him.

"Okay - just one question," Maria asked the brothers as she took a seat with them on the floor. "There's two of you and one of me -"

"And? How is that a problem?" Ryan replied, his eyes hooded slightly as he took a deep swig of his beer.

"Nothing - just wanted to know how this was gonna work is all," Maria smiled back to him.

"Here - have another beer," Cyril told Maria, offering her a replacement the instant that she finished her bottle. "Thanks," she told him. "This is okay to drink - right - beer isn't strong like hard liquor is it? This won't make me more drunk?"

"Something like that," Ryan replied. "Okay - who goes first?"

"Well - let's establish some rules here - okay - when Maria spins and the bottle lands on one of us, she can't make us do anything with each other - she'll have to think of a dare or something she wants done to her," Cyril spoke up. All three nodded in agreement, and the game commenced, Maria spinning first. The bottle whirled around on the cement floor until it landed on Ryan, who glanced up expectantly at Maria.

"Hmm - let's see - okay - Ryan - let's make this a truth or dare thing as well shall we? How old were you when you first had sex?"

"You can't be serious," Ryan snorted. "I was 12 man - I've been fucking since I was 12 years old."

Exchanging a high five with Cyril Ryan settled down once more, his eyes glittering at Maria. "My turn cupcake," he told her with a grin. Spinning the bottle, it pointed towards Cyril. "Okay - hmm" Ryan began, making a big show of drumming his fingers against his chin. "Cyril - I want you to kiss Maria."

A look of surprise flitted across Maria's face momentarily before Cyril scooted over towards her, his head bending forward as he pressed his lips against hers, his tongue snaking in between her open lips to entangle briefly with hers. A gasp of pleasure came from Maria before he scooted away once more, a pleased look upon his face as he reached for the bottle.

Spinning the bottle it came to an eventual stop facing Maria. "Okay Maria - hmm...how's this? Take off your top."

Shaking her head in a bemused fashion Maria complied, determined that the brothers wouldn't make her lose face. With a swift movement she removed her top, the lacy contours of her bra exposed to their hungry gaze, the swell of her breasts overflowing the top. Staring intently at her for a moment both brothers unconsciously licked their lips until she cleared her voice loudly, bringing them out of their momentary stupor.

"Okay - my turn," Maria said, leaning forward to grasp the bottle. Spinning around quickly it landed on Cyril. "Okay Cyril - I'll ask you a question like I asked your brother - have you had sex yet? 'Cause I know you're younger than Ryan and..." Scoffing loudly, Cyril shook his head. "He beat me by a year - I was 13," he replied. "Your turn Ryan."

The next spin pointed to Maria, who was told to remove her skirt. Not thinking that she'd agree to do so, both brothers were surprised when she coolly removed the garment and sat in front of them reduced to her bra, panties and thigh high hose. "Is that all boys?" she chuckled, reaching over to light a cigarette before turning the bottle over to Cyril. With a 'whoosh' the bottle was spun, eventually landing back on Maria once more.

"What is this - you guys jinx the bottle or something?" she joked to them.

"Tell you what Maria - I've got a proposition for you," Cyril told her coolly. "It's all or nothing time - we can either sit around playing this game for the next few hours or we can speed things up and get to our eventual destination a lot faster. You in?"

"What do you have in mind?" Maria asked him.

"Naked twister - we all play - greased up and good to go."

Spitting out the mouthful of beer that she'd just swallowed, Maria stared at the two brothers in astonishment, waiting for the eventual smile that would betray the comment as a jest. When she saw them continuing to eye her up quietly, she knew the time had come to lay her cards on the table.

"All right guys - this has been a lot of fun - but - NAKED TWISTER? I didn't think that guys like you would play such a kid's game."

"Hence the adult theme," Ryan replied with a grin. "You didn't think I invited you in here for milk and cookies did you? You can leave if you want - I won't force you to do anything you don't want to do. But if you want to stay - well I can promise you a great time - that's about all."

"So we're just gonna play the game and that's it?"

"Yep - if that's all you want," Ryan replied, eyeing her intently as he tilted the bottle for a last pull. "Time for a refill - another round for all of us. Cyril - get the game out."

Placing the game upon a carpeted section of the floor, Cyril uncorked a body of baby oil and handed it to Maria. "What am I supposed to do with this?" she asked him.

"Put it on," he replied before swiftly divesting himself of his clothing. Noticing that Ryan was doing the same, she stared at her hose for a moment before removing it. "There you go," Ryan said approvingly. "Have you got the balls to bare all? Or are we still doing the kiddie version in our underwear?"

Biting her lip momentarily Maria blamed her lack of discretion on the alcohol she'd imbibed and seconds later removed her bra and panties, standing in front of these two Irish hooligan brothers naked as the day she was born.

All three parties appraising one another with unabashed curiosity and appreciation, it was Ryan who made the first move. Pouring a generous handful of baby oil into the palm of his hand he slathered it over his skin, taking care that he covered every inch of his lanky frame. Passing the bottle on to Cyril he did the same before handing it over to Maria, who followed suit.

Let the games commence.

Since Ryan volunteered to be the officiator, he spun the wheel for Maria, who had the privilege of going first. Instructing her that she was to place her feet and hands in the yellow circles he had her bent over as she complied, her ass sticking up in the air as she waited for the next move. "You guys better not be looking at me," she warned them self consciously as both brothers shook themselves out of the intense attention they were devoting to her luscious backside. "Don't worry - we're not looking," Ryan assured her, clearing his voice loudly and motioning for Cyril to take position next to the mat. "Okay Cyril - red for you - and I want your hands and feet on the mat as well."

Sitting down onto the floor, Cyril assumed a crab posture and slid his way underneath Maria whose body now hovered over his by mere inches. The voluptuous swell of her breasts a few scant inches away from his face, Maria closed her eyes in embarrassment so that she wouldn't have to look at Cyril, who didn't seem to find this embarrassing in the least.

"Okay - now my turn," Ryan said, spinning and seeing the arrow land on the black square.

"Guess its black for me," he said cheerfully, walking over behind Maria and staring intently at the colored circles below. "Looks like I can't fit both my hands and feet here - but I can do my hands," he murmured, sliding onto his back for a moment before lifting his body up on his hands right underneath Maria's hips and thighs so that his mouth was inches away from the tight black curls of her sex. "Mmm - what next?" Ryan said aloud.

"I can't believe I'm doing this - what is the point to this game?" Maria giggled. "Who goes next?"

"We do," Ryan murmured to her as he lowered his body onto the plastic sheet, his oil slick skin sliding across its surface before he steadied himself by grabbing hold of her hips. Seated on the floor his hands rose upward to cup the outsides of her thighs, his long fingers traipsing a leisurely trail over the soft expanse of her flesh. "Cyril - you ready?"

"Sure am bro," came his reply as he reached up to nuzzle his lips into the center of Maria's cleavage, an accompanying gasp eliciting from her mouth.

"What are you doing?" she managed to squeak out.

"Simple - you win the game - now you get to collect your prize - us," Ryan told her smugly, a low chuckle leaving his mouth before he fastened his lips to her inner thigh. "Right Cyril?"

"Mmm hmm," came Cyril's reply, his voice muffled by Maria's breasts. "Guys - I can't stay up any longer - my arms won't hold me any more," Maria gasped before seating herself in the middle of the game sheet. "Perfect - stay right there," Ryan told her, rising to his feet quickly and reaching for the bottle of baby oil once more.

Cyril turned down the lights and flipped Pink Floyd's "A Momentary Lapse of Reason" tape into the stereo before rejoining Maria and Ryan, who was squirting large amounts of baby oil onto the sheet and over a giggling Maria, who was slipping and sliding in its midst. "Lock the door Cyril," he murmured to his brother, who did just that before coming back into the room.

"Who goes first?" he asked Maria.

"What do you mean?" she asked him nervously.

"I mean who do you wanna fuck first?" he told her.


"Don't you want us both?" he asked her curiously.

"Oh yes," she breathed, blushing at her boldness. "I mean - oh hell - I - I don't know how to do this - I - I've never" she stammered, her eyes lowering under the curious intensity of his gaze. Swallowing hard she looked the other direction and continued doing so even when Ryan lowered his body onto the mat alongside hers. "Come here," he whispered, his hands reaching out to cup her face gently. "Kiss me."

Closing her eyes and allowing her mind, body and soul to be lulled away by the sensual flow of the music that was playing and the sensation of Ryan's skin sliding along hers, Maria kissed him deeply, her lips parting to accept his tongue as he slid it into her mouth to mate with hers. Sighing softly she pulled him closer, her breasts crushing against the hard expanse of his chest as he wrapped his arms around her tightly. "I feel dizzy," she murmured to him when their lips parted, her eyes seeking out his for unspoken acceptance as he lowered their bodies to the mat. "Just lay back sweet Maria," he whispered to her, his hands and lips gliding down the expanse of her body as Cyril positioned himself at her head, his fingers reaching out to gently thread themselves through the long ebony locks of her hair.

"I have always been here
I have always looked out from behind these eyes
It feels like more than a lifetime
Feels like more than a lifetime

Sometimes I get tired of the waiting
Sometimes I get tired of being in here
Is this the way it has always been?
Could it ever have been different?

Do you ever get tired of the waiting?
Do you ever get tired of being in there?
Don't worry nobody lives forever
Nobody lives forever..."*

The wailing of a saxophone pulled Maria deep into a vortex of time and space, her limbs powerless to resist as she closed her eyes and focused on the feelings these two brothers were eliciting from her body. Turning her head to the side to capture Cyril's thumb into her mouth, her lips drew him in deeper, her tongue swirling over his skin as he gasped lightly in response.

Ryan continued on with his pilgrimage, his lips barely grazing her skin as his fingers greedily sought out every hidden nook and cranny of treasure that her body had to offer. Burying his lips between her breasts he alternately nipped and suckled her nipples into hardened diamond peaks of pleasure, her torso arching off the floor in response to his touch. "Ryan," she breathed softly, her head turning back and forth on the mat as Cyril sought out her lips with his. No longer able to quite discern who was doing what, she gave up and surrendered to the combined magic of their touch.

Cupping her breast fervently Ryan laved its tip with his tongue, his lips pursing around her hardened nipple as he drew her in deep so that he could suckle her insistently, his tongue lashing her sensitive skin as his teeth gripped her lightly, biting down softly until a moan of pleasure left her mouth, muffled by Cyril's kiss. Dipping his head further down so that he could nuzzle the succulent underside of her breasts, Ryan left a tattoo of teeth marks across her skin, as a sign of his passing.

Cyril's mouth slashing fervently across hers, their tongues dueling for control as their kiss deepened, Maria groaned aloud once more as she felt Ryan's lips caress the soft skin of her belly, his tongue dipping into the well of her belly button for a moment before nuzzling against the curls that shielded her sex. Her thighs locking instinctively together when she felt him attempt to caress the insides of her thighs, Ryan waited for a moment before she relaxed further, Cyril working his magic as he continued the conquest of her mouth before moving over to suckle her earlobe, his hot breath whispering words of promise into her ear before he nipped his way along the side of her neck. Maria was completely lost now - powerless to stop their unrelenting sensual assault even if she wanted to, which was the last thing on her mind.

Parting her thighs Maria granted Ryan admittance to the promised land, her hips lifting upwards instinctively when he grazed lightly over the heated swell of her mound. Trailing his long fingers lightly up the insides of her thighs, Ryan laughed softly as he watched her body twitch in response, her breaths beginning to rise and fall in rapid succession as Cyril's hand slid down her torso to cup one of her breasts, his fingers squeezing her flesh rhythmically.

Lowering his head Ryan trailed the tip of his tongue up the inside of her right thigh, his hands preceding his movement by inches as he slowly made his way towards her center. Her breath held in suspended animation, Maria squealed aloud as he parted her legs further to settle himself between her thighs, his finger lightly running over the dividing fold of skin before inserting itself inside, separating the fold with his finger before replacing it with his tongue.

Cyril reminded her in a low voice to continue breathing before claiming her lips once more, his tongue gliding against hers as "Learning To Fly" played over the stereo. Unable to hold still anymore, Maria thrashed from side to side as Ryan continued his assault, his lips and tongue lapping at her fervently as he made his way upward until his goal was at last reached and he grabbed hold of her clitoris in his teeth, biting down gently and smiling to himself as she bucked her hips frantically towards his mouth in response. His fingers gliding smoothly into her entrance, he probed her lightly, his fingers curling upward as he gently stretched her and massaged her inner walls. Suddenly he stopped in his tracks, his eyes widening in surprise. "You little liar," he whispered to himself, the evidence clearly speaking for itself.

Grimacing slightly in discomfort Maria's eyes fluttered open and she found herself staring into the dark blue sea of Cyril's gaze. "What is it?" she murmured to him.

"Nothing - it's okay," he replied, a smile flitting over his face before he lowered his face in between her breasts, his fingers rolling her nipples insistently as his lips suckled their way over the skin of her belly.

Pushing Cyril out of the way Ryan settled himself between Maria's legs, the tip of his cock nudging insistently against her opening as he called out to her. "Maria - you sure?" he asked her smoothly, grinning at her accompanying nod of acceptance. Scooting back into a corner of the room Cyril watched the twosome as they braced themselves for impact, Ryan continuing to enter her as he watched her tense up and visibly flinch. "Relax," he told her, his eyes holding hers for a beat of time as he braced himself. "It'll be over in a second."

Not waiting for her to tense up again in anticipation, the waiting already worse than the deed, he snapped his hips forward and tore through the thin veil that shielded the rest of her body from him. A cry flew from her lips as she surged upward, Ryan shushing her as he began to move in long smooth strokes, her body quickly becoming accustomed to his rhythm. Turning her head she kept her eyes focused on Cyril who held her gaze, his hands sliding up and down the length of his cock as he moaned aloud softly while watching Ryan who was beginning to increase the speed of his strokes. Her hips rising on their own accord to meet his hard thrusts, Maria was transported into another realm altogether as the slippery expanse of their skin increased the friction between their bodies. A tight coil of pleasure beginning to unfurl itself in her belly, Maria moaned aloud, her chest rising and falling in loud pants.

"Oh God Ryan - please - oh yes - yes baby - feels so good," she called out, her splayed fingers grasping anything and everything that they could as she attempted to hold onto something in this stormy sea of passion that was beginning to rip apart her very soul. Wanting to be gentle with her but his body betraying its famed self control, Ryan pounded her harder and harder, the loud slap of his pelvis hitting hers echoing through the room as they both were lost in a storm of music and movement. A loud cry leaving his lips, Ryan slumped against her, his cock pulsing rapidly as an endless stream left his body to shoot forth into hers. Collapsing against her body for a moment Ryan kissed her deeply before withdrawing, Cyril waiting in the wings eagerly for his turn.

Motioning for her to scoot over, Cyril took a seat beside Maria, lying back and pulling her into the circle of his arms. Kissing her hungrily, he encouraged her without words to explore the long lanky expanse of his body, his wordless sighs and soft grunts of appreciation spurning her forward. Her fingers exploring the arch of his ribcage, she leaned forward to nuzzle his nipples, each receiving a nip in turn before she continued her sojourn south. Rubbing her cheek lightly against his hipbone, she kissed his belly button, a giggle leaving her lips as he flinched in response. Rising up slightly so that she could take a good look at him, she grasped the hard length of his cock, her fingers barely able to surround the turgid expanse of his flesh as he moaned in reaction to her touch. The pad of her thumb brushing lightly over the tip of his cock, she spread his pre-come further over his head as she lightly tickled the sensitive underside. Lowering her lips unhesitatingly to him she kissed him gently, her tongue snaking forward to taste his salty essence before she opened her lips to him, his length gliding smoothly into the warm wet depths of her mouth, her tongue stroking him as her lips pursed tightly around him in a velvet vice. Cyril began to lift his hips upward, the twosome quickly establishing a rhythm as Maria learned by his response what pleased him the most. Her hand dipped into a small puddle of baby oil laying beside them before gripping the base of his shaft tightly, her fingers gliding against him as she met in alternating strokes the rise and fall of her mouth over his length. "Fuck," Cyril gritted out, his breath coming faster and faster. "Come here Maria."

Not sure what he had in mind Maria sat back on her haunches and waited for further instruction, joining him when he beckoned for her to mount him. Straddling his hips with hers she lowered herself somewhat awkwardly onto his length, his fingers holding his cock in place as she gradually impaled herself onto his long shaft. Closing her eyes as she felt herself fully joined with another human being once more, she rocked backward and forward, her hips instinctively undulating rhythmically as she met his upward strokes with a hard downward sliding motion of her own. A soft cry left her lips as Cyril reached forward to manipulate her clitoris with his finger, her hips bucking forward in reaction to the magical sensation of his touch.

A flooding tide of emotion soon overtook her consciousness as she climbed the peak that lay before her, her body tightly wound as she sought her release with loud whimpers of need. Suddenly Cyril thrust her off of his body, pulling her up on her hands and knees as he positioned himself behind her, his hardness pressing insistently against her opening once more. Holding her hips in place he impaled her with a sharp snapping motion of his hips, his hardness ensheathed by her velvet vice as he pounded away at her savagely, his movements animal like and out of control as the dam of his pent up desire finally gave way. Sweating, sliding, and pounding into the supple female beneath him, Cyril gasped in pleasure when Maria's orgasm finally overtook her and her inner walls rippled around his length, gripping him savagely and pulling him further inside. The beginning of his orgasm starting at the base of his scrotum, Cyril released a loud groan of completion as he filled her with his seed, his body collapsing forward onto hers where he panted sharply against the slick fragrant skin of her back.

Twister anyone?

Yes, those were the days, Ryan thought to himself with a wry grin. He never knew what happened to Maria - after their encounter on that rainy April night she avoided both him and Cyril, maybe embarrassed about the events that had taken place - or maybe afraid of a repeat performance that she might propose. He'd never forget her, that was for sure - although there had been a long string of women before and after her, she retained a special place in his heart somehow, jaded though it was.

Did Cyril remember her? It was doubtful - after his injury most of his long and short-term memory had faded away like quicksand through a glass. Apparently her memory belonged to him alone now - and it was her face that would continue to rise up and occasionally taunt and haunt him through the long lonely years that were yet to come.


* - "A New Machine - Part 1" - Pink Floyd