Christmas in Oz

by Lisa H

I wrote this for friends I made at the HBO bbs the year I discovered Oz. I tweaked it around a little to include The TwistedSisterhood

Christmas in Oz

'Tis the day before Christmas and all through the pen

All the inmates are stirring, let's take a peek in.

Alone in their pod are Toby and Chris, happy at last, Well, at least we can wish.
They're cuddled together, both in one bed Visions of fuzzy bunnies dance in their heads.

Said in his khofi and Adibisi in his hat Are eyeing each other after another nasty spat.

From down the hall in the bathroom, there comes a loud moan. It's Ryan O'Reilly; Claire, leave him alone! But she's focused on him and the job she's begun. Boy, what a smile, and man! is he hung!

Back to the quad - playing checkers still Are Agememnon, and Narrator Hill.
The glare of the lights on the inmates below Bounce off the head of Bob Rebadow.

When who to the shifty eye should appear

But the head of the city, full of good cheer. With an attitude so positive, it disgusted each con

Was Timmy McManus... and here comes Sean.

Full of the spirit, they called out to the men, "It's time for a speech from Warden Glynn. So come on Bikers, Latinos, Aryan brothers, Gangstas, Italians, Irish, and Others."

"It's Christmas gift time," Glynn said to the men. "Settle on down, so we can begin."

Then into the quad the mail cart rolled,

Pushed by Vern Shillinger, that nasty old soul.

He was dressed all in grey from his neck to his boot. With his patented Vern smile he began passing out loot.

Busmalis got a shovel to dig his way through... Timmy McManus, he got a clue.

Toby and Chris got a night undisturbed...

(The gang at TS got a chance to observe)

From Cyril's memory, Vern was erased... And among the Muslims, Said was embraced.

Nicky was given an aversion to baths... Goergin got one to elevator shafts.

For Pancamo, finally, a flashback was told... Father Ray and Sis Pete got to save a few souls.

Miguel kept his freedom, he was too hard to find... Gloria was given some peace of mind.

As the mailbag was emptied, and Vern done with his work, He sneered at them all...he's such a jerk.

Then with the cons in their pods and Murph making the rounds, McManus and Glynn left prison grounds.

We can hear them exclaim, as they drive on away... "Lord, give us the strength to face the next day."

       Best Holiday Wishes to Oz fans far and near...
       Hope you survive 'till one-seven gets here.


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