by Anne

By Anne
Notes: This story was inspired by a porn discussion on the Twisted Sisterhood list and I wanted to see if I could write a porn story similar to the ones our good men of TS like to watch, albeit with a bit more emotion. Thus, the title refers to both an experiment for me, as well as for our handsome heroes. Rating: NC-17 for hot sex and raunchy, dirty talk. This is dedicated to all the men of TS. Posted to TS in November 2001.

Christopher Keller walked down the hallway of the courthouse looking for one Tobias Beecher, a lawyer whom Chris had laid eyes on for the first time just yesterday. He had liked what he saw and he knew he wanted more.

Chris had come to the courthouse on an errand. He had promised a friend he would drop off some papers related to an impending divorce. He had gotten a bit lost in the maze of hallways and ended up stepping into a courtroom, where a trial had been going on. Realizing his mistake immediately, he started to back up out of the room when his eyes landed on a tall, dark blond lawyer and stopped himself short.

Tobias Beecher, whose name Chris found out later that day, was representing a woman who had been discharged by her employer. Chris didn't really pay much attention to the details of the case, but rather to the man who was cross examining a witness. He had carried himself confidently as he questioned the witness and Chris found he couldn't keep his eyes off the man.

The lawyer was long and lean, wearing an expensive blue suit that highlighted the clear blue of his eyes. Chris moved a bit closer to the front and took a seat. Tobias' hair was cropped professionally short, but Chris noticed a whisper of curls forming at the nape. He imagined running his fingers through those curls and he shivered.

Beecher seemed to be asking all the right questions, but Chris was not paying attention to the details. The lawyer seemed to positively glow as he hit his stride, pointing out the witness' inconsistencies. He was relentless without being mean-spirited. He made his point with the jury and Chris could see that they were just an enraptured with Beecher as he was.

Chris knew he had to see Beecher again, so he headed straight over to the courthouse at lunchtime the next day, hoping to see the lawyer give his closing argument. When he found the courtroom again, Chris reached out to grab the handle but the door came swinging outward. It almost whacked him in the head, but he managed to stop the door with his hand.

Chris made an ooomph sound, which he was glad for, because it brought Beecher's attention to him.

``Oh, God, I'm sorry. Did I hit you?''

``Uh, no. I managed to catch the door.''

``You're sure you're all right?''

``Yeah. Listen...''

``Phew. Well, I'm glad,'' Beecher said and started to walk down the hall.

``Uh, Beecher,'' Chris called after him. He watched as Beecher turned to look at him, surprised etched on his face.

He narrowed his eyes into a squint. ``How did you know my name?''

``I asked around,'' Chris said, walking up to Beecher, who was standing about 10 feet away.

Beecher became suddenly aware of Chris as he walked -- sauntered was more like it. The whole demeanor of the man was confident; cocky even. He moved gracefully and wore a sly, dazzling smile.

``What do you want?'' Beecher asked, suddenly fearful. Was this man some kind of stalker? A criminal? He was wearing snug jeans, a long-sleeve shirt and work boots. He looked like he was in some kind of construction work.

``Just to meet you. Tell you how much I enjoyed watching you work. I'm Christopher Keller.''

``What? When?'' Beecher asked, his courtroom confidence shattered by this one-on-one encounter with this attractive man.

``Yesterday. I was dropping off some court papers for a friend and I got a little lost. Ended up in your courtroom. You were, uh, pretty impressive.''

Beecher blushed then, bright red cheeks tinged with pink on the rest of his face. ``Thanks.''

``I came back today hoping to catch your closing argument, but I guess I missed it, huh?''

``Uh, yeah. Yeah, you did. Sorry,'' Beecher said, flustered by the way Chris was blatantly checking him out.

Chris moved closer, close enough to whisper warmly into Beecher's ear. ``I work construction over at the Benton Building. Corner of State and Royal streets. In case you ever want to come by and watch me work,'' he said and then stepped back. He winked then, totally catching Beecher off guard. ``Nice to meet ya,'' he said and then he was gone.

Tobias spent the rest of day thinking of Chris, re-living the heated looks he'd seen in Chris' eyes, feeling the warm, seductive breath on his cheek. Could Chris have meant his invitation the way Tobias thought? Well, there was only one way to find out.

The next morning, Tobias purposely walked out of his way and strolled past the Benton Building looking for Chris from across the street. He squinted but couldn't make the individual workers from here, even with his new contacts.

He crossed the street and walked slowly by the makeshift fence surrounding the site. His eyes passed over several construction workers until they found Chris. He was on the second floor of the structure, which was supposed to be 25 stories when completed. Chris was helping a co-worker carry a heavy wooden beam. He wore jeans similar to the ones he had on yesterday but today his shirt was dramatically different. Instead of long sleeves, Chris was wearing one of those sleeveless t-shirts, which showed off his finely sculpted arms.

Chris was straining and sweating under the weight of the beam. The firm muscles of his arm glistened in the sunlight and Tobias' heart began hammering in his chest. Jesus Christ, I gotta get out of here. He walked quickly down the sidewalk, forcing his eyes to look straight ahead.

Once at the office, Tobias got very little work done. The image of a sweaty, straining Chris Keller would not go away. Thank God I don't have to be in court today. I'd probably fuck up any case I had, he thought.

By 11 a.m., Tobias was climbing the walls. He knew he had to find out if Chris meant what Tobias thought he meant. And then what? Tobias didn't know, but something compelled him to go see Chris.

He arrived at the construction site around 11:20 a.m. and ran into one of the workers before he got far. ``Hey, pal, ya gotta wear a helmet here.''

``Okay. sure,'' he said, picking one up from a table near the management trailer. ``Do you know where I can find Christopher Keller?''

``Yeah, second floor. Take that freight elevator over there,'' the man said, pointing.

``Thanks,'' Tobias said and walked to the elevator, hitting the control for floor 2.

When he stepped off the elevator, he saw Chris about 30 feet away, talking with a co-worker. Tobias' throat suddenly felt dry and his hands were clammy.

As he walked toward Chris, he practiced in his head what he wanted to say. When he got closer, Tobias cleared his throat and opened his mouth to greet Chris. But Chris beat him to the punch. He turned at the sound Tobias met and his face lit up into a smile.

``Tobias! Hi!'' Chris said and walked up to greet the lawyer, his hand extended.

``Hi, Chris. You can call me Toby.''

``Toby it is then. What brings you here?''

``Well, uh, you said if I ever wanted to see you at work...''

``You're right. I did. Well, let me give you the tour. The guys are just getting ready to break for lunch, so I have some time.''

He showed Toby briefly around his current work area and described his duties. Then suggested they take the elevator up to the 25th floor so Toby could see the view.

As they rode the elevator, it's crude construction caused them to jostle and bump against each other. Toby was very aware of Chris' heat, the smell of his skin. They were both silent on the trip up and Toby was wondering if he was imagining the tension building between them.

When they reached the top, the view took Toby's breath away. The building was still a skeleton and had all of it's floors and beams, but no walls yet. It was going to be the tallest building downtown when it was done and one could see for miles away, far into the valley.

``It's great, isn't it? And you're one of the first civilians to see the view from up here.''

``Civilians?'' Toby echoed, chuckling. ``Construction workers don't see themselves as civilians?''

``Well, you know what I mean.''

``Yeah, I do. Thanks for bringing me up here.'' And just like that, the tension was back.

Chris was looking at him with a similar expression that he'd worn yesterday. If possible, the look was more intense; more openly hungry. Chris seemed to know what he wanted and was not afraid to make it apparent.

``Toby, did you come here for the reason I think you did?'' Chris asked, moving closer to lawyer. Chris noticed that out here in the sunlight, Toby's hair had a pale reddish hue.

``I, uh, um, don't know what you mean.''

``Oh, but I think you do. I think my invitation was very clear yesterday and here you are.''

Toby cleared his throat. ``I've, uh, never done this kind of thing before.''

``What kind of thing?'' Chris asked as he reached out to loosen Toby's tie. ``Having sex in public? Or having sex with another man?'' Chris slipped the suit jacket off Toby's shoulder and lay it carefully over a nearby construction horse.

Toby swallowed. ``Either,'' he said, as he broke out into a sweat. He was still fully dressed, but Chris' gaze made him feel utterly exposed and laid open.

``Something tells me you're a quick learner,'' Chris said. He tossed the tie on the jacket and lifted his t-shirt over his head, letting it fall to the floor. Toby could not take his eyes off of Chris' chest, which was more magnificent than even the muscle shirt had teased it was. There were muscles and curves and strength all concentrated in one gorgeous man.

Chris noted the fear in Toby's eyes as he unbuttoned the lawyer's shirt. ``Ain't nothing to be afraid of Toby. We got a mutual desire thing going on here. Doesn't have to mean the end of the world, or even life as you know it. Why don't we just call it an experiment? Ya know, to see if you like it or not.'' If the fluttering in his belly was any indication, Toby was pretty sure he was going to like it, even if the whole idea of it terrified him.

Chris ran his hands over Toby's chest, caressing his tight pecs, his toned stomach. Then he leaned in for a kiss, pressing lightly against Toby's closed lips. His tongue flicked out, wetting Toby's lips; parting them. Toby shuddered and tried to breath through his nose. He couldn't respond to Chris' kiss, could only give in to it. To fall into the sheer, lustful joy of it. He was certain his blood vessels would burst from the sudden increase in flow. Still, he didn't move, waiting for...what? He didn't know. He felt so inadequate, so inexperienced.

Chris pulled back, looking at him. He kept his hands on Toby's waist. ``So, Toby, we gonna do this or what? Cause I gotta hard-on the size of Montana and it's all for you, baby.''

Baby. Oh God, I like that. And somehow, Chris' words broke Toby's inertia. He wiggled out of his shirt, putting it carefully over his jacket. Then he went to Chris to get what he'd wanted since yesterday afternoon. Maybe he'd wanted it longer and been too afraid to look for it. This gorgeous, sexy man wanted him; wanted him. Tobias Beecher.

He moved his arms around Chris' shoulders and leaned in so they could kiss again. The contact of Chris' warm skin against his own, made Toby gasp and he knew already that it was better than anything he'd felt before.

Their lips met again and this time Toby played the aggressor because kissing was something he knew about; even if he'd never kissed another man before. He desired Chris and he knew how to convey it through a kiss. He teased Chris with his tongue, licking gently at his lips; waiting for permission. And then Chris' mouth was open and Toby's tongue was diving in, plundering the treasures within. Their tongues grappled and teased in some kind of desperate dance. All the while, his hands roamed over Chris' back and arms; desperate for the contact.

Toby wanted more; he needed more of Chris. He moved his mouth down to his lover's neck, tasting the sweat and musk; inhaling Chris' knee-weakening scent. Chris moaned and Toby knew if he died right now, he would regret nothing.

``Toby, Toby,'' Chris said breathlessly and pulled Toby up. ``Christ, you're driving me crazy. You sure you haven't done this before?''

Toby gave him a shamelessly wicked smile and Chris thought it was the sexiest fucking thing he'd ever seen. ``I guess you're just a good teacher,'' he teased, his hands still on Chris' silken skin, which he couldn't seem to stop touching.

``Wait,'' Chris said and broke away from him, leaving Toby feeling momentarily bereft. He walked over to a pile of construction blankets and brought one back. ``Here, take your shoes off and get on this.''

Toby obeyed him, moving in a haze of lust. Chris knelt down on the blanket in front of Toby and began to undo his pants. Toby's breathing became more shallow. And then Chris' mouth was on his cock and the world disappeared in a roar of pounding blood.

Toby leaned his head back and felt the sun on his neck and wondered if anybody, anywhere, anytime had ever felt this much pleasure. Toby felt it everywhere. From the wind blowing through his hair to the feel of the soft blanket under his feet.

Chris moved Toby's pants down his thighs and massaged his full, round ass. Toby moaned and rocked with Chris' movements. His mouth, his tongue seemed to be everywhere all at once. Soon. It was going to happen soon. And somehow Chris must have sensed this because he pulled his mouth away.

``Wha?'' Toby asked, bewildered.

``Do it, Toby. I want to see you come.''

Jesus fucking Christ, Toby thought, incredulous that Chris could make him hotter than he already was. He began moving his hand over his throbbing cock as Chris watched greedily. He was already stroking his own erection, having slipped his pants off sometime while he was sucking on Toby.

``Oh God,'' Toby said, his hand still in motion. He felt Chris' fingers on his thigh, moving up, cupping his balls.

``Come on, baby. I want to see how hot you are for me. I want to watch your body pulse when you orgasm. I want to feel your burning come on my skin. I want you to make me come without even touching me.''

``Fuuuuuuuuuuuck,'' Toby said, and then he let go, his orgasm exploding all over Chris' chest; a few drops hitting his chin.

Chris was rocked by sheer bliss when the warm fluid hit him. Toby's come; confirmation of his desire for Chris. His tongue flicked out to clean his chin. ``Mmmmmm,'' he murmured his appreciation for Toby's taste. And then he, too, was climaxing; his seed spilling out all over the blanket and splattering on Toby's feet.

Then Toby was on him, sprawling them both across the blanket, his mouth eagerly searching for Chris'. Thrilled with Toby's passion, Chris sucked Toby's tongue into his mouth, crushing their lips together, as if they were joined there.

They wrapped their arms and legs around each other, both of them oblivious to the hard cement floor under the blankets. They moved together frantically; touching and kissing, like some kind of awkward underwater ballet. They couldn't seem to pull away from each other, not that either one wanted to.

Chris, who had been in many rushed, anonymous sexual encounters, had never experienced such intense feelings before. And he sure as hell had never kissed anyone the way he was kissing Toby. Long, languorous kisses that seemed to have no end. Tasting, teasing, licking, sucking. And Chris wanted it to just keep going on and on. Toby's lips and mouth were pure heaven and he didn't mind getting lost in them.

``Oh God, Chris, this is so...'' Toby whispered in between kisses.

``I know, Toby, I know,'' Chris said. ``Toby?''


``I want you to fuck me.''

Toby stopped kissing Chris long enough to lean on his arms and look at his lover, surprise on his face. ``What?''

``You heard me. I want you to fuck me. Christ, I can't believe I'm saying this! I've never wanted anyone inside me before. But having you here, holding you and tasting you, I never wanted anything so bad. Please, Toby?''

``Chris, I've never done it. What if I hurt you?''

``Don't worry. I have some lube in my pocket. It'll be fine.''

Chris grabbed his jeans and pulled out the lube. He'd been carrying it around since yesterday, hoping Toby would come to see him. Only in his fantasies, he'd been doing the fucking; never imagining that he'd want Toby to fuck him. But that's all he wanted right now. He ached for it.

He squeezed some of the liquid into his fingers and began rubbing it over Toby's re-awakening cock. ``Oh, God, Chris. Jesus,'' he moaned and sat back on the blanket, let Chris' hands work their magic. ``Okay, Toby, now you gotta do me,'' Chris said, handing Toby the tube, but Toby still had his eyes closed in apparent ecstasy.

``Toby?'' Chris shook him until he opened his eyes. ``Ya gotta do me now.''

Chris stood up and leaned against the construction horse, spreading his legs wide and pushing his ass toward Toby. ``Come on,'' he said hoarsely.

Toby, still somewhat stunned, squeezed some lube into his hand and began sliding it along the crack of Chris' ass, which was a magnificent sight to behold. It was muscular, full and hairless; and Toby had a sudden urge to take a bite out of it. ``Inside!'' Chris commanded, and Toby slid his finger inside, getting a preview of that delicious heated, sucking action.

Chris hissed in pleasure. ``Now!''

Toby moved closer to Chris, spreading his cheeks apart and pressed his cockhead against the opening. ``Push a little and then wait for my muscles to relax.''

Toby did as he was instructed and before long, he was being drawn into the heated depths of Christopher Keller. Now it was Toby's turn to hiss. Chris' ass was hotter and tighter than any woman he'd ever been with. And then Toby started moving and was amazed to discover that the pleasure could mount even higher. ``Jesus Christ, Keller, you've got a tight, little ass,'' he blurted, surprised at his own words.

``Fuck, yeah, Toby. Tell me more.''

Toby hesitated for a second and then decided to hell with it. ``I love the feel of your tight ass on my throbbing cock. God, you make me hard. Harder than I've ever been with any woman.''

``Oh, yeah, baby. Keep talking.''

``I wanna keep fucking you. I don't ever want to stop cause it feels too good.''

``Bet your ass.''

``Mmmmm. Every part of my body is feeling this, Chris.''

``Grab my cock.''

``Hmm? What?'' Toby asked, startled out his reverie. He reached around Chris' waist and told hold of the hard shaft. It his first time ever touching another man's penis. Strangely, it felt perfectly normal to him. Everything about this did.

``Now jerk me off while you're fucking me. Come on! Do it!''

Toby began moving again, keeping his hand in sync with his hips. He kept his other hand on Chris' hip to help them stay balanced.

``Fuck, Toby, that feels good. I told you you'd be a natural. Give it to me good, baby. I want to feel you as far as you can go.''

``What does it feel like, Chris? When I'm inside you?''

``It feels great, baby,'' Chris said and gasped when Toby's cock brushed up against his prostate.

``Oh, did I hurt you?''

``No, Toby, just the opposite. I feel like I'm going to come if you do that again.''

``Fuck! Where have you been all my life?''

``Waiting for you, baby. Just waiting for ya,'' Chris said, which spurred Toby on, driving harder and faster inside his new lover. He continued to stroke Chris' erection until he felt Chris' body clench and then Toby's hand was covered in warm, sticky fluid.

Oh, Jesus, I'm going to come again.

``Wait, Toby. Pull out and come on me again. I want to feel it. Please, baby.''

Toby's body was humming now. He pulled out quick and aimed his cock at Chris' spread-eagle ass. Then his body was spasming and he was shooting all over Chris' back and ass, the jizz running in little rivulets over his rounded globes.

Toby waited until the shudders had stopped and then wrapped his body around Chris' pressing his chest against Chris' back.

``Jesus, Toby, that was amazing.''

``Yeah,'' Toby said, pressing little kisses on his lover's skin.

After a couple of minutes, Chris moved. He picked up his discarded t-shirt and used it to clean them both up. Then he slipped it back over his head. ``Now I get to smell like you all day, baby. I can't think of anything hotter than that,'' he said, kissing Toby deeply again. They both finished getting dressed because Chris' lunch break was over. The whistle was blowing.

``We are so doing this again,'' Toby said, stealing one last kiss from Chris' sweet lips.

``You can bet your gorgeous ass on that,'' Chris said and slapped him playfully before they got back on the elevator.

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