Experiment 2

by Anne

Experiment 2
By Anne
Disclaimers: BK don't belong to me; I'm just playing. No money being made here. Notes: This is the sequel to "Experiment," which I wrote in November 2001. Warnings: NC-17 for more hot, raunchy m/m sex

Tobias Beecher was concentrating on a brief when he heard a quiet knock on the door to his office. His first thought was to yell at Sandy for not buzzing him first, but when he looked up and saw Christopher Keller standing there, the words died in his throat.

"So, Toby, you been avoiding me?" Chris asked, leaning against the door frame. He was wearing his usual snug jeans and work boots. His top was a form-fitting white pullover that set off his olive skin.

Toby swallowed. "How did you find out where I worked?" he asked, and then blushed. He was remembering their passionate encounter a week earlier on top of the Benton building. They had exchanged names, but Toby didn't recall telling him where he worked.

"You gave me your work number, remember? I looked up the name of your firm in the phone book and here I am. Why haven't you returned any of my calls, Toby?"

Toby looked around Christopher, hoping to see his secretary's face. Anything to avoid this conversation. "How did you get back here without my secretary seeing you?"

"It's lunchtime, Toby. She wasn't there."

Toby looked at his watch. Damn.

"So you going to answer the question or should I just leave?"

"Look, I'm sorry, Chris. But I think it was a mistake."

"A mistake? You're joking, right?"

Toby didn't respond. Just sat there looking sheepish.

"I seem to recall a lot of moaning coming from your end and something along the lines of `we are so doing this again,' " he said, imitating Toby's parting line.

"I know, I know. And I meant it when I said it. But then came the aftershocks. And the realization that I am not really ready to make such a drastic lifestyle change."

"Lifestyle change? Jesus, Toby, I'm just talking about fucking here. I'm not proposing marriage."

"Very funny."

"Yeah, well, so are you with all this talk about lifestyle changes."

"I'd never been with a man before you, Chris, and the whole thing just scared me."

"I thought you got over the scared part pretty good from what I saw and heard."

"In the then and there, yeah. But in the here and now, I'm not so sure."

"Beecher, you know what you're problem is? You think too much. And you make things waaaay too complicated when they're very simple. I'm hot for you. You're hot for me. We have a good time when we fuck. We do it again. What could be more simple?"

Toby shook his head. It wasn't that simple for him, even though he wanted it to be. Fucking Chris had been like nothing he'd ever experienced before. He'd let his passion get out of control. He'd let himself want Chris too much. "I just can't."

"Okay, if that's the way you want it," Chris said, pushing himself away from the doorjamb with his shoulder. "Now you just have to convince yourself."

"What the fuck does that mean?"

Chris sauntered toward Toby's desk, placed his hands in the center of it and leaned forward. He dropped his voice to a deep whisper. "It means -- you may say you don't want me anymore, but deep down inside, you know you do. You've been aching for it to happen again. You've been dreaming about me, Toby," he said and then moved around the desk and put his face right up to Toby's ear. "Every time you thought about me this week - and it was a whole bunch of times - you got hard." Toby leaned back and looked at Chris angrily. "Just like you are right now," Chris added.

"You are unbelievable!"

"You going to deny it, Toby?" Chris asked, running his hand along Toby's cheek, sending sweet shivers up the lawyer's spine.

Toby stood abruptly, grabbing hold of Chris' wrist. "Don't," he growled menacingly.

Chris looked at his wrist and then smirked at Toby. Then easily breaking free of Toby's grip, Chris twisted the lawyer's arm behind his back, pressing himself against Toby. Then he used his free hand to stroke his way down from Toby's shoulder, past his belly and over his hardened cock. "What's this, Toby? A present for me?"

"You fuck......" Toby closed his eyes, trying desperately to cling to his resolve, but Chris' touches were setting his body on fire. "Fuck," he whispered softly, as the delicious sensations swam through his nerves.

"You want me to fuck you," Chris said. Not a question. Something in his tone stirred Toby and he pushed away from Chris and turned to face him.

"No, I told you. It was a mistake. Now get the fuck outta here."

Chris moved toward Toby and got a small measure of satisfaction as the lawyer stumbled trying to back away from him. Chris cornered against him a wall, pressing his body against Toby's. "You are such a fuckin' liar Toby," he said and began grinding his pelvis into Toby's. "You`re mine, aren't you?"

Toby swallowed, letting the sensation overwhelm him. "Yes," he whispered. In that single second, he surrendered, pulling Chris' face close for a hard kiss; his tongue plunging into his lover's hot mouth. They were panting and grinding against each other like dogs in heat and Toby kept thinking that he couldn't get his face close enough; couldn't get his tongue deep enough. They kissed like they were starving for each other.

Chris guided Toby slowly back towards his desk, kissing him all the while. His eyes closed, Toby was alarmed when he felt Chris' touch disappear. But he was back in a flash, his warm lips pressing a wet trail along Toby's neck. "Where'd you go?" Toby asked absently, his head floating in the pleasant sensations of Chris` mouth.

"To lock the door," Chris whispered.

"What?" Toby asked, his eyes flying open.

"That's right, Toby, I'm going to fuck you right here; right now. I've been aching for you all week and now I'm going to get you naked in this office and make you cum until you scream." Toby felt a shot straight to the groin and he knew he was helpless in the face of Chris' overwhelming sexuality. I want to drown in him, he thought irrationally. Chris brushed his arm across the desk, moving papers and staplers and pictures out of the way; his other hand gripping Toby firmly at the hip.

Then Chris was loosening his tie and then his shirt was unbuttoned. His warm, strong hands were caressing him and making him feel like he was floating. Chris captured his lips, nipping; tasting them; massaging them with his agile tongue, leaving Toby breathless. Chris slipped Toby's shirt off his shoulders, giving him teasing kisses. Then he moved down to Toby's pants, unzipping them, sliding them down with Toby's help. And then, finally, he was naked and Chris' eyes gazed leisurely over his lover's sexy form.

Chris grasped Toby's erection, stroking it slowly, remembering their hurried coupling of a week ago. Toby's cock was thick and full and just the right length to bring pleasure, as Chris already knew. He looked up at his lover's face to find him leaning back against the desk, panting breathlessly, his eyes closed. *Christ, he's sexy when he`s aroused*, Chris thought as he scanned Toby's flushed expression. Chris made a growling sound in the back of throat and then closed his mouth over his lover's erection. Toby gasped and squirmed. He reached a hand up to Chris' head and began caressing his short, bristly hair.

Chris moved his mouth over Toby`s flushed skin, tasting and licking, driving Toby mad. He ran his tongue the length of his lover's cock, tracing the veins, swirling it around the head, nestling in the sensitive groove. Toby was moaning softly, seemingly lost in the sensations. "Toby, I love the way you taste," Chris whispered. "Chrissss," was all Toby could manage. It was enough.

Chris stood and Toby opened his eyes, bereft in the loss of Chris' mouth and hands on him. But the sight he beheld was enough to make him forget momentarily. Chris was slipping his shirt over his head, his muscular chest revealed for Toby's eyes only. Only for me, he thought possessively. Chris looked at Toby, his eyes hooded and smoldering with unmasked desire. Toby took a deep breath, trying to remain calm. Chris began to sway to some unheard music as he worked on removing his pants.

"You want me, Toby?" he asked, his hands hovering at his zipper. Toby could see the outline of his erection through his jeans.

"Yes." Toby reached his hands out to Chris, who stepped back.

"Uh uh. I want to you tell me," Chris said, finishing the zipper and sliding his pants down. He kicked his workboots off, then his pants, and stood there in in only his underwear. He stroked his covered erection, still looking heatedly at Toby, who was now speechless. "Come on, baby. I want to hear you say it."

Jesus Christ, Toby thought, his mind muddled by lust. He began stroking his own cock, licking his lips. His eyes were riveted on the outline of Chris' erection. "I...uh, want you, Chris. I want you to touch me."

"What else, Toby?"

"What else?" Toby echoed, confused.

"What else do you want me to do to you?"

"I want you to suck me."

"Suck what?" Chris teased.

"Suck my cock."

"Mmmmmmm. What else?"

"Kiss me."

"I love to kiss you, baby. What else," he asked, still rubbing his cock; teasing Toby.

Toby knew what Chris wanted to hear. He hesitated, but only for a moment. "I want you to fuck me, Chris."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes," Toby said, still stroking his own erection.

"Good answer," Chris said and stripped his underwear off, standing there in his naked glory, letting Toby soak it all in. His skin was flushed with heated passion, his blood-filled cock taunting Toby.

Toby reached for him and this time Chris came to him, pressing Toby against the desk. And then they were kissing, their chests pressed together; their hearts pounding to the beat of their desire. Chris slipped his hand behind Toby's hand, cradling it, his fingers lost in the curls there. Toby's hand found Chris' penis and touched it gingerly, both afraid of the experience and desperately wanting it. Toby's hesitancy made the touch that much more potent for Chris. His body bucked, driving his cock harder into Toby's hand.

"Christ, Toby, you're driving me crazy here."

"Chris, I want to taste you."

Chris looked at him, eyes blue-black with lust, and nodded. He stepped back and waited until Toby leaned forward, kneeling, flicking his tongue out; using it to lap at the engorged head. He groaned at the first contact, thrilled at the feel of Chris' smooth, firm flesh on his tongue. He's hard because of me; because he wants me, Toby thought and felt a delicious tingle run through him. The thought made him want to excite Chris more. He went with his instincts and slipped his mouth over Chris, sucking and sliding; up and down the shaft. Chris began moaning loudly and Toby began to move faster.

Chris felt like he was being pulled into a vortex of passion and desire. He knew there was no way he could hold on much longer. He grabbed Toby's shoulders and pushed him gently back. "Whoa, baby, hold on."

"Am I doing something wrong?"

"No. You're doing everything just right. So right that I'm going to explode if you keep it up." He lifted Toby up off his knees and pressed him back until he was lying prone on the desk, his rounded ass pressing against the edge. Chris saw the fear in Toby's eyes and touched him gently on the chest. "It's going to be great, baby. You wait and see."

He knelt down to retrieve the lube from his pants pocket and squeezed some onto his fingers. He guided Toby's legs apart and slathered the lube along the crack of his ass, sliding a finger inside. Toby bucked at the new sensation, not sure yet if he liked it. Chris slipped a second finger inside, massaging and stroking inside his lover's heated hole. He leaned down and began licking Toby's balls. Toby moaned and let his legs spread open wantonly. Keller's tongue swirled around and down the perineum, even as his finger continued to move inside Toby. The blond began writhing on the desk, new and delicious delights flooding through him.

"Fuck, Chris. That feels incredible."

"I know, baby. Just wait, it gets better." he moved his hand deeper, brushing his fingers against the sensitive prostate.

Toby's whole body arched up off the desk. "Fuuuuuuuuuuuck!"

"Told ya," Chris said, smiling.

"Oh God, do it again," Toby said breathlessly.

"Your wish is my command," Chris teased, moving his fingers again.

"ohgodohgodohgod," Toby keened.

Chris removed his fingers and stood up, moving his hips in between Toby's legs. "You ready?"

"I don't know."

"Trust me?"


Chris pulled Toby's legs around his waist and pressed the head of cock against his lover's opening, pushing slowly.

Toby hissed. "Chris, stop."

"I did, Toby. Don't worry. Your muscles'll relax in a minute." Chris began stroking Toby's softening shaft again, trying to keep his mind off the pain and his nervousness. Soon, Toby was hard again and Chris felt his muscles loosen. He drove the rest of the way in one swift move and stopped as Toby gasped.

"You okay, baby?" Chris asked, his hands caressing Toby's skin tenderly.

"I think so." Toby looked a little stunned still.

"Want me to keep going?" Chris asked, a devilish grin on his face.

Toby nodded and Chris leaned over and kissed him hard. Chris began to move his hips again slowly as their tongues tangled together. Toby wrapped his arms around Chris' neck, pulling him closer. He hugged his legs around Chris' waist. "You feel great, Toby," Chris said.

"Tell me."



"You're squeezing me so tight, Toby. I can feel it everywhere. It`s like every nerve in my body is connected straight my cock. I love fucking you."

"Oh God, yesss," Toby hissed, using his legs to pull Chris towards him.

"Do you like it when I fuck you, Toby?"


"Do you want me to go deeper?"

"Mmmmmmmmm," Toby moaned, as Chris drove his cock further inside Toby and then pulled almost all the way out.


"Does it feel good?" Chris asked, still deliberately moving slowly to prolong the pleasure.

Toby could only nod.

Chris pressed his hands under Toby's ass, lifting the firms globes slightly and slammed home again. He knew he hit Toby's prostate when he howled, "Chrissssss!"

"Hold on, baby, cause I'm going to do it again." He slid out slowly and lifted one hand to Toby's cock. He stroked it at the same time he drove back inside Toby again. Toby shuddered and bucked. He made a gasping-choking sound and then came all over Chris' hand and his own belly. The aftershocks spread to Chris and he began to move faster inside Toby.

Toby was still moaning as Chris continued to brush over his prostate. His body was still tingling despite being spent. Toby's relaxed muscles allowed Chris to drive himself even deeper inside of Toby, who was completely lost in pure sensation. Then, without warning, Chris pulled out, spraying his come all over Toby`s belly and chest, searing him. Toby shuddered at the sensation.

"Oh my God. Oh God, Chris."

"Good, huh, baby?"

"Oh my God," Toby repeated, still breathing hard and having a hard time believing he had just gotten fucked and loved it.

"Got a handkerchief?" Chris asked, slipping out of his lover.

Toby nodded and got off the desk to retrieve his suit jacket. As he handed Chris the handkerchief, he surveyed the room. "My god look at this mess," he said, noting the papers on the floor, the scattered clothes, and the splatters of come on his desk.

"Yeah, well, maybe if you hadn't been playing hard to get, we could have done this somewhere else. Next time -- you and me, my place, no time constraints, no distractions. I'm going to fuck you in the bedroom, the living room, the bathroom, and the kitchen. Any objections?" Chris used the handkerchief to clean up Toby's torso and then his own.

Toby looked dazed as he watched. He shook his head in reply to Chris' question and then began to get dressed. Chris followed suit. Toby began cleaning up the mess on the floor, but hadn't gotten very far when Chris grabbed his arm and hauled him up for a heated kiss.

"Next time I call, you'd better answer."

Toby nodded, kissing him back. They both got dressed quickly.

After another warm kiss, Chris sauntered to the door to unlock it and Toby kept his eyes focused on his lover's retreating ass, so firm and shapely in the jeans.

Chris turned one last time, winking at Toby before disappearing into the hallway. Toby sighed and smiled, then turned to clean up his desk.

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