Experiment 3: Time to Heal

by Anne

Experiment 3: Time to Heal
By Anne
Rating: R
Disclaimers: They're not mine. I'm just borrowing. Series: Experiment. Sequel to Experiment 2. Notes: Thanks for Mav and Dan for fantastic beta jobs. Your help is priceless! And thanks to Dan for the title.

Chris drives slowly down Oak Street, looking for the right number. He looked it up in the phone book just that morning. He is tired of playing this cat and mouse game with Toby. They were going to settle this once and for all.

The elusive lawyer once again failed to return Chris' phone calls. It had only been a week since their encounter in Toby's office and two since they had had mind-blowing sex on the roof of the Benton Building, he muses as he scans the numbers.

The week following that first encounter, Toby did not return his many phone calls. So Chris showed up at his office one day and seduced Toby right on his desk. Toby promised he would not put Chris off any longer. Yet, here he was seven frustrating days later, chasing this cocktease to his home in the upper crust section of the city.

He had called Toby's office several times yesterday, only to be told that Toby was out sick. Like he was going to believe that. So he tried back this morning, using a different name and he'd gotten the same answer. So either Toby really is sick or his secretary knew Chris' voice too well.

He finally finds the right number. A fancy looking townhouse. He locates a parking spot around the corner and walks back to the front door. He rings the bell and waits. Several seconds later, he hears a voice - most likely Toby's - call out. "Who's there?"

"Chris," he snaps.

Toby either ignores the tone, or it doesn't carry through the intercom.

"Chris?! Wow, this is a surprise! I'll buzz you in."

Before he pulls the door open all the way, Chris hears the crackle of the intercom again. "I'm on the third floor. Come on up. I won't be able to come and meet you."

What the hell? Maybe he really is sick. But his voice didn't sound like he had a cold or cough. Although he did sound a little winded, Chris thinks.

He walks inside and lets the door close. He looks around at the neatly furnished living room to the left; his eyes sweeping across to the elegant dining room. This looks like something out of House and Gardens, or whatever the fuck that magazine is called, he thinks. It definitely had a woman's touch. Either Toby had hired an interior decorator or he's...married. Chris starts to step up onto the carpeted stairs, then thinks better of it. He slips his work boots off and leaves them at the bottom of the stairs.

On the second floor, he sees a hallway with a lot of doors. He turns the corner and keeps going up. More of the same on the third floor. "Toby?" he calls out.

"End of the hall!" Toby shouts.

He follows the voice to find the single door, which opens up into the master bedroom. Toby waves at him from the bed. He looks well enough to Chris, as he passes the sitting area and gets closer to the bed. Toby's curly hair is in disarray, but other than that...

It isn't until Chris is about 6 feet from the bed that he sees the bruises -- a black and blue eye, red marks on his neck.

"Jesus, Toby, what happened?"

"You noticed, huh? Yeah, I got mugged yesterday morning."

"Mugged? Where?"

"Parking garage at work. Can you believe that? I was getting back from a lunch appointment and this guy jumps me from behind. He tried to choke me. I fought back and bruised a couple of my ribs, which is why I couldn't come greet you. It`s hard to get up and down stairs. Even getting to the bathroom is painful as hell."

"Jeez, Toby. Sorry to hear that. Did you see a doctor?"

"Yeah. He said to take it easy for a few days. Why'd you come by?"

"Uh, well, I, uh, called you a couple of times yesterday. They said you were sick but after last week..."

"You thought I was avoiding you again."

"Yeah," he says and looks around the room, which has the clear markings of a woman living there. Perfume, jewelry, high heels. "Toby, you're married."

Toby grins sheepishly. "Figured that out, did ya? I'm sorry, Chris. I meant to tell you. I just didn't quite know how."

"I can understand why it didn't come up that first time, on the Benton building. But, last week, in your office? Why didn't you tell me then?"

"I don't know. Avoiding, I guess. I generally try to avoid confrontation."

Chris nods. He would drop it for now. What other choice did he have, really? He didn`t want to leave. "So if you can't get out of bed, who's taking care of you?"

"Well, yesterday, Genevieve came home from work early. That's my wife. Gen. But today, I'm on my own. Gen took the kids to visit her parents."

"But you said you couldn't get out of bed."

"Well, I can, but it hurts."

Chris looks at his watch. It reads 11:30 am. "Let me make you lunch."

"Oh, you don't have to. I'll be alright."

"No servants?" Chris asks, half joking.

"No, Mr. Smartass."

"I'll take care of it," Chris says. "What do you want?"

"Oh, I don't know. Soup would be nice."

"Okay, I'll see what I can scrounge up."


Chris is back 15 minutes later with a tray of soup, a sandwich and some water to drink.

"Wow," Toby says, when Chris puts the feast in front of him. "I was just going to have my brother bring something from the deli. You cook?"

"I didn't really cook anything, Toby. I just warmed it up. And yes, I cook. I kinda have to. I live alone."

"Thanks," he says and starts eating. After a few mouthfuls, he asks, "Do you want some?"

"Nah, I already ate. Gotta eat early in the construction business. We start working at 6 am."

Toby nods and eats some more. "This is great," he mumbles between bites.

"If you can barely get around, why did your wife go away?"

Toby shrugs. "Who knows? She probably thinks I'm exaggerating my condition. Or maybe she thinks I'm a big baby. She offered to call a nursing service but I didn't want a stranger in my house."

"How long you been married?"

"Almost 8 years."

"Never made it more than two myself."

"You're married, too?" Toby asks, unable to hide his surprise.

"I was. Four times."

Toby`s mouth opens in surprise. Chris smiles at the old joke about catching flies but keeps it to himself.

"Yeah, well, none of'em worked out. I divorced the last one a year ago."


"Yeah, well, some people are lucky and others aren't."

Toby nods and moves his tray aside.

"You mentioned kids."

"Yeah. Three of them. Gary is six. Holly is four and Harry is not quite a year old."

Chris shakes his head chuckling. "Married with kids. I should have known."

"I'm sorry," Toby says, putting his hand over Chris'. "I should have told you."

Chris looks at him. "Wouldn't have made any difference, Toby. I wanted you...I should say I want you. No matter what." His eyes pierce Toby with affection and open desire. Toby swallows painfully, unsure of what to say.

Chris, aware of the awkward silence, changes the subject. "So, what's next on the agenda?"

"I don't know. Nothing planned. Another trip to the bathroom wouldn't hurt while you're here. If you don't mind."

"I want to help, Toby. And I ain't going anywhere."

"You can't stay!" Toby says, aghast.

"You just said your wife's gone away. I ain't leaving you alone."

"Someone might stop by!"

"Let'em. I can be your guest."

"You think anyone's going to believe that? How do I know you?"

"You helped my cousin when one of his employees tried to sue him. He asked you out for a drink after the case was settled and I came along," Chris says smoothly.

"Do you really have a cousin who was sued?"


"That was a pretty smooth lie you just came up with."

Chris grins. "I've got lots of practice."

"Even if that were true, why would you be a guest at my house? We have nothing in common."

"You called me after your wife left town. You were having trouble getting around. You remembered I worked part time as a nurse."

Toby's eyes open wide. "You do?"


"Jesus, Keller, you're good. I believed you."

Chris laughs. "Come on, let's get you to the bathroom." Toby slides to the edge of the bed and Chris carefully wraps his arm around Toby's waist. "Just lean on me as much as you need, okay?"

Toby stands up, wincing as the pain wrenches through him again. "I think I could use a drink," he says breathlessly.

"I'll fix you one after you get in the bathroom."

They take slow steps across the room and through the door of the master bath. They stop in front of the toilet, Toby leans on Chris' shoulders still taking deep, shuddering breaths.

"You got it from here?" Chris asks and steps back, wanting to give Toby his privacy.

"Uh, yeah, I think so," he says and starts to unbutton his pants. Chris steps out the door and partially closes it. He heads for the kitchen to find Toby that drink he wants when he realizes he'd forgotten to ask what he drank. He turns to call back and hears Toby let out a long, painful groan.

Chris rushes back to the bathroom and pushes open the door. He finds Toby still standing in front of the toilet, pants open and partially down. He's bent slightly but seems to be stuck. His face is set in a grimace.

"Are you okay?"

Toby shakes his head. "I can't seem to sit down. It hurts."

"Want me to help?"

Toby nods.

Chris moves in and Toby leans his shoulders. Chris pushes Toby's jeans down further and levers him onto the seat, with Toby biting back little groans the whole time.

"So, what do you drink?" Chris asks once he was settled.

"Martinis if you know how to make them. If not, there`s some scotch."

"I`m insulted, Toby," Chris says in mock hurt.

"Why?" Toby asks, confused.

"If I know how to make them?" Chris repeats, imitating Toby. I used to be a bartender."

"Sorry. I didn't know. It's not like I know your life story, you know?"

"Guess we'll have to straighten that problem out later." Chris says and heads back down to the kitchen.

When he returns, Toby's ready to get back up and lets Chris help him again. As soon as Toby is settled back on the bed, he takes the drink off the tray where Chris put it and finishes it in two swallows. He's sweating with exertion.

"You want another one?"

"Sure. Why don't you make a few and bring the shaker up here?" Toby suggests.


Chris is back 10 minutes later. After helping Toby get comfy on the bed, he sits next to him. The t.v. is on, but they pretty much ignore it and spend a couple of hours talking, which is a surprise to Chris. He isn't used to talking to people and telling them his life story. But somehow, Toby makes him want to talk. No matter what he tells Toby - from his miserable childhood to his stint at Lardner, Toby doesn't flinch.

Toby drinks his martinis as Chris talks. He occasionally asks questions, then talks about his marriage to Gen and when it all started to turn sour. Toby seems to skirt around the drinking issue, but Chris knows he's more than a social drinker. But who is he to judge? He's had his own issues with drugs.

Chris notices that Toby's starting to get sleepy after his third martini.

"You probably need to sleep."

Toby yawns. "You're probably right."

Chris gets off the bed. "I'll let you alone."

Toby reaches out his hand to grab hold of Chris. "Don't leave."

"You sure?"


"Okay. I'll wait downstairs."

"Thanks." Toby lays back and drifts off to sleep.

Chris goes downstairs and turns on the t.v., but is too restless to sit and watch it. He gets up and wanders around the living room, looking at the photos on display. In one, he studies the face of a dark-haired woman with two young children. Must be Gen and the two oldest kids, Chris thinks. He picks it up and looks closer. She's pretty but not stunning. She really doesn't look like a wealthy lawyer's wife. Chris guesses she's probably shy and easily intimidated. He shrugs. Oh well. To each his own.

He finds some photo albums on the shelves near the t.v. and starts flipping through them. They seem to cover his entire marriage to Gen. Pictures from the honeymoon to the birth of their third child. Harry, is it? It looks like Toby has been living a pretty happy life and Chris wonders why Toby came to him; why he let Chris in his life.

If Gen didn't give Toby what he needed, why not find another woman? What was it about Chris he found so appealing? Sure, he knew he was good in the sack. He'd been told enough times, but there was something else at work between him and Toby. He felt it and he was starting to think Toby felt it too. Otherwise, why let him in the house? He hadn't exactly been invited, but once he'd gotten here, Toby seemed eager for him to come in and stay.

Chris shakes his head. Too much thinking. Just take it at face value for now and worry about the rest later, he tells himself.

He wanders into the spacious kitchen, past the open cupboard with all the alcohol. He finds a door on the far end and discovers it leads down to the garage and a small basement area. At the bottom of the stairs, he finds a recycling bin full of empty liquor bottles. Looks like I was right, he thinks. Toby seems to have as many demons as I do.

He finds his way into a small room in the basement. It's finished and appears to be used as an office. There`s a desk littered with papers and a computer. Lots of bills, Chris notices. He wonders why he's even doing this; snooping around in Toby's life. It wasn't something he did unless he was trying to pull off a ponzi. But he had no interest in scamming Toby, although Chris knew he'd be an easy enough target. Instead, he just wanted to get to know Toby and that scared him more than anything else. He drops the papers in his hand and heads back up the stairs.

He stops in the family room and starts scanning through Toby's video library. Or Gen and Toby's, to be more accurate. Next he'd be guessing which belongs to him and which ones are hers. Stop it! he berates himself.

There is something he likes about being in Toby's house, looking through Toby's things. Even though they'd only had sex twice, Chris felt this strong connection between them. Yeah, it was weird and he couldn't explain it, but he did feel it and it wasn't something Chris Keller felt very often. Not at all, in fact. He was torn between wanting to run away from something so unknown to him and wanting to embrace it like a gift.

In any other similar situation, he would have been out the door as soon as his lover fell asleep. Hell, he probably wouldn't have come knocking on said door. But Toby made him want to stick around. He really liked the feeling that Toby needed him right now. There was something both powerful and comforting in knowing someone relied on him.

"Chris?" he hears Toby call down to him, faintly. He moves up the stairs toward the master bedroom.

"I'm here. Coming," he calls out as he walks up the stairs.

He opens the door to find Toby sitting up and smiling. "You're still here." He seems vastly relieved and very pleased. It makes Chris feel good to see that expression.

"How're doing? You okay?"

"Yeah. Just a little dry. I could use a glass of water."

"Sure. Let me go get that." He's back quickly and Toby guzzles the large glass in seconds. "Anything else you need?"

"Another trip to the bathroom. You mind?"

"I told you I'm here to help."

After he empties his bladder, Toby seems hesitant to head back to his bed.

"Something on your mind, Toby?"


"Spit it out, Toby. I ain't gonna bite."

"I feel kinda grungy and I'd love a shower."

"So, take one."

"Well, uh, I'd need help." Toby blushes, which kind of surprises Chris considering everything they'd done together.

"Oh. Yeah, sure. What can I do?"

"I don't think I could stand for very long by myself. And I know I wouldn't be able to bend over and wash, uh..."

"It's okay, Toby. I get the picture. Hey, I got an idea. I'll get one of those stools I saw in the kitchen. We can put it right in the shower and I could help you with that reaching problem," Chris says and smiles.

"Thanks, Chris. That's a great idea."

While the water is warming, he puts the stool in the shower stall, then helps Toby get undressed before stripping himself. It's the first time we've ever been completely naked together, Chris thinks, but wishes the circumstances were different. That's okay, though. Toby's injured and needs my help. I'm only too happy to do this.

He grabs some shampoo and scrubs it into Toby's hair. Toby closes his eyes and lets Chris manipulate his head movements. He groans a little and Chris hopes Toby is at least enjoying it. Chris gently tilts his lover's head back to rinse out the shampoo, scrubbing gently and massaging his scalp. Toby lets himself relax into Chris' hands. Chris' eyes trace the thick column of Toby's neck, wanting to lean over and taste it. He fights the urge, reminding himself that Toby is injured.

After rinsing his head, Chris grabs a fresh washcloth and soaps it up. He starts at Toby's feet, washing between the toes and across the heel. Toby chuckles and wiggles his foot. Must be ticklish, Chris thinks. He moves the cloth up Toby's calves and thighs. He looks up to see Toby watching him with an intense expression on his face.

"You ok, Toby?"

Toby nods but doesn't take his eyes off of Chris.

Chris stands up and begins scrubbing Toby's back, which is leanly muscled and firm. He obviously works out. He drops the cloth on the stool and begins using his hands to massage the tight muscles. "God, Tobe, you're really tense."

Toby grunts in agreement and bends his neck forward to give Chris better access. "Mmmm. That feels good, Chris," Toby murmurs as Chris kneads his knotted shoulder. He keeps it up until Toby's muscles start to loosen and he's making little sounds of satisfaction. The soft groans are going right to Chris' groin. He peeks over Toby's shoulder. Apparently, it's getting to him, too; Toby is half hard.

Chris grins mischievously and bends over to kiss Toby right on his perfect mouth, something he'd been wanting to do since he got there. Toby responds immediately, opening his mouth and melting right into the kiss. Chris slides his hands down Toby's chest and grasps his cock, causing Toby to twitch and make a pained sound.

"You okay?`' Chris asks and Toby nods. "Just relax. There's something I want to do for you." He moves around in front of Toby, kneels down and pulls Toby's erection into his mouth.

Toby groans and nearly slips off the stool. Chris soothes him by running his free hand up Toby's wet thigh, caressing the warm, slippery skin. Toby shudders as Chris' hand explores his slick chest, teasing his nipples; while his mouth creates a delicious suction around his cock. He wants this; wants me, Chris thinks as he concentrates on pleasing Toby. The clean, pungent smell of Toby's arousal spurs him on.

He sucks, slides and releases his mouth on Toby over and over again, thrilling at the deep noises coming out of his lover's throat. Every time Chris releases the pressure and slides his lips back down to the base, he feels Toby's cock twitch inside his mouth. His thumb and forefinger form a circle at the base, just enough to keep Toby's cock from bouncing back toward his stomach. His other fingers brush over his lover's tightening scrotum.

Toby's moans get louder and more guttural. Chris is getting off just from those sounds. What he wants to do is slide his finger into Toby's hot little ass and send him into orbit, but it's too awkward with the stool and he doesn't want to cause Toby any pain. Save it for a rainy day, he thinks and smiles to himself.

"Oh God, Chris," Toby whispers, his voice deep and throaty. His hands tightly clench the stool edge and he leans back, baring his neck again. Chris wishes he could be in two places at once because he really wants to taste Toby's neck. Instead, he reaches up and wraps his hand around the strong muscles there. Toby presses against his hand and cries out once before filling Chris' mouth with a gush of hot cum.

"Jesus Fucking Christ," Toby says, panting.

Chris stands up, licking his lips. "You are so fucking hot when you're turned on, Toby."

Toby smiles. "Yeah, well, you're not so bad yourself," he says, nodding toward Chris' glistening erection. "Oh, man," he says, reaching for it.

"It's okay, Toby. I got it," he says, taking himself in hand and starting to stroke.

Toby latches onto one slick hip, his long fingers gliding over the wet skin there. His eyes roam over his lover's wet skin. "Come closer," he says huskily, the vibrations sending sweet shivers through Chris.

He obeys the lush command and steps forward until his cock bumps against Toby's chest with every upstroke. Toby leans forward slightly, pressing a kiss to one of Chris' nipples. Chris groans and pumps faster. Toby moves one hand between his legs, caressing his balls and perineum.

"Jesus, Toby,`' Chris sighs and uses his free hand to lean against the cold tile. He closes his eyes and remembers what it felt like to be inside Toby's heat just a week ago. And the time Toby fucked him on top of the Benton building. The images hit him hard; he's almost over the edge.

"Hey," Toby whispers and Chris opens his eyes. "Over here," he says. Chris isn't sure if Toby means to look at him or to aim at him, so Chris decides he means both. Toby's hands are still moving slowly all over his skin, making him feel like he's got a dozen electrodes attached to himself. Zzzzzzziiiiiiiipppppp. Zzzziiiiinnnngggg and the hits just keep on coming.

"I was thinking about you," Chris says, his breath short. "About how it felt to be inside you." Toby gasps quietly at Chris' words. "I'm almost there, Toby. You make me so fucking hot. Yeah, keep touching me like that." Toby's hands move all over Chris' chest and belly. He snakes one around to Chris' back and then over his tight ass. He keeps stroking, leaning slightly forward to press more kisses to Chris' wet skin; sucking on the water cascading over his nipple.

"Oh God, Toby," Chris whispers, his head thrown back; his hand moving like lightning over his hard cock. "In me, Toby. Please." Toby, who had been teasing Chris' opening, slips his finger inside, making Chris cry out. "Yesyesyes. More, Toby, more."

Toby moves deeper, finding that spot. His mouth sucks at Chris' skin. He finds the place Chris introduced him to and strokes it unhurriedly, meaningfully, possessively. Toby presses in like he owns it and, right now, Chris knows he does. His pleasure belongs to Toby and he is only too willing to give up command.

His body starts to jerk in Toby's hands. Chris steps back, causing Toby's fingers and hands to slip away, and streams of come spurt across Toby's chest and belly; marking him. It feels like long minutes are passing and he's still coming; coming all over Toby. Mine, Chris thinks for a moment before collapsing against the shower wall.

"You okay?" Toby asks.

"Yeah," Chris whispers, taking a deep breath. "Much better than that."

He pushes off the wall and leans over to kiss Toby completely and lewdly; his tongue taking possession of Toby's mouth. He reaches to turn off the shower, his mouth still hot on Toby's. Finally, he breaks free to grab some towels he set on the sink so they don't both freeze.

"How're your ribs?" Chris asks as he towels himself off. "A little sore, but totally worth it," he says, blushing slightly. Chris smiles and helps dry Toby and then gets him back to the bed.

"You know I'm staying tonight, right?" Chris says, getting Toby adjusted on the pillows.

Toby nods.

"And I'm staying until you're either back on your feet or your wife comes back to take care of you." At the panicked look in Toby's eyes, he says, "She'll call before she comes home, right?"

Toby takes a breath. "Yeah, you're right. I'm glad you're staying, Chris. And not just cause of this," he says, indicating his sore ribs. Chris sits on the edge of the bed, near Toby's hip.

"Oh yeah?" Chris asks, teasing him. "Why else?"

"I like your company," he says.

Chris raises one eyebrow as if to ask, "And?"

Toby plays innocent for a minute but can't keep a straight face under Chris' piercing gaze.

"Okay, okay, you win. I want you to hang around so when I'm feeling better, I can fuck your brains out. Happy now?" Toby huffs.

Chris leers at him. "Oh, I will be, Toby. I will be." He leans over and places a kiss of promise on his lover's lips.

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