Experiment 4: No Surrender

by Anne

Experiment 4: No Surrender
By Anne
Universe: Experiment
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Notes: This is the fourth story in my Experiment Series. Disclaimers: Just borrowing the boys from Tom. Rating: NC-17

Toby is trying to quash the guilt threatening to rumble up inside him. His throat is dry and he can't seem to get enough air. Gen is still talking but he can't seem to hear everything she's saying.

``Is something wrong, Tobias? Is it work? You seem so distracted lately. And we never seem to make love anymore.'' She blushes and her voice gets quiet at the end.

``It's, uh, work. That's all, honey. It's just this Dawson case; we have to put in a lot of hours.'' And that's a bald-faced lie. The only thing he's spending extra hours on is Chris Keller. ``I'm sorry. I'll make it up to you when it's over. We'll go away for the weekend or something.''

Toby has been meeting Chris every spare moment he has. They met for lunchtime quickies and sometimes for long fucking sessions in the afternoon when Toby was supposed to be with a client. They made love after work in his office. Toby even met Chris early one morning before the sun rose so they could suck each other off at the construction site before Chris' co-workers arrived. Toby simply could not get enough of Chris and it was starting to strain his marriage.

He was far too exhausted, and rapidly losing interest, in making love to Gen; it had been weeks. He needed to slow things down. He knew that. He just didn't see how it was possible. If he went more than a day without seeing Chris, he couldn't concentrate on anything. All he could think about was Chris panting and sweating underneath him; calling his name in a breathy whisper while Toby fucked him. On days like those, he was walking hard on.

He was already looking forward to their planned afternoon together tomorrow. In the meantime, he had to get through this conversation with Gen without giving himself away.

``Maybe you should go to bed early, Toby.''

``I think you're right. I think I'll have one more drink and then hit the hay.'' One drink became four and despite his spinning head, he had a hard time falling asleep. He kept thinking about Gen and how much she trusted him. And all the guilt that came with that. He knew he ought to put a stop to his affair with Chris but he honestly didn't think he had the strength.

Chris called him at work the next morning to confirm their afternoon meeting. Chris wanted to come to Toby's house. It would be the first time since that day when Toby was injured after the mugging. Gen had been away that time and Chris had stayed the night. Toby smiled to himself remembering it.

Maybe he could see Chris one more time before breaking it off. A good bye fuck of sorts.

Still, he was wary about bringing Chris back to his house while Gen was around. What if one of the kids got sick and Gen had to bring them home from school? Or what if Gen came home early unexpectedly? He wasn't sure he wanted to take the risk.

``Look, Chris, maybe we should just go to a hotel. Or your place. Gen could...''

``My place is too far. And I'm tired of hotel rooms. I want to fuck you in your bed, Toby. Besides, I like the idea that we could get caught. It makes me hard,'' he said, whispering the last part.

Jesus Christ, Toby thought, a shiver running through him. How could he say no to that voice? ``Okay.''

``Listen, I want you to pick something up before you get there, okay?''


``You gotta pen?''


``Write this down.''

Toby walked into his bedroom to find Chris lying on his side. Naked. Hard.

``Hey,'' he says, smiling. He dropped his briefcase and took off his jacket. ``How did you get in?''

``Does it matter?''

Apparently not. Toby finished undressing and Chris watched him with hungry eyes.

``You get what I asked?''

Toby nodded, reaching into his jacket pocket to pull out the silk ties. ``Who gets to go first?''

Chris gets on his hands and knees and crawls across the bed toward Toby, his eyes expressing all that his lover needs to know.

Toby swallowed. ``I do?''

``Good boy.'' Chris gave him a feral grin.

Toby took a deep breath. ``Where do you want me?''

Chris gave him a devilish grin. ``Anywhere I can get you, baby. But why don't we start with the bed?'' He knelt upright and reached for Toby's hand and pulled him in for a kiss. He felt Chris' cock pressing up against his belly.

``How'd you manage to get hard already?'' Toby asked as he let Chris guide him up to the head of the bed.

``I was thinking about you, Toby,'' Chris said, tying one hand to the bedpost. This must be why he wanted to meet here today, Toby thought, looking up at the four-poster bed. ``I was imagining you here, tied up, helpless, letting me do anything I want.'' Chris' voice was making him shake. How did he do that?

Chris finished tying his other hand and both legs. Toby felt like he was stretched out on a rack. Then Chris straddled him and leaned in close. Toby could feel Chris' cock brushing his belly. A shiver passed through him and, inexplicably, he felt nervous. Chris kissed him roughly, claiming his mouth, and Toby's nervousness gave way to excitement.

Chris abandoned his mouth and worked his way down Toby's neck, sucking on the tendons there. Toby groaned and arched his head back. He couldn't move his body at all. There was no give in the ties. Chris teased with him mouth, moving down, licking and tasting his skin but skirting around nipples and cock. He sucked on Toby's hipbone, causing Toby to buck as hard as he could within the confines of the ties.

``Chris...please,'' he begged, but Chris just kept up his leisurely, tantalizing pace. His teeth grazed the skin on the inside of Toby's thighs, making him crazy. Chris' hands brushed across his skin like feathers. His cock felt like it was going to explode. ``You're driving me crazy. You know that, don't you?''

Chris' grin was feral.

``Please, Chris, I need to come.''

``Oh you, will. You will,'' he promised in a voice as rich as chocolate mousse. His tongue and teeth continue to work magic on the sensitive skin on Toby's thighs. Each nibble; each lick was like a direct line to his cock. His entire body was shaking with need.

``I hate you,'' Toby whispered huskily. ``Please...Chris...I need...I need...''

Chris tongue licked a curvy line up Toby's thigh, heading directly for his balls. Oh, please, oh please, oh please, Toby thought, praying he'd feel that tongue on his cock, on his balls.

Toby's groans were becoming incoherent. He was no longer attempting whole words; just a lot of grunting and sighing and moaning. He pulled against the tight bonds, trying to ease the tension in his body, but there was still no give.

He closed his eyes and tried to relax into the sensations riding over his body like a storm but his skin felt pulled and stretched like a drum. His whole body was vibrating with tension and he needed. To come. Right now. Please, Chris, please please put your mouth on my cock, he thought, but it all came out as one long, ``uhhhhhhh.''

Just when he thought it couldn't get any worse, he felt Chris' hand grab him hard around the thighs and he thought, finally; here we go. And all he felt was one brush of Chris' tongue across his the taut skin of his balls and he came howling like some kind of spooked demon.

Before he even got his breath back, Chris reached for something under the pillow and then leaned back and Toby's legs were cut free. Chris reached for some lube, squeezed some on his hand and slid two fingers inside Toby's ass and coated his cock with what was left. ``Jesus, what...'' Toby asked incoherently. His body was still registering aftershocks.

Chris didn't answer, but lifted Toby's knees, pushing them back toward his chest. He pressed his cock against Toby's hole and pushed inside. Two quick thrusts and he was buried deep inside. Toby moaned long and long and then pushed his thighs against Chris' hands, trying to find some leverage. ``Fuck!''

Chris began slamming into him; holding on his hips, moving him so that each time he entered, it was at a slightly different angle. ``Again,'' Toby gasped over and over.

``Mine,'' Chris whispered again and again. Too softly for Toby to hear.

Knowing he couldn't possibly come again didn't lessen Toby's enjoyment any. Every stroke against his prostate produced an aftershock and he felt like he'd been coming for hours. And then Chris tensed and Toby could feel his cock twitching inside; flooding him.

Toby was sapped like a rag doll that couldn't move. How did Chris do this to him every time? How was he going to live without this? He didn't know, but he knew he had to try for Gen's sake. For the kids. They were more important than this thing he had with Chris. They had to be. Chris and him - it was all about sex. Wasn't it? He couldn't actually leave Gen and...date Chris, could he? That just wasn't realistic.

I need to end this and I need to do it now, he thought as Chris untied his hands and gathered him close. Toby pulled back; his whole body was overheated and he was starting to feel trapped. I have to tell him before he leaves. I have to make sure I don't see him again. I'm too weak to say no to this again.

Toby waited until he could breath normally again and then got up to use the bathroom. He slipped on a robe and when he came back out, Chris was half-dressed. It wasn't like him to get dressed so quickly after they'd made love. Toby wondered if Chris had somehow sensed what was coming.

Chris sat down to put on his socks and shoes, but wouldn't look up. Toby walked over the bed hesitantly.

``Where're you going?'' Dammit. It wasn't supposed to go like this.

``Home. Where else?''

``I don't understand. I thought...''

``Don't, Toby.''


Chris grabbed his shirt and slipped it on. ``Don't say anything you're gonna regret, Toby.''

Perfect opening, he thought. I have to do it now. ``Chris, we can't do this anymore.''

``No, Toby. Don't say it. I'm gonna leave now and we're gonna see each other again in a couple days.''

``Gen's gonna find out. I can't keep taking these risks.''

Chris just glared at him, giving no ground.

``You just fucked me in my wife's bed! She's gonna find out.''

``I don't care.''

``Chris, think about it. I could lose my kids. Do you want me to lose my kids?''

Chris crossed his arms stubbornly.

``We can't do this anymore!'' Toby pleaded, as if asking for permission.

``This ain't over,'' Chris said stubbornly.

``It has to be. We can't see each other anymore,'' Toby said firmly and walked out of the bedroom and down the stairs. Chris followed him and grabbed his arm when he got to the bottom of the stairs.

``If you walk out on me, I'm walking after you,'' Chris said and paused. Toby was stunned at the conviction in his voice.

``So? What? You're going to stalk me? Force me to continue this...this...whatever the hell it is we have?''

Chris took a deep breath. ``I'm gonna convince you that you can't live without me.'' Then he turned on his heel and walked out.

The end

Walking After You
by The Foo Fighters

Tonight I'm tangled in my blanket of clouds Dreaming aloud
Things just won't do without you, matter of fact I'm on your back,
I'm on your back,
I'm on your back

If you walk out on me, I'm walking after you If you walk out on me, I'm walking after you

If you'd accept surrender, I'll give up some more Weren't you adored
I cannot be without you, matter of fact I'm on your back,
I'm on your back,
I'm on your back

If you walk out on me, I'm walking after you If you walk out on me, I'm walking after you

Another heart is cracked in two, I'm on your back I cannot be without you, matter of fact I'm on your back,
I'm on your back,
I'm on your back

If you walk out on me, I'm walking after you If you walk out on me, I'm walking after you If you walk out on me, I'm walking after you

Another heart is cracked in two,
I'm on your back

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