Experiment 5: Return to Paradise

by Anne

Experiment 5: Return to Paradise
By Anne
Series: Experiment
Pairing: B/K
Summary: Chris is out to win back his man. Rating: NC-17
Notes: This story is an AU in which Toby and Chris never go to Oz. In Part 4, Toby broke up with Chris. In part 5, Chris begs to differ. g

Much thanks to Maverick, my ever trusty and thorough beta.

This story is dedicated to Actizera on the occasion of her recent birthday and because she's a kick-ass gal!

Completed July 30, 2003.

" If you feel like leaving
I'm not gonna make you stay
But soon you'll be finding
You can run
You can hide but
You can't escape my love."
--Enrique Iglesias

It had been two weeks since he'd seen Chris. Actually a more accurate description would be to say it had been two weeks since he'd fucked Chris. Unfortunately, seeing Chris wasn't much of a problem as he seemed to be everywhere Toby went.

He'd seen him in the courthouse; while walking downtown during lunch time. Even when he hit the gym. Chris was always there lurking in the background. He never spoke to Toby; never got close. He just seemed to wait until Toby spotted him and then he'd be gone like some kind of ghostly stalker. Maybe a cavity would be a better analogy because all the times he saw Chris, but couldn't get close, made him think of Chris when he wasn't there. Toby was hollowed out and aching. Just when he seemed to get a handle on the pain, Chris was there like cold water on a cavity.

Toby needed to get away from the city, from Chris, from everything. He talked to his boss that day and then called Gen to start planning a vacation. Someplace warm, he'd said. It didn't matter where. They'd leave in a week.

When he got home that night, Gen had brochures for Puerto Rico. She'd always wanted to go; sun and beach and lots of shopping. She'd found a cute little coastal town called Rincon. It was on the tip of the westernmost Peninsula of the Island and about two hours from San Juan.

"I did a websearch and found two really nice places to stay," Gen said and led him over to the computer. "This first one is really elegant and has private pools in some of the rooms, but it's really expensive. I wasn't sure if you wanted to spend that much," she said, opening the page for the Horned Dorset Primavera. "They even have whole townhouses as part of the resort."

"That's probably more than we need, honey," Toby said.

"Then there's this one," she said, clicking on another address she'd saved in her favorites list. "It's called the Rincon Beach Resort and it's right on the water with a huge pool overlooking the ocean. It's really big, so it'll probably be more crowded, but it's got good ratings and it's about a quarter of the cost of the Horned Dorset."

Toby sat down and read over some of the information. "This looks fine, Genevieve. Why don't you send this address to my office email and I'll have Sandy book the entire vacation for us. It'll be easier that way."

Gen nodded and opened up the email program.

Toby lay on his belly, his arms stretched out over his head. He could feel the sun beating down on his back; warming him and making him feel sleepy. Gen had taken the kids off for a day at the zoo and he was glad to have some peace and quiet. Despite the size of the hotel, there were very few guests lounging around the pool. Maybe five others besides himself.

The vacation was going better than he'd expected. He and Gen were getting along. They were even making love again and Toby was pretty relieved that it went well. It wasn't as exciting as fucking Chris, but that probably had a lot to do with the forbidden nature of their relationship.

He stretched a little and tried to remember how long his back had been in the sun. Twenty minutes? A half hour? Was it time for more sunscreen? Toby's skin was too pale to let it go much longer than that. He definitely didn't want to deal with a sunburn for the rest of the trip.

Just as he was about to sit up and reach for the sunscreen, he heard footsteps behind him. They stopped next to his lounge chair.

"Would you like me to apply more sunscreen?" a man asked him in Spanish. At least, Toby was pretty certain that's what he said. Must be one of the hotel's cabana boys, Toby thought. He twisted his head a bit to look at the boy, but the sun blocked his vision. All he could see were muscular legs and a broad chest. The accent was not very good for a native, Toby decided. He closed his eyes and lay his head back down.

He'd certainly seen lots of other hotel guests getting oiled by the pool boys. What the hell?

"Si," he agreed.

A few moments later, strong, firm hands kneaded sunscreen into his shoulders and all over his back. The application felt almost like a massage and Toby relaxed into the skilled hands. Tight knots that had lodged in the upper muscles of his back seemed to melt away under the cabana boy's ministrations. He realized that these hands could not possibly belong to a boy. They were too experienced. They were too callused, like Chris' hands. They even felt a lot like Chris' hands. Jesus, Chris was even haunting him here in Puerto Rico.

He groaned when the boy (man, boy, whatever) hit a particularly sensitive spot in his lower back. Toby felt like he was going to simply melt into the lounge chair and turn into a pile of goo. It was as if the man knew just how to touch him. He could almost make believe they were...But no, they couldn't be. Chris was far away and long gone.

The hands pushed the edge of Toby's swim trunks down a couple of inches and continued to knead the lower back expertly. Toby flushed at the tingles erupting over his spine and he got hard.

"Jesus," he whispered into his arm, hoping the man wouldn't hear him.

"Don't you mean, `Haysoos?' " the man asked, imitating the Spanish pronunciation of the name. But the rest was in English and Toby knew that voice. He turned his head, using his hand to block out some of the sun.

"Chris?!" Toby scrambled onto his back, a stunned expression on his face. "What the fuck are you doing here?"

Chris grinned at him with a predatory look in his eyes. He leaned in close to whisper, "Making sure you don't forget me." Then his slippery hands were back on Toby, tracing lines over his chest, brushing over his nipples. Toby gasped.

"Stop it!"

"I don't think you really mean that, Toby. Do you?" He said and then pressed one hand against Toby's erection. "Is this for me?" he asked, his voice low and sultry.

"Fuck," Toby said, arching into Chris' touch. "You have no right!" The stubborn look on his face belied the shaking going on inside him.

"I think I do," Chris argued, grinning at him predatorily and continuing to move over Toby's cock.

Toby pushed Chris' hand away and grabbed his towel from the back of the chair to cover himself. "You don't. And even if you did, we're in public!"

Chris looked around. "Five people hardly makes a public gathering. Besides, they're all busy sunning themselves," he said and leaned in close again. "I could slip my hand under this towel and jerk you off right here without anyone knowing."

Toby shuddered and cursed himself silently for his reaction. "You need to leave. How did you even know I was here?!"


Miranda was a secretary at his law office. "You prick. What did you do to convince her to get you the information? Did you fuck her?" He noticed that Chris was hard, too. And that tight-fitting bathing suit was doing nothing to calm Toby.

"Nah, just applied a little Keller charm. Works every time."

"Well, not this time. I want you gone."

"Can't. I work here now."

"What? Are you insane?"

"Nah, just obsessed. With you," he said and dropped the cocky, smartass pose. "I can't stop thinking about you, Toby. I miss you. And I know you miss me," he said, running his hand along Toby's leg.

"Chris, I told you I can't do this anymore. Gen..."

"I know, Toby. I heard it all. I'm not deaf," Chris said, angry now. "But I can't live without you. You belong to me, Toby. You're mine," he said and slipped his hand under the towel and inside the swim trunks.


Chris' wrapped his hand around Toby's cock, stroking. "You belong to me, Toby," Chris repeated.

And, damn it, Toby knew it was true and it pissed him off.

"You wanna fuck me, Toby?" But Toby didn't answer. "Come on. I know you do. You're so hard, baby. And I'm all ready for you," he said, continuing to stroke Toby.

He moved Chris' hand and stood up, wrapping the towel around his waist. "Come on," he said brusquely.

"Where're we going?"

"Somewhere private, so I can fuck you until you scream," Toby said angrily.

Chris grinned and led Toby to a room off the pool area where the staff did laundry. There were lots of washing machines and dryers lining the walls. In the middle of the room was a large table for folding towels and sheets.

Toby pushed Chris against the table and yanked his swimsuit down. His cock bobbed with the abrupt movement. "Turn around," Toby commanded. Chris turned and braced his hands on the tabletop. Toby stripped his own trunks off and ran his hands over Chris' ass, remembering the feel of the silky skin. He slipped one finger down the crease between his cheeks, circling the hole. Chris was oiled.

"Told you I was ready for you."

"You are one cocky motherfucker."

Chris looked over his shoulder. "Nah, I just know you."

"Fuck you."

"I'm waiting."

Toby cursed and guided his cock to Chris' oiled hole. "You are such a slut," Toby said, pressing in, waiting a few seconds and then slamming the rest of the way home.

"Oh yeah," Chris groaned, pushing back toward Toby's thrusts. With every plunge inward, Toby wanted to punish Chris for coming here; for being so unrelenting; for making Toby need him so damn much. Harder and harder he thrust. Chris took it all and more. He reached one hand back to caress Toby's hip. "Come on, baby, come on. You feel so good inside me."

Toby was flayed open by the tender touch; the heartfelt words. He lay across Chris' back, kissing his skin; inhaling the missed scent. "God, I missed you. I missed this," Toby admitted, his voice breaking. His arms went around Chris as he continued to move, feeling their connection grow stronger with each stroke.

He wrapped his hand around Chris' leaking cock and jerked him to the same rhythm as his thrusts. His other hand was splayed over Chris' hip bone for leverage and in ownership. They were joined and it felt right to Toby. Why the hell had he been denying this? Because you're crazy, he answered himself.

"Toby," Chris said breathlessly. He pushed back against Toby's thrust. Toby's whole body seized and shuddered and then he was spilling helplessly, completely into Chris. He rested his head against Chris' back, waiting for the aftershocks to subside.

"Uh, Tobe?" He took a deep breath and then realized he'd lost his grip on Chris during his orgasm. Chris was still hard.

"Oh God, Chris, I'm sorry."

Chris laughed. "It's okay. I'm just glad you enjoyed yourself," he said. He sounded a little too pleased with himself.

Toby pulled out carefully and turned Chris around. "Now it's my turn to make you incoherent," he said and lowered his knees to the floor, smoothly grasping Chris' cock and slipping it into his mouth.

Chris grabbed the edges of the table behind him for support. He leaned his head back, breathing heavily. Toby looked up, loving the look of surrender and passion on Chris' face. Toby sucked harder and was rewarded with a deep groan. Now who's enjoying himself? Toby thought smugly.

He used his free hand to cup and caress Chris' balls, which wrung more sexy sounds out of his throat. Toby continued teasing Chris with his mouth while his hand wandered further back, stroking across the perineum and then he was tracing circles around the well-fucked hole.

Chris was losing control now, constantly muttering unintelligible sounds and undulating against Toby's fingers. Toby knew Chris wanted them inside, so he obliged him. The passage was still slippery and open, so he was able to find the prostate with no trouble. Chris lit up at the first touch and drove hard into Toby's mouth. Toby was ready for him, relaxing into the thrust and allowing Chris to have control. A few more strokes over the sensitive spot and Chris was coming into his mouth, screaming Toby's name.

Toby sat back on his heels, waiting for Chris' breathing to slow down.

Chris opened his eyes and grinned at Toby. "I told you that you belonged to me."

"Fuck you, ya fuck," Toby said, smiling.

Toby spent the next few days trying to get out of family activities Gen had planned so he could stay at the hotel and fuck Chris. Every time he squirmed out of another family outing, Toby felt guilty, but it didn't last long. Just until he was touching Chris again. He appeased his guilt by spending time with Gen and the kids in the morning and then sending them off in the afternoon. He made suggestions that would take them out for hours. Long enough to give him some quality time with Chris. It was like falling back into a drug addiction. He couldn't get enough of Chris.

Toby spent his third day in Puerto Rico riding Chris' cock. They were in Chris' room, a small place he'd rented near the hotel. The walls were bright white, the sheets were white and the sun was streaming in. He was straddling Chris' lap; wrapped around him. They were sweating and laughing and moaning.

Afterward, Toby fell asleep in the tiny bed, wrapped up in the clean white sheets and Chris watched him. During his sleep, Toby had squirmed, pushing the sheets down to his waist. His arms were stretched over his head; one arm covering his eyes. Chris took in the gorgeous mouth and admired the long, lean lines of his torso accented by the pristine white of the sheets. He was certain he'd never seen a more beautiful sight.

"Toby, the past three weeks have been hell," Chris said that afternoon in the tiny room.

"I know. For me, too. Let's not talk about it right now, okay? Let's just enjoy this."

Late that night, while Gen and the kids slept, Toby and Chris met by the pool, which was officially closed to guests. They were both too sore to fuck, so they slipped into the water and made out like teenagers. Toby wrapped his legs around Chris and they pressed against each other, water lapping over their skin. Toby scraped his ass when Chris pushed him hard against the side of the pool during climax.

They watched their collective come float in the water, knowing the filters would erase it by morning. They grinned at each other. When they climbed out of the pool, Chris made Toby lie down on one of chaise lounges so he could inspect the damage. The scrape covered a wide swath on Toby's right cheek, which Chris kissed. When Toby made a needy little sound, Chris used his tongue to sooth the wound. Toby was immensely grateful and let it be known with a rock of his hips and a deeper moan.

Chris got more adventurous and slid his tongue between Toby's cheeks. He tasted like chlorine and musk. Toby spread his legs wide, giving Chris better access. Chris flicked his tongue over Toby's hole, teasing him to orgasm. By the time he got back to his room, Toby was completely fucked out and couldn't imagine wanting to have sex again for at least a week.

But he woke up with a hard on, having just dreamt of Chris, and before he was fully awake, Gen had climbed on top of him and maneuvered him inside of her.

"You're so amorous this trip, Toby," she whispered because the children were still sleeping. "I love it when you're like this." And it was true. Just as he had been back when he and Chris first started seeing each other. It was as if having sex regularly made him want it more. And, without work to get in the way, why not indulge, he figured.

The Puerto Rican vacation was quickly turning into the Toby-gets-fucked-all-over-the-island vacation.

"So, where's the family off to today?" Chris asked the following afternoon when Toby came out by the pool to find Chris working.

"Cave Park, which should keep them busy for a few hours."

"Doesn't she get tired of you getting out of stuff?"

"I just keep reminding her I'm on vacation and need to have the down time. She definitely likes it when I'm not stressed out," Toby said, winking suggestively.

"Are you fucking her, too?" Chris asked, amused.

"Well, she is my wife!" Toby said defensively. "Besides, she kind of climbed on me this morning while I was still dreaming about you."

"Yeah? You were dreaming of me?" Chris asked, looking pleased.

"Yeah. Can you get away for awhile?"

Chris nodded. "I'll have Domingo cover for me and I'll take his shift later on tonight. Meet me at my place?"

Toby nodded and took off.

They were too tired to have sex, so they spent the afternoon wrapped around each other. They explored leisurely, relearning each other's skin and scents and flavors.

"We didn't enough sleep last night," Toby said, yawning.

"Who's fault is that? You're like some kind of sex beast," Chris teased him.

"Yeah, well, that's entirely your fault," Toby said, kissing Chris' neck.

"Mine?! How do you figure?"

"You're too sexy for your own good. I can't resist you," he said dramatically.

Chris laughed. "I think you exaggerate. I don't see other people around here jumping my bones every five minutes."

"Oh, they want to. Trust me on that. They're just waiting for you to turn the charm on them. I'd be willing to bet real money that you could seduce anyone in this hotel - man or woman - no matter how dedicated they are to their partner."

Chris smiled. "You're crazy."

"It's true and you know it. You're just being modest."

"If that's true, I guess you're lucky I only have eyes for you," Chris said, leaning in for another kiss. His eyes were gleaming mischievously.

Toby held Chris' face in his hands, guiding their mouths together. The kiss was sweet and tender with just a hint of their re-born passion. When it ended, he snuggled in close again, pressing his face against Chris' neck.

Toby hadn't felt this peaceful in weeks and that was a revelation. All that time they were apart, he'd thought pushing Chris away was a good thing. And maybe it was for his marriage, for his children. But not for him. Not by a long shot. He was happy when he was with Chris. And it wasn't all about the sex. Yeah, the sex was beyond good, but there was definitely more to it than that.

The only place he refused to get naked with Chris was his own room. He was terrified that Gen would either catch them in the act or smell the scent of their sex. His resolve lasted four days. Then Chris dared Toby to fuck him on the balcony overlooking the pool.

"I can only take a quick lunch break. How about we go up to your room and fuck on the balcony?" Chris had suggested casually as if he was talking about taking a stroll.

"Chris! Are you crazy? No fucking in my room."

"On the balcony. Come on. I dare you. Think of how hot it'll be. All those people by the pool could look up at anytime and see what we're doing," he said, lowering his voice to that sexy drawl that made Toby hard. "They'd see us so fucking hungry for each other, they'd get hot just watching. They'd see you sliding your hard cock inside me, making me crazy and they'd watch, hoping I'll come right over the edge of balcony all over one of the lounge chairs."

"Jesus, Chris," Toby said, all flushed. Five minutes later, Chris was getting the rim job of his life while bracing his hands on the rail of Toby's balcony. Toby knew it took all of Chris' willpower not to moan so loud that all the pool loungers could hear him. Luckily, they were six stories up. When he started lubing Chris right there out in the open, he wondered when his life had taken a sharp turn from fairly normal into a really hot porn movie. Then he giggled at the thought.

"What's so fucking funny, Toby?" Chris asked in between panting gasps.

"Nothing. Really." And then Toby was pushing inside him and Chris could keep quiet no longer. A long moan escaped him and Toby frantically scanned the pool area to see if anyone heard. Sure enough, a woman was looking up and found them quickly enough. She squinted her eyes, as if not quite believing what she was seeing. Then her mouth fell open and Toby was ready to yank the two of them back into the room, but she smiled. And then she was grinning hugely and she never took her eyes off them. Before they were done, her hand had found its way in between her legs, where she was surreptitiously rubbing her clit.

"That make you hot, Toby?" Chris asked, nodding at the woman watching them. He moved Toby's hand off his hip and onto his cock. "Let's give her a show, baby."

Chris turned his head and leaned back, pressing a kiss against Toby's cheek. Toby looked up, surprised. They kissed then. A possessive kiss. A claiming kiss. A kiss of promise. It was awkward and made it hard for Toby to concentrate on his rhythm, but it felt good anyway. When they looked down again, the women was still watching them. She had a towel covering her waist and her hand was moving furiously underneath it.

"She is totally hot for this, Toby," he said and then groaned when Toby hit his prostate. "Fuck! Do that again."

But Toby wasn't paying attention to the woman anymore. His head was pressed between Chris' shoulder blades while he concentrated on the movement of his hips. Pressing deeper and harder; trying to find that perfect angle. His hands claimed Chris; owned him.

"Yeah, like that. Come on, baby. Come on," Chris chanted, his body taut with tension and anticipation.

"Oh God, Chris!"

Three more strokes and Toby started shuddering. Chris wrapped his hand around Toby's so he wouldn't lose the rhythm. Toby stopped moving a minute later and let Chris guide his hand. He loved the feel of Chris' strength over his; loved that they were doing this together.

Then it was Toby's turn to spout a little encouragement. "Come on, Chris. Come for me," he whispered hotly in Chris' ear. "I love making you come. Let's show that woman how hot we are for each other. Oh God, Chris, come on."

"Say it, Toby," Chris said, moving their hands faster and faster on his cock.

"I'm yours, Chris. Always." He bit gently into the flesh of Chris' back and then he felt hot come spill over their joined hands as Chris trembled against him.

"There's a festival tomorrow night in the village. Wanna go?" Chris asked while they showered together in Toby's room.

"A festival?" he asked, running soap over Chris' back. Chris suggested the shower and Toby only gave him a token protest before they'd jumped in together. Toby was feeling pretty reckless after that amazing orgasm.

"Yeah. Food, music, dancing, street vendors."

"What for?"

"Who cares? Wanna go?"

"I doubt I could get away without making Gen suspicious," he said, kissing Chris.

"So, you ask her along," Chris said, wrapping his arms around Toby so that his wet skin slipped against Chris'.


"And, she gets tired and takes the kids home. Then I have you all to myself," he said and grabbed Toby's ass, pressing their bodies together hard.

Toby smiled. "It could work."

"It will work."

Toby had decided they should forego their afternoon meeting, which would allow Chris to work all day and have the evening off for the festival.

He felt Chris' presence the whole time he walked with his family, even when he didn't see Chris. In an odd way, it made him feel safe.

They nibbled on food as they walked. Gen bought some native pottery from one of vendors and the kids all picked out homemade wooden toys from another. Holly insisted on dancing to a song by one of the bands and convinced everyone to join here. By 8:45 pm, Harry insisted on being carried and Gary began picking fights with Holly.

"I think it's time to head back and get the kids in bed," Gen said.

Toby nodded and they headed back to the hotel so he could help her with the kids.

"Would you mind if I went back out to festival for a little while?" he asked Gen after the kids were all tucked in.

"Why? I thought we'd seen everything."

"I know but I wanted to sit down and have a drink. Listen to the music. Relax. I hope you don't mind."

"No, Toby, of course not. I'll guess I'll just read until you get back."

"Thanks, Gen," he said and gave her an affectionate kiss on the cheek before heading out.

It was after 9:30pm when he got outside and used his cell phone to call Chris. "Where are you?"

"About two blocks from the hotel. Head for the festival and I'll catch up with you."

When he saw Chris, Toby nodded at him and they fell in step together. They waited until they were at the festival before speaking.

"I missed you today," Chris said.

"Me, too," Toby said and slipped his hand into Chris'.

They heard a band playing Latin music a couple of blocks away. Chris looked at Toby and smiled. Then he started running, still holding onto Toby. When they got close to the stage, Chris pulled Toby into a dark doorway for a dance and a kiss. No one seemed to notice them.

They danced through one fast song and one slow one before moving on, still holding hands.

"We're acting dangerously like a couple," Chris remarked.

Toby looked at him. "I know. It feels good."

They stopped at a vendor who sold paintings. Toby was eying one of a sea landscape when Chris nudged him.

"That woman is staring at us," he whispered.

Toby looked up and saw that it was the woman who'd been by the pool and watched them making love. She wasn't just staring. She was leering.

"She's the one who watched us at the pool," Toby whispered back.

Chris grinned. "Should I go tease her?"

Toby laughed. "You are such a bad boy." They looked over at her again. She winked at them and mouthed what looked like, "You two are hot." Then she disappeared into the crowd.

"Not only a couple, but a hot couple," Chris said as they started walking again.

"You bet your ass," Toby said, laughing. They walked in silence for awhile.

"You're going home a few days," Chris said a few minutes later.


"So, what happens when you get back?"

"I haven't figured that out yet."

Chris nodded. "I'm going to stay an extra week."


"Yeah, I haven't given them my notice yet. Plus, it'll give you time to think without me hovering around."

Toby chuckled. "You do always seem to be around, don't you?"

Chris stopped walking and looked at him seriously. "Toby, you gotta know something. I am always going to be around. I don't ever expect you to leave Gen and your kids and I would never ask you to. But I ain't ever gonna let you walk away from me without a fight. You and me have something together that I've never had before. And it's a fuck of a lot more than just good sex. And I know you feel it, too. As long I believe that, I won't just let you walk away without trying to get you back."

Toby reached up and touched Chris' cheek. "I'm counting on it."

The end

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