Fuck Ramblings

by Tobias Beth

Someone says it's fucked up, but what do i care? He says this is ok, it's alright and I fucking belive him. He kisses me and it all sort of fucks together in a mess of lips and spit. His tongue is thick and full. He can't wait to get me on the bed and wants to just strip me in the hallway. He's so stupid. I know we'll get caught. I tell him to wait in small breathes but he keeps going for the back of my throat and his hand travels way too easily through my front zipper. I know the old lady next door can probably hear us. She might come out to nag anytime. I heavily turn around and he's fine with being behind me, figures. I rummage through my pockets to find those dam keys and in all ends, I don't have then. Shit, we cant get into the apartment and his dick is so hard, it almost hurts against my backside. He's been runnig it sloppily over my ass, through his own tight pants and I can tell he's becoming frustrated. He doesn't care where we are, he just wants my dam clothes off. He hates them, their too thick. He lets out a small moan and grabs my waist In confusion. i spin back around and pull him away from the apartment door. I make sure to kiss him hard and long, so he wont ask why we can't go in. He decides not to ask and just follows. We get to the old door that forgot how to lock a long time ago. That's going to be a problem. I pull him inside and he laughes at the row of dryers and washers against the wall. I tell him only one works, everyone always goes someplace else. He wouldn't care if there were 50 people in their, washing their clothes. He almost picks me up and manages to drag me over to the one I had pointed to. The one that works. Maybe if we use it loud enough no one else will want to. He's behind me again. figures. He's pulling down my jeans and their bunching around my ankles. I don't want to take them off, I want him to struggle to get through me. God, I'm so hard. It's hot and he takes off my little sweater. I can feel his own pants fall and he's reaching inside his briefs. I'm sweating and I can barely see anything. It smells funny in here but I don't give a shit. Jesus, he's got it out now. God, he gets so big when it's this fast. I can imagine his big hand taking ahold of it and releasing it from that cotton prison we call fruit of the loom. He's going to place it where it fits best. I cant wait for it. He's going to play with me first though. He's got the head rubbing against the back of my balls. NOW he's fucking teasing me. After all that impatience, figures. I want to see his face. I turn around to see that face I love. He always gets this worried look on his face when he's getting what he wants. When he's got me bent over like this, open and ready. His nose furrows up and his mouth is always open. He scrunches his eyebrows like me and loves to close his eyes. I'm a little different, I always have a huge grin and I love putting my head back. I want him to know how good it feels and he knows. He's satisfied with my balls and now he needs my help. Figures. He never likes to use lube, he says it's too fake. He also never likes to use condoms. I didn't want to do that at first, he had to wait six months while we each got tested over and over to make sure, but he waited. We still get tested every month and he swears he's never with anyone else. He knows how jealous I get. Instead of lube he'll use my spit. He's weird like that, he wont use his own. He says it's more romantic if he uses mine. He sticks his hand out in front of my mouth and his entire body is crushing against me. My dick twitches as I feel his nipples on my back. I spit as much as I can into his hand and he closes around it and brings in to his own already wet cock. See? even if it's wet he still has to get me to spit like that. It's like a routine, it makes me feel comfortable in our special dance. O, I love the sound made when his hand moves slick over himself. He places his hands on the dryer, right next to each of my ribs. He moves in real close to me now. He once told me he gets scared when there is space betwen us. I reach back to grab a hold of his boxers and I tug lovingly. He likes that too, when I get impatient or cute. He never places himself inside me with his hand, he's always gotta get in there with his hips. He keeps his hands on the dryer and wiggles the head over my opening. He pauses for a mintue to tease me again. We're both horrible cockteases. He takes a look at my face first and then draws back like a cat to swiftly push himse..


He always knows how to make me scream.

"Oh tobe, ....jesus, your always so hot ...........inside"

Yea, that's another thing u probably dont know, he LOVES to talk during sex. He wont shut up, he loves to hear me moan too.

He's thrusting so hard now but really slow. He knows I go crazy for hard slow fucks. I know he wants to go faster but he's making it last for me. He knows he's gotta find that little spot inside me that ma.....


I can feel him smile in the air.

"Did I find it baby? It always moves around in there doesn't it?"

I try to chuckle but it always comes out in a funny little kid hiccup

He's still pounding against me and I can hear that sound again, it's thicker now. It's not so slick because his balls aren't wet. Their slapping hard against my ass and thighs that it's almost louder than my moans.

"O, god, your getting bigger!"

It rubs off on me. The talking thing, I have my momenets.

I can feel it stretching inside me, it's getting bigger because I'm talking with him. I think he waits until he's inside me to get fully hard. Just to fuck with me. Figures.

"Oh god toby say that again. Fucking say it again!"

"Your TOO big, Chris, Jesus your gonna fucking break me."

I let out another cry to prove it to him. He always wants reassurance.

He's getting faster, I can feel his body shaking. It's always hard for him to stand and fuck me at the same time he gets too filled with endorphins, he can barely take hold of me.

I have to encourage him.

"Please Chris, don't stop, please, please, don't stop. It could never feel this good with anyone else, never never."

"Yea? Why? Do I move the right way? Like this?"


"I know there are guys out there bigger than me Toby, you don't want them instead?"


I cant help but scream that answer. He's rubbing over that spot over and over again. He's ramming against it and pinching it with every movement. God fucking bless my prostate.

"Why? Dammit Toby tell me why! I gotta hear it!"



So I tell my rational mind to take a coffee break and give him what he wants.

"Fuck Chris your so big, O,...your so hard.....you make me laugh when I want to jump off the roof, you buy me those suckers I like so much, you take Holly to her dance recitals, when my mother died you made those cookies she always used to make. You made them so fucking perfect!"

Oh no, I'm too close now.

"CHRIS! you have those muscles I want to eat all the time, you have those eyes I cant find sometimes. FUCK! Harder, harder, harder!"


The dryer is going break, I can feel it. It tipping back and forth and it almost topples over when he explodes.


He only calls me that when he comes, isn't that something? Something sweet.

I never even touched myself once but the feel of that warm liquid spilling inside me, filling me up to make me comletely whole sends me over. I cry as loud as I can as he stiffens against my back in his orgasm. His arms always wrap way too tight around me as he convults and shudders. We become one form of life right there. We are no longer the half assed men we are when we're apart. We are one complete and perfect animal. Something like fuzzy electricity.

My liquid is spilling onto the floor and I try not to step on it as he presses harder against me. We still have our t-shirts on and their wet and smell like sex. He's still making little moans as his muscles rest and give off the pain he didn't feel beacuse of the endorphins. I can feel the stiffness running along my legs and so I give in for him and drag him to the floor. I always have to do it first, he hates to impose. He kisses me and I know he's really tired so I hold onto him. I always have to support him. He looks me in my eyes and he knows I know all these little things about him. He's happy that I never say them out loud so he can still feel like a man. I love my job, making him feel like my big bear. As long as he knows he's mine. He smiles and presses his nose on mine to do that little eskimo kiss. He dose it weird though and sloppy. We did it once at the zoo with Harry and Gary and he likes to joke about it still. I laugh and he sinks into my chest. It's my turn to hold him now and this is where i come into control. It's true, I'm the wife, who gives a fuck? It's better than being a single Miss.


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