Something Like This

by Anne

Pairing: Beecher/Keller
Rating: R
Notes: PWP. This is pure smut. There is no plot here. Disclaimers: These characters belong to Tom Fontana and HBO. I'm just playing for fun. Dedicated to: Maverick for all the wonderful things she's done for me and for fandom and because I love her. Thanks to: Rowan for a thorough beta.

This story was completed January 4, 2004.

"You ever think about what would happen if we met on the outside instead of in here?"

"What do you mean?"

"Come on, Toby. Don't play dumb. You wouldn't give me the time of day."

"You're sure about that?"


"Oh, I don't know," Toby said, circling Chris.

"You'd be pretty hard to ignore." His eyes ran up and down Chris' body. The lighting in the pod wasn't flattering to anyone, but Chris always looked good.

Chris smirked and took a step in the opposite direction as Toby, until they were moving like two prizefighters sizing each other up.

"Lights out!" They heard Murphy call.

Chris moved closer, still circling Toby, and brushed against him.


"Yeah and you know it, too."

"Tell me."

"The way you walk. The way you look at someone you're focused on. The way you turn on the charm."

"Works for ya?"

"It works for everybody."

Chris stopping moving and stared intently into Toby's eyes. "And if we met on the outside and I...focused on you? What would you do?"

Toby grinned mischievously and put his hands on Chris' shoulders, guiding him back into the darkest corner of the pod. "I might do something like this," he said, leaning in and pressing a kiss on Chris' lips, quickly slipping his tongue inside.

Chris groaned appreciatively, but the pleasure was short lived because Toby pulled back.

"Or, I might do something like this," Toby said and pushed his hips into Chris and rubbed. Chris grabbed Toby's ass and began to thrust but, again, Toby moved away.

"Toby, what the fuck?"

"Or," Toby said, still grinning. "I might do something like this." He moved his hands down to unzip Chris' pants. He got down on his knees and buried his face in the thatch of hair there. "God, Chris, you smell so good," he murmured before sucking Chris' cock into his mouth.

"Jesus Christ, Toby!" Chris let his head fall against the wall behind him.

Toby's tongue swirled around the head, teasing Chris and making him beg for more. "Please, Toby," he whispered roughly.

Chris had no idea how they'd gotten from talking about meeting on the outside to this, but he was happy with the direction things were taking. Toby was never sexier than when he was in the mood to get down and dirty. The responsiveness, the urgency, the sensuality all made Chris want Toby even more. This was a side of Toby no one ever saw but him and he wanted to keep it that way. It made him crazy to think of anyone else ever seeing Toby like this.

Toby was moaning nearly as loud as Chris as he sucked and pumped Chris into near incoherence. He'd somehow managed to drag Chris' pants down a little and was using a free hand to squeeze his ass. Jesus that felt good. And then the hand was gone, wandering across his waist and up over his chest and finally stopping at his mouth. Two long fingers found their way into Chris' mouth and he sucked them greedily, echoing the action of Toby's mouth on his cock.

Chris groaned around the fingers and was surprised the hacks didn't come running. Toby's wet fingers popped out of his mouth and found their way back to Chris' ass and slipped inside. Chris bit on his own hand to keep from crying out and widened his stance. His other hand slipped through Toby's curls, guiding the magical mouth that was threatening to incinerate him.

Toby's fingers explored and found their mark, causing Chris to gasp and bite down harder. He gave a punishing thrust into Toby's mouth, but Toby took it and continued to torture Chris with his agile fingers.

"Christ, Toby, you're going to kill me," he growled and then he was spilling into Toby's throat, shuddering as he came.

Seconds later, he slid down to the floor and Toby draped himself over Chris's prone body, pressing kisses to his neck and reminding him that Toby still hadn't come yet.

"Still think I'd ignore you on the outside?" Toby teased him. "Or do you think I'd drag you into a private corner and suck you until I made you come? Until I made you mine?"

Chris grinned. "Something like that."


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