Triple Threat

by Krystal

Ryan sat in a chair in the quad with his arms crossed and his legs akimbo. He watched the images flashing across the television set with mild interest when someone slid into the chair next to him. Ryan looked over and smirked when he recognized the man sitting beside him.

Ryan's eyes traveled over the muscular body shimmering from glitter and clad in tight jeans and a black wifebeater. His green eyes settled on kohl-lined brown eyes.

"What the fuck are you looking at?" Miguel snarled.

"Oh nothing. Just surprised you're not off somewhere flying high."

Miguel turned his focus back to the television screen without responding. Ryan continued looking at him. "Shit, I know I would if I let some fag turn me out."

Miguel's head whipped back around. "Fuck you. I ain't gay."

Ryan pointedly looked Miguel up and down before sending him a doubting glance.

"I'm not!! This shit is just for show."

"Yea right. Torquemada just decided to pick some loser with no jizz or connections to be his go to guy. I don't fucking think so. He's gotta be getting more in return than just a pretty fag to prance around with. You, me, and the rest of the sorry motherfuckers in here know that's the truth."

"Fuck you, man. It's not even like that."

"Sure" Ryan mockingly replied before turning his attention to the news. The unattractive news reporter failed to keep his interest and before long Ryan turned his gaze back to Miguel.

"So what's it like?"

"What?" Miguel asked with a frown.

"You said you aren't taking up the ass in return for all the good shit that Torquemada's doing for you so what's really going on?"

"Why do you care? Why are you bothering me?"

Ryan looked around at the few nearby inmates before turning back to Miguel with a sigh. "Not too many other guys around to share their tale of going from leader of the Latinos to some queen's bitch."

"I'm nobody's bitch!!" Miguel hissed angrily before rising from his chair.

"Hey wait up" Ryan said as he grabbed Miguel's wrist. "I meant to say partner. C'mon Alvarez. I'm really curious and I ain't got nothing else to do."

"Watch the fucking news" Miguel suggested before turning to leave the area.

Ryan tightened his grip on Miguel, restraining him. "I can't stomach looking at that ugly broad's face and you know you wanna tell me anyway." As much as Miguel hated to admit it, Ryan was right. He hadn't had a real conversation with anyone but Torquemada since they became `partners' and those conversations were mostly him rambling while Torquemada just smiled and gave him appraising looks.

With a resigned sigh, Miguel sat back down. Ryan smiled and released his hold on Miguel.

"Well?" Ryan prodded. "I'm all ears. What's the deal with you and Torquemada?"

"I'm sorry if you're expecting some interesting story. It's really simple. Torquemada lets me in on his business and watches my back. I help him push tits while dressing up all pretty and being eye candy. He keeps the D-tabs coming and when I'm messed up I let him touch and kiss me."

"Holy shit!" Ryan couldn't believe how frank and uncaring Miguel seemed about the arrangement. "Don't you care about what everyone's thinking and saying about you?"

"I don't give a shit what anyone thinks anymore. That was all I used to care about and where did that get me? Fucking nowhere. Just made me go fucking crazy. Kept falling into shitty situation after shitty situation. It's not worth it. I'm probably gonna be in this bitch for a while and if I can have a little pocket change and somebody watching my back, fuck it! He can touch and kiss all he wants. I'm doing what I gotta do. Don't mean I'm a fag. I don't even remember most of the shit he does."

"If you don't remember, how are you sure he's not doing more than touching and kissing?"

Miguel looked at Ryan with a humored expression. "I think I would know if some guy was fucking me. I'd eventually lose my high and realize `Hey! My ass is sore!'"

Ryan smiled at Miguel's assertion.

"Anyway, that's basically all. I hope you enjoyed wasting your time listening to a same, boring story that who knows how many other guys have told."

"It wasn't a waste of time and not that common of a story either." Ryan slouched back down in his seat and glanced at the TV.

"Okay" Miguel replied sarcastically. He too went back to watching television.

His attention was once again diverted, however, when Ryan suddenly shouted "Oh not this fucking kid again!"

Miguel laughed at Ryan's annoyance. "What do you mean? The kid deserves the attention. You might not wanna admit it but LeBron James is gonna be the next Jordan."

Ryan turned to Miguel with a look of incredulity. "What?! Are you fucking crazy? Shit...and here I was thinking you'd given the tabs a break."

"Shut up" Miguel managed to say in-between laughter. "He can ball. You see some of those clips they got of him playing?" "Yea, that's why I'm looking at you like you're crazy. Now if you wanna talk about someone being the next Jordan, you should look at that Carmelo Anthony kid."

"Oh get outta here with that!" Miguel laughed.

The two men continued their lively banter, something that would become commonplace in the weeks to follow.

"Miguel" Torquemada cooed when Miguel joined him in front of their pod for count.


Both men stood in silence until count was over and they entered their pod.

"Finally we get some one on one time. You've been all over the place lately." And all over that damned Mick he silently added.

"Well you know everyone's going crazy over your little creation." Miguel answered as he lay down on his bed.

"And now look at you" Torquemada exclaimed. "Once you get in here for the night you don't wanna have any fun."

Miguel had been dreading this conversation but knew that it would eventually come up. His use of Destiny had dramatically decreased in the last month and this meant that Torquemada was having his playtime with Miguel reduced. Virgin or not, Miguel knew that Torquemada's patience with him would evaporate.

"Sorry" was all that Miguel could manage.

"What? My babies not doing it for you anymore?"

Miguel looked at Torquemada to see he was holding a D-tab between his thumb and index finger.

If he wanted to be truthful, Miguel would have told Alonzo that the tabs were indeed not doing it for him. His new job with Torquemada as well as his sanctioned job at Oz kept him busy and gave him a sense of importance. The mind-numbing bliss that the Destiny offered lost its appeal once he'd found someone that he could talk to and hang out with like a normal person.

Instead he just mumbled "Naw. I told you people are still hyped about Destiny. It's good shit."

"Well you're probably in the mood to live it up right about now." Torquemada said this with a smile but Miguel realized that this was not just a friendly suggestion. There was no real room for disagreement and he didn't feel like arguing in any case. Miguel's lips curved into a little smile that didn't reach his eyes.

"Yea," Miguel said before he opened his mouth and let Torquemada place the drug on his tongue. By the time the lights went out Miguel was in his own happy world and Torquemada was filled with excitement at the knowledge that once again he would get to worship the body of a man that had enthralled him for years.

He wasted no time pulling Miguel's shirt over his head and bending down to place kisses on his chest. He smiled when he heard Miguel moan and felt him writhe beneath him but didn't slow his ministrations. He placed butterfly kisses across Miguel's chest before moving down to kiss and suck his stomach. Miguel slurred incoherent phrases and hitched up his leg. Torquemada took hold of his thigh and began stroking it as his mouth moved further down Miguel's body. He lightly nipped at the flesh under Miguel's navel before soothing the area with his tongue.

"Ryan," Miguel whimpered as he arched off the bed.

Torquemada jerked away from Miguel as if he'd been burned. He sat stunned while Miguel continued to writhe about with his eyes closed and a lazy smile. As the initial shock waned, Torquemada moved from Miguel's bed and climbed into his own. Torquemada felt himself growing angrier each time the sound of Miguel saying another's name replayed in his head.

Ryan sat alone at the card table playing a less than thrilling game of solitaire. Every once in a while he would scan the area for Miguel to no avail. It had been almost a week since Ryan had gotten in more than a `hello' to Miguel. It wasn't until the sudden halt in communication with Miguel that Ryan realized how spoiled he'd become from their daily conversations.

Shit, it's not like there's been a lot of people to talk to lately. Cyril and now even Pops...gone. Mom's not here to harass since that fuck Querns dismissed her. Not much better with the cons either. Not many Kellers, Hills...shit even Hoyts to just ramble off to. Beecher's too focused on himself to have a conversation with. The rest of these bastards, mostly new guys, are all too dumb or boring to talk to for more than a few minutes. Why wouldn't I kinda sorta miss Miguel?

Ryan broke his line of thinking to once again scan the area. This time he was rewarded with the sight of Miguel entering EmCity. Ryan opened his mouth to shout Miguel's name but was beat to the punch by Torquemada.

"Miguel," Torquemada let the name roll off his tongue.

Miguel walked over and joined Torquemada and his fan club at their table. Ryan sucked his teeth in anger. This had become the norm in the past week. Torquemada cutting Ryan off every time he tried to approach or talk to Miguel.

"Aww, you sad about your plans being fucked over?"

Ryan looked up to see Pancamo hovering over him. "What?"

"You sad Alvarez is over there with Torquemada instead of with you where you can try to work your game."

Ryan shifted in his seat so that he could face Pancamo. "Excuse me?" "C'mon. Everyone knows you're scheming. Alvarez is your way in, right? You trying to get in on the trade? Or is it something else? I hope it is cuz there's no way-"

"What the fuck are you talking about? No one's scheming."

"Oh? So you two suddenly buddies? Cut it with all the bullshit. What's really going on?"

"Nothing's going on asswipe. We talk, you know, like normal people sometimes do. It may be a little complicated for someone like you but you should still give it a try."

"Talking...yea, I'm sure. About the next time he can suck you off."

Ryan bolted out of his chair. "Hey-"

Pancamo raised his hands and backed away. "I know, I know you're no fag right?" he winked before turning away.

Jesus! I wasn't even thinking about that. Shit, I was about to tell the bastard not to talk shit about Miguel.

Ryan sat back down, his anger subsiding with little pangs of worry taking its place.

A few days later Ryan was once again seated in front of the television. He was about to get up and go to his pod when he saw Miguel coming his way. Ryan was about to smile when he saw who was following close behind Miguel. Miguel plopped down in the chair one seat down from Ryan and Torquemada sat beside Miguel. Leaning over to see past Miguel, Torquemada looked down at Ryan and smiled.

"What did we miss?"

Ryan just stared at Torquemada.

"Oh Miggy, your friend isn't too nice."

Miguel turned to Ryan and smiled before pouting. "Be nice."

"Don't worry about it baby," Torquemada said while putting his arm around Miguel's waist and pulling him against him. "I got you, that's good enough." Miguel sighed and put all his weight on Torquemada. Ryan could tell from his expression that Miguel had popped a tab or two. He watched as Torquemada slid his thumb under the waistband of Miguel's pants. Ryan grinded his teeth in fury. God help me not bash this fucker's head in Ryan thought to himself.

Ryan angrily stared at Torquemada who sent him a smile over Miguel's head. The two men continued to stare each other down until Ryan heard Miguel gasp. He diverted his glare to see what had caused the noise. Realization hit when he saw Torquemada's hand moving inside Miguel's pants. He jerked out of his chair and walked over to the pair. Red faced and clenching his fists, Ryan tried to will himself to walk past the two without earning a trip to the hole.

"Is there a problem?" Torquemada benignly asked.

"You're fucking disgusting." Ryan finally forced himself to move and viciously kicked Torquemada's leg on his way past him.

All friendliness disappeared from Torquemada's voice as he shouted after Ryan.

"You better watch that skinny ass of yours if you know what's good for you!!"

Ryan paced around his pod full of confusion.

What the fuck is wrong with me? I felt like exploding and ripping that fruit's head off and for what? Because he was beating Miguel off? Why the fuck should I care?! No!! I know!! I don't really care it's just all that shit disgusted. Doing that in front of me. What the fuck? What man in his right mind wouldn't get pissed? But all the time I been in here I've seen way more worse than that. Why is this bothering me so much more?

He leaned against the washbowl biting his fingernails. Ryan knew there was more to his reaction but he was afraid to think about the other more probable reasons. As much as Ryan tried not to think about them, he could still feel their growing presence in his mind. He was saved from his thoughts by the call for count.

As Ryan stepped out of his cell, other inmates passed by him on their way to their pods. Miguel was among them. As he passed by, held closely by Torquemada, Miguel gazed steadily at Ryan before smiling shyly and turning back into Torquemada's hold. Ryan's heart sped up and he felt a flash of heat over his body. Ryan breathed slowly and leaned against his pod door hoping to absorb some of its coolness.

After count and being locked in with his new, annoying podmate, Ryan lay in his bed and closed his eyes. It was not long before he started questioning his emotions and actions of late. His musing was suddenly broken by his podmate, Alex, snorting in amusement.

"Man, let me tell you what I saw today!"

Ryan ground his teeth and exhaled deeply trying to keep his cool. It was all in vain, however, because in the next moment Alex fell into a new bout of hysterics.

"WILL YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP?" Ryan roared before he rolled onto his side.

Aww not this again Ryan thought to himself when he saw Miguel leaning against Torquemada. He was dismayed when he realized that Torquemada's hand was once again down Miguel's pants.

"Where the fuck are the hacks? This shit is making me sick."

Even as he hollered this, Ryan's eyes remained glued on the pair. He noticed how every time the hand in his pants moved, more of Miguel's shirt rode up, exposing his taut stomach. Ryan could see the little beads of sweat creating a sheen on his stomach. He watched as the droplets were licked away by a slowly swirling tongue. Miguel moaned as the ministrations shifted lower and his pants were unzipped. "Mi Dios, s." Ryan smiled and looked up at Miguel with a smoldering gaze before yanking his pants down.

Ryan bolted upright in his bed, trembling and sweating.

Oh fuck.

The next day Ryan sat in the library flipping through the pages of Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Issue, trying in vain to forget the dream he'd had.

"Hey Ryan!!"

Feeling the uneasiness he felt increase tenfold, Ryan turned in his chair to see a smiling Miguel approaching him. He pulled out the chair next to Ryan and sat down.

"What you looking at?" he asked, leaning close to Ryan to get a better view of the magazine. "Oh shit I love these issues!"

Ryan squirmed slightly at the closeness of Miguel. He could see the dampness of Miguel's hair and smell the fresh scent of soap on his skin. He must have just showered. The thought brought forth unbidden images of a naked and dripping wet Miguel. Ryan shifted again, this time causing Miguel to move away.

"Yea, mine too," he said, turning a page. He waited a beat before adding,

"Haven't talked to you in a while."

"Yea man, I know," Miguel replied. "Been busy like a motherfucker."

"That was quite some show you and Torquemada put on yesterday," Ryan snapped out. "Everyone's been talking about it."

"Um, yea, I know." Red-faced with embarrassment, Miguel looked away.

"Must have started popping tabs again, right?"

"Um...yea. I've been trying to keep things between me and Torquemada cool."

"Oh yea, and no doubt a few tabs helps out. I figured you had to be on something to do some shit like you did yesterday."

"Yea..." Miguel trailed off. He began bouncing his left leg up and down. Every so often it would brush against Ryan's leg causing heat to travel through the Irishman's body. When the warmth began to center in his crotch, Ryan jerked his leg away and put down the magazine.

"Look Alvarez, I don't want you hanging around or talking to me anymore." Ryan watched Miguel's brow furrow and brown eyes fill with sadness before Miguel diverted his eyes to the table in front of him.

"I ain't got a problem with you but I can't have people looking at the shit you do and then looking at me and thinking I'm a fag cause we kick it. You'd probably relate better with Fiona and Masters anyway."

Miguel turned to Ryan, anger flashing in his eyes. "Fuck you!!" he shouted before he knocked his chair over as he stood to leave. A CO came rushing over to stop any ruckus but Miguel just pushed past him and left the room. The CO looked after Miguel before turning back to Ryan who shrugged, picked up the magazine, and resumed his perusal.

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