Under the Moonlight

by Rifka

Fic: Under the Moonlight 1/1
Author: Rifka
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Beta assistance: Sandra listening to 'M' music in Seattle Note: This is just a short sappy thing that popped into my head very, very late last night after I read the B/K lyrics that Rebecca posted. Dedicated to Ahavia.

Tobias Beecher drove his car up the driveway to enter the garage attached to his home. He removed the opener from the visor and pressed the button to open the garage door. Nothing. He pressed it again, still nothing.

"What the fuck?" Toby said out loud and then thought he'd have Chris take a look at it. Toby wasn't good at anything mechanical, but Chris could fix anything.

He grabbed his briefcase off the front seat and got out of the car, locking it with the press of a button on his keys. Walking up to the front door, he opened the screen then reached for the ornate door handle and was surprised to find it was locked

"Damn, where's Chris and the kids? Ahhhhh, and I'm so hungry. Dinner's gonna be late again." He said as he fished out his keys from his right front pant pocket. When he entered their home it was quiet except for music quietly coming from upstairs. 'Chris must have left the radio on.' He thought out loud as he put his briefcase down and walked into the kitchen tossing his coat over the back of a chair. He opened the refrigerator and found his dinner wrapped in plastic with an envelope on top. He reached for the sandwich and placed it on a paper plate and sat down at the kitchen table. Taking a bite of the meatloaf sandwich, he opened the envelope.


Sorry it's only a sandwich for dinner, but it only has to fill you up for a short while. Your mom has the kids for the night. After you've finished your dinner, please go into the laundry room where you'll find something.

Love ya,

Toby smiled while he read the note. They'd been so busy lately with the kids and spring break that they really hadn't taken the time for the little things, like romance. The last time Chris left envelopes around the house he had managed to arrange a hot air balloon ride at 5:30 in the morning. Toby picked up his meal and walked into the laundry room and found another envelope on top of the washing machine. He ate while he read.

Hi ya Lover,

Strip and put your clothes in the laundry hamper. Not on top or close by but actually in the hamper. Then go upstairs to our bathroom. But before you go, clean up the mess you made eating in the laundry room.

Picturing you walking bare assed naked through the house and still lovin' ya, Chris

This time Toby followed instructions and walked up the stairs naked as a jaybird into their bathroom. Taped to the mirror was another envelope. He opened it up and read,

Hey Baby,

Having fun yet? Now get your ass into the shower, shave and brush your teeth. Might even try that new Listerine mouthwash. After you've dried the body I'm yearning for, you'll find the next clue near the lube and you know where that is!!

I'm stroking myself as I write this. Oh, mama! Chris

This time he laughed out loud remembering that Chris had been especially tired this week with the kids being home. Toby had taken a couple of extra days off work so all of them could spend some time together but he was called in for an emergency meeting this morning at his law office. He was glad to see that Chris was still feeling... well still feeling like Chris!

Toby suddenly heard the music in the background again, it was an instrumental and he couldn't place the title of the song but it was one of his favorites from the 60's. A segment of his mind was thinking how funny it was that songs back then repeated the same verse over and over for the length of the song. Still, he couldn't remember all the words, other than a snippet here and there. Something about 'squeeze me baby through the night' and 'dancing under the moonlight'... He hummed along with it while cleaning up and shaving in the shower and then toweling off. After he had brushed his teeth, flossed and used the new mouthwash, he walked naked to the bedside nightstand and opened the drawer. This time he found two envelopes. He opened the top one and pulled out a picture of a naked Chris Keller, smiling. There was no need for a note. The second enveloped contained a list of clothes he was to wear.

Hey Blue Eyes,

I've picked out your clothes and they're hanging in the closet. You better not decide to wear anything different cuz you'll be one sexy motherfucker if you wear what I picked out for you.

Packing wood now,

Again Toby followed his lover's instructions and put on his slacks and pale blue shirt with a patterned blue tie and his jacket. When he reached for his shoes he found another envelope inside the right one.

Hey Mr. Kisses Sweeter than Wine,

I'm sure by now you've figured this out by the music so meet me at 6549 E. Mariposa Street at 730 pm. Take a taxi and I'll meet you there.

Putting on my top hat... only kidding

Toby heard the horn from the taxi and closed the front door then locked it. He got in the back seat and the driver asked him where he was going.

"I don't know really, but the address is 6549 E. Mariposa Street."

After he settled in for the ride the music was still going through his head and suddenly he took the palm of his right hand and smacked his forehead.

"You ok back there, buddy?" The driver asked.

"Yeah, I've had this song running through my brain and I just remembered the name of it."

The driver glanced in the rearview mirror and saw Toby shaking his head slowly side to side while he was playing with the end of his tie and smiling.

"Well, what's the name of the song?"

"Do You Wanna Dance?" Toby told him.

"I remember that song," and the driver sang,

Tell me baby I'm your lover man
Oh baby, do you wanna dance?

"That's a great song to slow dance to."

Toby sighed and said, "It sure is."


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