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Always Be Prepared

by Riley Cannon

Inspired by HT100 Challenge #65

~Always be Prepared~

"What? What?"

"Shh," Toby whispered, "I'm not going anywhere." He ran a slow hand down along Chris' chest, fingers snagging at the waistband of white boxers. Tempting to simply go ahead and pull them all the way off, get right down to business, but they had both waited too long for this to rush anything now.

"Nothing's wrong?"

He smiled down at him, drinking in the sight of that gorgeous body on display for him. Nothing new about that, no, except that no trace of guilt or fear hovered in the background. "Everything's really right, Chris," he told him, leaning down to kiss away the worried frown between his lover's eyebrows. He scooted down to kiss his lips then, one hand working underneath the pillow.

"Whatcha doin'?" Chris asked, long fingers tangling in Toby's hair.

Toby smiled, kissed his mouth again and pressed the prize into his hand, curling Chris' fingers around it. "Thought we might want this at some point."

"Yeah?" Chris opened his hand to look at the object nestled there, eyes going wide at the tube of lube nestled in his palm. "How long've you had this?"

"Since I knew, since I was certain." He nuzzled Chris' temple.

Chris looked at him and nodded. "You sure you want me to have it?"

Toby lowered his head, lips skimming a path from belly button to throat to parted lips and taking his time with the kiss. "I'm sure. I'll just borrow some next time," he murmured and watched blue eyes widen in surprise, felt the strong body arch up against in eager anticipation.

He let himself be wrestled onto his back, Chris settling between his legs and planting a warm, wet kiss on his inner thigh. Yep, he'd always known being a Boy Scout would come in handy someday.


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