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Thanks to Maverick for the beta. Written for the Oz magi challenge.

Banishing Demons

by Anne

"Chris, I..." His face was a map of anxiety and indecision.

"It's okay, Toby." Chris said, putting as much comfort in his voice as he could. But Toby was shaken and as far away from okay as possible. "I want this." And Chris did. Everything up to now had been leading to this. Hands and mouths and fingers. Chris wanted Toby to trust him; to build on the hope that started New Year's Eve.

Chris ran his hands over Toby's arms, hoping to calm him. Toby was pressed between Chris' legs, their cocks brushing. Chris could feel his skin humming. Things had been going great over the last couple of days - a lot of kissing, some creative sucking, and some expert stroking. But tonight Chris wanted to change the pattern and Toby was quietly freaking out.

"Are you sure?" Toby's face held concern and some unidentifiable pain. The veins on his forehead stood out. Chris wanted to wash away whatever demons were fucking with Toby's head. He wanted this to be about him and Toby and nobody else.

"You think I'd say it if I wasn't?"

"No, I guess not." He didn't sound too sure.

"Come here," Chris said, pulling Toby flush against him, and kissed him. His tongue stroked Toby's mouth sensually and he felt Toby slowly relaxing. He rolled them onto their sides and pulled Toby in tight. He moved his mouth over Toby's face and neck, licking a stripe across his sexy collarbones. "I wanna feel you inside me, Toby," he whispered against the pale skin.

Toby shuddered. He was scared, but Chris knew there was a part of him that wanted this as much as he did. If Chris could show him how good it was, Toby just might be able to get past the ghost of Vern Schillinger.

"I don't want to hurt you."

"Make me come, Toby. With your hands, with your mouth. We can use the come for lube. Please, baby." Chris' voice dropped an octave and he pierced Toby with his eyes. "I want you to fuck me." That it was true surprised Chris. At first, he'd wanted it for Toby, but now, he wanted it for himself, too, and that was new.

They were kissing again, Toby taking possession of his mouth like a man on a mission. His hand worked Chris' cock as fast his tongue fucked Chris' mouth. He felt breathless and urgent in a way he never expected. He came so fast his head spun.

Chris flopped back limply on the bunk, trying to catch his breath. He felt Beecher's fingers caressing his stomach, sliding through the come. All of Toby's hesitancy was gone as he coated his fingers and started preparing Chris' hole. For someone who'd never done this before -- at least not on the giving end of things -- Toby's movements were amazingly self-assured. Not to mention dizzying.

Toby found his prostate pretty quickly, causing Chris to gasp. Jesus Christ, had it ever been like this? His cock twitched, trying its best to rise from the dead. All the while his fingers did their work, Toby's mouth explored his body - nipples, neck, stomach. Chris felt like he was being mapped and invaded. He had no idea what he'd said or done to turn the beast inside Toby loose, but he hoped he'd be able to do it again.

"You ready, Chris?" It felt like years later. Chris was way past ready. He nodded. Their eyes met and the sparks nearly lit up the room. Toby knelt between his legs and pushed one back toward his chest.

"I wanna see you," he said, by way of explanation. He lined his cock up and started pushing. Chris groaned at the invasion, but kept his hands on Toby's ass so he wouldn't pull back.

"Now," Chris urged when Toby was full sheathed. He didn't have to be told twice, but he tempered some of the urgency with slow, sensuous thrusts. Chris threw his head back against the mattress, moaning unintelligible words.

"God, Chris. This...this feels so fucking good." Chris couldn't have said it better himself, except maybe to find a better word for good. Amazing. Mind-blowing. Life-altering. Toby leaned in and kissed Chris on his upturned chin. Toby's breath felt hot and moist against his skin.

"More, Toby," Chris panted. His cock was reviving under the pressure of Toby's tight stomach muscles. "Deeper. Harder."

Toby's whole body shook as he pushed inside Chris as far as he could go. "So...tight," he barely choked out. "I'm...I...can't..."

Chris had no idea what Toby couldn't do, and then he felt Toby throbbing and coming inside him. It lit Chris up and forced a second, nearly painful, orgasm out of him.

Toby held himself aloft as they both shuddered through the aftershocks. Then his arms gave in and he lay across Chris' come-drenched abdomen. Their panting and the smell of sex filled the pod.

A few moments later, Chris chuckled.

"What?" Toby snapped indignantly. He peered up at Chris from his resting place his chest.

"You went from a blushing bride to a fucking animal in the blink of an eye."

Toby pushed off of Chris. "Fuck you, Keller."

Chris grabbed his arms before he got too far. "Hey, what are you getting upset for? I liked it. So much, in fact, that I'm just trying to figure out the trigger so we can set it off again." He gave Toby the special grin reserved only for him.

Toby shook his head and laughed. "You are one sick fuck."

"Why? Because I like it when you take me like you own me?" Toby blushed, but Chris could see that the words pleased him, too. "I think it just makes me appreciative."

Toby smiled. A smile of real joy, which Chris saw much too rarely. Then they kissed again. It was slow and sensual, neither one in any hurry for the night to end.


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