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Dedicated to Maverick.

Fluff and Fold

by Riley Cannon

~Fluff and Fold~

It was hot and humid in the laundry room, the glass steamed up just a bit. Toby was loading some wash into a dryer and drew an arm across his forehead as he stepped back, wiping away some sweat. He was completely unaware of having any company inside the room - until two hands grasped his waist. He jumped, a startled sound escaping his throat and turning into a deep sigh as soft lips nuzzled the nape of his neck.

"Tempting fate there, Toby," Chris murmured, "being all preoccupied and no one watching your back."

"Maybe I was counting on you to cover that."

A confident hand slipped around to cup his crotch. "Want this covered too?"

"Chris," Toby squirmed pleasurably, nervously under the caress, "someone will see us."

"Hmm umm." Chris' mouth brushed along his neck again, nose tickled by blond curls. "Hacks are havin' a conference with McManus." He drew his hand up slowly, fingers tender along his side as if the long-healed wound might still pain him. "We've got time."

"For...?" Toby arched into the touch as Chris stroked along his back, casting a worried look out the windows. As reported, though, the hacks were all up at the command station, listening to McManus yammer on about something, and no one else was paying them any attention. They had a few precious minutes then, just a couple, the chance of discovery heightening the excitement.

"Remember last night, Toby?" Chris pressed into him, the hardness of his cock rubbing against Toby's ass through layers of clothing. "'Member how you almost came just from how I opened you up with my tongue and fingers?"

"Oh, yeah," Toby breathed out, "just a little." Those fingers were tugging his t-shirt out of his waistband, sliding beneath the cloth to caress bare skin, circle around a nipple. That tongue was exploring his ear, torturing the spot where ear met jaw. "Remember," he licked his lips, swallowed, "remember how it started? How I licked my way down your body and took your cock into my mouth? Chris, you remember how that felt, me licking your cock, sucking it, how I wanted you to shoot your come in my mouth?" A ragged, gasping breath answered him and confirmed two could indeed play this game.

"Oh, Jesus, Toby..." Chris rubbed his face against Toby's hair, humped against him. "You don't play fair."

Toby caught his hand, pulled it back down to his crotch to feel how hard he was, how much he wanted him. "You want me to?"

"Huh-uh." Chris pressed hard, rubbed, kissed his nape again. "Where're the hacks?"

"Meeting's breaking up, they'll be here soon."


Toby turned in his arms, both hands curved around Chris' head. "Tonight, we'll pick this up tonight," he promised him and sealed it with a kiss, long and deep, both of them shuddering with the power of their desire.

"Tonight," Chris agree, forehead pressed to Toby's for a moment, angling his head for another, softer kiss that tasted the sweat beaded above Toby's mouth. "Love you."

Hand laid along his face, Toby looked at him and nodded. "Love you. Want to help me fluff and fold?"

Chris smiled, dimples cut deep into his cheeks. "Fuck, Beecher, you say the sexiest things."

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