by Aline

"You're late again."

Chris' voice, quiet, coming from the depths of the big red couch stopped Toby dead in his tracks. So much for being quiet and invisible. Fuck. He dropped his bag and his coat on the floor.

"We had a last meeting on a case; it lasted..." "I don't give a damn why you're late, Toby. The fact is you're late. Period."

Toby leaned against the wall; exhausted, so not in the mood for games right now, hoping against all reason Chris would just drop it, let him go to bed.

"You've been late every single fucking day of this fucking week. Thought I wouldn't notice?" "Next week should be quieter."
"You said that last week already; maybe I should remind you of our agreement? Maybe that's what you need?" "Please not tonight."

There was a rustling of clothes but Chris remained invisible, hidden by the back of the couch.

"You don't make the decisions in that matter, Toby. I do." "I said `not tonight.'

Chris rose and walked up to him, his eyes narrowed, his mouth a straight threatening line; grabbed Toby's hair roughly, pulled his head back, bit his chin hard, his neck, his lips and Toby tried to push him away and lost the fight.

"Go shower, clean yourself inside and out, put on some clothes, and come back." "Fuck you!" Toby whispered, slamming the bathroom door.

Water running down his body did nothing to take away the weariness; just left him weak and dizzy; he stumbled back into the living room dressed in loose jeans, his hair wet and stood in front of Chris.

"Good evening, Toby," Chris said, taking the step that brought him close, running his long fingers through Toby's hair, the caress raising goose bumps on Toby's arms.

"Good evening, Chris."
"That's better."

Chris kissed him hard, demanding to be kissed back then pushed Toby until he was leaning against the cold glass of the huge window, his back on a freezing winter night; raised a hand and...

Toby yelled.

"Keep quiet. Keep quiet, just take it."

Chris' thumb brushed against his left nipple again until Toby's breathing was back to normal; then pinched it again, twisting the nub of flesh hard, felt the wet body convulse with pain against him, shoved a knee between Toby's tighs.

"Part of you likes that, uh?" he said, cupping Toby's hardness in the palm of his hand, yanking the waistband of the jeans "Ok, this goes off."

Toby stripped and stood there, hard, naked, shivering, long enough for Chris to make up his mind, push him to his knees then forward until Toby had his elbows on the couch, kicking the inside of ankles with his own feet, "spread'em."

The first blow hit his ass with such strength Toby nearly shouted, bit down on his fist and smothered his scream in the soft red leather, bucking wildly when the hand landed on his ass again and again, same spot, pain deepening, Chris' palm flat and hard; until he couldn't take it anymore and tried to rub his cock against the couch to distract himself from the pain. The fourth blow reached the small of his back.


Chris' voice sounded sharp as a knife. He brushed his fingers along Toby's arms and shoulders, the chiseled muscles, the soft skin.

"There's very little difference between a spanking and a real beating, Toby; if you want the second one you just ask. Do you want it?" "No. Please, no."
"OK so you let me go on and you fucking don't move."

Strong hands pulled him back, preventing his cock from touching anything and blows continued to land until Chris' hand hurt, until Toby had no screams left anymore, until his skin was burning, tears rolling down his cheeks, until he was unable to think anymore, his mind fighting the pain and engulfed by it, until something that felt like relief took over.

"Stop struggling, let go. You need this."

Christ he hated that omniscient son of a bitch sometimes; but he did what he was told.

Pulled up to his feet abruptly, swaying, kept from collapsing by Chris' bruising hands.

"Bedroom. I think the time's right for a little recap of the situation."

Toby let Chris push him through the apartment, stumbling like a young horse, leaning on him as much as he could, relishing the heat, the smell of the man behind him, the soft laugh when he turned his head to kiss him.

"You fucking bitch."

Naked, tied to the brass bed head with a leather strap biting into his wrists just enough to let him know he was tied, not enough to hurt, his legs parted wide while Chris fucked him... Long strong vicious fingers twisting, bumping, one, two, three, four...

"No, please don't..."
"Don't you dare pass out on me, Toby; might make me fucking pissed off."

The thumb and Toby's sight was blurry; a fist closing inside him -he was going to die, he was sure of that, and he moaned, Chris' lips on his neck.

"Relax; I won't hurt you; come on, relax, come on; let me do it..."

Toby took a deep breath, closed his eyes, felt his body sink into the mattress, his muscles relaxing and Chris' fist moving nice and slow inside him, millions of stars exploding behind his eyelids while he was falling into a bottomless pit, kept conscious only by Chris' voice, soft urgings.

Wildness rose.

Toby began moving back, hurting himself, biting the pillow, until it was just too much and he collapsed, coming like crazy, shaken inside out, Chris' hand opening inside him, stretching him.

He probably passed out, or dozed off; woke up to the caress of Chris' fingers.

"My turn."

Toby watched Chris stroke himself lazily, wicked smile on his lips, hard look, hot come splashing Toby's body, face and he opened his mouth to taste some, licking his lips.

"Bastard," Chris said and laughed.

Blindfolded him, threatened to gag him if Toby let out one more word. Tied him tighter.

"How the fuck am I supposed to sleep?"

A whistle above him and the leather of Chris' belt across his back, the pain wrapping him in a lick of fire; then the gag, as promised and Toby struggled.

"The more you fight baby, the more I like it."

Silence, darkness; Chris was up to something, Toby tried to relax until the slick cool tip of a dildo was pressed against his anus and pushed all the way in, slow careful relentless invasion, a strong hand in the middle of his back holding him still; then the gag was removed and Chris looked him deep in the eyes.

"Now sleep."


Every time he moved the dildo sent little jolts of fire down his spine; he clenched his muscles and nearly came just from that. / Jesus. how am I supposed to sleep? /

That was his last coherent thought and when he opened his eyes again it was morning; it smelled of Chris and sex and coffee; Toby didn't know which was the most aphrodisiac, stretched, enjoying the warm softness of the sheets.

He was sore as hell and still sleepy; at least the dildo was gone but every muscle in his body hurt and his back was on fire -the belt, he thought.

The mattress creaked under Chris' weight, a cup of coffee was shoved into his hand; the blindfold removed, strong arms wrapped around his waist, his head resting against a naked shoulder.

"Hi, glad you're back."
"I think I could sleep through the day." "I don't think I'd let you; you're fucking hot when you're asleep; I'd have to fuck you hard and long to wake you up." "Why am I not scared of the prospect?"

Toby was about to leave when Chris caught his arms, pulled him back and bit his neck, hard.

"Late one more time, Toby and you'll keep the dildo all day long. Just to remind you of what's important. OK?" "Fuck you, Keller."

He was turned around and kissed, bitten, marked. And pushed through the door. Heard Chris' laugh behind the wooden panel.

Fuck he loved that man.

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