by Adriana B.

Title: Watching
Author: Adriana B.
Rated: PG-13 for language
Disclaimers: all of them belong to Tom Fontana, and I envy him for that! Archived: Unit B
Notes: So it's my first time, folks. Some of you had already read this baby on my LJ. It was based upon messages in which some friends and I discussed about Jason Cramer, the sexy gay from S3, and Almighty Keller. Pos-"Unnatural disasters" and pre-"Secret Identities". Aaniren is a lovely girl, she even edited it! Ah, English isn't my native language, so forgive me for all grammatical mistakes. Tell me if it sucks, but please be gentle... LOL

He's hot. He's sooooooo hot. I've been watching him for weeks now. The way he walks, the way he lifts weights, the way he wrestles, the way he carries his tray at cafeteria... there's grace on his movements. I think it's what amazes me most. But of course there's that gorgeous body, I know some guys who would kill to have a body like that. The sweat covering it when he's at the gym... hummm, that's a very nice view. It slides over that weird tattoo and I feel cramps in my fingers each time it happens, because I'd love to slide them over it too. And those eyes... yeah, the bluest ones I've already ever seen. Same eyes that seem to be glued on that damn ex-prag. I know he's absolutely aware of my scrutiny. I'm not the only one doing that, there are many inmates here, fag or not, who'd love to fuck him senseless. Or just be fucked by him. Obviously it amuses him, the guy must love all that attention. Anyway he seems to be obsessed by that cute attorney, crazy ex-prag. Who am I to condemn him? I can see why, little blonde is very fuckable. Somebody who survived the fucking Nazi special treatment must be a remarkable guy. But dude, he is the one who makes me hard. If I didn't have my Anthony I'd make a move. Hum, maybe I'll do it anyway. I just have to beat that Muslim guy, and then fight the retard brother of O'Reilly. Then I'll be the winner and ask McManus to find me a place in his beloved Em City. There... well, I don't think he'll be obsessed for the rest of his life. Nobody can be so obsessed like that, specially when rumors say the subject of his obsession must be involved in that shanking episode in the storage room. I just need a chance to involve him in good hands on situation. And so that ex-prag will be ancient history and I'll have plenty of time to slide my fingers over his tat. Until that I'll keep watching him and fighting my way to his pod.

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