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It's my first fic posted here, so if I somehow screw up, it's my fault. Many thanks to Erin, my beta, for giving me the boost to post this.


by Ralu

'Oh, yeah, that's *nice*!', Beecher thinks to himself, annoyed AND aroused at the same time, as he watches Chris--*sorry-I-didn't-hear-you-Sir-could-you-repeat-that-again*--Keller grinning at Murphy, acting like a complete moron.

His whole body tense, vibrating, his hands shivering in a strange, fascinating way (or, at least, that's how it seems to Beech) as his fingers clutch around Toby's wrist, pushing his chest into the other man's shoulder.

The shoulder he'd just KISSED a moment before...

Lifting the short sleeve of Toby's T-shirt enough to reveal that round powerful mass of muscles and bone, that white sweet-smelling skin of his, and...leaning in, watching Toby's amazed, dumbfounded gaze for a second... (--'What the... WHA...'--)

Then, brushing his lips slowly against Toby's skin, for what seemed like an eternity to Beecher.

(And, apparently, it was, because A LOT of people noticed, especially the hacks.)

Soft lips and hot breath and moist and...that *tongue*, for a second--like licking ice cream--curling around...



Feeling his knees weaken, a flash-white shudder spreading through his body, making him hard ALL OVER. Intoxicating him.

(--'And...everybody's watching.'--)

Knowing full well Keller's doing it to get a reaction out of him, to *make*, to *see* him GET like this. To push him to respond, one way or the other. To surprise him.

And...out of boredom. (Naturally.)

Holding him way TOO close. Way too...(--intimate.) Making even *Murphy* snap.

And, moments later...

"Well, Mister Murphy, SIR...what if I do this?" Chris almost SHOUTS, grabbing (now) *everybody's* attention as he lifts Toby's hand in the air and slowly kisses his palm. That hollow... (--'Oh, my sweet fucking Jesus! My. Fucking. God!...'--)

And to that, Tobe can't help but smile and let himself SLIDE, like it's the funniest thing in the world. Smile the sweetest smile, going straight to Keller's dick, invading his entire body.

(--'*Endorphins*, man...'--) Making him fucking LEVITATE.

Sure, Chris is acting like an idiot, like a kid, but it feels so fucking good sometimes to just let go a little, to loosen up. To *dare* the hacks, like playing a childish game. And Keller knows that too - that's why he's doing it. That, and to piss off the C.O.'s. And to grab a bit of attention...okay, a bit more than the usual. To see himself reflected in everybody. (In Toby.)

Well, what he sees *reflecting* on some of the inmates' faces and especially the hacks' faces right now is not exactly flattering. (--'Great, my point exactly.'--)

Alvarez raising his eyebrows in disbelief; O'Reily grinning like Donald Duck on crack, smacking his hands on his knees; (--'*Whoaah!*'--)

Fiona and that big gay guy laughing and holding hands; Pancamo looking back and forth between them and Keller, completely dumbfounded.

Said and the rest of the Muslims - doing pretty much the same thing as Pancamo, like they're invisibly wired: 'WHAT IS THIS?!'

Guerra, Poet, and a couple of other nameless and faceless inmates - laughing and making stupid comments, while Hoyt throws out one of his patented "*Fucking faggots*" lines loud enough for everyone to hear.

Adebisi, chewing absently at the cord of his headphones - goony smile widening, briefly looking over his shoulder. Trying to catch Said's unguarded reaction. (And...succeeding.)

Anyway, nobody's watching TV anymore, that's for sure! (No one except Cyril.)

(--'Perfect.'--) A bit of a distraction's always welcomed...but the hacks don't seem to subscribe to that particular opinion.

Once more:

"Break it up, I ain't telling you again!"

"Oh, really?!..." Keller groans slowly, bullshit smile firmly placed on his glowing face, his blue eyes throwing sparks and hot flashes all across the room.

And one can almost see all the inmates' eyes bubble--well, almost all the inmates, Simon's already on a tit-trip-- and their jaws collectively fall open as Chris leans over to Beecher and, with a low growl, draws him into a deep, passionate kiss that almost bends Toby halfway back, right before slipping his hands around Keller's neck, (leveling) and pulling him *even* closer--crushing his lips with his, tongue curling softly around Chris', sucking--seemingly involuntary, like it's the world's most natural thing to do right then and there. (Running out of air, FAST.)

"Wow, that's...LOOOVE, man!" Miguel giggles childishly, along with Ryan, who's sitting right next to him, clapping and letting out a looong whistle. (--'Fag shit or not, this is HILARIOUS!'--)

Adebisi, STILL chewing at the cord of his headphones: "Feel the love, baby, feel the love..."

(Well, *Said* is definitely NOT *feeling the love*...)

Electricity storming around them even as two hacks come towards them, pulling out their nightsticks threateningly and Toby pushes Chris a bit away from him, gasping like a drowning man, hand firmly placed on his chest. Catching the other man's wink; his disarming smile as the hacks pull him away without much difficulty. He's achieved his goal.

"You're going to the Hole, bitch!" Lopresti hisses through his teeth.

"No shit!" Chris hisses back, flickering his tongue at the C.O.

And for that, Lopresti pushes Keller hard enough to make the other man stumble and fall over a chair, hitting the floor with a loud THUD. (Actually, a series of THUDS: table-chair-floor.) Laughing like a mad man. Howling.

He slowly gets up, rubs his elbows, looks briefly at Beecher (--and DOESN'T like what he sees...like Tobe's suddenly embarrassed, or something... *Or something.*), SMILES again and SPITS right into Lopresti's eyes, making the young hack on his right (who's name he doesn't even know) hit him repeatedly over the neck and shoulders, while all the other inmates (except Beecher) laugh, and cheer and yell...and laugh some more.

Chris thinks he can still hear them laughing when his body hits the floor (again), this time in the Hole.

Maybe this wasn't such a good idea. (-- But it sure was FUN!...)

---the end---
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