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This is my first attempt at a crossover fic . So of course it had to be SVU/OZ

The Beach House Chap 1 - 3

by kellerluvstoby

Fic Title: The Beach house Chapters 1-3 Author: kellerluvstoby E-mail addy: kellerluvsbeecher@yahoo.com.au Fandom: SVU/OZ Crossover Category: Slash AU Pairing: Stabler/Beecher Date: 30 April 2005 Feedback: yes please Archive: Not as of yet Rating: NC-17 Disclaimer: The Characters don't belong to me ... but I wish they did Summary: This is set after Elliot and Kathy divorced and Toby was never in OZ Warnings: Read at your own risk ... yes there are rude bits

Chapter 1

Elliot was lying in his bed, looking at his hand and at the ring that he still wore and said to him self "I should take this off", it had after all been three months since he and Kathy divorced.

He thought about what he could have done to make it work, but Kathy had made her mind up, she had had enough and wanted out.

"God I miss them"

He was listening to the traffic on the street below his apartment which was practically empty because he told Kathy to keep the house and that he would move out, he turned to look at the clock, and it read 2.45am.

He closed his eyes and wished for sleep, "No such luck" he said as his cell phone rang.


"I'll be right there"

He hung up and rubbed his face, stood and headed for the bathroom.

He walked up to his partner Olivia Benson, as he did she looked up and smiled. She noticed that he didn't look real crash hot.

"What's up?"

"Nothing" she knew to drop it.

Benson and Stabler had been partners for six years, so she knew when to back off and not ask. But today she noticed something else in the way he said it.


"What we got?"

Olivia gave him the rundown on the situation.

They worked on the case and in a week they where no closer to catching the perp, they knew who it was but so far he had eluded them. One day they caught a break, the guy they were looking for was booked for a DUI over at the 31. After Stabler and Benson went and picked him up they interviewed and arrested him.

Elliot was sitting at his desk going over some files when Cragen called him into his office.

"Close the door and have a seat"

He sat and crossed his arms across his chest and stretched his legs out in front of him staring intently at Cragen.

"What's going on, Elliot?"


"Don't bullshit me; something's going on with you."

"I'm telling you nothing's going on, now can I get back to work?" Elliot said rising from his chair.

"Sit, Benson and Munch can handle this one."

Elliot sat back down, listening to what Cragen had to say "You've got vacation time, don't you?" he said as he sat on the edge of the desk.

"Yeah, why?" he asked looking at him with eyes slitted.

"I want you to take time off"

"I'm fine I don't need to take time off" Elliot said raising his voice slightly.

"That wasn't a request Elliot, as of now you are on leave I will take care of the paperwork"

Elliot was going to object but Cragen cut him off "I don't want to hear it".

"Ever since your divorce and The Protectors case, you have been withdrawn and you don't have your mind on the job." He added.

Elliot got up and stared at Cragen and was going to say some thing but decided against it, he walked out and slammed the door. He was standing at his locker when Olivia came over and asked

"What was that about?" motioning to Cragen' Office.

"Wants me to take time off"


"He doesn't think that my mind is on the job"

"Well that sucks"

"Yeah tell me about it"

"I'll see you later Liv"

Elliot said goodbye to everyone and walked out of the unit. On his way home he stopped of at a Liquor store and picked up a six pack. He closed the front door with his foot making it slam.

He loosened his tie and unbuttoned his shirt, grabbing a beer he sat on the couch.

"What the fuck am I supposed to do now".

He took a big swig of his beer and sat there staring at a blank TV Screen.

That night he laid in bed thinking about what he was going to do, when he thought about one of his friend's who is a Real Estate Agent, he rang him hoping he wasn't asleep, he wasn't. Elliot asked him about some rentals out on the coast and his friend offered him his beach house for as long as he needed it.

"Thanks Jeff, I owe you one" Elliot said then hung up.

Two days later he was driving towards the coast. He had been driving for quite some time when he pulled into a gas station to fill up and stretch his legs. He got a drink and sat down on some seats to relax, after awhile he stretched then walked over to his car, as he got there he watched a car pull up beside him.

He stood there staring at the man that got out of the car. The guy looked at Elliot and smiled, he smiled back to be polite, Elliot watched as the he walked over to the shop.

Elliot shook his head and got into his car, he drove out of the service station to continue on to the beach house, as he was driving he thought about the man he had just seen.

"Why the fuck am I thinking about a guy?"

"I don't go for guys; fuck, what's wrong with me?"

Elliot got to the beach house and after he got settled in he started to put away the groceries he had bought in the little town about half a mile away. He sat on the back porch with a beer and watched the sun go down over the horizon, wishing he had someone to share it with.

Tobias Beecher pulled up at his beach house, which he got from his divorce from Gen; he didn't want anything else except the house as it was his grandfathers. He got settled in and sat with a beer on the back porch watching the sun set wishing he had someone to share it with.

Toby was a Lawyer with his fathers firm, he wasn't happy there and wanted to branch out on his own, but he didn't know how to tell his father so he took his holidays to sort his head out. He didn't know what he was going to do for the time he was here but he sure as hell wasn't going to spend the whole time thinking about it or for that matter his father.

Toby let his mind wonder to the guy he had seen earlier that day and thought about his smile which made him go a little weak at the knees. He had trouble walking to the shop knowing that guy was still watching him. He turned when he got inside the shop to see if he was still looking at him but he had gotten into his car and was driving off.

Toby bought what he had to and drove off, the radio was on but Toby didn't know what was playing because he was thinking about the guy and how sexy he was. Now Toby was no stranger to having sex with guys, which was the main reason he and Gen got divorced. A few too many indiscretions with both men and women.

He didn't want to have an accident so he pulled off to the side of the road and he started to slowly run his hand over his cock thinking about that smile and those blue eyes, they weren't like his but they were blue.

Toby continued to rub himself, getting faster and faster, he wasn't far off cumming, so he sped up his movements, his eyes going half closed he came with a moan. He sat there for a bit to get his breath back, then straightened himself up and continued on his way.

When Elliot woke up he was amazed at how well he had slept, feeling pretty good he thought he might go for a run before breakfast. He put on some running shoes and a pair of shorts but no shirt, he walked down to the beach, which was one step off the porch, and started to run as he was running he looked up at a house and saw a man standing there.

"That guy looks familiar".

He didn't really think much more about it and kept running down the beach. He ran for another couple of miles then turned around and started back to his place, as he passed the house he noticed that the guy was gone.

Toby was on the porch and saw a guy running along the beach towards him, when he looked at the man he realized that it was the guy from yesterday. He saw him looking in his direction and thought he was going to stop but he kept on running by.

He went inside, dressed and went for a walk into the small town, he stopped at a coffee shop and ordered a coffee, there was a newspaper on the table so he picked it up and started to read it.

The waitress bought over his coffee and asked if there would be anything else he would like, he indicated there wasn't as he sat and drank his coffee the door opened and he couldn't believe his eyes it was the *guy*.

Elliot sat at a table and ordered a coffee, he looked around the caf and noticed a man looking at him and realized it was the same guy from the service station yesterday and this morning.

They sat there occasionally looking at each other as they drank their coffee. Elliot left the money on the table got up and walked over to the door; he smiled and nodded at the man as he walked out.

Toby melted into the seat when he smiled at him but he managed to smile back

"I have to find out that guys name".

He tried to catch up with him, he looked up and down the street but he was no where to be seen. Toby sighed and started to walk back to his place.

Elliot was standing in a shop across the street watching him; he smiled to him self as he stepped out of the shop to follow the man. He followed him for awhile when he went into a house just up the road from his place.

Elliot continued down the road to where he was staying, when he got there he changed his clothes to a pair of tight black jeans and a tight white long sleeve shirt. He decided that this guy seemed ok and he wouldn't mind some company, but he would still keep his wits about him.

He went into town and bought a six pack of beer, He stood outside of the house for a few minutes then took a deep breath and stepped up to the door.

Chapter 2

Toby was cooking his dinner when there was a knock at the door.

"Just a minute"

When he opened the door is jaw dropped, standing on his door step was the guy from the coffee shop. Elliot held up the beer and Toby moved to the side to allow him to enter.

Toby watched him walk into the lounge room thinking to him self "wow, great ass". Elliot placed the beer on the table and turned to Toby.


"Toby" he replied extending his hand which Elliot took.

"I'm cooking pasta, would you like to join me?"

"Sure, if there's enough" he was quite hungry

"Sure there is, I always cook enough for two"

"Do you need a hand?"

"Nope almost done"

Elliot took two beers from the box and walked over to the kitchen and handed Toby one.

"So what do you do?"

"I'm a Detective with the Special Victims Unit in New York."

"That must be hard on you, having to deal with those kinds of cases"

"Yeah sometimes"

"What does your wife think about you doing this kind of work?" Toby asked fishing for information.

"She hates it"

"So you're married?"

"What do you do?" He asked Toby changing the subject

"I'm a Lawyer"

Elliot looked at him and smiled letting out a little chuckle. As the evening progressed they got to know each other a little better.

"You don't like Lawyers?"

"Their ok, I've met some real assholes"

"Yeah me too" Toby laughed

Elliot felt very comfortable talking to Toby and didn't know why; he wasn't one to share his feelings with anybody. While he was listening to him he had this funny feeling in the pit of his stomach that he hadn't felt since he first saw Kathy and wanted to kiss her.

He stood up and walked over to the doorway to the porch to try and get rid of the feeling in his stomach. Once the felling had gone or so he thought He went back over to the couch and sat down again.

"Are you ok?"

"Yeah fine, what where you saying?"

As he sat there he watched Toby's mouth as he talked, he lent in and kissed him, Elliot pulled his head back quickly and shot off the couch and out the door.

"Fuck, what was I thinking kissing a fuckin guy?" Elliot said out loud felling frustrated with him self.

Toby sat there in shock he wanted to chase after him but didn't. He didn't see Elliot for a couple of days after that and was worried about him so he went down to his place and knocked on the door.

Elliot answered it "What do you want?"

"I was just seeing if you were ok"

"I'm fine"

"Can I come in?"


Elliot let him in and walked out on to the porch. Toby followed and sat in one of the chairs.

"I don't normally do that kind of thing"

"What kiss men?" he chuckled


"I gather you have never tried it?"

"I'm not gay, so no"

"You don't have to be gay to kiss a guy"

"I know that it's just, I'm sorry ok"

"I didn't mind"

"Well I did"

Elliot turned to look at him and saw a smile on his face that made him smile.

"You want a drink?"

"Yeah, would love one"

Elliot went into the kitchen and grabbed two beers from the fridge, he handed one to Toby.



They stood for a moment when Toby put the beer on the table and moved in close to Elliot who stepped back in to the wall. Toby moved in and kissed him softly on the lips, Elliot surprised him self when he kissed him back, and He pushed Toby away.

"Don't ever do that again"

"Sorry, but by the looks of things you enjoyed it" he said indicating the bulge in Elliot pants.

"No, I didn't"

Toby moved back in, but Elliot didn't push him away. They stood there looking at each other then Toby put his hand on Elliot's chest and felt his heart speed up.

He slid his hand down his chest to his groin, he was looking deep into Elliot's eyes and he didn't look away nor did Elliot move his hand away from him.

Toby lent in and kissed him again, Elliot's hand went to the back of Toby' neck and pulled him in closer.

Toby went to his knees and Elliot' eye's followed him down, he watched as he undid his pants and pushed them down over his hips allowing his cock to spring out.

Toby licked his lips and looked up at him, Elliot was watching him intensely. Toby engulfed his cock in one go, Elliot hissed at the feel of his mouth on him, it had been that long since he had had sex he nearly came there and then.

Toby began to pump his cock in and out of his mouth, feeling Elliot' hands on his head to hold him in place, Elliot started to get lost in the sensation, he thrust his hips forward, he thrust into Toby' mouth one more time and exploded.


Toby got up and looked at Elliot who was still coming down and smiled. Elliot opened his eyes and saw Toby standing in front of him licking his lips.

"Get the fuck out" he roared.

Toby walked to the door and turned to him with a smile and said "Don't tell me you didn't enjoy that"

"Get out"

Elliot lent up against the wall as he did up his pants, Toby was right he did enjoy it. He shook his head and grabbed the beer; he swallowed half of it in one gulp, he threw the bottle against the opposite wall.

"God damn it, why did I let him do that?"

Elliot stayed clear of Toby for the next few days, if he seen him in the street he pretended he didn't or he would look at him with longing, which he hated cause he didn't want him he wanted his wife back.

He was having trouble controlling the feelings he was getting for Toby, every time he saw him his stomach would do summersaults, he knew that it went against everything he had ever believed in, but he knew that the feelings weren't going to go away; he had to do something about it.

As he went to knock on Toby' door the door flew open and he was standing there, smiling at him.

"Come in"


Toby moved away from the door and Elliot closed it, but as he turned Toby pounced on him slamming him against the door knocking the wind out of him.

Toby licked Elliot's lips to coax them opened allowing his tongue into the warmth of his mouth, their tongues brushed past each other as they explored each others mouths.

Toby moaned into Elliot' mouth and pulled him in closer. Elliot' hand went to the back of Toby' head and he ran his fingers through his hair; he loved the way it felt.

As Toby started to unbutton Elliot's shirt they broke off the kiss to get some air, Elliot moved back and looked at Toby, he still wasn't sure if he could do this, but he had to see if the feelings he had were right. Toby looked at him and lent in kissed him again very softly as he continued to take his shirt off.

Toby lent in to kiss Elliot' neck and flick his tongue across his Adams apple, he licked his way down Elliot' chest and flicked his tongue across a nipple making Elliot hiss.

Still unsure of what to do, Toby sensed this and took his hands and started to help him take off his shirt, Toby rubbed his hands softly over his chest and stomach making Elliot moan and arch into his touch.

Toby led him over to the huge rug in front of the fire place, which was roaring, Toby got to his knees and pulled Elliot down with him, and Toby kissed him slipping his tongue into his mouth, when he broke off the kiss he slowly moved to Elliot's neck kissing, biting then licking.

He licked down Elliot' chest, he flicked his tongue over his nipple making him buck his hips; he licked down his stomach where he dipped his tongue into his navel, the reaction from him made Toby smile.

He started to undo Elliot's pants pulling them down slowly, but before he took those all the way off he said to him "Get on your stomach"

Elliot looked at him with surprise, Toby lent in and kissed him and asked "Do you trust me?"

For some unknown reason Elliot did "Yes".

He slowly did as he was asked, Toby softly ran his hands down his back loving the feel of his skin a small moan came from Elliot, he slid his hands down to his pants and took them off over his hips exposing his ass, he rubbed a hand over one cheek making Elliot tense up.

"It's ok" Toby soothed

After Elliot relax a bit Toby bent over and started to lick his lower back brushing his cheek over his ass.

He turned him back over and kissed him, he lightly grabbed Elliot's cock and felt it twitch, he ran his thumb over the tip spreading precum over it, and he bent down and licked the tip tasting him. Elliot put his hand on Toby's head and moaned as he sucked his cock into his warm mouth.

Elliot arched into his mouth and got a firmer grip on Toby's head, he got in between Elliot' legs making him open them wider, Toby ran his hand up Elliot's chest gently running his fingers over his lips, he opened his mouth and sucked in two fingers, he was sucking in time with Toby's administrations on his cock.

Toby took his fingers from his mouth and placed one at his asshole, which made him tense up again at the feeling. Toby stopped and looked up at him and said "It's ok just relax" he slowly pushed the finger in making Elliot moan, he started to relax as the sensation of it overwhelmed him, causing him to dig his fingers into Toby's shoulder, which Elliot was sure would leave marks.

Toby inserted the other finger and was moving them around, in and out in a scissor motion opening him up, Elliot started to rock his hips and held Toby' head on his cock.

"I'm going to cum" he groaned.

Toby eased his head back as he felt Elliot's cum hit the back of his throat. After his breathing had eased he pulled Toby up and kissed him deeply tasting himself on his tongue.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Toby asked

"Yes and No"

"We can stop if you want to"

Elliot looked into Toby' eyes and knew that he wanted this to continue; he trusted him with his life and didn't know why he knew that Toby would never hurt him.

"No, I want to"

Toby knelt and grabbed the lube from his pants pocket "You were a boy scout weren't you, always prepared" Elliot smiled trying to make himself feel at ease, Toby smiled back.

Toby applied heaps of lube onto Elliot's hole and him self. He closed his eyes when he felt the head of Toby' cock push on his asshole and hissed when he felt the head of Toby' cock poop inside.

Toby stopped so Elliot could get use to the new sensation of his cock inside of him, he bent down and kissed him deeply as he did he pushed in more until Elliot told him to stop. Elliot nodded when he was ready for Toby to go on.

Elliot moaned when he felt Toby's balls hit his ass, he didn't move for a moment revealing in the feel and heat of Elliot's ass. He bent down and sucked his bottom lip, nipping and sucking it as he started to move slowly in and out, hissing at the feel of it, his tongue moving into Toby' mouth, the kiss deepened as his thrusts got harder. Elliot put his arms around him pulling him in closer; he wrapped his legs around Toby's waist pushing his ass down with his feet to make him go deeper.

"Oh God" Elliot groaned as Toby really started to pound into him, brushing past his prostate.

"Fuck I'm going to cum" Toby roared, he thrust as hard and as deep as he could and came hard, he collapsed on top of Elliot saying "Fuck".

He rolled so he was lying next to Elliot, he placed his arm across his stomach and their legs where tangled together. They lay that way until they both fell asleep.

Chapter 3

Elliot woke first and looked over at Toby sleeping next to him; he couldn't believe he had let a guy fuck him, but he did realize that he liked what Toby had done to him.

He got up and walked over to the window, it was still dark outside and he wanted to go, but for some reason when he looked over at the man sleeping on the floor he couldn't, it was like he was home; it felt as though he belonged with Toby. He didn't understand that but he knew it was true.

"I guess the feelings where right"

Elliot went back over to where Toby lay and got down beside him; he knelt there and looked down at him and his heart sped up. He lent down and kissed him softly. Toby moaned and turned onto his back as if inviting Elliot to look at his body and Elliot did and he liked what he saw.

He touched Toby' cock lightly and it twitched under his finger tips, he slowly wrapped his fingers around it and started to stroke up and down, he bent down and licked the tip of Toby' cock and tasted the precum there, he was hesitant at first, he had never even touched another man before last night and wasn't sure if he could do it right, but he wanted to do this for Toby.

He licked the tip again then put it in his mouth; he slowly engulfed it making sure he wouldn't gag; he started to move up and down getting faster as he started to enjoy it.

Toby woke to an unbelievable sensation on his cock, he reached down and found Elliot's head, and he started to moan. Elliot growled around his cock making him shiver "Elliot, I'm going to cum" Toby moaned as he exploded into his mouth. Elliot was surprised by the force of the cum as it hit the back of his throat, but he swallowed it all.

Elliot moved up Toby' body and kissed him, he reached for the lube and Toby stopped him

"You don't have to do that if you don't want to"

"I want to"

Elliot knelt between Toby's legs applying some lube to him self then to Toby's hole, he placed the head of his cock at Toby' opening and pushed in. Toby moved his legs up and wider to allow Elliot better access; he sank into him slowly making them both moan.

Elliot lent down to kiss him, Toby opened his mouth willingly and as their tongue's slid over each other Elliot started to move inside Toby.

Toby bought his ass up to meet every thrust making him go deeper each time; he brushed past Toby' prostate making him yell out


Toby rubbed his hand up Elliot's chest and pinched one of his nipples making him hiss. Elliot was close so he sped up his thrust, he pounded into Toby harder then he had ever done with Kathy, he moaned thrusting one last time holding his cock deep inside of Toby as he came.


With sweat pouring off of both of them and their breath fast and heavy Elliot collapsed on to Toby kissing him

"Good Morning" he whispered in his ear. "Yes it is" was Toby' reply.

Awhile later Toby started to return the favour but Elliot stopped him saying "Later".

Toby wasn't sure what was going on until Elliot said

"I'm hungry and need a shower, how about you come down to my place and I cook you breakfast, since you cooked dinner last night."

"That sounds great, how's half an hour sound"

"Ok" Elliot said as he got up and dressed, before heading to the door Toby kissed him deeply and passionately before Elliot opened the door and walked out Closing it behind him.

Elliot walked back down to his place with a huge smile on his face. He had a shower and went to the fridge and realized that he didn't have anything for breakfast

"Shit, what are we going to have?"

Toby had showered and was on his way down to Elliot's, when he was nearly there Elliot came out

"Let's go into town and eat my shout".

"Ok let's go"

When they had ordered Elliot asked him if he liked being a Lawyer.

"It's ok". Elliot looked at him and smiled.

"I work for my Fathers firm, but I don't know if I want to anymore. I would like to branch out on my own for awhile, but I don't know how to tell my father that's what I want to do."

"He can't be that bad?"

"No, It's just he expects me to take over one day and I don't know if I want to"

"And what about you, do you like what you do?" Toby asked

"To do my job you have to hate it, so it doesn't get to you, if I let it get to me I wouldn't be able to do my job properly."

"And has it ever gotten to you?"

"Yeah" was all Elliot said looking out the window of the caf, Toby was looking at him and thought that maybe he shouldn't have asked that question.

"I'm sorry; I didn't mean to bring up anything bad"

"That's ok, I Know you didn't"

"I had a bad case awhile back and it hit me pretty hard, you've probably heard of it, The Protectors?" he looked at Toby who nodded his head in agreement

"Yeah I remember that, it was..." he stopped mid sentence when he saw the look on Elliot' face.

"Shit, I did it again" he said shaking his head.

"No you didn't".

"That's why I'm here. My Captain thought it best if I take some time off and also because of my divorce"

"Your divorce" Toby asked a little shocked

"Yeah, three months now"


"Sorry I didn't tell you"

"That's ok"

"I don't know what the fuck I'm going to do" he said with a shake of his head as he wanted the subject to change.

"I can think of one thing" Toby said with a wink.

Elliot smiled at him and suggested that they go back to his place.

As they walked back they continued their conversation about their lives.

"So what's your partner like, do you get along with him?" Toby asked breaking his train of thought.

"Her" he replied.

"Your partners a woman" Toby said not hiding the surprise in his voice "How does she handle the cases?" he added.

"Yeah she's a woman, but sometime I think she should have been born a guy, the way she handles some perps" Elliot laughs.

"So she handles it pretty well then?"

"Yeah, she does"

They reached Elliot's place and went inside, Toby stepped up to him and kissed him deeply.

They spent the next week and a half getting to know each other physically and mentally so by the time had come for them to leave they knew each other pretty well.

When Elliot looked at Toby his stomach did summersaults, he thought that he may be falling in love with him. No he didn't think it; he knew it he was in love with Toby.

He wanted to tell him, he wanted to yell it out, no one has ever made him feel like this, it was nothing he had ever felt before and he loved it.

Elliot was going home in two days and wanted to ask Toby if they could keep seeing each other once they got back to New York. When Elliot asked, Toby loved the sound of it and said "For sure."

They spent the last night together in each others arms, as they were going to sleep Toby kissed Elliot tenderly.

"I really need to tell you something, please don't think I'm crazy or anything, but I think I'm falling in love with you."

Elliot looked at him and couldn't believe that he felt the same way as he did.

"I feel the same way, but I wasn't sure how to tell you." They made love again that night.

The next morning they said there goodbyes and said that they would see each other tomorrow and arranged a time. Elliot took Toby in his arms and kissed him passionately "See you tomorrow" he said after they broke the kiss. He got into his car and drove off looking in the rear-view mirror at Toby.


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