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Continuation of Chap 1 - 3

The Beach House Chap 4 - 6

by kellerluvstoby

Chapter 4

"So have I missed anything good?" Elliot asked as he walked into the station house.

Olivia looked up from her desk. "Welcome Back Elliot" she got up and embraced him, he returned the hug but let go quickly.

"How was the Holiday?" Munch asked over his glasses noticing a certain change in him.

"Fan Bloody Tastic" was his reply as he shook Fin's hand.

Cragen walked in and said "Good to see you Elliot".

"Munch, Fin my office"

"What did we do now" Munch joked.

"Not me, it was all you whatever it was" Fin replied with a smile shaking his head.

"So how was your time away?" Olivia asked Elliot when the guys had gone.


"So what are we working on?" He asked her trying to change the subject.

"Um ... not much just got a case. Nothing I can't handle" she said looking rejected, and thinking He looks different, happy almost.

"Ok" he said with a shrug as he sat at his desk and opened the first file from the pile that had accumulated there.

"Stabler" he said as he answered his phone "Yep, about 7, ok see you then" he said with a smile, as he hung up he looked at Olivia who was watching him.

"Who was that?" she asked

"Just a friend" Elliot said and added "Personal"

"Oh ok" she said with a sigh and went back to work.

When the day had ended, Elliot was the first out the door, saying bye over his shoulder as he left.

All four just stood there and watched him leave, "He seem different to anyone?" Munch asked "I think our boy got lucky while he was away" he didn't notice the look Olivia gave him but If looks could kill he would be dead twice.

"Good for him" Cragen said "Least he's happier now then when he left"

Elliot sped over to Toby' place, he took the lift to the tenth floor apartment where Toby answered the door in a bathrobe and Elliot looked at him and smiled, he grabbed Toby and kissed him hard

"God I missed you" he said when they broke off the kiss.

"Missed you too"

Toby invited him in and told him to make himself at home while he changed. Elliot grabbed him and said "I like you just the way you are", Toby smiled at this and kissed him.

"You want a drink?"

"Yeah, beer if you've got one"

"Sure, the fridge is in there help your self" Toby said with a laugh as he headed to the bedroom to put on some clothes.


He walked over to the kitchen and yelled "You want one Tobe?"

"Yeah thanks"

Elliot grabbed two beers and went back into the lounge looking around at the photos and books

"Nice place" he said to no one

"Thanks" Toby said startling him making him jump.

"Sorry didn't mean to scare you" Toby said with concern

"That's Ok" Elliot said

"Come ere" he said to Toby and kissed him softly, Toby asked if he wanted to get something to eat, Elliot answered him by kissing his neck.

"Got something to eat right here" making Toby chuckle, Elliot could feel the vibrations of it on Toby' neck.

Elliot ran his hands up his back under his shirt, a moan escaped Toby' lips, he caught Elliot' bottom lip and sucked it in.

"Come on, Lets go eat, we can finish this later" Elliot said, Toby pouted, which made Elliot smile

"You're cute when you pout, you know that".

They went to a restaurant down the street from Toby' apartment called "Infinite". They were led to a table by the waiter, before he walked away he handed them menus and asked them would they like a drink while they waited.

"I'll have a Scotch on the rocks" Toby answered

"I'll have a beer thanks"

They finished their meals and Elliot went to grab the check, "No, this is on me" Toby said with a smile as he grabbed it out of Elliot's hand. Elliot was going to object but didn't. After Toby had paid they walked back to his place talking as they did.

Toby opened his door and let them both in. "Will you spend the night with me?" Elliot swept Toby into his arms, kissing him long and deep "Of course" he said when they broke the kiss.

They lay in Toby' bed naked, marveling in the feel of each others bodies their hands exploring each part of each other. Toby leaned in and kissed Elliot with such passion it took his breath away.

Toby and Elliot moaned into each others mouths, rolling together so Toby was on top of him, Toby began to nuzzle Elliot' neck, licking from ear to shoulder and back, he flicked his tongue across his Adam's apple, sucking on it and he could feel it vibrate in his mouth as Elliot groaned.

Toby moved down his body stopping to suck and bite Elliot' nipples, licking his way down his stomach to his groin, he blew a hot breath on Elliot' cock making him moan his name.

Toby smiled and made his way down to his thighs, he softly kissed the skin, nipped it then licked it making Elliot moan. He moved up and nuzzled his groin, he licked the head of his cock tasting the pre-come which had leaked out, he licked the length up and down going to his balls and sucking them into his mouth, he sucked one then the other, Elliot moaned and ran his fingers through Toby' hair.

Toby softly took Elliot' cock in his hand and ran his thumb across the tip, he bent and licked it before engulfing the entire length until it hit the back of his throat. He started to slowly move up and down the length running his tongue on the underside on the up strokes, he licked up until just the tip was in his mouth he swirled his tongue around the tip.

"Jesus Toby" Elliot moaned as Toby inserted a finger into his asshole, he bucked his hips when Toby found what he was searching for.

"I'm going to cum if you do that again" Elliot told him.

Toby smiled and sped up his administrations on his cock and ass, he brushed past his prostate and pulled up so just the tip was in his mouth swirling his tongue around the tip he felt Elliot shudder as he came in his mouth.

Toby moved up Elliot' body and kissed him deeply as he did he reached for the lube that was on the bedside table, he knelt and applied it to his cock and placed the tip at Elliot' opening, Elliot opened his legs wider and placed one over Toby' shoulder, Toby pushed and slid all the way to the hilt in one motion. They both hissed at the feeling "Fuck me hard, Baby" Elliot groaned into Toby' ear then bit his neck leaving a mark.

"You want it hard do you?" Toby asked him

"Mmmmm" was the reply.

Toby rose up on his knees and put his arms under Elliot' legs and leaning forward causing Elliot' ass to rise up on a different angle. Toby started off slow at first and Elliot moaned "Harder" Toby then began to really hammer into him, he was grunting with every thrust, Elliot reached up and twisted one of Toby' nipples causing him to cry out, he stopped suddenly and pulled out, Elliot looked at him and was about to ask what was wrong

"Get on your hands and knees" Elliot looked at him with a smile and a raised eyebrow but did as Toby asked.

He thrust into Elliot again, as he did he pulled Elliot' body towards him as his thrusts became harder, Toby reached around and grabbed Elliot' cock and started to pump in time with his thrusting.

It didn't take long for Elliot to come again and as he did Toby thrust in one last time "Fuck" he groaned as he exploded deep inside his lover's ass.

"God" Toby groaned as he collapsed onto Elliot who was breathing just as hard and fast as he was. Toby lay beside him, they kissed Elliot said "That was amazing".

"Mmmmm" was all Toby could say. They laid there in each others arms until they both fell asleep.

Elliot woke with a start, looking around the room not knowing where he was, he felt a body lying next to him, he looked over at the person next to him and smiled "Toby" he said with a smile, he pulled Toby in and kissed his forehead. Toby stirred and pressed closer to him, Elliot put his arms around him and closed his eyes, as sleep took over once again.

Chapter 5

Toby woke to find Elliot gone; he rolled over and sat up rubbing his face in his hands. He took a deep breath and could smell bacon cooking, he got out of bed and put on some boxers and he walked out to the kitchen and stopped short.

Elliot was in there cooking breakfast; He was barefooted and bare chested, Toby smiled and leaned against the door frame watching as Elliot moved around placing food on plates, pouring coffee, and whistling a song Toby couldn't recognize, Toby watched him for awhile longer

"Good Morning"

Elliot jumped and dropped the egg he was holding on to the floor

"Fuck you scared the shit out of me" he said holding his chest "how long have you been standing there?"

"Awhile" Toby smiled and helped him clean up the mess.

"What was that song you were whistling?" he asked as he rinsed the egg off of the cloth.

"I knew I loved you"

"Sounds like a nice song"

"Yeah it's a great song, it kind of reminds me of you" Elliot said as he kissed him.

Toby started to rub his hands up and down Elliot' sides, just then Elliot' cell started to ring "Shit" Elliot said as he reluctantly let go of Toby and raced to find his phone. He found it on the sofa he flipped it open roughly and said "Stabler"

"I'm on my way" he sighed and hung up.

When he turned Toby was standing there with a bacon and egg sandwich for him to eat on the way.

"Thanks" Elliot said then kissed him on the lips softly.

He dressed and grabbed the sandwich

"Sorry about the mess, I would stay and help but I got to go"

"I know" said Toby then added

"I'll call you later today Ok". Elliot kissed him again and headed for the door

"Love you" he said just as the door was closing. Toby smiled and said "Love you too" to the closed door.

Elliot got to the station house and was called into Cragen' office where Olivia Munch and Fin where all sitting.

"What's Up" he said as he sat on the file cabinet.

Olivia was looking at him and he was getting the feeling that she was trying to work out where he was last night. He smiled at her and went back to listening to the Captain.

All day Olivia was acting very strange towards him when he finally asked

"What's eating you?"



Later she asked "Are you seeing someone?"

"Well that's a bit personal and frankly not really any of your business" Elliot replied "but if you really need to know and by the look on your face you do, then yes I am."

"How did you meet her" she asked fighting back tears

"When I was on leave" Elliot said smiling and was going to add *Him* you mean, but didn't say anything.

Olivia avoided him all day unless it was something to do with the case she didn't really speak to him.

"What's wrong with you today?" Elliot asked her when they were alone and out of ear shot

"Nothing" she replied trying to hide the anger in her voice.

"Is it because I told you I'm seeing someone?" he asked

"Now what makes you think that I would be interested in what or who you do" she said with anger.

Elliot stepped back trying to get away from the venom that she spat at him when she spoke.

"Fine" he said and left it at that, he got his answer from her reaction.

"You know Olivia, Jealousy is a curse" Munch said then added "Can't you be happy for him?"

"Shut up, Munch" she said with rage, she grabbed her coat and said "I'm going Home".

"Night Liv" Elliot called but she didn't reply.

Elliot shook his head and chuckled then said to Munch "did you have to say that?"

"Yeah I did" was his reply.

"Look Elliot we all know how she feels about you, but she has to realize that you don't feel the same way" Munch told him.

"Yeah I know that and before you say it, yes I have talked to her about it" Elliot said with a sigh.

Just then his phone rang, it was Toby telling him that he wouldn't be able to meet him tonight, but he didn't mind because just hearing his voice cheered him up some.

"I'll see you guys tomorrow" and he was gone.

"You couldn't help yourself could you?" Fin said to his partner

"Nope" he said with a smile.

Elliot got to his place and took a shower, he thought about what had happened with Liv and thought he should give her a call to clear the air. After he showered he wrapped a towel around him self and picked up the phone to call Liv. After he spoke to her, he realized that she was not ready to talk to him about it just yet so he let it go.

He knew that he wouldn't be seeing Toby tonight because he had to have dinner at his parents place, so he climbed into his bed and laid there in the dark thinking about Toby, his hand was slowly rubbing his stomach as he imagined what He and Toby would be doing to each other right now if he was here, he felt his cock jump at the thought, he slowly ran his hand down his stomach and into the top of his boxers he slowly rubbed his cock and thought about Toby going to his knees and engulfing him in that hot sweet mouth.

Elliot groaned as he wrapped his fingers around his cock and started to slowly pump, his actions sped up as he imagined Toby sucking him all the way into his mouth and moaning around him, that was all he needed to cum, as he came he said Toby' name over and over again.

He laid there trying to get is breathing back to normal and when it had cleaned him self off. Slipping back into bed he said "Goodnight Toby, I love you" hoping that he heard him, he lay there for awhile longer then fell asleep with a smile on his face dreaming of *his* Toby.

Chapter 6

Toby sat at the table with his parents, listening to his dad talk about one of his cases. He wasn't really paying attention to him as his thoughts were on Elliot and what he would be doing right now, a smile formed on his lips as he thought he knew exactly what he would be doing.

"Tobias, are you listening to me?"

Toby looked at him "Sorry Father, what was that?"

"What's wrong with you tonight Tobias, your acting very strange?" his Mother said

"Nothing, sorry Mother"

"Well what did you want to talk to me about, Tobias?" his father asked when his mother had left them to talk.

"I wanted to talk to you about leaving the firm" Toby replied politely waiting for his fathers' reaction.

"Well what bought this on?" he asked

"I have been thinking about it for awhile now" Toby said

"Well I can tell you right now, I will not allow you to leave" his father said with anger

"You will not allow me" Toby stormed "I am not a child anymore FATHER" Toby' temper was rising

"You will not raise your voice at me in my home Tobias" he replied flatly


"I beg your pardon" his father said

"My name is Toby .... T O B Y .... Toby" he said as he stood

"Alright then ... Toby" he said "I am still not going to allow you to leave" he added

"FINE" Toby screamed and walked out of the House slamming the door.

"Fuckin Asshole" Toby said to himself as he walked to his car.

"I don't know what's come over that boy" Mr Beecher said to his wife as she came in with a look of concern

"What happened?" she asked

"He wants to leave the firm" he replied with a sigh "And I guess I was a bit hard on him"

"You can talk to him tomorrow, after he's had time to calm down" she told him.

Toby wanted to see Elliot but knew that it would be too late to go to his place so he headed to his apartment. He showered and poured him self a Scotch which he downed in one go, Feeling the liquid burning it's way down to his stomach, he calmed down a bit and said "Fuck him, if I want to leave I will".

He went to bed not thinking about his father but of Elliot. He pictured Elliot standing in front of him with no shirt and just a pair of tight jeans that were low on his hips; he imagined running his hands all over that chest felling the muscles jump at his touch.

His hand slowly went down inside his boxers and lightly ran his fingers up and down the length imagining it was Elliot touching him, he closed his hand around his cock and started to pump, his mind going back to Elliot standing there in those jeans.

His actions sped up as he was close to coming he imagined Elliot slowly lowering the jeans over his hips, he moaned as he came in his hand. After his breathing was back to normal he washed then went back to bed. "Goodnight Elliot, I Love you" hoping that he heard him.

Elliot woke up to his phone ringing "Yeah, Stabler" he said "Alright Liv, I'll be right there"

He walked into the station house and asked "What's going on?" he was given the run down on the case. He and Olivia didn't really say much to each other as they drove to interview a witness.

"You Ok" Elliot asked

"Yep" was her reply

"Look if you're still pissed about yesterday" he said

"Just drop it" she said

"Fine, but if you want to talk" he told her

"I won't" she said to him

After they had interviewed the witness they headed back to the station house. Olivia sat at her desk not saying anything to anybody; she was thinking what is so wrong with me that he doesn't want me; I need to know who he is seeing. She worked out a plan on how she would do this.

She left the station house first but didn't really leave; she waited until she saw Elliot leaving then followed him he drove for sometime then pulled over in front of an apartment block, he got out and lent on the car like he was waiting for someone.

She saw a blonde man walk out the door and go over to where Elliot was she sat there staring as the blonde man embraced Elliot and kissed him for what seemed for ever.

"A man, a fucking MAN" she said to herself

"He's seeing a man" she couldn't believe what she was seeing. She watched as they got into Elliot' car and drove off.

"Fuck" she yelled and slammed her fist into the steering wheel.

"How could he be seeing a man" she cried

"That Bastard, he would prefer to be with a man then be with me, I just don't understand" she was sobbing now. Olivia went home and cried her self to sleep.

Elliot and Toby had no idea that they had been seen by Olivia, as they drove to Elliot' place Toby reached across and slid his hand up Elliot' inner thigh to his groin making Elliot groan but he took Toby' hand away "Not while I'm driving" Elliot said as he kissed his hand.

Toby smiled and said with a wink "Ok I can wait"

"I missed you last night" Elliot told him "I thought about you"

"I missed you too" Toby said.

"Did you think about me?" Elliot asked

"What do you think?" Toby smiled at him

"I think ....yes" Elliot said and kissed his hand again as he pulled in to the garage of his place.

Elliot opened the door to his apartment and let Toby walk inside in front of him, just as he closed the door Toby pounced on him pushing him into the door hard winding him.

Toby kissed the back of his neck and ran his hands down his sides then around the front, grabbing Elliot' cock and feeling that it was semi hard "Mmmmm" he said "This for me?"

Elliot moaned as Toby started to rub him through his pants,

"And it's only for you baby" he growled as he could feel himself getting rock hard in Toby' hand.

Toby licked his neck again and released him. Elliot turned and kissed Toby hard pushing his hips forward into Toby' groin, he was hard too.

Toby groaned into Elliot' mouth as he felt their cocks touch even through the fabric of their clothes, Elliot ran his hands up Toby' chest and started to unbutton his shirt

"So what did you think about last night?" he asked Toby

"I pictured you in nothing but a pair of tight jeans" he replied "And then you striped for me very slowly"

"What about you, what did you think of?" Toby asked Elliot

"You on your knees sucking my cock with your hot sweet mouth" Elliot answered as he bent down to lick one of Toby' nipples making him moan.

Toby took Elliot's shirt off and threw it on the couch along with his, they stood there chest to chest and groin to groin kissing like it was their last.

Toby broke the kiss first and looked deep in to Elliot' eyes "I Love you Elliot" he said

"I Love you too Toby" Elliot said smiling

"We only met three weeks ago and yet I feel as though I have known you all my life" he added

"I know" said Toby "The feelings I have for you are unbelievable"

Elliot lent in and kissed Toby softly, he walked him backwards towards the couch and lowered him onto it. He broke the kiss and nuzzled his neck then started to lick his way down Toby' chest finding his nipple and giving it a tiny nip making Toby hiss and thrust his hips upwards.

Elliot continued to lick down Toby' stomach nipping and sucking all the way, he stopped at his navel and flicked his tongue over then in causing Toby to chuckle.

Elliot looked up to see Toby with his head back and gripping the top of the couch trying not to cry out, he knelt up to undo Toby' pants, he ran his hands up and down his chest flicking his nipples with his thumbs

"Mmmmm" Toby murmured.

Elliot ran his hands down to his jeans and started to unclip them, Toby raised his hips to help with the removal, as he pulled them down Toby' cock sprang free and Elliot bent down and blew hot breath up the length making Toby shiver.

He slid the jeans all the way off and threw them into the corner, he ran his hands up Toby legs and inner thighs but not touching him where he new Toby wanted him to.

Toby bucked hips when Elliot touched him lightly on the inner thigh just short of his balls.

"Elliot" Toby whispered and grabbed Elliot' arm. He ran his hand up Toby' chest and ran his fingers across his lips, Toby licked them then sucked two into his mouth, Elliot then took them out and held on to Toby' cock.

Without warning Elliot engulfed Toby' cock in his mouth and took it right to the base, at the same time he thrust the two fingers Toby had been sucking on in to his opening, Toby gripped his arm hard and cried out "Fuck", Elliot smiled and moaned around his cock, he started to pump it in his mouth moving his fingers at the same time.

He licked the length from the base to the tip where he swirled his tongue around and ran it along the slit, Toby was throwing his head from side to side he grabbed Elliot' head and said "I'm going to cum" as he exploded into his mouth. Elliot took all he had to give, and then slid up Toby' body and kissed him deep.

"Fuck, that was awesome" he said and looked at Elliot who was removing his pants and retrieving the lube from his pocket

"We're not done yet" Elliot smiled at him as got on the couch in between Toby' legs who lifted one over the top of the couch and the other around Elliot' hip; he applied the lube and positioned the head of his cock at his opening.

He pushed hard into Toby and sank to the hilt; he bent down and kissed him

"You're so hot inside Toby, I don't think I will last long" Elliot said as he started to slowly move in and out, Toby smiled and thrust his hips up to make him go deeper and kissed him again, they both moaned into each others mouths.

He knelt up and pulled Toby towards him, he wasn't going to last much longer and started to thrust hard and deep, he was grunting with each thrust

"Toby I'm Gunna Cum" he grunted then exploded deep into Toby' ass.

Toby tightened his legs around Elliot's waist to hold him there as he came, he collapsed on Toby' chest

"I told you we weren't finished" he kissed Toby deeply then moved to lay next to him, he held Toby close and placed small gentle kisses on his shoulders and the back of his neck.

Toby turned and face him, placing his palm on his cheek and kissing him on the forehead, both cheeks than the lips, the kiss was to show Elliot how much he loved and cared for him. They stopped kissing and looked into each others eyes.

"I love you too" Elliot said when he realized why Toby had kissed him like that.


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