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Written for Roving Eye (http://www.livejournal.com/community/roving_eye) - we had to write a sonnet about a character, and I wrote using Gregório de Matos style. I remembered Keller's Catholic guilt, his confession to Fr. Mukada, his conversation about being picked by God with Sister Pete, that scene when he told Beecher he'd died twice during a surgery.
Gregório de Matos was a Brazilian author, he had a reputation during the 17th century, knowing how to annoy rich guys, Catholic priests, authorities, white men, black population, people in general, just using his words. He was also known as "Boca do Inferno" (Hell's mouth) for that, but he's considered a master, a very important author for Brazilian literature, writing all types of poetry: religious, erotic, etc. Ah, he frequently used actions descriptions as titles to his poems – exactly what I did here.

When the hero begs for Lord's mercy, moments before his death

by Adriana B.

I'm Chris Keller, and I'm a great sinner
I'm begging Lord in this final moment
I'm dying - time to be under His judgement
I'm begging Lord, "Listen to a serial killer!

I must have been chosen when I was younger
Yeah, Evil chose me with just one movement
Christ on my shoulder didn't help me to be decent
But I'm begging Lord to listen to my prayer

I know that Your love is immense
And I'm sure You know heaven right now is not for me
(But from perpetual fire I beg Your defense)

Oz is over, but I can't let it go, even when I'm free
So I hope You can do that - no, it's not an offense
Make me a guardian angel - with my Toby, oh Lord, please let me be!"

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