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Written for HT100 Challenge #86: Somebody's watching you

All Seeing Eye

by Ralu

People stare in Oz. Not looking, there's nothing casual about it; they stare. They watch, stalk, look out, look over. Sometimes look beyond, a mass of hypnotized meat puppets staring into nothingness, abandoning themselves, abandoning others. Like Death Row inmates - waiting, counting; then letting go. Forgetting how to wait. Dying. Hell, everybody dies! An internal biorhythm fed by death and blood and oblivion. And in the meantime, Oz becomes one ravenous All Seeing EYE - forced to stare ahead, back, all around, never, *never* blink. Who knows what you may be missing!... Your own life, probably. Probably. Yeah, the whole fucking place is one never-ending huge staring contest.
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