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Written for HT100 Challenge #87: It's the holiday season

Christmas Gifts (or something like that)

by Ralu

"What did you get?" Rebadow asks, shuffling the cards.

Sucking at his thumb, O'Reily snickers: "Chocolate."

"Guess you're not sharin', huh?"

One dismissive glance at Keller, foot thrown over the table:

"Not with you."


"A sappy book written by some Bronte chick. Annabella's got a thing for this kinda shit."

"Which Bronte?"

"How the fuck am I to know, Beecher?"


"Socks. Three different fuckin' pairs from all three of them. Talk about lack of inspiration."-- leaning in his chair, yelling and waving at Said: "Merry Christmas, *Kareem*!"

"You're a real moron, you know that?" Beecher mutters, looking over his daughter's Christmas card for the 1000-th time.

"Yeah, your moron."
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