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Written for HT100 Challenge #90: This Is Your Life

Copperfield-style (Chris Keller ruminating on the meaning of life)

by Ralu

I was born, I grew up... David Copperfield shit, right? Is that it? Is that all? Is it enough? I was born, I grew up, I fucked. And I gotten fucked. Like an animal, closing a natural cycle: be born, grow up, fuck and wait to die. (Kill.)

Animals kill. Why shouldn't I? Why shouldn't any of us, really? It's what makes us who - what we are: kill or be killed, fuck or be fucked. (And I've done both.) It's what Beech don't get. It's what *people* like Toby don't understand; educated, loved, moral people. Nice people. (Weak asses.)

And I know sometimes - most times - I ain't the one talking, thinking like this; I know it's somebody else. It's gotta be somebody else, right?...

I was born, I grew up, I NEVER grew up... So fucking what? What does that change? Nothing. So...

Dickens sucks anyway, baby.
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