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Written for HT100 Challenge #90: This Is Your Life

Difference (Vern Schillinger's TV exam)

by Ralu

You think you know me. You look at me, ask me two or three questions, smile like a stupid fucking twat with that goddamn light bulb shining above your bad hairdo - blink! You think you know all of us. Brothers, niggers, spics, wops, mongrels, prags, faggots, everything in between - all the same to you. Easy that way, ain't it? Well...things aren't that *easy*, sweetpea. Sure, most things, most people are; way of the land, way of the world. God given.

But...some things, some people AREN'T. You wanna pretend? You want *me* to pretend? Sure, easiest thing ever. Yes, I run the Aryan Brotherhood. Yes, I am in here because I beat up a drug-dealing nigger. And yes, I said "nigger", thank you very much! You'd say nigger too, if you were in here; if you were *me*.

You'd smile the same smile, fake the same laughter. And you'd say the same meaningless horseshit I'm telling you right now too. But you see...you're not me. Or any of us.

And that, cupcake, THAT makes all the difference.
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