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For the First Time in Forever, Part One

by ozfanfreak

Chapter 1 First

He slapped him hard across the face. Toby stumbled then managed to steady himself somehow; wordless, breathless, his lower lip bleeding, his intense blue gaze holding Elliot's; fire behind it so strong, so fucking alive.

Elliot just stood there, off-guard and trembling; stripped to the bones, yearning for that beautiful man to touch him; afraid that he actually would.

Toby's tongue darted from his mouth lapping up the blood, tasting it. His gaze still fixed on Elliot's, holding it unblinkingly Toby smiled, lazy and slow, just to turn the knife a little; and bit hard, mercilessly at his lower lip. A thin trickle of blood ran down from the corner of his mouth. With a sigh Elliot's breath went and left him gasping for air. His midnight blue eyes widened in shock as Toby grinned wetly and thumbed the warm, thick droplet of blood. The wicked tongue darted out of that luscious mouth again and again and twirled around the finger licking it clean. Elliot noticed that the breathing now took a conscious effort as he watched Toby's swollen lips sucking on the thumb, those sky blue eyes gleaming at him mischievously all the while.

,,Jesus fucking Christ, "Elliot muttered under his breath, painfully aware of the liquid heat rushing down to his groin. Without pausing to draw breath Elliot worked his hand up and touched that luscious mouth; feather-light touch tracing the line of Toby's lower lip. Toby's breath was a warm tingle on his face. He leaned in and covered that sweet mouth with his, tasting the sharp tang of Toby's blood; his tongue parting Toby's lips, plunging deep inside, claiming his every breath.

Toby moaned softly under that hard assault; Elliot's questing tongue sliding against his, filling his mouth, tasting him slow and deep. He burried his fingers in that short dark hair pulling him closer, opening his mouth wider, sucking in Elliot's tongue.

,,Oh, Christ," Elliot murmured ghosting his lips along Toby's trying desperately to draw some breathe into his aching lungs. Toby gasped then ever so slowly opened his eyes and looked into Elliot's sapphire ones; daring him, inviting, tempting. Oh, come out, come out and play. He could feel Elliot's body trembling, pressed flush against his own. With a whimper Elliot captured Toby's wet, soft and oh, so inviting mouth sending sharp twangs of pleasure pain down Toby's spine, straight to his cock.

"Oh, Christ, this is good, this is so fucking good," Toby thought wildly as Elliot shoved him up against the wall, pinning him with his hips, lapping greedily at Toby's tongue. Toby run his hands down Elliot's back, grabbing his firm ass, pulling him close, closer. He was tugging Elliot's shirt up; his trembling fingers slid under Elliot's belt seeking hard, bare flesh. Toby groaned inwardly as Elliot grabbed his arm, holding it still, his fingers digging heartlessly into Toby's flesh. They glared at each other, gasping for air.

Oh, baby, you want this; don't you fuckin' dare denying it. With a sultry smile tugging at his lips Toby closed the distance between them, grabbed Elliot by the hair and pushed his tongue deep into that angry mouth, fucking it mercilessly. He smiled as, after a while, Elliot moaned, deep, then bucked gasping for air. He flicked his tongue across Elliot's jaw; bit playfully into his chin, then ghosted his lips down the soft, salty slick skin of Elliot's neck. His smile widened as Elliot cocked his head to give him better access. Toby sucked at that delectable curve where Elliot's neck and shoulder met, working his hand low between them and palming Elliot's hard cock. He cut Elliot's deep, satisfied moan short with another hungry kiss; tasting him, savoring the fell of that gorgeous mouth, committing every precious moment to memory.

Toby's low, sweet whimper was music to Elliot's ears, igniting the unholy fire; and with a jerk he spun Toby around trapping him against the wall. Toby groaned as he felt Elliot's cock pressing against his ass; Elliot's strong hands kneading his flesh, grazing his skin as he tugged his jeans down. He groaned even louder as he felt Elliot's teeth on the back of his neck; his greedy lips sucking on his earlobe.

"Let me, please....let me," Elliot's voice was a low whisper hurried between labored breaths. Toby reached back for Elliot's hand and placed it on his own aching cock. He heard Elliot's breathing shudder to a halt behind him. He bit his lips as Elliot took his cock already dripping with precome into his hand and pumped it, hard. "Oh, fuck, yes, yesss..." he hissed and bucked forward, thrusting into that warm, slick hand.

.....a month earlier.....

"Liv, what do we have?"

"Attempted rape. In here..." she motioned," The guy's pretty badly beaten up."

"Guy? " Elliot frowned then lifted his eyebrows questioningly.

"Yes," she paused then checked again flipping her notebook open, "Tobias Beecher. Uniforms found him by the FDR. He has a record; served five in OZ for DUI vehicle manslaughter, paroled two months ago." Listening to Olivia's soft voice going over the gory details of that man's Tobias Beecher life, Elliot tucked his hands deeper into his pockets and disinterestingly scanned the hallway. The smell of the hospital was clean and impersonal, much like the look in those midnight blue eyes of his. He was tired, tired of it all. With a sigh he pushed those thoughts away and followed Olivia into that man Beecher's room.Just you do your job Elliot, just you do your firkin' job.

~ .........~

Faint beeping saw them in. Elliot didn't even bother to consciously scan the room ; leave it to Beaver, he smiled ruefully to himself. His attention was otherwise engaged; long, lithe body of a young man, their victim, was crumpled on the bed. His pale back curved to supple shoulders, graceful neck and nape. Curls of strawberry-blond short hair seemed so silky and soft to touch. Elliot winced noticing ugly bruises, black and blue that covered that delicate back. The sound of the soft breathing told them the guy was asleep knocked out by drugs. With a week sigh and a whimper the guy rolled to his back revealing pale and bruised face; beautiful, angelic face. Long, lush eyelashes fluttered and Tobias Beecher opened his eyes; just for a moment, one brief moment those sky blue eyes met Elliot's and then they closed again as Toby drifted back to darkness, back to his hell-spawned dreams. The look in those beautiful blue eyes, so sad, so desolate, pierced Elliot's heart and claimed his soul.

Tbc in chapter 2

Chapter 2 Gentle

"...get back later."

"Hmm?" he felt a gentle hand touching his upper arm and somehow managed to focus his attention to what Olivia was saying.

"Are you all right?"

"Yeah. I'm fine, "Elliot smiled ruefully and raked his fingers through his short dark hair. "Where's the attending physician?"


"...broken arm, mild concussion, some bruising, mainly on his wrists and neck, some on his lower back and hip. His knees and thighs are grazed."

"But he was not raped? There's no evidence of penetration? "Elliot's voice was strained, his eyebrows drawn together.

"No, we didn't find traces of penetration."Dr.Norris nodded firmly. His clothes were all covered in blood though. I think not all of it was his. He must've fought back."

"Have you notified his next of kin?"

"Yes, his parents; they are....detectives, through here, "she motioned towards the sliding doors, leading them down the corridor" They are in the visitors' room. Guess you want to talk to them. She waved her hand to a nurse walking by. "Umm," she paused "there's something else, "she looked at Elliot." Level of alcohol in his blood; it was twice the legal limit."


Harrison Beecher was a gentle man, a kind man. If he were any different he might have found in his hart to resent his son, if just a little. But he wasn't. He sighed then peeled himself away from window just as Toby's doctor came into the room.

"Mr.Beecher, these are Detectives Benson and Stabler. They are here because of what happened to Toby," Dr.Norris said in her soft, calm voice.

He nodded then glanced towards his wife, standing just few inches away, as if to anchor himself. She slipped her hand through his, leaning in.

"What happened? "his voice was a hoarse whisper. He realized he hasn't spoken once since they got here, two hours ago.


"Detectives, Mr.Beecher is awake now, "a short, smiling Latino nurse peeped her head through the doors. ,,You can see him now, but please keep it short. He's still very week. He needs to rest, doctor's orders."

As they entered the room Toby raised his head. His sky blue eyes locked with Elliot's. For a few strange, surreal moments they were just staring at each other; and then with a shuddering sigh Toby tore his gaze from Elliot and turned towards the window. Still, he could feel Elliot's eyes boring into him.

Olivia cleared her throat."Mr.Beecher, I'm Detective Benson, and this is Detective Stabler.We need to talk to you. Can you tell us what happened?"

He shook his head. He said nothing. What was the point? Almost maniacal chuckle stormed through his mind He didn't care, why should they? He just wanted them to leave him alone. Oh, do you Tobias? Now, now be a good boy and don't you fuckin' lie. He sighed, shrug his shoulders, his gaze stubbornly riveted on a bird high up in the midday sky. He heard an exasperated sigh coming from that man, Detective Stabler, and he smiled ruefully. Yeah, right buddy, you and me both. "Please, leave me alone." His voice sounded weak and it trailed of to a whimper. "Just leave me alone." He turned his back to them and crumpled down onto bed just like a baby would.

"Mr.Beecher," Olivia started again but that got her no reaction whatsoever. She exchanged worried looks with Elliot. He just shrugged his eyes dark and unreadable. "We'll come back again later. You try and get some rest now."


Standing in the corridor just in front of Beecher's room, Elliot could hear him crying. He lingered there as Olivia started briskly towards the elevator.

"Liv," that came out as whisper.

She turned and looked at him, one eyebrow lifting questioningly. Elliot leaned back against the wall beside the door leading into Beecher's room.

"You go, I'll stick a while."

"'Key," she knew better than to ask. The elevator doors slid open and she waved him goodbye. He just stood there, trying to think, trying to breathe.

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