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well, this is OZ/WANTED crossover and actually a WIP like all of my stories, so don't say I didn't warn ya

Halo optional

by ozfanfreak

Eddie Drake's favourite amendment to the Constitution was the number two, the right to bare arms;so when a guy pulled a 45 on him, he could barely hold it against him. A man had to do what a man had to do, and Warren dude there, well, pretty much did what he liked.... until now, as it turned out.

Flashing him a smile and a good one in the jaw, Eddie rides him to the ground. Hard. Hell, it's not like the guy didn't have it comming. Eddie towered over him; long curly hair, handlebar moustache, white wife-beater and a pair of snug black leather pants and heavy boots; all sheen of sweat and a snarky smirk. Looking straight down at him he drawled, his voice pitched low, "I don't share."

Chris there is smiling,his silver-dark gaze sweping over him,dropping to Eddie's crotch.

Bastard; gorgeous, utterly irresistible bastard.

"C'mere," Eddie grabbed his lover by a hand, tugging him towards the doors,"Prag".

Chris shot him an amused look at that, his dark blue eyes glinting," Oh, I didn't think ya cared."

"Move yer ass, Keller." Eddie snarked , trying hard not to laugh.

"Fuck you." Chris mouthed climbing on his bike.

Eddie grinned, his long legs straddling his own, a black Harley low-rider. "Good things come to those who wait, Keller."


Eddie launged back in a chair, one hand hooked behind his head,his long legs spread wide, his crotch on blantant display, and Chris is watching, of course he is, but Eddie's ogling the blond pussy there riding the pole; and he's taking his sweet time about it.

Sucking in the breath Chris glared at Eddie's profile.You fucking beautiful, miserable bastard.

He really hated him sometimes. Most of the time lately. Like,right now.

Never taking the eye of the blonde, Eddie took another swig of beer straight from the bottle. His tongue darted from his mouth touching the brown glass, giving it a lazy lick.

Mirroring his moves Chris licked his lips. He knew that smile playing around Eddie's pouty mouth. Fuck you, ya fuck.

With a wicked smile tugging at his lips Chris rose from a chair and swaggered lazyly across the room towards the bar and a guy standing there that's been making eyes at him all night.

Eddie's still looking the pussy over.

Inviding the guy's personal space with languid grace Chris growled in his ear a low, "Think you'd recognize me tomorrow," and the guy's smiling from ear to ear. Stupid fuck.

Chris grinned at him, a wide flash of white teeth, and leaned against the counter, resting one leg on a rail there, making sure the guy got a good look of his jeans clad ass, as he shot the bartender his order," Two beers."

Chris grabbed the beer bottles and is about to go back to where Eddie was sitting, but the guy leans in and tries to cop a feel. Umm, right on cue.

Chris's mouth widened in a slow, downright luminous grin; his blue eyes glinting dangerously; but before he could tell the guy where to shove it, Eddie's standing there, beside him, the look on his face sweet, choirboy sweet and Chris's eyes glint with laughter now. That's my boy.

"Eddie this is..." his voice trailed of, his eyebrows lifting questioningly.

"Warren." the guy is helpfull.

" Right," Chris drawled, "Warren." he locked his gaze with the guy's deliberately ignoring Eddie shooting him a what-the-fuck kinda look." Warren here seems to show a great appreciation of my family jewels."

" And ya didn't tell him they don't belong to you."


"Naughty boy."

"Fuck off, Eddie." Chris took a sip of beer,eyefucking the guy, his mouth quirking in a knowing little smile.

"Yeah Eddie," Warren dude is giving Eddie his version of a dirty look,"Fuck off,Eddie."

"Fuck you, ya stupid fuck."Eddie's smiling, mesmerized by Chris's long tapered fingers gliding up and down the neck of the bottle; casting him a smug little look.

"C'mon, baby.Let's go home." Eddie crooned in Chris's ear leaning in, his arm resting on Chris's waist. His lips brushed against Chris's cheek, the light tingle of his moustache making Chris's groin twitch in reaponse.

Fuck, I'm easy. Chris's eyes drifted shut, his fingers stroking Eddie's stubbled cheek, delicately tracing the lines of his wide pouty mouth; the golden head scooted just a shade closer angling in for a kiss.

Neither one of them is noticing Warren dude standing there anymore. That's until he decided to take a swing on Eddie. Wrong move.


"So." Chris sat back on his bike, his long thighs straddling the powerfull machine, making Eddie's groin ache in anticipation.

"So?" Holding Chris's dark blue eyes unblinkingly Eddie pushed his bike on the curb with one strong thrust.

Chris cocked his head with a wolfish grin. His silver dark eyes glinted under long eyelashes."Oh baby, you're a tease."

With a sultry smile Eddie got off his bike and started towards Chris; his hungry eyes eating Eddie up, every lithe line of him.

"You're a bitch, ya know that, Keller."Eddie said leaning in for a kiss.

"Yeah, but I'm yer bitch." Chris smiled against his lips.

He cupped the nape of Eddie's neck, his fingers gripping his hair, pulling him closer, hurting him a little. His tongue pushed against Eddie's lips, plunging deep, flicking against the roof of his mouth. Hard. Staking his claim.

Eddie groaned and opened his mouth wider, taking it in, sucking and tasting. He ran his hands over chris's shoulders and craddled his head, moaning, trying to push closer, dig deeper, drowning in him, in this kiss, so hot, wet and sweet.

Chris pushed up into him, groaning; his tongue teased along Eddie's.

Taking a deep, shuddering breath Eddie pressed their foreheads together and ran his fingers over Chris's lips. God baby, I love you. He nibbled gently at the corner of Chris's mouth making him whimper in little cries of pleasure.

Chris pushed up for another hungry kiss.His hand slid down Eddie's side, resting on the small of his back now, just inches from his ass, masaging lightly, teasing.

Nuzzling his temple his hand trailed lower, curving over Eddie's firm little ass; his words warm and low and moist in Eddie's ear, "Now, ask me nice for what you want."

With a deep satisfied moan Eddie burrowed into Chris. Their eyes locked. Chris cupped Eddie's face and sweapt his thumb across his kiss-swallen mouth, lingering there.

"Fuck me, baby."Eddie's voice was was hoarse with need.


"Now." Eddie said, sucking Chris's thumb into his mouth.

Chris's mouth quirked in a wolfish grin.

Eddie bit into Chris's thumb, his eyes glinting impishly. Giving it one more lazy lick he let it slip out of his mouth only to beg shamelessly,"Baby, please."

Chris slid his hand down Eddie's shoulders, his chest, over his hard belly, slow, madeningly slow, his gaze holding Eddie's all the while; something strange dancing behind those midnight blue eyes of his. Grazing over the waistband but never touching the bare skin aching for his touch Chris gave his head a shake. "No." his voice was cold.

Oh Jesus fuck, no, not now."Please,Chris,"Eddie was pleading, "Please, baby."

With a wickedly wide smile Chris grabbed him by the waistband and pulled him close. Eddie's breath came in a loud little huff.

Leaning in Chris drawled a dark "I don't share either." His hand molded over Eddie's hard cock, "Ya hear me, Eddie?"

"Umm-humm."Eddie nodded closing his eyes, moaning in pleasure. He couldn't help it. He arched up into Chris's touch, desperate for it. "I'm so sorry ,baby." And he was. He really was.

"Ya should be." Chris purred nuzzling his throat. His breath was hot against Eddie's skin.

"Oh, I am, baby. Please."

"What?" Dhris demanded, squeezing him.

His breath caught, Eddie whimpered, "Please, forgive me," he pushed feverishly against him, "Forgive me."

He cocked his head. He could feel Chris smiling against his skin; his warm tongue flicking over his collarbone. "Chris," he murmured, "Baby. Let's go."


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