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This was written for the fanfic100 challege on LiveJournal, and is a companion piece to "What You See is All You Get."


by Riley Cannon


He sits and listens to Sister Pete, nodding at all the right places. Yes, he's good with how things are; yes, he understands and accepts it's how they have to be. Like he's got a choice? Like if he said no, anything would be different?

"Why'd God make me love Toby, Sister?" he asks, interrupting her yada yada.

She looks over the rims of her glasses, miffed he's thrown off her rhythm. Bothered she doesn't have a pat answer handy. She scrambles for one, trots it out, says it like that should cover everything, "To teach you the value of love."

"Yeah?" He gives her a crooked grin. "'Cause I'm thinking it's to rub my nose in everything I can never have."

"God doesn't work like that, Chris."

"You know that for a fact?"

"I have faith."

Well, he guesses it's peachy one of them does.

Anyway, it doesn't matter now. Probably never did. But he doesn't tell her that. He nods and shows he's giving it all some deep thought, and keeps everything that matters to himself.

Just life as he's always known it.
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