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Written for HT100 Challenge #95: Same name, different story


by Ralu

He remembers his father's words, the tone of his voice; that sour smirk bleeding off the corner of his mouth through vapors of alcohol.

"You can't fuck around forever, Vern. Stand up for yourself, show that you're a man."

Show them all what you're made of. Who you are.

Strength, discipline. Power. Control. Self-control, that's the most important.

Of course. He's the one to preach about that, fucking drunk bastard.

And Vern has showed them, all of them. Who he is. What he's made of.

And what the fuck did that get him? Where?...

Count's just minutes away. Laying in his bunk, blinking aimlessly, his father's words are the ones he still follows. The only ones he remembers.

Words of a drunk. Closing in on him like a casket.
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