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Written for HT100 Challenge #90: This Is Your Life

Spoken in darkness (Donald Groves' final words)

by Ralu

Life is like a cartoon. You know, Tom chasing Jerry around the kitchen table and never catching him? That's what life is - color and shape, shadows and light, down to the last draw, last line, last lick; down to the last bite. An endless chase around the kitchen table. And you don't even know why or what you're chasing. You just...spin. Yeah, my momma was sweet, my E-bay tooth can tell you that. My dad though...my dad was kinda sour. My dad was always sour. Does that mean anything? Is it wrong for me to say that sort of thing? Does it even matter anymore? Did it ever matter?...

See? It's scary being me. It's scary being any of us.

Can you tell me any different?...
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