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Written for HT100 Challenge #95: Same name, different story

The Challenge

by Ralu

What's the biggest challenge in Oz?

Some would say that's staying alive. Others would say the biggest challenge is keeping your ass to yourself.

Naturally, those who say that are the ones getting fucked first.

I'd say the biggest fuckin' challenge in Oz is beating Beecher on a game of chess. Or tellin' when O'Reily's bluffing on a game of cards.

You'd say that don't matter. You'd say that shit's trivial. Unimportant.

But you wanna know something? Trivial is what's important here. 'Cause *unimportant* is a good thing.

Unimportant means countdown and work detail, breakfast, lunch and dinner, stupid fuckin' group counseling sessions and Miss Sally's tits bouncing on the TV screen every goddamn day for us all to aimlessly jerk off on something we ain't never gonna get our dirty hands on, baby.

You think that's boring? Well, boring equals routine.

And routine provides...PEACE.

You seein' the challenge now? Uh-huh. Thought so.
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