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Baby, don't (continued)

by ozfanfreak

Grabbing two steps at a time ADA Tobias Beecher climbed the stairs to the court building. He had plenty of time before the trail started but he wanted to see a certain someone first, tickled to see what would the good Detective do , how'll he act around him; all smooth and impersonal, mock casual......stiff as a may-pole. A dirty giggle escaped him. That one would be his bet. Stepping into the hallway he saw him standing by the wending machine talking to his partner, Detective Benson. Olivia. She was hot. He smiled to himself letting his eyes linger over her lean figure. Smoking hot. Shaking his head to himself he let out yet another dirty giggle. He shrugged his shoulders. It had nothing to do with him being bi or gay. It had to do with his libido, and lately it was raging. Raging hard. An unmistakably wicked smile curved his lips. Keep your eye on the prize, Toby. He thought to himself. Keep your eye on the prize.

And the prize raised his eyes and noticed him.

Toby smiled noticing just how tense Elliot's shoulders got, how he shoved his hands deeper into his pockets keeping his dark blue gaze deliberately, stubbornly fixed on Olivia, refusing to acknowledge him.

His eyes gleaming with mischief Toby walked past with just a courteous nod and a murmured low "Detectives." , mentally slapping that gorgeous ass. Elliot fixed him with a level gaze. Olivia smiled, said hi.

Toby entered the courtroom with a nasty little smile tugging at his lips, his crystal blue eyes glinting with strange silver light as he reached for him in his mind.


Elliot's skin tingled. A feather soft touch crawled over his skin and he felt him standing behind , nuzzling his ear, whispering something low against it. His heart raced. His body was burning, and all he wanted was to lean back against that lithe hard body, to close his eyes and just let himself go. Just like that.

Olivia was saying something. "What?" He gasped.

"You OK?" She asked again.

"Yeah," he rubbed the back of his neck with a nervous hand, "yeah, everything is fine."

Olivia fixed him with a suspicious look like she wasn't buying it one bit, but obviously more than willing to just let it slide. "C'mon, we're next."


This is crazy. Elliot thought sitting in the courtroom watching ADA Tobias Beecher tear the witness apart, feeling utterly mesmerized by the man's powerful presence , his beautiful face alight with excitement, his blue eyes gleaming bright, that smile curving his lips making him feel weak in the knees. Making him feel a whole lot more. Like all hot and bothered. And mad. Stark raving mad. Fucker. His lonely soul winced. Tobias Beecher, blond, WASPy and handsome, self-assured, effortlessly graceful, born to comfort and status. Maddening. Sexy. Elliot groaned to himself. Tobias Beecher, the man he fucked in his dreams. Every night. He squirmed uncomfortably in his seat. Every single night. Up the ass, in the mouth. Remembering just how vivid the dreams were, remembering the feel of that lean hard body pressed flush against his, Elliot felt his groin twinge. He felt hot blush of embarrassment coming to his face as Toby's eyes met his across the room; the smile he threw him ephemeral and intimate. Fuck, it's not like the guy could read his mind.

Now, that would be.......interesting. He chuckled with the thought. He knew Beecher was straight as an arrow. Fuck he thought he was straight as an arrow. He remembered seeing Beecher with women, flirting openly, shamelessly. He remembered seeing him kiss some brunette in front of Joe O's couple of months back. Elliot sighed heavily dropping his eyes to his lap. What the fuck was wrong with him? He didn't give a fuck who the fucker kissed. Or fucked, for that matter.

Yeah,tell me another one. The devil crooned in his ear.

Oh, fuck off. Elliot sighed.


A knowing little smile curving his lips Toby turned away from the good Detective, refocusing his attention to the witness on the stand.

Later, my lovely.....He smiled to himself. Oh, later.....


"We got him. Man one. Life without parole." Toby fluttered his eyelashes at Elliot, his lips curving in a smug smile.

Elliot shoot a glance at him. "Well, congratulations counselor ."

Toby slid on the bar stool beside him. "You wre right. She was laying."

Elliot raised his glass, a clear "I told you so" written all over his face. "You look upset."

"Oh, it's this time of a year, Christmas always upsets me." Toby's mouth curved in a wry little smile. "Can I buy you a drink?"

Elliot shook his head. "No, thanks, I'm good." He eyed his glass. "Anyway, I should get going." He downed the rest of his beer.

"Oh...OK." Beecher threw him a friendly smile. "Some other time then." Downing his lime soda Beecher got up, an angel and devil face combined, his eyes color of the summer sky gleaming bright, making Elliot all tingly inside. "See ya, Detective." His eyes holding Elliot's, a slow lazy smile curving his lips Toby threw some bills on the counter. Strange silver light crackled through the deepest blue of his eyes and Elliot felt a warm firm hand sliding up his thigh, a low husky voice whispering in his ear and he felt the tip of Beecher's wicked tongue flick over the rim with a 'l' of a "later".

"What?" Elliot panted, his eyes open wide.

Donning his coat, pausing in mid motion, Beecher smiled a friendly smile, a gentle smile, almost angelic smile at him. "I said see ya, Detective."


Stepping out in the cold December night Toby shoved his hands deeper into his pockets bracing himself against the cold. I wonder if I could get him without tricks. He smiled to himself wryly hailing down a cab. Yeah, right.


Warm water sluicing down his face Elliot braced his hands against the wet tails. He sighed deeply, a slow smile tugging at his lips. He shook his head to himself, wiped his face with his hand, turning the water off, finally admitting to himself he was actually looking forward to going to sleep. Looking forward. His lips curved in a smile. No. Yearning was so much better word for it. Desperate. That fit too. Pulling the comforter down, lying on the cool white sheets, he turned the lights off and waited, waited for the Sandman to come.


Waking to a sound of his cell softly buzzing on the nightstand, Elliot stretched lazily in his bed. Laundry, I'll have to do laundry today. Silly little smile curving his lips, he picked up his cell. " Stabler", he drawled.

It was Munch. "Elliot, we got a call. Olivia is already on her way."

Listening to John going over the details of the case, Elliot got up.

"I'll be there in half an hour." He sighed, slapping the cell shut. "Fuck." And the day started so good, he thought, grabbing his clothes and heading to the bathroom. So damn good.


"It looks like a suicide. Why did you call us?" Detective Olivia Benson asked, looking at the beat cop.

The guy lifted a white sheet covering the victim's body. "How many people do you know would jump off a building in the buff?"

Olivia threw him a hard look, but she had to admit, the guy had a point.

"I checked." He said, knowing what her next question would be. "There's not a stitch up there." He jerked his chin slightly at the roofs of the adjoining buildings, his professional smile firmly on.

"Thanks." She nodded her head, kneeling down next to the body, and examining it with a careful eye.


"He has marks on his neck." ME Warner pointed to a distinctive bruising on the victim's neck.

"Manual strangulation." Elliot said, his eyes gleaming with the usual professional interest.

She nodded. "But that's not how he died. There's no trace of petechia. And, there's this...." She turned the victim's head to a side with the gentle hands showing them the lethal wound.

"He was hit on the head." Elliot drawled.

She nodded.

"With?" Olivia lifted her eyebrows questioningly.

Reaching under the table ME Warner pulled out a possible murder weapon.

"Meat mallet?" Elliot frowned.

"Meat mallet....See this..." She reached for the magnifying glass, drawing their attention to the edges of the wound. "He was hit on the side of the head. Several times. With great force. The bone is completely shattered. Death was instantaneous."

"That kind of wound..." Olivia droned,".....he must have bled heavily."

"The alley was a dump place." Elliot said, frowning. "Literally."

"There's something else you need to see..." ME Warner said, reaching to turn the body over. "Elliot, can you...?" As they turned the body on his stomach she said "You see these lacerations?"

"Those are flagellation marks." Elliot narrowed his eyes. "Torture?"

"I don't think so. These are new..."she pointed, "and were most definitely inflicted prior to death, but..." she paused pointing to the scar tissue on the victim's back," there are also these multiple old scars, long healed."

"BDSM?" Olivia asked.

"I don't think so." ME Warner shook her head. "You see how the marks are spread over his shoulders and lower back..."

"They look self inflicted." Olivia said.

ME Warner nodded her head in agreement. "Looks like it."

"Great, more fruitcakes." Elliot frowned folding his arms over his chest. "I should try dieting." He murmured in a stage whisper.

Olivia threw him a despairing little look. ME Warner smiled, shaking her head.


"Our vic..." Elliot said, pulling a picture out of a file sheet and putting it up on a board,"... one Jesse Adam Kessler, age 39."

"So, we got him in AFIS." Olivia leaned in her chair, resting her hands on her desk.

"One. DUI back in 1999.Nothing since." Squinting, Elliot went through the file. "He got probation...and....300 hours of community service." He frowned flipping the case file shut, giving them the man's last known address, the man's snazzy Manhattan address.

"Right." Capt. Cragen said, his jaw unclenching visibly as he noticed Munch and Fin entering the squad room. "Anything?"

"Nobody heard nothing." Fin drawled.

"On the plus side, a woman in North Carolina saw Elvis at the Burger King yesterday." Munch drawled shouldering his coat off.

"Where else." Elliot chuckled.

"Elliot, Olivia. You two talk to the family. Fin, John, the background sweep. Somebody should know something." He murmured, pausing as he noticed ADA Tobias Beecher. "Beecher, a word..."


Donning his coat, Elliot lingered by his locker glancing towards Cragen's office, his eyes searching for a certain blonde; his breath held, butterflies romping around in his stomach.

God, he looks good, he thought, noticing just how cute Toby's firm little ass looked in those blue slacks, almost groaning out loud as the blonde looked up and met his eyes.


"Terry Baxter's testimony is inadmissible. Judge Moore is adamant. I don't see how the case will hold..." Toby droned, following Capt. Cragen to his office, his whole being centered on good Detective Stabler, though, standing only a few feet away and looking absolutely fuckable.

Reaching for him in his mind, Toby claimed his mouth.


A shimmering blue fire dancing in his eyes, a satin soft smile curving his lips, Tobias Beecher sauntered over to him and, in an instant, his mouth was on his, his warm breath scattering over his lips, his own coming kind of hard, a funny little shiver coursing his body as that warm determined tongue lapped against his to play and tease.

Blinking open his eyes to the harsh reality of the squad room, Elliot met Beecher's impish smile from across the room.

What the fuck was wrong with him? He asked himself, and not for the first time.


"What's with you and Beecher?" Olivia asked easing the car from the parking lot.

"What do you mean?" Elliot decided to play dumb. "He's the ADA. We work with the guy. What's to think?"

"Elliot..."she paused, changing lanes. "You know what I mean. You were friends with both Alex and Casey, but Beecher...", she shook her head. "I don't know, you two are constantly at each other's throat."

"Liv...", he shrugged his shoulders, turned his head to look out through the window, busy street passing by.

"Elliot, he seems like an OK guy."

"He....I...."he sighed. "I don't know." He sighed.

Sure he knew. He wanted to fuck the guy any which way till Sunday. That's what was wrong. Wrong. So fucking wrong. And it was killing him slowly.

"C'mon." he growled getting out of the car, slamming the door shut. "Let's get this over with."


They knocked on the doors of a lofty two storey Victorian semi. A few minutes later the door opened and they found themselves staring at the face of a tall teenage boy, holding a smiling toddler in his arms.

Olivia cleared her throat and introduced herself and her partner. Just as she was about to ask for his mother, they heard her coming down the hall, asking in a soft melodious voice "Cameron, sweetie, who is at the door?"

She looked so young. That was the first thing that came to Elliot's mind. And she was pregnant. She was in her second trimester, Elliot guessed easily.

"Mom," Cameron's voice trembled a little, "these are Detectives..." He paused, looking at them, confused.

"Mrs. Kessler..." Olivia started but was cut short by her.


The look in her eyes hit them like a ton of bricks. All they could do was watch as her perfectly happy life crumbled down beneath her feet, shattered by a simple nod of Olivia's head.

In an unspoken agreement Olivia turned to her, while Elliot led the children into a parlor.


Hooking his hands behind his head, Toby leaned back in his chair. Closing his eyes, he sighed heavily.

"Tough day?" Detective Benson knocked on a doorjamb, entering his office. "May I?"

"Yeah." He sighed, looking up, nodding his head in greeting. "What can I do for you, Detective?" He asked with a disarmingly nice smile on his lips.

"Damn..." he mumbled burying his head in his hands, and massaging his forehead. " I'm sorry..."He pressed the intercom. "Luci, could you please bring me some Haldol or something, my head is killing me. Thank you."

"Sorry." He smiled wryly looking up at Olivia.

"No sweat." She smiled. "I need a search warrant for the Kessler's parents' house."

"They are your suspects? " Toby said, nodding his head in thanks to his assistant, as she appeared at the door with a glass of water and a pill in her hand.

"We'll see. Kessler was at his parents' house that evening."

" `Key." Toby nodded, getting up from his chair, his lips curving in an angelic smile. "Luckily for you Judge Lima owes me one."


Cold air made her skin crawl as she climbed out of her car. God, it was so cold. All she wanted was to end this as soon as possible, go home and sleep. Sleep. She couldn't remember the last time she had a good night rest. Stepping on the curb, she nodded, greeting her partner.

"CSI guys are already here. " Elliot said as Olivia handed him the warrant.

"Great." She said as they started up the flight of stairs and knocked at the door.

"Kessler's wife and children are here too." He said, his eyebrows knotted, his stormy blue eyes filled with worry.

"God..." Olivia sighed


Olivia went home straight from the Kessler's parents' house. He went back to the precinct to fill in the reports. Couple of hours later, feeling hungry, sleepy and miserable, Elliot decided to call it a night.

Stepping in a cold December night and heading to his car, he stopped short as he noticed Toby, leaning against a smooth silver gray Ford Mustang and grinning like a Cheshire cat.

"What are you doing here?" Elliot squeezed through gritted teeth.

"Well, good evening to you too, Detective." Toby drawled, looking unabashed by Elliot's murderous glare.

His jaw muscles working overtime, Elliot turned to his car and reached in his coat pocket for his keys.

"Stabler, wait!" Beecher's voice was soft now. He was smiling.

He had a nice smile, Elliot noticed. It made his blue eyes.... Sparkle. Frowning, he lowered his gaze, fixating on Beecher's blue silk tie, instead. "OK, I'm listening."

"We..." Toby swallowed hard, lost for words all of a sudden. "We got off on a wrong foot, obviously..." He paused trying to catch Elliot's eyes. "I mean, we work together and we should at least try to get along."

"I don't know what you mean, Beecher. We get along like a house on fire."

"Stabler..."Toby crooned.

"Fuck, Beecher, it's late, I'm tired..."Elliot's voce trailed off.

"Oh, OK..."Toby sighed. " Don't let me keep you..." He turned and went to his car, Elliot going to his.

Nasty little smile spreading over his face, Toby whispered the words of a spell.

Elliot's car coughed and groaned pitifully a few times, then stopped, his engine dead. Dead as a dodo. Chuckling to himself, Toby watched Elliot getting out of his car, and looking under the hood, his narrow-eyed glower turning water to ice, but not helping much with the battery.

"Need a hand?" Toby drawled, stepping up to him, his hands buried deep into his coat pockets, head drawn between his shoulders, shivering against the cold.

"Nah." Elliot jerked his head stubbornly.


"No, I'm OK." Elliot said firmly, dismissing him.

"Oh, OK." Toby blinked turning around. You stubborn son of a bitch. He cursed silently. You are really asking for it. In an instant it was snowing.

A manic chuckle escaped him at Elliot's muffled curse. Turning around and heading back to Elliot, Toby curved his lips in a warm, friendly smile." C'mon Stabler, it's snowing. Let me take you home."

Leveling him with a biting cold stare, Elliot finally squeezed a curt " `Key."

"C'mon, man, I don't bite." Toby grinned.

"Beecher, shut the fuck up." Elliot growled menacingly, getting into the car.

"Sir, yes sir." Toby raised his hand to his forehead in a mock impersonation of a salute.

"Where to?" He asked settling into the seat, and turning the ignition key.

"Queens." Elliot mumbled fastening his seatbelt.

" `Key," Toby sighed," Queens, here we come."

"Aren't ya forgetting something?" Elliot snarled, with a pointed look.

"OK,OK..." Toby said, pulling at his seatbelt. "Geez, Stabler, you are a regular boy scout."

"Fuck off, Beecher." Elliot sighed closing his eyes, resting his head back against the seat. "I'm not scrapin' your sorry ass off the windshield. Now, shut up and drive."

"Yes, sir. " Toby chuckled, giving his head a shake. Crazy bastard.


Crossing the 59th Street Bridge Toby threw a glance at the gorgeous man sitting beside him, with his eyes closed, his breath soft and regular.

"Sleep...." He murmured, a sudden lightning crackling through the deepest blue of his eyes"...sleep, baby, sleep."


Toby's agile tongue lapped against his skin, licking a lazy trail down his throat and lower, lower still, Toby's mouth and teeth closing around a nipple, biting lightly, just hard enough to hurt a little, to hurt so good....Threading his fingers through the soft curls, he tugged at him, wanting those lips on his, wanting that wicked tongue filling his mouth. "Baby..."he gasped.

"Oh, God, El, God, yes..." came a husky answer and in an instant he was awake, wide awake.

"What the fuck!?" he growled, jumping in his skin, keeping Tobias Beecher at arms length.

Fairly disheveled Tobias Beecher, he noticed, his hair tousled, his lips kiss-swollen, glistening in the dim light of the car.

He noticed a great deal more. Like how he himself had a problem drawing enough air into his lungs. Or, how hard he was. How painfully hard.

His blue eyes locked with Elliot's, his mouth curving in a knowing little smile, Toby slid his hand down his chest and belly, cupping his cock....and Elliot was lost again.

"God..." he gasped,"....suck me...please...." his voice trailed off on a whimper.

With a dirty little giggle, Toby opened Elliot's fly and eased his hard cock out.

Burying his fingers in the silken curls clustered at the nape of Toby's neck, Elliot moaned in pleasure as the hot wet mouth closed around him, sucking him so perfectly, so.........


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