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this is what happens when I'm listening too much Tool, lol
the title is of course a line from their song H. (Aenima)

Days Away I Still Feel You

by ozfanfreak lalioz

He took his green T-shirt off, whiped his sweaty face with it, and threw it on a floor behind him, some chick from the front rows screaming his name. His head cocked Cutler threw him an amused little look. Ohh, fuck off, Toby thought,gave him a raspberry, and a cocked eyebrow, like you are not playing them like ya want too. With the first notes of Shirley's guitar the crowd went wild. A slow smile appeared on Toby's face as he turned around and sauntered towards the mic in the middle of the stage, his blonde hair glinting in the spotlight, his lean muscular chest lit to a perfection. Taking a few deep breaths his lean and hungry eyes on Chris standing there in the front row all the while,he grabbed the microphone,his strong sinewy forearms with prominent veins straining as he gripped at it hard, and leaned in. Babe, this one is for you, for you ,my one and only. Closing his eyes Toby started singing, in a sultry low voice. Jazz joined in with a heavy base beat. His vein marked hands grazing up and down the shaft Toby sang the song he wrote for Chris,his voice getting kinda whiny, wounded and deep, little whimper escaping him as he lifted his heavy lids and his eyes fell on Chris again. Chris' felt his heart leap in a knee-jerk reaction. Jesus, he thought completely lost in the crystal blue eyes gazing down on him, Jesus this is what he sounds like when we are making love.
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