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This is a fic I started like way back and then sorta got stuck but then beautiful Colleen stepped in and threw some ideas my way and also betaed it (there are also few lines in there that gotta be credited to her) and here you have it, "Halo optional" by little ol' me
soo enjoy

Halo Optional ( chapters 1-4 )

by ozfanfreak also lalioz on LJ


"...sex, sex, sex.... it's all young people think about." Monty Python's Life of Brian

slash, AU, Keller/Drake, OZ/WANTED crossover

"... if you're looking for a reason I've reason to give ....pleasure, little treasure..."Depeche Mode


Eddie Drake's favorite amendment to the Constitution was good ol' number two, the right to bare arms. So when a guy pulled a 45 on him, he could barely hold it against him. A man had to do what a man had to do, and Warren dude there, well, pretty much did what he liked....until now, as it turned out.

Flashing him a smile and a good one in the jaw, Eddie rides him to the ground. Hard. Hell, it's not like the guy didn't have it coming. Eddie towered over him; long curly hair, handlebar moustache, white wife-beater and a pair of snug black leather pants and heavy boots; all sheen with sweat and a snarky smirk. Looking straight down at him he drawled, his voice pitched low, "I don't share."

Chris there is smiling, his silver-dark gaze sweeping over him, dropping to Eddie's crotch.

Bastard...gorgeous, utterly irresistible bastard.

"C'mere." Eddie grabbed his lover by a hand, tugging him towards the doors, "Prag."

Chris shot him an amused look at that, his dark blue eyes glinting, "Oh, I didn't think ya cared."

"Move yer ass, Keller." Eddie snarked, trying hard not to laugh.

"Fuck you." Chris mouthed climbing on his bike.

Eddie grinned, his long legs straddling his own, a black Harley low-rider.

"Good things come to those who wait, Keller."


Eddie lounged back in a chair, one hand hooked behind his head. Long legs spread wide, with his crotch on blatant display. Chris is watching, of course he is, but Eddie's ogling the blond pussy there riding the pole; and he's taking his sweet time about it.

Sucking in the breath Chris glared at Eddie's profile. You fucking beautiful, miserable bastard. He really hated him sometimes. Most of the time lately. Like, right now.

Never taking his eyes off the blonde, Eddie took another swig of beer straight from the bottle. His tongue darted from his mouth touching the brown glass, giving it a lazy lick.

Mirroring his moves Chris licked his lips. He knew that smile playing around Eddie's pouty mouth. Fuck you, ya fuck.

With a wicked smile tugging at his lips Chris rose from a chair and swaggered lazily across the room towards the bar and a guy standing there that had been making eyes at him all night. Eddie was still looking the pussy over.

Invading the guy's personal space with languid grace Chris growled in his ear a low, "Think you'd recognize me tomorrow?" and the guy smiled from ear to ear. Stupid fuck.

Chris grinned at him, a wide flash of white teeth. He leaned against the counter, resting one leg on a rail, making sure the guy got a good look of his jeans clad ass. He shot the bartender his order," Two beers."

Chris grabbed the beer bottles and was about to go back to where Eddie was sitting but the guy leaned in and tried to cop a feel. Umm, right on cue.

Chris's mouth widened in a slow, downright luminous grin...his blue eyes glinting dangerously. But before he could tell the guy where to shove it, Eddie was standing there beside him, the look on his face sweet...choirboy sweet...and Chris's eyes glint with laughter now. That's my boy.

"Eddie this is..." his voice trailed of, his eyebrows lifting questioningly.

"Warren." At least the guy is helpful.

"Right." Chris drawled, "Warren." He locked his gaze with the guy's, deliberately ignoring Eddie shooting him a "what-the-fuck" kinda look. "Warren here seems to show a great appreciation of my family jewels."

"And ya didn't tell him they don't belong to you?"


"Naughty boy."

"Fuck off, Eddie." Chris took a sip of beer, eyefucking the guy, his mouth quirking in a knowing little smile.

"Yeah Eddie," Warren dude gave Eddie his version of a dirty look. "Fuck off."

"Fuck you, ya stupid fuck." Eddie smiled, mesmerized by Chris's long tapered fingers gliding up and down the neck of the bottle, casting him a smug little look.

"C'mon, baby. Let's go home." Eddie crooned in Chris's ear leaning in, his arm resting on Chris's waist. His lips brushed against Chris's cheek, the light tingle of his moustache making Chris's groin twitch in response. Fuck, I'm easy, thought Chris. His eyes drifted shut, his fingers stroking Eddie's stubbled cheek, delicately tracing the lines of his wide pouty mouth. The golden head scooted just a shade closer angling in for a kiss.

Neither one of them noticed Warren dude standing there anymore...that's until he decided to take a swing on Eddie. Wrong move.


"So." Chris sat back on his bike, his long thighs straddling the powerful machine, making Eddie's groin ache in anticipation.

"So?" Holding Chris's dark blue eyes unblinkingly Eddie pushed his bike on the curb with one strong thrust. Chris cocked his head with a wolfish grin. His silver dark eyes glinted under long eyelashes. "Oh baby, you're a tease."

With a sultry smile Eddie got off his bike and started towards Chris; his hungry eyes eating Eddie up, every lithe line of him.

"You're a bitch, ya know that, Keller?" Eddie said leaning in for a kiss.

"Yeah, but I'm yer bitch." Chris smiled against his lips.

He cupped the nape of Eddie's neck, his fingers gripping his hair, pulling him closer, hurting him a little. His tongue pushed against Eddie's lips, plunging deep, flicking against the roof of his mouth. Hard. Staking his claim.

Eddie groaned and opened his mouth wider, taking it in, sucking and tasting. He ran his hands over Chris's shoulders and cradled his head, moaning, trying to push closer, dig deeper, drown into him, in this kiss, so hot, wet and sweet.

Chris pushed up into him, groaning, his tongue teased along Eddie's.

Taking a deep, shuddering breath Eddie pressed their foreheads together and ran his fingers over Chris's lips. God baby, I love you, he thought. He nibbled gently at the corner of Chris's mouth making him whimper in little cries of pleasure.

Chris pushed up for another hungry kiss. His hand slid down Eddie's side, resting on the small of his back now, just inches from his ass, massaging lightly, teasing.

Nuzzling his temple his hand trailed lower, curving over Eddie's firm little ass; his words warm and low and moist in Eddie's ear, "Now, ask me nice for what you want."

With a deep satisfied moan Eddie burrowed into Chris. Their eyes locked. Chris cupped Eddie's face and swept his thumb across his kiss-swollen mouth, lingering there.

"Fuck me, baby." Eddie's voice was was hoarse with need.


"Now." Eddie said, sucking Chris's thumb into his mouth.

Chris's mouth quirked in a wolfish grin.

Eddie bit into Chris's thumb, his eyes glinting impishly. Giving it one more lazy lick he let it slip out of his mouth only to beg shamelessly, "Baby, please."

Chris slid his hand down Eddie's shoulders, his chest, over his hard belly, slow, maddeningly slow, his gaze holding Eddie's all the while; something strange dancing behind those midnight blue eyes of his.

Grazing over the waistband but never touching the bare skin aching for his touch, Chris gave his head a shake. "No." his voice was cold.

Oh Jesus fuck, no, not now. "Please, Chris." Eddie was pleading, "Please, baby."

With a wickedly wide smile Chris grabbed him by the waistband and pulled him close. Eddie's breath came in a loud little huff.

Leaning in Chris drawled a dark "I don't share either." His hand molded over Eddie's hard cock. "Ya hear me, Eddie?"

"Umm-humm." Eddie nodded, closing his eyes and moaning in pleasure. He couldn't help it. He arched up into Chris's touch, desperate for it. "I'm so sorry, baby." And he was. He really was.

"Ya should be." Chris purred nuzzling his throat. His breath was hot against Eddie's skin.

"Oh, I am, baby. Please."

"What?" Chris demanded, squeezing him.

His breath caught, Eddie whimpered, "Please, forgive me," as he pushed feverishly against him, "Forgive me."

He cocked his head. He could feel Chris smiling against his skin; his warm tongue flicking over his collarbone. "Baby..." he murmured, "Baby, Let's go."

Chapter 2

It was the soft burring of his cell that woke Chris. Stretching lazily in his bed, he groped for it on the night stand.

"Yeah?" he kept his voice soft, trying not to disturb Eddie sleeping peacefully next to him.

"Wakey, wakey."

It was Ryan.

"Fuck off." Chris grunted, railed by O'Reilly's throaty laugh.

Eddie murmured something unintelligible and rolled over in his sleep.

"What do ya want?" Chris lowered his voice getting up from the bed. He slithered silently into a bathroom, closing the door behind him.

"K-boy, is that a way to talk to yer boss?"

"O'Reilly, cut the crap and tell me what do ya want?!"

"I need you in Arizona. Jaz lost Shemin."

"Where is he?"

"In a hospital. Stupid fuck got shot."


"No, some half-assed drug dealer. C'mon Keller, it's a simple catch and delivery."

"No way."

"What's wrong with ya K-boy? Ya sounding awful bitchy there...havin' a period or what?"

" O'Reilly, no means no. Your mother should've taught ya that. Send Alvarez." Chris murmured raking his fingers through his short dark hair.

"Can't. Crazy motherfucker's somewhere in New Mexico."

"That's got nothing to do with me." Chris leaned back against the sink. "Fuck O'Reilly, I just got back. I've spent the last couple of weeks chasing goddamned Shirley Bellinger across half of Arizona, I'll be pissin' sand for days. I ain't goin'"

"You owe me, Keller." came O'Reilly's dangerous voice.

Fuck, he knew he did.

"See ya in an hour?" O'Reilly pressed.

"Yeah, whatever."

"That's my boy. Floria will take care of paper work."

"Fine." Chris slapped the cell off.


"Hey." Startled, Chris almost choked on a simple hello.


Wearing nothing but his boxer shorts and a lazy good morning smile, and looking absolutely edible, Eddie stood in the doorway.

Morning sun gilded his tousled hair; teasing light in his eyes and the sheen and glow of his creamy soft skin making Chris gasp.

How did he do this? To him. To everyone?

He shuffled in, giving Chris a lazy peck on a cheek, his hand coming to slide down Chris's back and ass, squeezing lightly.

"Hi." He smiled, nuzzling at Chris's temple.

Inhaling his musky scent, his body still warm, Chris took in Eddie's wickedly happy smile. Chris whispered yet another muffled hello, his eyes blue-black with need.

Chuckling under his breath at the disappointed little sigh coming out of Chris's mouth as he removed his hand, Eddie cantered along desperate for a long leisurely piss.

Yawning like a fully grown walrus, his arms at full stretch, Eddie sighed with gusto. His satisfaction peaked considerably as he sensed Chris coming up behind him, carding his hand through his hair, pushing it up and planting a wet hot kiss against that sensitive spot right behind his ear, his other hand sneaking around Eddie's waist.

"God Chris, I'm taking a leak here!" Eddie cried out making a real effort not to laugh.

"Fine." Chris snapped, backing up.

Feeling kind of puzzled Eddie watched him grab a toothbrush and smother it in toothpaste, his motions calm, deliberate.

Feeling hot and horny too, Eddie decided to let it slide; his hungry eyes raking up and down Chris's body, lagging over that mmm-hm-hm fine piece of ass.

With a slow wicked smile tugging at the corner of his mouth, Eddie flushed the toilet. Nudging Chris to move over he started washing his hands, making a big production out of it.

Brushing vigorously, spitting into the sink, Chris pretended to ignore him.

Oh, playing hard to get, aren't we?

With an exaggerated sigh Eddie leaned against the sink. Tilting his head to one side he frowned at his reflection in the mirror.

"Think I should shave the mustache?" he mumbled, his intense blue eyes gazing up at Chris through the long golden eyelashes, pink tip of his tongue flicking out to lick over his lips.

Slanting a grumpy look at him Chris murmured around the brush strokes

"I looove the 'stache."

Grinning like a lunatic on a spring break Eddie turned to face him; his blue eyes so hot, so wild, locked with Chris's. "You looove it?" Eddie crooned, scooted in, his hand curving along Chris's pecs.

Taking the brush out of his mouth Chris growled, "Love it, baby."

Eddie slid his hand lower, the look in his eyes so deliberate now, so intent. His fingers circled Chris's navel, grazing the rim of Chris's briefs. "Now, that's touching."

Catching hold of his hand Chris guided it even lower, whispering in a husky voice, "Oh, baby I'm a touching kinda guy."

"Oh, is that so?" Eddie grinned, his voice mock casual, perfectly conversational.

"Oh, yeah." Chris nodded, his breath turning shallow. Canting his hips, he pushed into that maddeningly, wickedly light touch.

"Yeah." Eddie crept a hand inside the briefs, his other hand sliding round Chris's neck, his fingers digging into the dark man's scalp kind of hard, bringing him closer.

Nuzzling Chris's temple, panting against his ear, pausing there just a while, just breathing, breathing him in...feeling...Eddie finally, *finally* dove in for a kiss.

With a muffled sigh Chris parted his lips, his tongue flicking out, seeking Eddie's, the warm lashes of his tongue across Eddie's making him writhe.

Letting out a sort of a whimper Eddie sucked Chris's tongue into his mouth, sucked it hard and hungry, toothpaste foam dripping from their mouths like come. Chris's hands held Eddie's waist then slid down to grab his ass. Chris pressed closer, pushing into tight, warm grasp of Eddie's fist.

Heaven, it felt like heaven; a minty kind of heaven, Eddie smiled to himself, groaning into Chris's open mouth.

"Baby," he gasped "Baby, I want you to suck me."

Nibbling gently at Eddie's lower lip, that goddamn beautiful sexy lower lip, his breathing heavy, Chris smiled, his eyes seeking Eddie's. "Mint?"

"Uh-huh." Eddie chuckled, his knees feeling weak.

"Mint it is, baby", his sultry gaze locked with Eddie's Chris licked a deliberate path down his throat.

The dark head dipped down, his warm tongue seeking Eddie's nipples, lapping at stiffed flesh, his long tapered fingers gliding along Eddie's ribs, tickling.

A throaty laugh escaping him, Eddie stroked his hand down the back of Chris's head, keeping him there, the hot breath searing his sensitive skin.

"The things you do to me, babe." Eddie's deep, sexy voice filled Chris's ears, "God, Chris, you make me feel...", he whimpered, the jolt of pleasure racing through him as Chris bit lightly at his nipple, "...mmmm, good, oh so good, baby."

He bit his lip as he watched Chris scoot down, dragging his open mouth across his quivering belly, inch by infinitesimal inch. Making a short work of his boxers and pausing, lingering there Chris shot him a wicked look.

Eddie closed his eyes in surrender and waited, unnaturally patient, his breath hitching in his throat, his groin tingling.

And then it was there; the wet hot swaths of that glorious tongue, circling his navel, making him gasp.

Running both hands up Eddie's thighs, squeezing his tight little ass, needing to feel his mouth again, Chris came up for a kiss.

Breathing hard, moaning, his tongue sliding against Eddie's, filling his mouth, Chris hoisted him up, spread his legs apart with his knee and moved in-between them.

Eddie gripped his shoulder, cupped the back of Chris's neck keeping him in place, his tongue lapping hungrily at Chris's, both of them moaning loudly now.

"Baby, now. Do it now." came Eddie's whispered demand.

With a look of simmering desire Chris lowered his head once more.


Chapter 3

"Fuck, you know I have to go." Chris leaned against the dresser, his arms crossed, watching Eddie slide into his jeans and then wander around the room in search of his shirt.

Giving up his search, Eddie replied with a curt "Fine. Go.", as he donned one of Chris's wife beaters.


Putting on his heavy boots, Eddie looked up at him and shot him a "don't-ya-Eddie-me" kind of look.

All Chris could do was give him a smile at that, an apologetic, little crooked smile.

Eddie's cell went off. Grabbing his leather jacket from a chair he fished the brick out and snapped it open.

"Drake. Yeah, I'm on my way." he drawled, looking around for his keys.

Chris dangled them in front of him.

Planting a lazy wet kiss on Chris's mouth, Eddie grabbed the keys. "See ya."

"Yeah, I'll put champagne on ice." Chris hissed, his narrow eyed glower drilling holes in Eddie's back.


Kicking down the door Eddie slithered into the room. Squinting his eyes he scanned it through a cloud of swirling dust; his badge glinting in a sudden light as Rodriguez stormed in through a window, the pungent stench of stale beer, sweat and urine hitting them hard.

"Clear!" Eddie shouted.

"Clear." came Tommy's answer.

Springing out of nowhere Timmy Kirk bolted for the back door, knocking Merced flying.

"Shit, Carla. C'mon!" Eddie bellowed running past her and after the guy across the backyard, over the fence and into an alley.

"US Marshal, motherfucker! Don't make me chase ya!"

Fuck, like that ever worked.

Picking up the pace Eddie was gaining on him. Tires screeching, Rose cut Kirk off with his car.

Eddie brought him down with a flying tackle; belligerent fucker was putting a hell of a fight though, groping for some 2x4s lying around.

Flipping him over, Eddie pinned him down, squeezing kind of hard at the back of Timmy's neck, his breath coming in pain-racked little gasps.

Looming brutally over him, Eddie purred in a silken voice, "You better get used to this, sweetpea."

"Shit man, I know nothing." Kirk cried in a reedy voice.

Eddie cuffed him with practiced ease.

"Well, see, you're not gonna palm me off with that excuse." he drawled shoving Kirk's scrawny little ass into the backseat of Rose's car.


Eddie was standing by a window, his arms akimbo, head cocked in a rapt examination of a little scene playing out down on the street; two hookers looking mighty butch having a go at Jimmy looking kind of scared, little ruffled and absolutely miserable.

"Meow" he hissed and gave his head a shake.

Carla threw him an acerbic look.

Peeling himself away from the window with unselfconscious ease and an innocent smile, he flipped the irascible bitch off.

Tommy cracked a smile at that. Gronbeck was sipping coffee absentmindedly.

Minutes ticked by.

They were all waiting for Rose.


"So?" Eddie cocked an eyebrow at him as he finally emerged from the interrogation room some twenty minutes later.

"Hank Schillinger."


"You know the guy?"

"Yeah, you might say that. He hangs at the Suaro Cantina, over in Calabasas. It's a shithole...perfect for fuckers like him."

"We should also try 69." Merced droned lifting her head from some paperwork.

Dodging the eager little looks Tommy was throwing his way, a trace of a smile playing across his lips, Eddie kept his gaze fixed onto his boots.

"You'll never get in there."

"But I know a guy that could." she shot back sounding pretty smug.

"Don't shit me, you?" Eddie smirked.

"Yeah, me."

"Yeah, right."

"Who's the guy?" Rose cut in.

"Killer Keller."

Eddie's head snapped up, every nerve in his body screaming at him to play it cool.

"You know, the biker hanging out with Hoyt," she went on, unfazed, "the rumor has it he and Schillinger senior are pretty tight. He could get us in."

Eddie's eyes hardened. How the fuck did she know Chris?

"Ok. Get in touch with the guy." Rose said. "I'm sending you in. Eddie, you too."

"As a couple?" Eddie asked zeroing on Merced once again.

"C'mon Connie, no!" Carla cried out, yapping at nature and its creator.

"That's how we're gonna play it. Like it or lump it." Rose said, the tone of his voice making it pretty clear he was getting pretty tired of her shit.

Mumbling with dogged determination she shot a peeved look at him, "Who the fuck's gonna believe I'm with him?"


Hot, hot, hot i.e. Phoenix in August. His own personal hell.

No word from Eddie. For days.

Not a single word.





No sign of Shemin either.

Finally, he got a credible tip and tracked him down to a hotel, a pretty decent one actually, not what you'd expect from an asswipe skipping bail anyway.

Waiting around as Shemin took his sweet time chatting up the fag at the reception desk, Chris scanned the lobby. There was no one around. Sweet.

Lagging a few steps behind Chris followed him into an elevator. He pressed 4th. Chris smiled, pressed 5th. He smiled back. Somewhere between the second and the third floor Chris had him in cuffs.

As the elevator hit the lobby again Chris dragged his scrawny ass kicking and screaming to the car and back to jail.

The next day he cashed the check for him, gave the half to Jaz and went home.

Still no sign of Eddie. No surprise there.

Fishing out a six-pack from a fridge, he slumped down in front of a television and in a couple of hours fell asleep drunk as a skunk.

Life sucked. Big time and often.


When he woke up Eddie was there sitting on the coffee table right in front of him, leaning in. Eddie's legs were spread wide, elbows propped against his thighs, his intense gaze was fixed on Chris.


Rubbing his knuckles across his eyes, feeling tired and angry, but mostly feeling like shit, he kept his game mask on.

"Oh, we are speaking? I thought we're fucking with each other."

"I missed you."

Chris watched Eddie's strong wiry hand slide up his thigh, watched Eddie smile at him, leaning in; the resentment bubbling up inside of him.

"You. Goddamned. Liar." Chris's voice was low, his anger obvious now.

Jumping off the couch, the room reeling before his eyes, he headed towards the bathroom.

"Fuck you, ya fuck." he snarled at Eddie, slamming the door behind, locking it for good measure.

Some fifteen minutes later, with a piss and a shower behind him, he returned only to find Eddie sprawled across the couch. His eyes were closed, his blond head cocked back exposing the fine sexy throat, and the lean well toned chest, making Chris's heart beat faster, his stomach flipping over sort of funny. He swallowed hard.

"All freshened up?" Eddie drawled looking at him through lowered eyelids, his sultry voice making Chris's skin crawl.

He closed his eyes, already breathing heavy, already half hard.

The motherfucker sure has the set on him.

"C'mere." the motherfucker drawled.

"Fuck you." Chris looked at him now, his midnight blue eyes narrowing dangerously.

"Ok." flashing him a happy smile Eddie let his hand trail down his chest, towards the zipper, hovering over it.

Towel hanging dangerously low on his slim hips, Chris swaggered across the room, and now he was standing there, facing him, looming above him. He was all coiled up inside, his eyes unreadable, a time bomb waiting to go off.

And then he moved, snagging Eddie off the couch, bringing him close; their noses bumping for a sec there, Chris's hungry mouth covering Eddie's.

Oh, yeah, here we go, Eddie thought wildly.

"Take this off," came Chris's growl, "take it all off."

"Oh, I like it when you're rough." Eddie flicked his tongue at him.

"You like me period, babe."


Chapter 4

His eyes closed and his body trembling, Eddie felt himself being spun around, pushed down on the sofa, hard. Chris's hot firm body pressed flush against his, his strong hands grabbing hold of Eddie's hips, pushing into him, fast, mercilessly; the burning shock of entry making him gasp.

Chris pulled out and slammed back into him, hitting Eddie's prostate, his fingers gripping Eddie's hair and pulling at it, hard.

Eddie whimpered, his eyes closed, his head down.

Chris smiled against his neck, his breath hot against Eddie's skin.


"Mine," Chris whispered against his ear, "all mine." his deep throaty voice shooting straight to Eddie's cock.

"Yeah." Eddie gasped, his eyes drifting shut as Chris licked behind his ear, tasting his skin, tasting the sweat, pounding into him.

"Say it," that voice in his ear again. "Say it." Chris groaned sliding in and out of him, again and again, thrusting hard, mercilessly.

"Yours baby, all yours." Eddie screamed arching his back, feeling Chris's hand on his cock now. "Yours." he mewled, feeling Chris's orgasm rip through him. "All yours...."


"How do you know Carla Merced?" Eddie traced a lazy finger over Chris's chest.

"I don't." Chris said, something in Eddie's voice making him lift his head from a pillow and look at him real hard

"She says you do." Eddie cocked his eyebrows, leaning his chin against Chris's chest.

"Did I fuck her?"

"Huh," Eddie gave a little huff at that, "I don't know, you tell me."

"Shit Eddie, I fucked half the county." Chris squirmed out of his embrace and climbed out of bed.

"That's good to know." Eddie laid sprawled, hands hooked behind his head.

"Yeah, and who is it that fucked the other half?" Chris drawled sarcastically. "C'mon man, last woman I fucked, shit; it was over three years ago." he braced his arms against the window frame.

"Let me guess.... Bonnie." Eddie grimaced, "Fuck, what's wrong with that lady?"

"Eddie, leave Bonnie out of this...", he angled his head to look back at him, his eyes narrowing dangerously.

"I just said..." Eddie jumped out of bed, moved behind him.

"I know what you said. Just, don't..." Chris sighed "'Kay?"

"'Kay." Eddie nodded, pressing flush against him, nuzzling at the nape of Chris's head, his arms coming round Chris's waist.

"So...Carla." he planted a gentle kiss against his neck, "How do you know her?"

"I told you, I don't." Chris turned in his arms,"Shit Eddie, you're one jealous motherfucker."

Eddie gave him a curious look at that.

"She'll want you to get us into 69." he said clearly avoiding the subject.

"Us?" Chris decided to play along.

"Yeah, me and her..."Eddie let it trail off suggestively.

"Yeah?" Chris cocked his eyebrows, canting his hips, pressing their crotches together.

"Yeah." Eddie groaned, his lips parting slightly.

"Oh baby, you two-timing me there Eddie?" Chris whispered pressing closer.

Eddie gave a choked little smile at that, trying to steal a kiss, but Chris scooted away, his palm curving along Eddie's chest, a slight pressure enough to get him to back down.

"But, you see baby, I do know you." Chris's words whispered in a husky tone sneaked around him.

"Oh, yeah?" Eddie pressed closer, giving Chris's ass a firm squeeze.

He wound his arm around Eddie's neck, "Yeah." he drawled diving in for a kiss.

He licked gently at Eddie's offered mouth, teasing his lips with his tongue, pushing against it, wanting in. Oh God, yeah.

Eddie's mouth parted, his tongue flicking out, meeting Chris's in a frantic dance, his arms coming round Chris's waist.

Chris threaded his fingers through Eddie's golden curls, bringing him closer, feasting on his mouth, tasting him slow and deep.

Eddie shivered pressing into him; their breathless moans loud in a still morning air.

"So, you'll do it?" Eddie gasped in between labored breaths.

"For you baby, anything."

"Anything?" Eddie smiled his hand creeping up Chris's thigh, cupping his balls.

"Anything." Chris groaned, closing his eyes in surrender. Oh, yeah, any goddamned thing.


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