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sorry, no smut here

Halo optional (chapter 5)

by ozfanfreak

Jumping out of his 2006 blue Dodge Charger and wincing as the midday sun hit his eyes Eddie gave a soft moan. With a pained half-smile he put his sunglasses on. Carla waited for him in the little diner across the street. Pausing for a pick-up truck passing by he started over, a little stiffness noticeable in his gait.

"Lookin' perky there, Merced." he drawled with a hint of a suggestive smile, sliding into the booth opposite her, his eyes slithering down her cleavage.

"Drake..." she started, all at daggers drown.

"Nuh-huh-huh," Eddie leaned back against the upholstery looking her over, "let's try with a -'Hello there, big boy,' he whispered in a husky tone, leaning in, his eyes glinting, "where were you been last night. I've been waiting for ya baby." He purred, " All. Night.Long." the pink tip of his tongue flicking between his white teeth at every 'l'.

Mesmerized, and looking a little flushed Carla couldn't seem to look away.

"Or we can kiss all this goodbye." Eddie slumped back with an angelic smile. "So, you heard from the guy, yet?"

"Uh-huh." Carla huffed. "He's joining us here." She glanced at her wrist watch. "He's late."

"How do you know this.....Keller, was it?" Eddie drawled, perfectly conversational.

"He and my ex, Ryan,....they go way back." She shrugged waving the waitress over.

"Oh, you were married. I didn't know that." Eddie smiled, feeling obscenely happy all of a sudden. "Damn, Merced, you're full of surprises."


Grinning wide at the waitress as she refilled his coffee, Eddie laid back in his seat, his legs spread wide, his posture relaxed. Taking a bite of his strawberry pie he sighed gustily.

"You've got some cream there...." Carla said looking at him, running her finger over her chin.

"Umm....thanks." Eddie grinned sticking out his tongue to lick the smudge of his chin; Carla's eyes growing wide in shock.

"Fuck, Drake you could unclog drains with that."

"Among other things." Eddie chuckled, winking at her and taking another bite.

She looked at her watch nervously, sighed turning her head towards the doors, her smile growing wide as she noticed the tall dark and handsome biker coming in. "That's our guy."

Nope. Eddie smiled to himself noticing just how good Chris looked in dark blue jeans, black T-shirt and a weathered black leather jacket. That's my guy.

Lazy smile tugging at his lips, Chris took his sun glasses of and sauntered over to them.

"It's very clear that your time is more important than mine, late guy." Eddie drawled, his blue eyes glinting with the memory of that hard body pressed against his just a couple of hours ago.

Slow smile played around Chris's shapely mouth as he sidled up whispering against Carla's ear, loud enough for Eddie to hear. "What's with the 'stache here?" He gave his chin a jerk. "Lookin' like the fuckin' 'A' in YMCA." He said turning to Eddie now.

"Ouch." Carla mouthed, obviously enjoying herself.

Eddie laughed hard, almost snorting some coffee through his nose. He grabbed some paper towels and wiped his mouth. Angel and devil face combined, his blue eyes raking over Chris' lean hard, leather clad body, Eddie crooned: "Takes one to know one,C-boy."

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