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I Just Called to Say I Love You

by Riley Cannon

Title: "I Just Called to Say I Love You" Series: Domestic Incidents Time frame within series: Waaaay post-LGTStTA, part 1 Disclaimers: They belong to Tom Fontana, HBO, et al; I only borrow them for non-profit sap & smut. Summary: This is another little slice of domestic life in which the AoL is home with the flu, and his Sweet Baboo knows *just* the right way to cheer him up.

============================================= I JUST CALLED TO SAY I LOVE YOU

Stretched out on the couch, barefoot, in sweats and Toby's Harvard sweatshirt, Chris was eying the bottle of Nyquil in a particularly baleful way, failing to perceive that taking a couple of swigs of it had done him any good. He just felt sick and slightly loopy now.

Hearing the car drive off, he reached for the remote and turned the TV back on, wondering if it would be worth the effort to go check out the soup Mom and Aunt Ro had brought over. Deciding no, he tried to get more comfortable, pulling the blue-and-gray plaid throw up as he felt a chill, also concluding Dominic's bedside manner left a certain something to be desired -- 'If you'd got a shot like I told you to, you wouldn't be sick. Now take your medicine and quit whining.' Chris understood Nic probably didn't appreciate being dragged out here to make a house call and all, but all the same he was glad Aunt Ro had smacked him one for that.

Unable to find anything else even vaguely interesting, he left the TV on 'The Philadelphia Story' -- he'd always kind of liked that one -- and put his head down on the pillow, thinking a nap wouldn't be so bad right now and closing his eyes as Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart were cooking up a plan to get Stewart's boss.

He opened them again as Katharine Hepburn was trying to recover from a hangover, hearing the doorbell ringing. He listened again, realized it wasn't the television, and sat up -- slowly. Fuck. Mentally running down the relative list, pretty sure everyone had already stopped by to cheer him up, he got up to answer it, finding a delivery guy standing on the steps with a package in one hand and a bunch of flowers in the others. "Yeah?"

"Christopher Keller?" the guy said, sounding way too perky.

"Yeah," Chris replied, not sounding even slightly perky.

"These are for you," the guy held out the flowers and the package.

Well, whoopty-fuckin'-do. Chris accepted them dubiously, glared at the kid long enough to give him the idea a tip was not in the offing, and closed the door. Back in the living room, he stared at the bunch of flowers, already in a little vase, wondering who the fuck would be sending him pansies.

Checking the package and recognizing the handwriting provided an answer, however.

Chris put the little vase on the coffee table then sat back on the couch and opened the envelope, taking out a video and a note:


Did you know pansy comes from the French 'pensee' and means "I'm thinking of you," in the language of flowers? No, I didn't think you would. (You darned well better remember they're our flower, though. Failure to do so could result in any number of penalties. That you might enjoy some of these penalties is entirely beside the point, I might add.)

If the pansies fail to entertain you, the item enclosed may provide better diversion. Bob emailed me about it yesterday so I stopped in at Coming Attractions to pick it up. Looks like Neil and Ethan should be in good form in this one. When you're feeling better you can give me a blow-by-blow review.

See you in a couple hours

Love, Toby

Chris liked the 'Love, Toby' part a lot. And that he'd be home in a couple of hours.

He picked up the video, looking it over, seeing it was indeed from their favorite line of productions. This one was called'Naval Maneuvers, and apparently had Neil and Ethan as officers on the HMS Devotion, during the Napoleonic Wars. The cover had Ethan, the blond half of the duo, sprawled across a bunk, giving his lover a come hither look while the dark haired Neil was just dropping his coat to the floor.

And Chris wondered if the Guinness Book World Records people should be notified, because he really didn't think he felt like watching porn right now.

Still... He had seen The Philadelphia Story before, and maybe it would inspire him to hurry up and feel better.

Getting up, he popped the video into the VCR and hit PLAY, settling back on the couch as the opening credits rolled, seeing the production company had not lowered their standards, and recalling what Toby had told him the first time they had watched one of these, how he had been informed these videos were made by women for women -- and discerning men -- who enjoyed good guy-on-guy action with real stories and acting. The only difference between these and one of those indie films, Toby had been told, was that here the camera didn't pan away to a shot of a waterfall or something when the guys hit the sheets.

The first scene had the ship caught in a storm, Ethan and Neil getting drenched in water that made their white shirts cling transparently to their sculpted torsos, tight breeches getting even tighter -- Chris couldn't say he was experiencing a similar sensation, however, and fast-forwarded a little, stopping as Ethan and Neil retired to their quarters and set about getting each other out of their wet things. Chris felt a few twinges as Ethan dropped to his knees to warm up Neil's cock, but only a few, and had to wonder if it was the flu or the Nyquil affecting his libido. Or maybe what really made these videos work was the watching them with Toby part.

He stopped the tape and turned the VCR and TV off, and settled back on the couch, thinking another nap was actually the most appealing thing right now. Just as he was on the verge of dozing off again, however, the phone rang. One eye cracked open, he scowled over at it, deciding the machine could fucking well get it. Two minutes later his cell phone went off.

"Yeah?" he growled.

"Well, somebody feeling grumpy?" Toby said, a smile in his voice.

Chris sighed and lay back down. "Well, if you were home I could be feeling Dopey."

"Ha ha. Did you get my presents?"


"Did you like the pansies?"

Chris aimed a critical look at the vase. "Yeah, they're good pansies."

"How about the other item? Did you watch it?"

"Just for a few minutes. It's okay, I guess."

"You turned off porn?" Toby said, an exaggerated note of disbelief in his voice.

"Yeah," Chris said, in a tone that challenged him to make something of it.

"Maybe I should call 911, this could be serious." Which was more than could be said for Toby's tone of voice.

"It's not the same, watching it by myself."

"You know, I understand a great many people habitually watch this sort of material by themselves."

"Only because they don't have you handy."

"Oh -- so I do have my uses, huh?"

"You have all sorts of uses, baby," Chris assured him, such as how the sound of his voice was enough to make him feel a whole lot better.

"Yeah?" Toby said, somehow managing to pack a whole lot of lascivious innuendo into that one innocuous syllable. "Maybe I can help now."

"What'd you have in mind?" Chris made himself a little more comfortable on the couch, not sure where Toby was going but pretty sure he might enjoy it.

"Where are you?"

Chris smiled. "In the living room, on the couch."

"All comfy?"

"Uh huh. Where're you?"

"In my office."

"Tobe -- geez--"

"My last appointment canceled, Dad just took off for the day, the door's locked -- relax." Toby sighed, sounding like he was getting more comfortable himself.

"You at your desk?"

"Umm hmm. What are you wearing?"

"Same thing I was when you left this morning."

"I've got my coat off and my tie undone," Toby told him. "Now I'm unbuttoning my shirt."

Chris licked his lips, picturing that very easily. "Yeah?"

"Yeah. Now I'm touching my chest... Hmm, my nipples aren't getting hard the way you like them--"

"Tobe, geez..."

"What would you do if you were here?"

"Uhm, I guess I'd lick them a little, suck 'em," Chris said, breathing a little harder, hiking the sweatshirt up and running a hand over his own nipples, imagining it was Toby's fingers caressing them, Toby's tongue lapping at them. "That any, uhm, better?"

"Uh huh." Toby sounded a little breathless, too. "Push your sweats down."

"Yeah -- and?"

"Touch yourself, like I do. Can you feel my hand, Chris," Toby's voice breathed in his ear, "gliding up and down?"

Chris bit his lip, imagining it was Toby's hand touching him. "Uh huh."

"My thumb's swirling over the tip, isn't it?"

Chris closed his eyes. "Uh huh."

"It feels good, doesn't it, just like you're making me feel?"

"Umm hmm."

"Can you feel my tongue now, licking you there?"

"Oh god, Tobe... Yeah... " He was gonna die, but Jesus Christ, it would be worth it.

"Can you feel me taking you into my mouth, sucking?"

"Uh huh."

"Do you feel me playing with your balls?"


Voice getting huskier, breathing harder, Toby asked, "Am I sucking you good, Chris?"

"Uhm hmm..."

"Are you going to come for me?"

"Oh fuck ... Yeah .... "

"Come for me, baby. Let me taste you," Toby urged him, practically panting now, right along with him.

"Toby ... oh, Jesus fucking Christ, Tobe..." Chris felt the tension seeping out of his muscles with his release, sinking back into the soft warmth of the couch, and opening his eyes to confirm he really was still alone in the room. "Christ, Toby..." he sighed into the phone. "I think I ruined the blanket."

A warm, sexy chuckle sounded in his ears. "We can get a new one. Feel better now?"

"Oh, fuck yeah. Did you come?"

"Uhm ... yep."

"Good. Wouldn't want to leave you feeling unsatisfied," Chris said, feeling kind of sleepy now and not able to stifle a yawn.

Toby laughed again. "Don't forget to clean off before you take a nap."

"I won't. You'll be home soon?"

"Uh huh."

"Good." Chris sighed. "See you then."

"You, too. Love you."

"Love you," Chris echoed and set the phone back on the table, finding he had just enough energy left to take the video out and slip it back into its box, taking it with him as he went upstairs to get cleaned up.

Snuggled into bed, he only missed Toby's presence a little, and dozed off with a smile on his face.

--the end--

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I Just Called to Say I Love You -- Stevie Wonder

No new years's day to celebrate no chocolate covered candy hearts to give away no first of spring no song to sing in fact here's just another ordinary day No April rain no flowers bloom no wedding saturday within the month of June But what it is Is something true Made up of these three words that I must say to you

I just called to say I love you I just called to say how much I care I just called to say I love you And I mean it from the bottom of my heart

No summer's high No warm July No harvest moon to light one tender August night No autumn breeze No falling leaves No even time for birds to fly to southern skies No libra sun No Halloween No giving thanks to all the Christmas joy you bring But what it is Though old so new To fill your heart like no three words Could ever do.

I just called to say I love you I just called to say how much I care I just called to say I love you And I mean it from the bottom of my heart.

I just called to say I love you I just called to say how much I care I just called to say I love you And I mean it from the bottom of my heart

Of my heart Of my heart

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