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I guess I just love it when he shoves him back against the wall

Love is a wonderful thing

by ozfanfreak or lalioz

"Why did you have to fuck *her* ?"

Toby's voice broke on a whimper his eyes searching frantically for the answer in his best friend's deep blue ones. "Chris, you can have anyone you want." He whispered shaking his head, his eyes downcast now; Chris' silence killing him. "Why her?" he screamed.

Standing in the middle of the room only in his boxers, his arms foled across the chest Chris threw him a maddeningly sly smile and a cold- " `cause I could" - and all Toby could do was lay him a good one across the face, and Chris just snorted rubbing his jaw, his blue eyes unreadable, driving Toby mad.

"You just couldn't keep it in your pants, huh, asshole?"Toby yelled, hurt and anger and defeat clear in his voice. " I thought you were my friend."

"I am. I did ya a favor." Chris flopped down on a sofa his long legs spread wide, his crotch on full display, his head thrown back, his eyes closed, and his voice sounding kind of tired. "She's a dead fuck." He raked his fingers through his short dark hair, yawning.

"You piece of shit!" Toby was livid, his whole body now visibly shaking. "The wedding is in two days! Two fucking days, Keller!"

"Uh-huh-huh, I don't think so." Chris shook his head, a trace of a smile dancing on his lips, his sing-song voice breaking something in Toby and he grabbed the first thing within reach and sent it flying; the vase breaking against the wall, a shard of glass tearing Chris's skin, blood trickling down his neck.

"Fuck!" Chris jumped off the sofa, "You little fuck!"

"Fuck, Chris, I'm sorry...." Toby rushed to him. "We need...Chris..." he muttered in panic, Chris shoving him off.

"Fuck, Chris, let me look at it!" he screamed.

"It's nothing." Keller batted his hand away, his lips curving with a trace of a mocking smile, and Toby's panic deflated, a bitter, self deprecating snort escaping him. `What the fuck am I doing? '

He closed his eyes, shaking his head, one of those crazy sounding loughs of his crackling through the silence."You know what. Fuck you, Keller. I'm out of here."

"Fine." Chris growled pressing a hand against the wound on his neck, his fingers wet and sticky with blood.

"Fine." Toby snapped back reaching for a doorknob, yanking a door open, Chris' low "Fuck you, ya fuck." stopping him in mid motion.

"I don't get it," he said turning to face him, "Chris, you threw away eight years of friendship just like that."

Heading to the bathroom, and not really looking at him, Chris hissed in a low dangerous voice. "Beecher, as much as I would like to stand here and discuss the finer points of our friendship with you I need to have this looked at so if you don't mind...."


He was standing there in Chris' living room waiting patiently for Chris to put some clothes on, staring at Chris' blood staining the off-white leather cushins and feeling numb all of a sudden.

"C'mon, I'll take you to hospital." He said quietly when Chris came back. "We'll talk later."

"No, we won't." Chris went past him not even sparing a glance.

"Fuck you, Keller."

"Well, fuck you, too, Tobias."


They met in court eight years ago. It was Toby's first case as an ADA- thrown in his lap like a hot potato just days before the trial date.Chris was the arresting officer.

'Wow, that's what you'd call an asshole.' Toby remembered thinking as he watched him swager down the hallway wearing a dark blue suit and a shit eating grin.

Pretty soon, however, he changed his mind.Chris has actually changed it for him.

He was strange- sure- loud, sometimes obnoxious, so sure of himself you'd like to punch him in the face just to see him loose it, but still so thoughtful and kind it was impossible not to like him; and many people did like him, loved the man actually. He saw women tripping all over each other just to show him how much. Like the nurse tending to his wound just now-

Toby smirked watching at the blonde cooing over Chris; and Chris was working it, milking it for all its worth, making Toby think of the things he didn't want to, like- of him and Genevieve, of Chris touching her like that, tilting her chin up playfully, gazing deep into her eyes, leaning in and smiling, all the way smilling.

"Fuck, "he muttered to himself looking away in impotent rage.

`How clich, huh, Beecher- your best friend and your fiancee; nothing special, not even that much.'

He chuckled at the crazy train of thought.

"What's so funny?" Chris growled coming up to him.

"Everything." Toby said on a huff.


They kept silent on the drive back to Chris' apartment, Chris with his eyes closed, resting his head back against the seat, Toby with his eyes riveted on the road.

Pulling up in front of a brownstone Toby managged a low "Get out."

With his hand on the handle Chris threw him the strangest of looks.

"Ya know.... I saved you from yourself, Beech."He said slaming the door shut.

Staring at Chris' retiring back Toby frowned. He shook his head in disbelief.

"What the fuck am I supposed to glean from that, you cunt!" he yelled leaning through the passenger seat window, the bile rising in his throat.

Killing the engine he hurridly got out of the car to run after Chris.Grabbing hold of his arm he spun him around.

"What do you mean-*you* saved me," he hissed getting into his face,"St.Christopher?"

"Fuck off, Beecher.I'm not in the mood." Chris turned away digging into his jeans pocket for his keys.

With the incredulous huff Toby grabbed the keys from Chris' hand. "Well, tough shit, Keller." He opened the front door and stepped inside. "It's not about what *you* want." He muttered starting up the stairs. "You coming?" he snapped impatiently.

Chris flipped him off, grudgingly deciding to join him.


"You wanted to talk," Chris said grabbing a bottle of Maker's Mark from the kitchen cupboard, then slumped down on a chair, " so, talk."

"You shouldn't be drinking." Toby said quietly.

Chris threw him a withering look. "Bite me."

"Fine," Toby snorted, "see if I care." and jumped up on a counter.


They sat like that in uncomfortable silence as afternoon sun streamed through a window, and shadows danced across the floor. Chris went through the better half of the bottle.

"Chris," Toby finally spoke trying to make some sense of it all, "I don't understand-why? Just tell me that much."

"Fuck if I know." Chris sighed taking another swig.

"Don't give me that." Toby said tiredly, his voice low, his eyes pleadingly searching Chris' face for answers.

"You should be talking to Gen, you know that, Beech." Chris looked at him at last, his eyes narrowed, pointing the bottle at him for emphasis."Why ain't ya talking to her, huh?" He said squinting.

"After all, she sucked *my* cock?" he shrugghed his shoulders looking away. He went on talking to himself , Toby's wide wild eyes staring at him in disbelief. "She may have a lot going for her, but giving head sure ain't one of those things." He snorted. "You oughta think about it, Beech. You oughta think hard, man."

He was smiling now, a wide drunken smile spreading over his face. Getting up from the chair he swayed as he stood. "Wow, those meds are kicking my ass." He grinned wetly. "Here's to you, Tobe!" he downed another big gulp of whiskey before Toby could stop him.

Jumping off the counter, Toby reached for the bottle, taking it gently from Chris' grip. "C'mon man, you need to lie down. C'mon Chris." He tugged at him; there was no point talking to a so obviously a drunken man.

"You're the greatest. You know that." Chris stumbled, and threw his arms around him, yanking him close, crushing him against his body. "Simply the best." He mumbled his face buried against Toby's neck. "I bet *you'd* suck cock like a motherfuckin' vacum."

Toby pulled back to stare at him stupidly, his eyes wide. "Wha..."

Chris grinned drunkenly, blinking slowly, his lips glistening moist. "Kiss me, Toby." He panted out grabbing the nape of his neck, and crushing his lips against Toby's in a messy desperate kiss.


Overwhelmed, he felt Chris' cock jabbing at his hip.

He felt a hell of a lot more- his musky smell, stubble, strong fingers digging into his scalp, pulling at his hair,and how, the moment Chris' lips touched his, his dick sprang to full attention.

The whole world came to a grinding halt while his heart pounded in his groin, his mouth full of Chris' wet hot tongue, and all of a sudden all those women kissing Chris, fucking Chris came to his mind and in horror he realized- he was jelous.

"Don't..." he groaned trying to break off the kiss, needing to get away from him,"urgh...Chris."; Chris's hands holding him still, his tongue flicking against his lips. "Please, stop." He whimpered, terrified. "Chris!"

"Toby..." Chris panted ghosting his lips over his jaw, desperately kneading his waist trying to burrow into him.

"Chris! I said fucking stop!" Toby squirmed out of his fevered embrace, desperation thick in his voice and Chris lost it. "Fuuuck!" he grabbed the bottle from the counter and hurled it into the wall.

"Fuck! Get the fuck outta here!" he bellowed not even looking at Toby, and Toby bolted for the door.

Leaning helpesly against the wall Chris let out an agonized sob. "I love you, you motherfucking idiot.............," he muterred drunkenly," I fucking love you."

He shook his head, a choked laugh escaping him. "And what's the use saying it to a fucking wall...."

Staring at his reflection in a window he closed his eyes in disgust. His father was right, he slid to the floor his head drooped tears rolling down his face, he was going to hell.


Toby's hands were shaking so bad he barely managed to unlock his car.Fuck, fuck, fuckFUCK! He janked the door handle, and got into the car. Trying to jab the key into the ignition, and fairly amazed by his own eloquence he muttered through yet another stream of angry confused *fuck fuck fucks!!!*

All of a sudden MrsMichaels, his 4th grade techer, came to his mind, looking at him over her gold rimmed glasess, her hands on her hips: "Now, Tobias, what do you say to that?"

The only thing that sprang to his muddled brain was another heartfelt *FUCK!*

Somehow he knew she would have agreed with him on this one.

Pulling away he glanced at Chris's window. The lights were out.

Horrified he thought of all those times he had spent the night on Chris's couch.

Yeah, right, get the hold of yourself. He let out a selfdeprecating huff. And then he thought of all those times Chris was there for him, and he felt sick, physically sick; he had to stop and puke.

Draging himself back to the car he thought of the look in Chris's eyes; dejected.

He remembered the fear he saw in them. And who is to blame, huh, Tobias? He groaned, shame and guilt washing over him. God .He had never wanted to hurt him like that. He had never known anybody quite as attentive, heedful of his needs and thoughts as Chris. And how did he repay him?

What the fuck is wrong with you? The fuckwad slept with Gen!

Suprisingly, he realized he didn't give a damn, not anymore.

He was certain now Chris did it because he knew he would call the whole damn thing off. Nobody knew him quite as well as Chris, he smiled, and he'll never find someone quite like Chris again.

With a wild U turn he headed back to him.


He looked into his eyes and time as such stopped to exist.

"Tobe, I..." he spoke, but was cutt off by Toby's lips on his.

He was drunk as a skunk, and Toby smelled of vomit, and wild horses could not drag him away from him, as his lips touched Toby's, and his arms went round his waist pressing them against each other. Toby's hands resting on his shoulders crept tentatively to his nape grabbing hold of his short dark hiar there, his lips opening to Chris's tongue.

In for a penny in for a pound.Mrs Michaels crept back again from the deepest receses of his mind, and he laughed softly.

"What is it?" Chris whispered, his eyes searching Toby's attentively.

"Nothing," Toby shook his head giving him a smile and diving for another kiss,"just me, being crazy all over again."

"Toby..." Chris pulled back to look at him, but Toby pulled him closer again, kissing him lightly on the lips. "Doesn't matter, Chris, just kiss me."

"No, tell..." Chris started, but Toby shutt him up with a firm kiss, taking advantage of his long tongue to keep the other man from speaking again.

He slid his hand between them cupping Chris' balls, and then reached for his zipper. "Take it out, Keller," he mumbled flicking his tongue against Chris', "and use it."

Grining at Chris' suprised groan he reached inside his jeans.

Taking him into a firm grip and swirling a thumb over the head Toby grabbed him by the nape and hauled him in, plunging his tongue deep.

"Christ, Toby...." Chris groaned thrusting into Toby's fist. "Ya sure, baby?"

"Uh-huh." Toby breathed into his open mouth, smiling, flicking his tongue against Chris's upper lip, nipping lightly at it....and that pushed Chris into overdrive.

"God, baby..." Cupping his face with both hands he kissed him deep, hot and wet, pushed against him, shoved him against the wall grinding their crotches together.

It was so wild Toby wanted to holler, laugh, fucking woot from joy; all he managed though was a heartfelt moan as Chris' strong hands slid down his flanks to grab his ass and knead, humping him desperately.

Toby chuckled. Not that he was complaining or anything, but Chris seemed somehow franzied almost frantic, not his own suave self. "It's OK, Chris, it's OK." Toby whispered softly into Chris' ear before he started kissing his way down his throat to nip and lick at his nipples through the thin material of his T-shirt. The things were way better than OK. Toby smiled as he felt Chris's trembling hands carding through his hair.

Pulling him up for another hungry kiss Chris unzipped Toby's pants and pushed them down. Sliding his tongue over Toby's he took him in his hand then pumped once, twice, Making Toby moan and suck on his tongue harder.

Toby janked Chris' jeans and briefs down then palmed his bare ass cheeks caressing them in small circles, then grabing harder to bring their cocks together.

They pushed and rubbed against each other, desperately kissing, battling for the finish line.

Toby came with gasping moan, Chris following only seconds later.

"God, baby.....God, Toby, I love you." He moaned his breath hot against Toby's ear.

"I know, Chris. I know." Toby breathed against Chris' damp hair.

Planting a soft kiss on Chris's temple he pushed back to look into the beautiful eyes and to whisper,

"I love you too, Chris."

the end

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