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the stuff is unbetaed, and English is *not* my first language soooo


by ozfanfreak lalioz

The curtains fluttered in the soft summer breeze that was seeping into a quiet room filling it with the fragrance of the pines and the sound of the waves and dueling crickets;a bold splash of bright light danced across the dark polished wooden floor.

Toby lay on yellow-white sheets, motionless, naked; his beautiful tanned skin glistening with sweat, lithe muscles of his offered body tight with tension. A small laugh and a whimper escaped him.

"Be still," Chris threw him a despairing little look , "you'll ruin it."

"Chris, it tickles." Toby whined, squirming. "It's cold."

" Fuck, Beech, " Chris sat back, straddling his thighs, "it's called *ice*-cream, it's supposed to be cold."

Toby gave a choked huff at that; Chris' hands coming to slide down his side, his body arching up to that touch.

"Voila," Chris waved his hand dramatically, "Nipple Sunday."

"Hmmmm, nice." through heavy lidded eyes Toby examined Chris' handy work . " Lose the cherry, though." he deadpanned.

"Why?" Chris drawled, playing along, his beautiful blue eyes dancing with amusement.

"I did." Toby chuckled, his breath caught as Chris rocked forth in his lap, grinding their crotches together.

"Ya ok with it?" Chris stared at Toby intently, nervous all of a sudden, something strange, something much like fear for Toby's liking, dancing behind the dark blue eyes.

"Chris," Toby found his brightest smile and gave it to Chris, "don't." he whispered.


Toby reached for him, pressed their lips together, licking gently, kissing him lovingly, softly. "Chris, I love you babe. " he whispered against Chris' lips, cupping his face with a hand, a shiny band of gold there glistening in the bright summer light.

Their eyes locked Chris nodded, almost imperceptibly. "I love ya, Tobe, " his voice dropped to a strangled whisper, "I love ya so much." he murmured hugging him tightly, covering his face in a flurry of kisses, ending up nuzzling Toby's neck, his face buried in the golden curls.

Toby slid his hand up through the dark strands, gripping tightly, bringing Chris' face up for a kiss. He trailed his tongue over the delectable lips, run it round, lingering over it, teasing , wanting in, kissing him gently, lovingly, kissing him firmly, hungrily, hard.

Chris groaned into his open mouth, his strong hands going round Toby's back, kneading , rubbing; his tongue sliding across Toby's, flicking against the roof of his offered mouth.

Panting with excitement they rolled in bed, Chris ending up on his back, Toby , propped on his hands, scooting up, looking down at him, devil and angel face combined.

Chris shivered, lost in Toby's eyes; needing Toby's mouth on his, Toby's tongue filling his mouth, needing Toby to ..." God baby, fuck me..." he groaned.

With a sweetest smile playing across his face, Toby leaned in, his warm lips covering Chris' in a tender kiss.

"I need ya baby, please..." Chris whimpered in his open mouth.

"Shhhh.." Toby murmured,nibbling at the corner of his lover's mouth, his fingers grazing along his lower lip, his jaw, and throat. Lapping gently at the moist soft flesh, Toby slid his hand lower across Chris' chest, splayed it over his nipple.

His trembling body arching into Toby's touch Chris let out a choked little moan as the golden head went down, and the wicked tongue lapped at a nipple. Toby's sharp teeth nipped at the sensitive flesh. Chris yelped with delight. Toby smiled puffing a warm soothing breath against it.

"What...?" Chris mumbled as Toby took his sweet mouth away, sitting up, straddling his thighs; wild glimmer in the crystal blue eyes making Chris all kinds of suspicious.

" Shhh..." Toby slid his hand down Chris' hard, flat belly; his fingers dancing around his navel, sending shivers up Chris' spine. " Don't speak...just feel..." Toby drawled, his eyes never leaving Chris', "just feel me."

Chris swallowed, hard, closing his eyes, deciding to do just that.

He didn't see Tobe fumbling for a whipped cream sprayer laying there on a nightstand, though.

Shaking the sprayer Toby folded his fingers around Chris' cock.

"Beech..." Chris' eyes opened in shock, his breath caught as Toby slathered the icy cold whipped cream on with reckless abandon.

Toby shoot him an impish smile tossing the sprayer aside and scooping a handful of chocolate chip ice-cream next.

Chris watched him intently, his breath coming in short little gasps. Chewing his lower lip in concentration Toby smothered his cock in ice-cream. With a small whimper escaping him, Chris bit at his lower lip as Toby gave an apreciative huff at his piece de resistance and slowly rised his hand to his mouth.

Licking the ice-cream of his fingers, the flicks of his agile tongue keeping Chris mesmerized, Toby smiled at him, lazy and slow and canted his hips, his cute little booty pressing hard against Chris' crotch, his own cock at full salute now.

" God, babe.." Chris panted, "you...you're killing me."

Eyeing him mischievously, Toby growled a yeah.

" What.." he had to catch a breath, "what do ya think, we should call this? " Chris panted, his blue eyes almost gone black with desire.

"Somehow "Banana Split" doesn't seem right." Toby drawled, looking a tad flushed himself, Chris noticed.

" No." Chris swallowed hard trying to drag some air into his lungs, "it sounds painful."

Toby's grasp on his cock tightened. "Cocky Roll?" he quirked an eyebrow at him, his slick hand sliping to grab his heavy balls." Hmmm?"

"Fuuuuck, Beech, " Chris' voice was strained, "call it what ya like babe, but it's meltin'. Dig in already. " he demanded bucking his hips.

"Oh, getting bitchy there,aren't we?" Toby drawled tightening his grip.

"Beech..."Chris growled almost begging. Fuck, who was he kidding, he *was* begging.

With a wicked smile and a wink Toby lowered his head to take Chris' cock in his mouth, licking the glans hard, teasing around the slit, tasting the cream, and chocolate and pre-come; his hand slick with cream sliding up and down the shaft in Chris' favorite rhythm. Humming around the licks Toby moved his head lower taking him deep, burying his nose into the thatch of black hair again and again....

" Oh, God Tobe. " Chris whimpered carding his fingers through Toby's golden curls, holding him there," Oh babe...." he screamed his body shaking with climax......

the end

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