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Notes: Prompt: "snort of displeasure. Also, a basket with tiny pumpkins that my neighbor gave me, and a desire to write something seasonal. 'Thankful' is a continuation of 'Saucy', although both can stand alone. Thanks: to my most-generous beta michele659, who answered my Post of Distress & offered to help. Thank you, thank you! All remaining mistakes are my own.


by trillingstar

Chris poked his spoon at the mass of red jelly that lay on his dinner tray. "What the fuck is this?"

Toby leaned against Chris's side as he touched the item in question. He licked his finger cautiously and grimaced. "I think it's supposed to be cranberry sauce."

"Cranberries look like little red balls. This is just goo." Chris snorted his displeasure.

"A lot of things look like balls." Toby pushed the tines of his fork into his mashed potatoes, drawing criss-crossed patterns.

"Oh yeah Toby? You been makin' a list?" Chris shoved his tray away and grabbed the miniature pumpkin that sat in the middle of the long table.

The cafeteria was decorated with gourds on the tables and a large brown paper cutout of a turkey on one door. Already, someone had desecrated it with what was probably cranberry sauce, the head flopping at an odd angle.

Toby glanced at Chris. "Yes, and checking it twice." He concentrated on putting his sliced carrots in a diagonal line on the potatoes.

The corners of Chris's mouth curled up slightly as he cupped the little orange gourd like a baseball, then tossed it hand to hand. "And what's the verdict?"

Toby gave up on his potato art and angled his body toward Chris's, his hand sliding smoothly onto the bulge between Chris's legs. He squeezed lightly, enjoying the sound of Chris's hitched breath. Toby rested his chin on Chris's shoulder. "Well... that's nice, but the jury's still out, I'm afraid."

Chris jerked away from Toby's touch and glared coldly at him. "Nice?"

"Jesus, Chris, I'm just kid-" He fell silent as Chris put a finger to his lips.

Chris's eyes lit up with humor and then he was sliding back to Toby's side, whispering in his ear: "So you're saying the jury can be bribed?"

Toby bit down on the insides of his cheeks to keep a full-blown laugh contained.

"Yes," he finally managed to get out. "The jury can definitely be bribed."

"Good," said Chris. "'Cause any decision that doesn't find me naughty ain't a jury of my peers." He smoothed his hand down Toby's back, and then stood up. He waited until Toby turned his head to look at him, then canted his hips forward a couple of inches. He put the centerpiece on the bench. "Gotta go to work. See you later, pumpkin."

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