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since this is a birthday fic for one of my peeps on LJ theres a slight case of Mary Sue in there somewhere sooooo if this like bothers ya a lot don't read further

Simultaneous Release

by ozfanfreak or lalioz

Chapter 1

"So? You'll do it?" Kitty smiled fixing a deliberate gaze at a young lean blonde standing there in front of the mirror wearing nothing but his birthday suit, looking totally unfazed and absolutely edible.

"Yeah, Ok." came the golden-headed nod. "This one?" he took the pair of pink leather cowboy pants and a matching feather boa from the rack. "Or this one?" chewing his pouty lower lip he showed her the black tight fitting ones.

"Ok?" Kitty glanced up and pointed to the black leather ones, her lips curving in a gentle smile as she met his eyes in the mirror. Damn, the man was beautiful, absolutely gorgeous but the look behind these eyes, Kitty thought wistfully, that look of genuine, devastating sadness made her all kinds of mad.

"Yeah. I told ya already." In a manner of a perfect drama queen Toby slipped behind the wooden screen." Now scram. I've got to get ready."

"Darling," Kitty got up from the luxurious upholstered sofa chair and headed for the door, "you are already gorgeous. To beautiful to put it in words."

"Oh, shut up." came the huffed answer and a chuckle.

She was already out of the door when she heard his muffled "Kitty."


"You owe me one." the golden head peeped from behind the screen, impish smile tugging at his lips.

With a knowing little smile and a cocked eyebrow thrown his way Kitty thought to herself,

Toby, babe, something tells me, after tonight * you* will be owing *me*.


"Fuck, Bonnie! This is a chicks' bar." Chris Keller slanted a narrow eyed glower at the smiling red haired girl standing next to him. "Why did ya bring me here?" he glared at her.

"God Chris, I just wanted to do something nice for you." With an exasperated sigh Bonnie turned to face him. "It's your birthday."

Not liking the guarded look in the sapphire blue eyes peering down at her, not liking it at all, Bonnie looked away in defeat, like so many times before. "Jesus, you're such a dick sometimes."

"Ya should know, babe...," Chris gave her a rueful smile; "Ya divorced me. Twice."

"Oh, shut up." Deciding to drop it, Bonnie found her warmest smile and gave it to her ex. "C'mon, I got us a table right next to the stage." She said wounding her arm through his, leaning against him. "You'll love it. I promise."

"Booon..."he dragged the vowel in her name for all its worth slanting her a dubious look. " What did ya do?"

"Me?" she kept his gaze unblinkingly obviously trying not to smile, "Nothing." She murmured just as Chris spotted a gorgeous brunette coming their way.

"Nothing. Now..," Chris threw her an amused smile," I wonder, why is it that I don't quite believe ya?"


,,Hi, baby," Angelique smiled throwing herself in his arms," How ya been?"

"Ange, damn it's so good to see ya." Chris' words were muffled, his face buried in her long dark hair, his strong arms coming round her waist.

"Lookin' fine there Chris." her hands resting on his shoulders Angelique pressed a kiss to his cheek.She pushed back her dark eyes raking him up and down and lingering over his jeans clad ass ."Damn fine, let me tell ya."giving it a quick playful slap, she drawled.

Inexplicably, Chris felt himself blushing.

Girls exchanged hellos, kisses and amused little looks.

"Let me guess-Kitty's here, too?" Chris searched their faces; the two of them sharing a smile.

"Yep." Bonnie gave a giggle.

Angelique nodded , her eyes darting over Chris' shoulder, somewhere in a general direction of the bar. "And speak of the devil..."

"Chrissie, babe!" Tall, leggy blonde squealed with delight cantering across the room in her red stiletto shoes; black top and a skimpy black leather skirt accentuating her voluptuous figure.

Damn, she was hot. Chris thought as her creamy white arms sneaked around his back and *Fuck!* gave his ass a firm squeeze. What was with his exes and his ass?


Sauntering out of the shadow, sexy confidence in his every step, a tall young man slithered into the spotlight to the wild screams of the crowd......and Chris forgot how to breathe.

God almighty , the guy was beautiful, he thought taking in the blonde's lean body clad in tight fitting black leather pants, black shirt and heavy biker boots, golden head slightly cocked and beautiful blue eyes dancing with obvious amusement.

Stopping in the middle of the stage, his shoulders thrown back, the light hitting his face making his skin glint like gold, the guy smiled setting the room on fire.

His pouty mouth quirking in a deliciously wicked smile of a satyr, his long blond hair copper red in the fire from the fireworks exploding above him the guy tore his shirt open in one quick motion. A bunch of college girls sitting at the table next to Chris' started screaming.

Sneaking the sinewy arms up and down his lean torso the blonde threw them a knowing little look.

His sexy mouth curving with a cool smile, his every move deliberately slow he peeled the shirt from his shoulders revealing the pink flesh of his perfect nipples and a sculptured pecs.

Crystal blue eyes glinting with it, his wicked tongue dartind out to flick over the sexiest lower lip Chris have ever seen the guy slid his shirt of, giving it a fling across the room.

One of the college girls caught it and with a high-pitched giggle buried her face in it, inhaled deep.

Feeling a pang of bitter jealousy Chris forced himself to look away. Feeling a great deal more he squirmed uncomfortably in his seat. What the fuck was wrong with him? he thought angry with himself, taking a big swig of beer straight from a bottle, his eyes unmistakingly drawn to the blonde again.


Toby bowed his head, a few golden strands falling over his face, mischievous little smile dancing on his lips all the while.

So, that was Chris, he thought. Nice, very nice.

Feeling Chris' gaze roving hungrily over him he worked his hips under the beat, Gahan's deep voice hitting the premordial cord. This could be fun. Ohhh...He glanced up through the long eyelashes and his eyes color of the summer sky fell on Chris,...ohhh yeah.


The thick golden eyelashes fluttered and the blonde closed his eyes, threw his head back. His lips slightly parted he slid his hand down the silken skin of his throat and chest, Chris' hungry eyes stealing the movement, and went lower, lower stil, inching down over the tout flat belly, circling the navel.

Chris watched, mesmerized, his breath coming in short little gasps as the blonde grazed his fingers over a belt buckle and a zipper, reaching down between the long thighs, cupping the balls.

"Jesus.." he breathed glancing up.

The brilliant blue eyes were on him again, peering up at him from behind the golden eyelashes, glinting with shameless fire.

Their eyes locked the guy brought his hand up to his mouth. Watching the pouty lips closing around the forefinger, the guy sucking it deep, nipping at the pad, Chris swallowed, hard.

White teeth flashing in a wicked smile the guy slid the forefinger out, slowly, lazyly.

Fierce heat of his eyes never leaving Chris, the guy worked his spit slick finger down the smooth skin of his jaw and throat, leaving the glistening trail leading towards a hard little nipple.

Jesus fucking Christ. Chris felt his cock twitch.

"He's good."

"Huh?" Chris blinked at Kitty.

"I said," she leaned in, whispering against his ear, "he's good." She slanted a look and a finger at the stage; Chris' eyes following dutifully.

"Yeah," Chris breathed, "yeah, he is."

The color of the spotlight changed and with the explosion of red the guy was riding the pole; the flex and the shift of the perfect muscles on his back and arms enough to send half the women there mad. And not only the women.

Keeping his eyes safely away from his exes' gaze Chris downed half his beer in one deep gulp.

The guy was pumping the pole; black leather of his pants stretched tight over his lean muscular thighs and ass; his strong hands and sinewy ,vein marked forearms making Chris all flavors of crazy.

His breath caught, his heartbeat a deafening thud in his ears, Chris couldn't take his eyes of the blonde flicking his diabolical tongue out, licking ever so slowly its way up the iron shaft. His fingers curving around the pole, gripping it hard the blonde bent backwards, his sinewy body curving in a line of beauty, the ridge of his collarbone lit to perfection.

Chris took another sip of beer, his gaze darting to the guy's crotch, his own pooling with ohhh so hot, hot blood.

He couldn't look away, couldn't tear his eyes of the blonde if his life depended on it. In a hushed trance Chris watched as the blonde pulled himself up; his lips slightly parted and panting, lascivous breath leaving his chest loud enough for Chris to hear.

In an instant the guy was kneeling at the edge of the stage, right in front of Chris, his nimble fingers playing over the belt buckle and getting it undone; taking his sweet time with it, his luminous eyes holding Chris', he pulled the belt free.

Hypnotized Chris watched him work a lazy hand into those snug leather pants.

"Hey," there came a husky voice, "up here."

Chris looked up. The blonde winked sliding down from the stage, slithering on his table .

Spreading his long lithe thighs the guy straddled him in one graceful move, his arms going round his shoulders.

Chris' arms went around his waist on their own accord, lingering there.

Brilliant blue eyes peering into the midnight blue ones, Toby leaned in.

Chris' breath cought.

A soft smile curving his lips, Toby nuzzled his ear; his whispered happy birthday warm and husky against it.

Pushing back a little, Toby looked deep into his eyes, reached to touch his cheek, softly tracing the line of his stubbled jaw with gentle fingers. Chris arched into that touch scorching along his skin, closed his eyes in surrender.

God this must be what heaven feels like, he thought as the guy's soft lips pressed against his.

He had to found out this particular angel's name, though.


Chapter 2

...........A soft smile curving his lips, Toby nuzzled his ear; his whispered happy birthday warm and husky against it.

Pushing back a little, Toby looked deep into his eyes, reached to touch his cheek, softly tracing the line of his stubbled jaw with gentle fingers. Chris arched into that touch scorching along his skin, closed his eyes in surrender.

God this must be what heaven feels like, he thought as the guy's soft lips pressed against his.

He had to found out this particular angel's name, though.


Breathing hard through his nose Toby pressed his mouth against Chris', his tongue probing, licking, Chris' lips parted and he pushed it into the warm moist softness, sliding it slow against Chris' own.

Digging his fingers into the darker man's scalp, holding him there, close, he fucked his mouth senseless ; their breathless moans obscenely loud in a sudden silence.

Passion stormed him as he felt Chris' strong hands sliding down his back, grabbing his ass and bringing him up in his lap. Chris arched his back to grind their crotches together.

Chris nipped at the guy's delectable lower lip, tugging at it. The guy smiled, something so sweet, almost ethereal dancing in his crystal blue eyes. He flicked his pink tongue out . Chris caught it hungrily, sucked it into his mouth, twirling his own tongue around it.

Lost in their own little world they didn't seem to notice or at least didn't seem to mind some loud catcalls, enthusiastic applause and whistles.

Toby's fingers clutching at Chris' strong nape, his other hand sliding down, and coming to rest against Chris' chest , Toby pushed away abandoning Chris' kiss-swollen lips. His eyes heavy-lidded, his breath coming in shallow little gasps he whispered "C'mon."

Holding Chris' eyes, sliding his hand further down the strong chest and tout belly to cup Chris' already half hard cock he got up from his lap.

"C'mon." he breathed again into Chris' parted mouth, his hand squeezing at him, making him gasp.


"C'mon." the angel whispered against his mouth, his hot breath searing his skin, firm squeeze of his hand making him gasp.

"Jesus....yeah." dazed, Chris got up and followed the blonde through the appreciative crowd.

The angel cast him a sultry glance and an openly welcoming smile over his shoulder, his strong wiry hand tugging at his, impatiently.

They hardly had the dressing room doors closed behind them when the blonde pinned him against it, the sinewy arms gripping at his shoulders, hard, his lean body rubbing against his, grinding their crotches together, his hot mouth coming against his, the hungry tongue plunging deep, fucking his mouth mercilessly, leaving him out of breath, panting, gasping for air. Over the pounding of his blood he could hear him whimpering his name.

"Wait," Chris murmured breathlessly, dragging his open mouth over the blonde's baby fine skin, "wait, what's yer name?"

Crystal blue eyes gonne almost black with desire now, sparkled with laughter. "Toby," he breathed pulling Chris' face back so he could kiss him, " and you are Chris." he whispered smiling, the way he hissed the sibilants in his name making Chris' cock twitch.

His pouty mouth quirked in a mischievous little smile before he pressed them against Chris' once again, leaving him out of breath once again. "Now we got this covered shut the fuck up and fuck me." he drawled rubbing against Chris, his knee digging between Chris' legs, his hands coming to slide down Chris' ass gripping at it kinda hard, kinda desperate." Think ya can manage that," he crooned nuzzling Chris' temple, his wicked tongue flicking out to lick at a drop of sweat sliding down Chris' heated skin, his hand sneaking between them, "big guy." he panted against Chris' ear palming his fully hard cock now, rubing and squeezing.

Pushing hard into that maddeningly good pressure Chris abandoned himself to pure pleasure and searched for Toby's lips and tongue, his own flicking at the hard moist flesh, lapping at it greedily. He grabbed him by the shoulders and slammed him up against the wall reversing their positions."Yeah, " he growled in between rushed breaths, "oh, yeah."

"Yeah," Toby moaned softly, his golden head thrown back, his tongue flicking out to lick his swollen lips, his eyes opening to find Chris'. "Then watcha waiting for?"

"Dorothy," Chris crooned blinking lazy and slow, his mouth curving in a suggestive smile, his hard cock jabbing at Toby's thigh, "hold on to yer hat 'cause Kansas is going bye-bye."

He cut Toby's wild chuckle off with another hard kiss, his hand sliding up and down Toby's lean leather clad thigh, hiking it up his hip. He trailed his determined tongue across Toby's jaw, nuzzling his throat, licking at a sensitive skin there, sucking at it there, leaving marks there, branding him.

Cute little back of the throat whimpers escaping him, Toby carded his fingers through Chris' short dark hair, slid his hands lower, over the strong nape and shoulders. "Take this off," he breathed impatiently tugging at Chris' T-shirt, "take it off."

Chris pulled away and slid his T off in one hurried move.

Toby's golden head dipped down, he lapped at Chris' nipple, pulling at it with his teeth and mouth ,sending jolts of pleasure down Chris' spine.

His breath coming in ragged little whimpers Chris threw his head back. Mesmerized, Toby curved his fingers along the strong column of his neck and in one wet hot deliciously long swipe licked his way up Chris' throat.

Suckling earnestly at this particularly sensitive spot behind his ear, he slid his hand down in between them to fumble with a belt buckle. Unbuttoning Chris' jeans and pulling the zipper down Toby slid his hand inside. His fingers curving round the shaft he brought his lips against Chris'.

Pumping his cock Toby licked at his lips, slowly tracing the inside of Chris' upper lip, sweet little whimpers welling up from Chris' throat at his bidding.

Grabbing him by the back of his head, his long tapered fingers tangled in the golden curls there, Chris captured his tormentor's sweet mouth in a ferocious kiss.

Toby moaned, Chris' hard determined body crowding him, moving him backward until he could feel a dresser jabbing at his ass. He heard the clink of the bottles and glass containers there, some coming down on the floor with a crush as Chris pushed him up against it, stepping between his legs, his tongue probing into the sweet darkness, hard.

Their wild dance came to a sudden stop as someone pounded at the door obviously wanting in.

"Fuck..." Chris growled, "no, not now." His breathing heavy he buried his head against Toby's neck.

Toby leaned his head back against the mirror, his eyes closed, his chest heaving, his arm round Chris' shoulder, the other coming to rest on the small of his back, keeping him close and sprawled flush against him. "OK," he snarled in a general direction of the door, "Ok, hold yer fucking horses!"

Wild chuckle and a snort escaping him he drawled, "Guess we oughta take this somewhere else."

"You bet yer sweet little ass, "Chris' husky voice sneaked around him. Those incredible midnight blue eyes holding his Chris tugged at his hand "C'mon babe."


"Damn, I gotta send Kitty a thank you card." Toby thought wildly, gripping handful of sheets as Chris' heated body pressed against his, rubbing and pushing, their mouths fused together, tongues dueling in a frantic dance.

tbc, I promise

Chapter 3

"Tobe babe, call me. I wanna know everything. Ya hear." Kitty chuckled sounding just a tad tipsy. "Everything.Hope ya showed my guy a good time. God knows he needs it. See ya. Call me."

Standing in Toby's living room, just in his briefs and listening Toby's answering machine getting Kitty's message Chris felt like a Goddamned idiot.

He aimed a narrow-eyed glower at his reflection in a mirror.

Kitty got him a hooker, a high end call-boy judging by the stuff laying around the flat. He grabbed his clothes and got dressed in a hurry. A hooker. Nice bday present. He has to remember to sand Kitty and the girls a fucking thank you note.

He smiled to himself ruefully. A hooker. That was rich. He could get laid anywhere anytime.

Frowning he fished a $100 bill from his wallet and threw it on a dresser. With one last look aimed at a beautiful angel sprawled in all his naked glory on tangled white sheets he left.

The next time he saw him the angel was handcuffed and walking into his precinct in slo-mo, the look in those summer sky blue eyes breaking his heart.


Toby woke up feeling deliciously fucked. His body tingling, his cock spent. Lazyly rubbing his knuckles against his eyes in a cute little way he had, he sighed with deep satisfaction. He opened his eyes looking for a sex God he knew should be sleeping next to him. But the bed was empty.

"Chris." he called out softly, stretching like a lazy cat, his lips curving in a smile with memory of the last night. The room was still.

Getting out of the bed Toby cantered towards a bathroom, stopping in a doorway. Nope. Empty. He turned on his heels, his eyes frantically searching the room. He noticed that Chris' clothes were gone. He was gone. With a pang of bitter disappointment he shrug his shoulders. "Great," he huffed, "just fucking great." He cursed under his breath.

Some kind of rattle coming from a kitchen made his heart jump. He run for the door, tore it open with a "Chris..." dying on his lips as he noticed his flatmate by the kitchen counter.

Colleen lifted her eyes from a coffee-maker .

"Sorry hon, didn't mean to wake ya guys up..." she started , "but this damn thing..." she gave the rumbling coffee-maker a dirty look, her voice trailing off as Toby suddenly turned around and went back to his room. "Toby!?" she yelled after him, startled by the look in his eyes. "Hon?"

She ran after him only to find him standing by the dresser, his eyes riveted to a $100 bill in his hand, his face ghostly pale.

She stared at him for an endless second. "Holy fuck." It was all she could say.

"Yeah." a manic chuckle escaped him.


"Please Toby, open the door." Colleen's gentle voice pleaded with him.

"Fuck off." came a broken cry.

"Kitty's here. C'mon honey." Colleen was getting worried. "Open the Goddamned door!" She slamed her open hand against the gleaming wood. "Fuck!" With an exasperated sigh she leaned against the wall.

Throwing her a worried look, Kitty asked, "How long is he in there?"

Just then Toby chose to hurl the doors open, walking out of the room and donning his leather jacket on; his trembling hands fumbling for his keys.

"What the ..." started the perplexed tandem in unison.

"Where do you think you are going?" Colleen drawled, her voice all kinds of suspicious.

"I..." Toby mumbled stubornly avoiding her eyes, "I gotta go. Where are my keys?" he snapped going through the usual mess on a table by the front door, his golden head bowed down.

"Toby, you are in no state to drive. " Colleen curved a soothing hand along his supple shoulder.

He shook her hand off in an annoyed little move, his jaw stubornly set, his blue eyes shooting daggers. "I ain't gonna hit the bar if that's what you two are afraid of!" He yelled.

"Toby, you should call Sister Pete." Kitty joined in.

"Why, to talk some more?" he huffed. " You wanna talk, fine, let's talk." He turned to them. "It was a fuck." Toby said in a voice of perfect, logical calm. "A damn good fuck, but it was just that, a fuck, nothing more."

'A $100 worth of a fuck', a nasty little voice in his head found it neccessary to remind him.

"And I got paid." His voice trembled at that. "Kit, tell the guy he forgot to tip me," his mouth quirked in a sad little impersonation of a smile. "Some of that shit usually comes extra." He grabbed his keys and left, slaming the doors behind him.

"No, Toby wait!" Kitty started after him.

"Leave him." Colleen shook her head, "It's no use."


Getting into his 2005 Mustang GT, felling numb, frozen inside, Toby slamed the doors, cracked Zeppelin's "Trampled under Foot" and squealed out of the parking lot.

From zero to 120. Under the wheeling stars.

The last thing he remembered.

Adrenalin pumping through him, Plant screaming in his ears.

He came to to the scream of sirens, a paramedic flashing a light in his face.

He was fine. Fucking fine. Not a scratch on him.

"Did I..." he started his eyes wide with terror of a sudden realization, "Did I hurt someone?"


Chapter 4

Chris was sitting in his car in front of their suspect's house. O'Riley tapped on the window for him to roll it down, handing him coffee.

"Anything?" he asked.

"Nope." Chris jerked his head negatively, taking a sip.

"Shit, this is awful." he frowned at a styrofoam cup.

Getting into the car O'Riley let out a loud huff.

"Trouble in paradise?" Chris grinned.

"I got the tickets for tonight's match." O'Riley said, his voice low, serious.

"Yeah," Chris gave a low whistle, "nice. So , tonight's the night?"

"Uh-huh." O'Riley squirmed uncomfortbly in his seat."What if...." his voice trailed off. Uncertain. Troubled.

It didn't look good on him, Chris thought. Frowning he gave his partner a worried look."You mean, if she says no?"

"Yeah." O'Riley looked out of the window. "Fuck..." he hissed noticing a tall Asian looking guy across the street. "It's him. C'mon Keller, move yer ass."


"You go," Chris said, "I'll take him down to central booking."

"Thanks." O'Riley sighed donning his jacket.

"Tell Glor I said hi." Chris's lips curved with a reassuring smile. "C'mon man, ya know she'll say yes."

O'Riley's smile was weak. "Yeah," he nodded his head, "yeah."


Two hours later Chris was back at the precinct, tired, brooding and all together in a shitty mood. His brows knotted, lips drawn into a thin line he threw his jacket over his chair. "Hey."

Lifting her head from the files scattered over her desk Detective Howell drawled looking him over. "You look like shit."

Leveling her with a murderous glare Chris slumped down into his chair.

"Murphy around?"

"They got a call." she paused. "You ok?"

White teeth flashed in a wide smile. "Peachie."

She threw him a nasty little grin in turn, "Damn Keller, ya hot when ya pissed."

"Fuck off, Claire." Chris huffed , picking up the phone and dialing for a take out. This is gonna be a long night, he thought wryly.


"I'm telling ya," Claire dabbed a smear of ketchup from her lips with a napkin, "Koval's nothing but a loudmouth , Briggs' so gonna have his ass."

"I'll have to go with Claire on this one." Diane Wittlesey said around the sips of DietCoke.

"Well, well Diane, that's a new one." Chris grinned reaching for another slice of pizza.

The smile on his face died as he noticed a tall blonde knockout entering the room.

It took him a second or two to notice the blonde was handcuffed, that new kid, what was his name, Kirk, yeah Officer Timmy Kirk nudging him with a nightstick.

What the fuck! he thought wildly as Toby lifted his eyes, meeting his.


"Miguel, what's the storry?" leaning over the counter Chris lifted a curious eyebrow at Sargent Miguel Alvarez.

"Nothing much," Alvarez's dark eyes sparkled with laughter, "we had to tear the guy off of Kirk. Man, that one sure knows how to throw a punch."

"Kirk?" Chris gave a dubious look at that.

"Hell, no, that Beecher dude, " Alvarez chuckled, "that's one crazy motherfucker. He ran his car into Morales's bodega, down on Houston. When we got there the paramedics were already working on him. Nothing serious. A bruise or two."

"Did he....hurt someone?" Chris waited, anxious.

"No." Alvarez shook his head. "Lucky for him the bodega was empty."

"DUI?" Chris played it cool, his hands on his hips, his game face firmly on.

"We thought so. But he refused to take a breathalyzer. Kirk's gotten kinda bitchy about it and the guy lost it." Alvarez shrugged his shoulders.

"We are taking him to Bellevue. He agreed to have his blood tasted."

"'Key,thanks man."

"'Key, later." Alvarez hurried down the stairs.

"Later." Chris carded his fingers over his short dark hair. What the fuck did he care what happenes with the guy. Toby. His name was Toby. Sad little smile curved his lips. Toby, yeah. Toby.


Case file 21212/2 , State of New York vs Tobias Edward Beecher, Honorable Judge Lema presiding.

"Assault on a police officer, reckless driving, life endangerment." Judge Lema drooned."Miss McClain, how does your client plead?"

"Guilty, your honor." Catherine McClain said, all serious, all business, no shit.

"Mr Beecher," Judge Lema continued not lifting her eyes from the file," I see here you are a lawyer yourself."

"Yes, your honor." Toby nodded, on autopilot now.

"Harvard, I see."

"Yes, your honor."

"AA," she flipped through the file, "NA." she cocked a curious eyebrow.

"Well, your honor, I was always a straight A student." Toby drawled, sarcasm thick in his voice.

Catherine slanted him a desperate look.

"Beecher," Judge Lema narrowed her eyes dangerously, "as in 'Beecher, Beecher and Abercrombie' ?"

Here we go, Toby thought wryly, again.

"That's a lot of Bs." Toby smirked.

Her eyes narrowing dangerously Judge Lema hissed "Miss McClain, please inform your client this court does not look favorably on this kind of behaviour." She pointed an angry finger at Toby, "Young man, you are disgrace to your profession and to your family."

"So far, I managed to glean that much, your honor." Toby stared back at her inexpressively.

"One more word out of you young man and I'll have you in contempt."

Toby sat down, his eyes downcast, resentment bubbling up inside him.

Disgrace to his family. Yeah, that would be him all right. He didn't have to look and check to know his parents were not back there, in the audience.

His father made it all pretty much clear last time they saw each other.

You clean up your act, boy, and then we'll talk.

Mother didn't even look at him. Nice. Tough love.

Yep, it worked wonders for him.

He was clean, though. Not OK, not fine, no, not by a long shot, but he was clean, and sober, and Catherine was good. He'll get away with a slap on a wrist. Community service or some such dumb ass shit.

His eyes wandered over his shoulder to a crowd behind him. The girls were there. He smiled. They smiled back.

"Thanks." he mouthed.

And then he saw him. God, he was hot.

Toby frowned annoyed with himself, snapped his eyes away from the tall handsome figure standing by the doors.

He could feel his face starting to blush, his heart raced. His groin pooled with blood. God, he was such a slut!


As the proceedings ended and Toby was sentenced, Chris joined Bonnie and Kitty standing by a window in a courtroom hall. Toby was just across the hall, by the stairs, talking to his lady lawyer.


"What are you doing here?" Kitty snapped.

"Kit." Chris kept his voice low.

" Don't you Kit me. What the hell are you doing here. This is all your fault."

"What?" teh sapphire blue eyes narrowed.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Bonnie looked at the two of them, puzzled.

"How the hell should I know!" Chris was almost yelling, "Ask her!"

"He paid him." Kitty drawled, her arms folded over her chest, her lips drawn in a thin angry line, and it dawned on Chris. He fucked up. He fucked up big.

"Yep, the genius here left him a crisp 100 on a dresser." she slanted an annoyed look at Chris. "Smooth."

Bonnie's eyes widened in shock. "You. Stupid. Fuck." she breathed. "We set you up with a nicest man in the known universe and you treat him like a whore!"

" The guy's a stripper." Chris hissed. What the hell was he supposed to think.

"Oh, I'm so gonna pretend you didn't just say that." Bonnie shook her head at him.

"For crying out loud, Chris!" Kitty rolled her eyes.

"You know what," Bonnie stared angrily at him, "I give up. Ya hear.I dont know why do I even care."

Feeling like a first grader called to order by his teacher, Chris cast a look over her shoulder to where Toby was standing. God, he was beautiful, Chris thought taking in Toby's blonde curls, and that pouty mouth curving in a big bright smile.The man was gorgeous.

His eyes narrowed as he noticed that lady lawyer leaning in, whispering something in Toby's ear, Toby's lips curving in a slow lazy smile, his hand lingering on her waist.


Oh, getting jealous,there, ain't ya? Chris snickered to himself. Too late buddy. Just too fucking late.

Oh, fuck off.

"I gotta go." he murmured, defeated, his jaw clenched.

"Go fuck yourself." Bonnie snapped.

"Bite me." Chris snarled walking away, without a backward glance.

Fuck them all, he didn't need this shit.

Starting down the stairs he threw a sideways glance at Toby.

The blonde stared back, that beautiful blue eyes glazed over, unreadable.

Blinking slow and lazy the blonde looked away, aiming a smile at a red-haired girl hurrying across the hall to his open arms.


And he didn't mean her.


"Tobias, ya came off with only a slap on a wrist." Catherine McClain's voice was firm.

"500 hours community service." Toby whined.

" She could've slapped you with a round 1000."

Toby gave a loud huff at that. "Yeah, and now Morales's gonna sue my ass."

"Tobias, we'll deal with that." Catherine planted a reassuring hand on his.

"Yeah." Toby snorted, rolled his eyes.

Noticing Chris' eyes were on him his whole body stiffened.

Fuck ya, ya fuck.His mind raced. What the fuck was he doing here anyway?

Yeah, like he gave a damn. Fuck him.


No, fuck it.

Catherine was leaning against him, whispering something against his ear.


"We'll have to get together one of these days," she crooned, "to discuss your case."

His lips curved in a lazy smile "You have my number."

He lifted his head, noticed Chris was leaving. Their eyes met.

Uncalled for a memory flashed. Chris's voice whimpering his name against his ear as they came. Simultaneous release. God.

Yeah. And then he paid him.

Toby's eyes glazed over.

Colleen was coming down the hall, her voice centering him, bringing a wide smile to his face.

God, that night Chris' arms felt like home, he thought burying his face into Colly's warm embrace, lost, longing for someone to find him. No, not someone. Chris.

Yeah, like that'll ever happen, he thought ruefuly.


Chapter 5

Days passed, one by one, and in dozens; boring, mind numbing, dull. He went to work, to his meetings. Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning he spent at youth center as a part of his community service. Sometimes he even did some tutoring there; math, English lit. Hell, he was always good at that stuff. Books. Real life. Well, that one was a bitch. Real vindictive little bitch.

"God, I need a fuck!" Toby gave a barking laugh leaning his tired head back against the sofa cushin, carding his fingers through his hair. He pressed the heels of his hands to his eyes.

Getting ready for her date Colleen cantered around in a desperate search for her earring. "Yeah, yeah, yeah, stop whining.....Fuck, Toby did ya see my Cher earrings?" Hopping on one leg, a slinky black little number accentuating her voluptuous figure, Colleen slipped a black sandal on.

"Cher earrings?" Toby looked at her as if she suddenly spawned a second head.

"Ya know, the red glitzy ones that make me look all Cher."

"Girl I may be a fag but damn if I know what the fuck are ya talking about." Toby shook his head.

"Hah, found it!" with a victorious howl Colleen hurried to her room. "Quit moping around,hon," she ruffled his hair in passing, "even though ya do look kinda adorable with that pout."

She popped her head back through the door just in time to see him giving her the raspberry.

Still laughing she grabbed her purse and headed for the front door. "See ya, hon."

"See ya, babe."Toby drawled angling his head back to look at her leaving. "Don't do anything I wouldn't."

"Lately," he mumbled to himself, "that's not much."

Flipping lazily through the channells he came across Malick's "The Thin Red Line". He remembered seeing it a couple of years back. Pushing against the cushions he squirmed around to find a more comfortable position. Well, this is not so bad. Friday night with a couple of dozen GIs. Yeah, pure heaven.

He didn't know when he dozzed off. Couple of hours later he woke up to the sound of gunfire and screams loud in the room.

"Fuck." he hit the volume button blinking sleepily. He needed to piss, badly. He sat up carding his hair back from his face, his jaw dropping as Elias Koteas appeared on screen. "Oh, c'mon!" he veiled burying his face into a pillow.


Some hour and a half later he was leaning against the wall in "Buzzcock's", some guy grinding his hard on against his hip, eager lips ghosting down his throat. Boy meets boy. Boy gets laid. Yeah, it was that simple.

He leaned back, looking the guy over, carding his fingers through guy's short dark hair. Hey, anything'll do in a pinch. Pushing the guy down, on his knees Toby swallowed, licked his dry lips. Eager fingers clasped around his hard cock. Yeah, he'll hate himself tomorow.

He closed his eyes while the guy worked him like a pro;skilled tongue flicking against the leaking head, mouth sucking, hard, so good, soooo Breathing hard, thrusting his angry cock into the wet hot mouth, Toby opened his eyes and caught Chris' look across the room; dark blue eyes raking him over. Oh, baby ya stalking me or what.

Toby fixed him with a level gaze, a snarky smirk curving his lips. Want some?

Rolling his head back he closed his eyes, a manic chuckle escaping him. Well, tough.

His muddled brain still reeling with the shock Toby grew painfully aware of his body actually trembling in reaction. His breath caught. His heart was racing. His skin tingled under the intense gaze of those silver dark eyes.

Oh, yes ,he was watching, he was watching all right.

He could feel him watching, grazing his skin with those amazing eyes, fucking unbelievable eyes. God he wanted him. He wanted him so bad. He wanted him to be the one sucking his cock right now, right there. Milking him for all its worth. Like he did that night. God. His eyelashes fluttered, and he opened his eyes, meeting Chris' steady gaze, holding it, holding it unblinkingly, and he was coming, he was shooting down the guy's throat, his voice a muffled whimper, a cry.

Fuck you, ya fuck. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you.Fuck you.

Grabbing the guy by the collar he pulled him up to his mouth, kissing him ruthlessly, roughly, feeling the taste of himself on the guy's lips.

When he surfaced for air Chris was already gone.

"Thanks." he snarled showing the guy away, zipped himself up and went home, feeling empty inside, dead and alone, all alone.

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Chapter 6

Leaning against a counter Chris waved a bartender over and ordered another lime soda.

"He ain't coming." O'Riley's voice was low, his face set, blue eyes glinting with simmering discomfort.

"Nah, he'll be here, something tells me he's a creature of habit." Chris drawled nodding his thanks to the bartender as he handed him his drink.

"Some nasty habit." Ryan said eying a red haired drag passing by, all swaying slim hips and sultry smile.

Chris shoot him a tired smile, "Everybody needs a hobby."

And Jonah Seitz surely had a hack of a hobby- sodomy for one, followed by manual strangulation and post mortal mutiliation. On the up side every single one of his victims was eventually found. In parts. Minus one. Part.

"Sick fucker." O'Riley hissed nursing his own drink.

Looking up he scanned the room behind him in a mirror above the bar. "Now, that one is definitely Jonah's type." O'Riley whispered to Chris noticing a tall blonde.

The guy looked sweet, almost angelic, nice body, slim and graceful, wiry.Yep, just how Jonah liked them.

"Fuck," O'Riley heard Chris mutter to himself,"what the hell is he doing here?"

"Ya know him?" O'Riley asked.

"Yeah." came Chris' answer, his dark blue eyes fixed to the blonde. "Yeah, kinda."

God yes, he knew him. He knew every single line of that gorgeous body. He dreamed about it. He remembered it. He fucked his hand remembering it, remembering that hard sinewy body coming to life under his touches, his kisses, his tongue. The way Toby whimpered his name as he came. The way he whimpered Toby's name again and again and again.

As a dark haired guy approached Toby, resting his arm on Toby's shoulder, planting a kiss on his lips, Chris looked away. He couldn't watch. He just couldn't. His heart sinking, a heavy sigh escaping him, he took another sip of his drink.

"He ain't coming." O'Riley said with convintion.

Oh, I think he is. Chris thought , a bitter smile curving his lips.

To O'Riley he said, "I guess not."

Throwing some notes on the counter they headed towards the exit.

It was already 3 a.m..

The pace was slower now. Guys were calling it a night. Some found a warm body to take to bed, some obviously didn't, some decided to take care of business right there and then.

Wounding his way through the throbbing mass of sweaty bodies Chris scanned the room looking for Toby and the dark haired guy. He knew what they were doing, and he didn't want to see, no not really, but he couldn't help it, he just couldn't. He had to see...him. He had to see him.....one last time. Him. Toby.

He looked different. He seemed to have lost even more weight. His golden curls were gone. Instead his hair was cropped short. But still, he was beautiful. He looked so vulnerable and sweet. Chris smiled.

Toby's beautiful blue eyes were glinting dark now. He closed them, rolling his head back. Those sexy pouty mouth slightly open. Panting. His chest rising and falling in frantic rhythm. His hips bumping up, bucking.

Those beautiful blue eyes snapped open and met his and the look Toby threw him, a muffled cry of desperation, and hate and longing, sad so sad, agonizing, floored him, made him gasp.

"Fuck", he swore under his breath , as he watched Toby's orgasm riping through that wiry body of his.

He could feel his hands shaking, his heart burning, his body aching, the whole of his being....... yearning. Standing there, mesmerized, Chris swallowed, hard.

He had to leave. Right now. Leave, just leave. Turn around and leave. He urged his feet to move, to take him away from there.

And then Toby threw him a wicked smile over the guy's shoulder.

"Fuck ya, ya fuck." He mumbled to himself as Toby grabbed the guy, showing that wicked tongue of his deep. Hard."Fuck ya." Feeling the rage crawling its way up his spine Chris turned on his heels and left. "Fuck ya , ya little motherfucker, see if I care."

But the truth was he did care. And that was the funniest shit of them all.


Chapter 7

The air was mild and the soft breeze was caressing the lillies on his Grandmother's grave, as Toby planted a lonely white rose on a headstone.

"Goodbye Gran." he whispered standing there all alone and perfectly unwilling to join the rest of his family at the mansion.

... .............

Some half an hour later he was sitting in his car in front of his parent's house watching people come and go.

Important looking people. Old money people. His people.

He gave a barking laugh at that. With a snort and a sigh he got out of his car and started up the front stairs. Grabbing hold of a heavy brass doorknob he pushed the massive door open. Home sweet home. A single reluctant step brought him over the threshold of his parent's house for the first time in over two years.

............ ................

He retraced the path from the salon across the main hall and into the living room for the hundredth time that afternoon, nodding his head a lot and making all the right sounds before Mrs Abercrombie digged her claws in him.

Frowning at his glass of ice-tea he listened to her going on and on and on about his Grandmother. The truth was Gran couldn't stand the sight of her.

With an occasional nod and absentminded "uh-huh" thrown her way every once in a while Toby scanned the room over her shoulder.

There by a window Angus and Gen sat together, talking. Father was sitting in his armchair. He looked so frail, his eyes red rimmed, sad, Toby thought. Aunt Helen brought him some tea. Uncle Allan brought him some whiskey. Toby smiled. He liked Uncle Allan. True, the man was a bit of a scoundrel and a lush, but fun. Yeah, Uncle Allan was everybody's favorite. He sure was Gran's favorite. She left him the house in Bermuda. Toby had to fight the urge to crack a smile, hard. Aunt Helen hated that house. She hated Bermuda. Everybody knew that. Gran sure did.

His eyes hardened as he noticed his mother coming his way with Vern, yeah good old Vern at her side . He felt his hands clenching and unclenching, adrenaline crawling its way up his spine.

"Tobias." Vern Schillinger drawled by way of greeting, eyeing the blonde standing in front of him, noticing just how good the little bitch looked in that black suit, his face so pale, almost angelic, his beautiful blue eyes staring at him with naked hate. "You look well."

"Vern." Toby nodded his head stiffly.

"I'm so sorry about your loss. Lillian was a great lady." Schillinger said, a nasty smirk dancing behind his dead eyes.

Toby shivered. He could feel the bile coming up to his mouth."Oh, I'm so touched by your concern." He drawled, his voice dripping in sarcasm.

"Tobias!" his mother snapped impatiently, fixing her son with a withering look. "Vern, I do apologize."

"Oh for fuck sake." Toby snorted pushing past them, heading out to the terrace, Vern's venemous voice snaking after him. "He sure has a temper."

............ ..................

The cool air hit his face. He braced his arms against the railing, leaning against it, shaking uncontrollably, trying too breathe, his heart pounding in his ears.

"Cocksucker, motherfucking cocksucker." He hissed, his anger threatening to smother him,scalding tears rolling down his cheek.

With an impatient hand he whiped them off.

No. More. Tears. Not. Ever. Again.

"Toby." His brother's soft voice startled him.

"Hey, Gussie." Toby slanted him a whistful little smile. "How you been?"

"Ok, I guess." Angus shrugghed his shoulders, showed his hands deeper into the pockets of his pants.

He looked so young, Toby thought, sad. A lamb of God.

They stood there, side by side, in awkward silence.

"How's school?" Toby offered.

"Fine. I'm thinking of changing major."

"Wow," Toby huffed, gave a gentle laugh, "what did father say?"


Toby snorted."He doesn't know." That wasn't even remotely a question.

Angus shook his head.

"You gonna do it?" Toby threw him a sideways glance.

"I guess."

"Gussie." Turning to face him Toby planted a reassuring hand on his brother's shoulder.

"Toby," Angus huffed, "you left. I..." He paused averting his eyes. "I'm all they have now."

"Yeah." Toby gave an almost imperceptible nod, backing off, leaning against the railing again, his gaze fixed rigedly ahead. "How's Gen?"

"Ok,I guess." Angus shrug his shoulders.

With a sad little smile curving his lips Toby whispered in defeat, "I really should be leaving. I'll see you."

"Yeah, see you." Angus' answer was mechanical.

Stopping in the doorway Toby caught Vern's eye, his gut clenching at the self-satisfied smirk Vern threw him across the room.

"Gussie," his face pale, blue eyses glinting with impotent anger and pain, Toby muttered ,"did he....?" His voice trailed off, choked. "Did he...?" he tried again, failed.

Locking his eyes with his brother's , searching them frantically for answers only he knew the questions for Toby hissed passionately. "Don't trust him. Don't you trust any Goddamned word that comes out of that filthy mouth of his!"

.............. ..............

He needed a drink. Badly.

His hands trembling he dialed his sponsor's number on his cell. "C'mon, c'mon....." he hissed desperately. "C'mon you motherfucker, pick up the Goddamned phone!" he was almost shouting as Bob Rebadow droned a yeah into a receiver.

"Fuck you Bob, where the hell have you been?"

"It's nice to hear you too Beecher. God tells me you are in trouble."

"Yeah, no shit. Bob, I'm standing in front of a bar about ready to sell my ass and my soul for a shot and you are telling me God thinks I'm in trouble. Now that's fucking rich!"

"Don't do anything stupid, Tobias."

Toby rolled his eyes. "Are you coming or not?" he snapped impatiently.

"I can't." Rebadow's voice broke."Alex's been rushed into the hospital."

"Oh, God, Bob, I'm sorry." Toby muttered ."I'm so sorry."

"Toby, go home." Bob's voice was sounding tired, low. "Get a cab and just go home."

" `Key, `Key." Toby mumbled ashamed.

"I'll call you tomorrow morning." Bob reassured him. " `Key?"

" `Key." Toby slaped his cell shut . Stepping off the curb and heading to his car, he stopped short as a familiar voice called out his name.

Turning around to face Chris Keller Toby felt his heart skip a beat.

God, he looked good. Edible. Deliciously fuckable, Toby thought wildly as the dark haired man crossed the street to join him. "Hey." was all he could muster.

"Hey." Chris' voice was low, his shapely mouth curving in a downright luminous smile.

"Hey." Toby flashed a faint smile and looked down at his feet coyly.

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