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I really really really but really hate Catherine McClain

Simultaneous Release (continued 2)

by ozfanfreak

" Hi." Chris' voice was low, his eyes roaming over Toby's handsome face, taking in that cute nose, sexy mouth and beautiful sky blue eyes.

"Hi." Toby flashed him a happy smile.

A dazzling smile spread over Chris' face. "You look nice." He crooned caressing him with his eyes.

"Thanks." Lost in the midnight blue eyes Toby felt himself shivering. "You too."

"Shall we?" Chris' voice snaked around him, his hand coming to rest on the small of his back.

With a nod and a smile Toby took his keys, somehow unwilling to move though, not if that meant Chris removing his hand. Toby angled his head, looking at Chris standing so close, his breath so hot against his skin.

Butterflys size of trucks romping around in his stomach Chris cleared his throat. "I think we oughta get going." He whispered, his voice strained. "We'll be late. The game starts at 7."

"Yeah." Toby breathed still not moving, his eyes fixed on Chris' mouth, the feel of Chris' hard body so close next to his making him all kinds of weak. "Yeah, I guess." He managed, amazed by his own eloquence. He was a lawyer for Christsake. Eloquence kind of came with the territory. Yeah, just like at least some brain activity. He smirked to himself. Get a grip ,man.

Moving in a hushed trance he locked the door of his apartment and they started down the stairs.

He could feel his heart jump to his throat at Chris' lightest touch, as they were leaving the brownstone.

God, calm down. What the hell's wrong with you. It's not like you didn't fuck the guy through the matters not 12 hours ago. Still, he felt like he was 14 all over again. His first date. Sweat Janey Marshall walking by his side, her father waiting up for them, all strict and stern, looking much like Jehova after the apple accident. Wistful little smile curved his lips. Last thing he heard Janey was married with children. Twins.

Unlocking his car Chris got the door for him. Feeling kind of silly Toby dropped his eyes to his feet.

"This is nice." He said resting his hand on the door frame between them, his eyes lifting to meet Chris'. "I mean, this, you and me."

"Yeah." Chris breathed covering Toby's hand with his own. "Yeah, it is."


Obscenely happy smile tugging at his lips Toby clasped Chris' hand and carded their fingers together.

His eyes gleaming in pleasure Chris returned a handclasp as they shimmied through the crowd on the parking lot.

"Jeter was awesome." Toby broke the contended silence.

"Yeah, Jeter's the man."

Toby looked him straight in the eye, gleeful smile curving his lips. "Damn you are hot when you go all ESPN on me."

"Tobe, I'm hot. Period." Chris cocked a cool eyebrow at him.

"Oh, yeah." Toby gave his jeans clad ass a playful slap. "Damn right you are."

Chris threw his arm around Toby's shoulders.

"Dinner?" Toby asked.

"Italian?" Chris drawled softly, nuzzling his temple.

" 'Key, whatever you want. You are the man." Toby giggled at dirty little look Chris threw his way. "You are my man." Toby crooned angling his head, his lips searching Chris'. "All mine."

"All yours." Chris growled into Toby's hungry mouth. "All yours, baby." He gave a soft moan and slid his hand rounnd Toby's waist, pulled him close against him.

Toby's gentle hands snaked around him, his soft wet tongue exploring his mouth.

A loud whistles and some passer-by's cat calls forced them apart. Chris flipped the guy off. "Eat me, jizz-ball."

"Chris, don't." Toby tugged at him. "Fuck them."

"Nah," Chris growled leaning in, "all I want is here in my arms." And Toby felt himself blushing.

Holding him close, hand thrown round his shoulders and pressing a big sloppy kiss to his cheek Chris let out a loud chuckle. "C'mon babe, let's go, I'm starving." With a peck on Toby's lips and a quick slap on the ass he got into the car.

Toby followed with the world's goofiest smile taking permanent residence on his face.


"Ya know, Bonnie makes some kick ass cannelloni." Chris said around the bites of his lasagne.

Mesmerized by the things Chris' mouth and tongue were doing to the poor unsuspecting fork, Toby barely managed a weak. "Yeah, I know."

Catching his hungry look Chris chuckled. "Think somebody's all ready for desert, huh Tobe?"

Leaning back in his chair Toby let out a tinkling laugh, his eyes gleaming bright.

"So, how do you know Bonnie?" Chris asked.

"Through Kitty. She was my sponsor for a while." Toby shrugged his shoulders, taking a sip of his ice tea. "She's one great lady."

"Yeah." Chris smiled fondly. "And Angelique?"

"She's my accountant."

"I guess, strippers do well these days." Chris' eyes were sparkling with laughter.

Letting out a small huff Toby mouthed a light-hearted "Fuck you."

"So, you are a full pledged member of the sisterhood now, huh Tobe?"

Toby snorted, almost choking on his drink. "Yeah, we meet like every other Friday and make little Keller voodoo dolls." He leaned in, his voice conspiratory low now. "Haven't you been feeling little under the weather lately?" Toby raised an eyebrow questioningly, his blue eyes full of impish joy.

Chris shook his head at him, laughing, delighted, and Toby couldn't take his eyes of him; he felt like he was drowning in Chris' luminous eyes, pure joy he saw in them echoing in his own heart.

"How about that desert." Chris drawled bringing a glass to his lips; his voice going straight for Toby's cock.

"Um, no." Toby blinked slowly, throwing him a downright puckish grin. "I think, I'll pass."

"Tough, baby," Chris growled leaning in, "I need some sugar."

"Fuck, Chris , how are you doing this to me, every time.?" Toby huffed closing his eyes, his whole body thruming.

"Tobias?" Catherine McClain's voice forced his eyes open.


"Catherine..." He breathed out looking confused, well aware of the curious little looks Chris was throwing his way. "Hi."He stood up extending his hand in greeting like a proper gentleman. "How are you?"

"It's so nice to see you." Catherine chirruped leaning in and planting a kiss on his cheek.

Chris' eyes narrowed dangerously.

"Aren't you going to introduce me to your friend?" She threw Chris a withering look, her hand still lingering on Toby's waist.

Chris' mouth curved with his customary "eat shit and die slowly" smile as his eyes flickered from Toby to Catherine and back again. "Yeah, Toby," he drawled out the syllables of his name, his smile downright luminous now, " ain't ya gonna introduce us?"

Someone is jelaous? God, Chris was jelaous! Biting back a whoop of joy Toby gave him a gentle smile. "Catherine, this is my boyfriend,Det. Christopher Keller. Chris, this is Catherine McClain, she was my lawyer."

"Pleased to meet ya, Mizz McClain." Chris almost purred.

"Likewise." She mumbled fumbling hard for her composure. "I should probably..." she started, casting a quick look back to her table.

"Oh, don't let us keep ya." tilting his head Chris grinned like a big bad cat. The one that just swallowed a canary.

Toby threw him a "take that smug look off your face before I slap you" glance.

Chris' grin only grew wider.


"She's hot." Chris said giving her retreating figure a good once over. "Did ya fuck her?"

Toby huffed with an incredulous look splattered all over his face. "Oh, shut up."

"Make me." Chris winked stepping closer, and Toby felt him slide a proprietary hand down his back and ass. "That's right baby," he smiled to himself, "Yours, all yours."


"Oh, fuck." Toby mumbled into his pillow fumbling for his cell. "OK, OK,I'm awake. I'm awake! Fuck." He cursed flipping it open without even checking the caller ID. "Yeah?" His voice was gruff.

"Toby, it's me."

"Mom." Toby huffed, not a little surprised. "Hi, I mean, how did you get my number?" He sighed covering his eyes with his hand. "Nevermind... How are you, Mom? How's Dad?"

"I'm fine, Toby. We are both fine. Thank you for asking." She fel silent.

"Mom..." Toby didn't know what to say or even how to say it. "Mom..." His voice was a shaky whisper now.

"Toby, your father wants to see you. I would like to see you." She paused there. "How does Friday sound to you? Are you free for dinner?"

"Yes..." Toby's mouth curved in a sad little smile. "Yes, Mother, Friday sounds great."

"Friday it is. That's settled then. We'll see you at 8, Tobias."

"Ok. Bye, Mother."

"Goodbye, Tobias."

"Mom, Mom..." came his hurried cry before she would hung up.

"Yes, Toby?" Her voice sounded so soft, loving.

"Thank, you."

"Oh, Toby....." her voice broke. For a moment there Toby thought he heard her sob.

"Mom, don't."

He heard her sigh.

"See, you Friday, Toby. Don't be late. You know how you father hates when you are late."

" 'Key. Friday." He whispered and hang up. Throwing his cell across the room he buried his head into the pillow.


Saturday morning


Lifting his eyes from the screen of his computer Chris smiled at Toby standing there just feet away looking mighty cute. "Hi."

"I brought you coffee," Toby raised a hand holding a Styrofoam cup, "and donuts." The smile he gave him was downright wicked.

"Thanks..." His eyes dancing with amusement Chris took the offered. "How was your dinner?" He asked leaning back in his chair and admiring Toby's lean thigh as the blonde perched his cute little behind on his desk.

"Great..." Toby pouted his mouth mulling that over in his head. "Actually, it was great."

"Tobe..." Chris planted a gentle hand on his thigh, his eyes searching Toby's, "I'm glad."

"O'Riley, Keller, in my office,now." Cpt. Glynn barked out.

Commendation or reprimand, you could never tell. Chris got up from his desk with a sigh. "Toby, I have to." He started.

"Yeah, no sweat." Toby slid of the desk. "See ya tonight?"

"Yeah. I don't know. I'll call you, OK?"

"Ok." Damn, you are grinning like an idiot. Toby smirked to himself. Get a grip, man.


Half way down the stairs Toby realized he forgot his jacket in the squad room. Yeah, like he needed the lame excuse to catch a glimpse of his lover's perfect ass. He chuckled to himself.

He stopped short in a doorway as he saw Vern Schillinger standing there, just few feet away, all smiles, shaking hands with Chris. His Chris. His motherfuckin' cocksuckin' sonofabitch of a boyfriend, Christopher fucking Keller.


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