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this is unbetaed and English is not my first language, sooooo please keep that in mind

Simultaneous Release(Continued)

by ozfanfreak

Simultaneous Release 8/?

Locking his eyes with Toby's Chris flashed him a bright smile, dimples and all. "Ya wanna go for a drink or something?"

"No." Toby murmured in that sweet low and husky voice of his, his blue eyes unreadable, guarded ,and Chris could feel his heart sink.

Faint smile curving his lips Toby dropped his gaze . "I mean, I can't." With a huff he raised his head to look at Chris. "I'm an alcoholic."

"Oh...I see," Chris whispered, "I'm sorry."

Toby smiled wryly. "Nah, don't sweat." He sighed his head cocked to one side, his blue eyes glinting with mischief now. "It's not terminal."

Chris shot him a curious look and a matching smile at that.

Toby's mouth curved in a wide grin, his shoulders lifting in a little shrug like all that tickled him somehow.

Returning the smile Chris gave his head a shake. "You are one crazy motherfucker."

Toby gave a little huff at that, his hands buried in his pockets.

"One hot motherfucker." Chris crooned stepping closer.

"Can't argue there." Toby sighed feeling nervous all of a sudden.

Nuzzling Toby's temple, his hot breath caressing Toby's skin Chris whispered silkly. "My apartment's few blocks away, you wanna come up for a cup of coffee, tea..." Chris paused pulling back a little,looking straight at him, his silver eyes gleaming under teh streetlight, "...me?"

His hand coming to rest on Chris' chest Toby smiled, nodding his head just a little, something sad, something so sweet and needy dancing in that gorgeous blue eyes of his. "Yeah, OK."

"Yeah?" Chris breathed nuzzling Toby's temple, both of his hands on Toby's waist now, holding him close, realizing just then he had been holding his breath waiting for Toby's answer.

Scooting back a bit and giving him a long thoughtful look, Toby murmured ."Oh, yeah."

Sliding his hand over Chris' chest and shoulder he cupped the nape of his neck, tugged him close, his lips searching Chris', nipping gently, licking over the seam, wanting in. "Oh, yeah."

With a moan Chris parted his lips and let Toby's hard determined tongue in.

Sliding his tongue over Toby's, flicking it against the roof of his sweet mouth Chris wrapped his arms around Toby, tight.

Burrowing into that heartfelt embrace, his tongue laping at Chris' in a desperate kiss, a long wet luxurious kiss, Toby slid his hands up Chris' strong back.

Moaning in pleasure, his breathing hard Chris worked a hand between them and palmed Toby's cock.

Smiling against Chris' parted mouth Toby gave a litle huff. "Uh-huh-huh, ya gotta pay to play."

And at that Chris stopped short.

"What?" He groaned between gasps of breath, his dark eyebrows knotted, midnight blue eyes gleaming dangerously.

"Payback's a bitch, ain't it lover boy?" Toby lifted a corner of his mouth in a wicked little grin.

Half wanting to smack him, half to fuck him then and there, Chris grabbed him hard around the waist, his strong hands sliding lower, kneading Toby's firm little ass. "Don't fuck with me, Beecher." He growled tugging him close and shoving his tongue deep into Toby's wet hot mouth, fucking it senseless.

"Who, me?" Toby breathed against his lips, a sparkle of amusement in his eyes gone almost black withe desire now.

"Yeah, you." Chris nipped at Toby's lower lip, and ran his tongue over it, slow, bumping his crotch against Toby's.

"Aw, Keller, where's your sense of humor?" Smiling with glee Toby worked his hand down Chris's hard flat belly. "Now, about that offer...." His voice trailed off suggestively as his hand slid over Chris' cock.

"Yeah?" Chris groaned closing his eyes, a delicious little shiver crawling down his spine.

"Well, lead on..." Toby purred cupping his balls, "Christopher."

tbc, I promise

Simultaneous Release 9/?

"I want ya babe, I want ya so much." Chris murmured against Toby's ear holding his lean naked body close, his hands lingering along the small of Toby's back.

Kissing his smile into Chris' shoulder Toby slid his hand down Chris' perfect back.

"All I've been thinking about was kising you again." Chris breathed, his voice strained. " Baby, I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry about everything, I didn't..." His voice trailed off.

Slipping his hands inside the waistband of Chris' briefs, his lips brushing against Chris' skin, Toby whispered. "Don't, please don't say anything, I don't want to talk right now. I can't, I just can't Chris, not now." He pressed his lips hot against the crook of Chris' shoulder. "Anyway..." Lips brushing against Chris', Toby curved his hand along Chris' ass, pressing closer, his middle finger pushing into the cleft.

Chris let out a happy, surprised grunt.

Scooting back a bit,smiling, looking right at Chris Toby pressed a little way into the pucker.

"Oh, yeah babe, that's it." Chris moaned desperate for it.

Toby chuckled. "Greedy little bitch."

Small laugh escaping him Chris closed his eyes and held perfectly still, a delicious thrill shivering through him as Toby pushed a finger inside him and shoved his tongue deep inside his mouth.

Brething raggedly, whimpering with pleasure, his mouth open wide while Toby was kissing him slow Chris buried his hands in Toby's golden curls.

With a lazy swipe of his tongue over Chris' lips Toby slid his finger deeper inside.

"Oh, God," Chris breathed into Toby's mouth, "do it again, baby, do it again."

His tongue lashing against Chris', filling his mouth, Toby moved his finger again, slow and deliberate. His own breathing strained now,he worked his other hand between them and cupped Chris' straining cock.

"Say it," Toby whispered softly, "say it."

Opening his eyes to look at hypnotically shimmering baby blues, his hand gripping hard on Toby's shoulders Chris breathed out. " Fuck me , babe. I want you to fuck me."

"That's my boy." Toby chuckled forcing him down onto a bed, pushing him down on cool white sheets and stradling him, his hard cock poking at Chris' belly.

Grinding his hard on against Chris he grasped him tightly by the wrists and stretched out his arms over his head. Leaning in he planted a thender kiss on Chris' eager mouth;

Chris whimpered; the soft touch on his lips at ods with a tight grip on his wrists making his skin tingle.

Abandoning Chris' mouth and his hands Toby slithered his lean hard body down Chris' chest and belly leaving a glistening trail with his tongue on the heated skin.

Pausing, glancing up to meet Chris' dark blue eyes, his smile deliciously wicked Toby grabbed the waistband of Chris' briefs with both hands and his teeth and tugged them down, slowly, achingly slow.

Holding Toby's eyes Chris arched his hips to help him ease the briefs down.

Flinging them across the room Toby worked his hands beneath Chris' ass, grabing him kinda hard, tugging him closer, forcing him to spread his knees.

Settling himself between Chris' thighs, Toby lashed his tongue against the tender flesh there.

Carding his hands through Toby's silken curls, his breath turning shallow, his breathing getting strained, Chris held him there; gasping as Toby bit on his thigh lightly, holding his breath as Toby grazed his barred teeth over his skin there, as he sucked on his heated flesh there, hard, his strong hands gripping his hips, holding him still, tormenting him with lazy licks. "Babe, suck me, please." Chris pleaded. "I want your mouth on my cock."

Smiling with glee, his blue eyes glinting with passion Toby grasped Chris' cock ,stroking it slowly, his breath hot against it and Chris just couldn't take it anymore; he jerked his hips pushing harder into that tight grasp.

"You, bastard," Chris moaned, "you're....you're doing this on purpose."

Toby looked up at him curving his mouth in a mischievous little smile. "Uh-huh." He murmured, puffing a hot breath over the head.

"Jesus." Chris groaned, closing his eyes.

With a nasty chuckle Toby finally closed his wet hot mouth around him, sliding the tip of his wicked tongue up and down the slit.

"Oh, Jesus."Chris screamed.

"Oh, yeah."

Chuckiling softly , the satisfaction rich in the sound, Toby went back to his enjoyable task. Finding a comfortable rhythm he sucked on Chris, his soft back of the throat moans making Chris wild.

Fumbling blindly over the nightstand Chris managed to grab hold of a lube and a condom. "Now, do it now, babe." he panted shoving them into Toby's hand.

"Yeah," Toby growled ,"oh, yeah." Holding Chris' eyes Toby snap opened the lube, and squeezed a generous amount in his hand. "Here we go." Biting on his lower lip he worked the lube in.

His body washed over with pleasure,his breath coming in desperate moans Chris closed his eyes.

Toby let out a choked little laugh.

"You're sounding little out of breath yourself , Tobe." Rolling his head back on a pillow Chris barely breathed the words out.

Toby pushed a second finger in, making him scream again.

"Look at me babe," he whispered, "open your eyes and look at me Chris."

tbc, I promise

(btw, I don't know shit about baseball so be kind)

Simultaneous Release 10/?

"So, you really thought 100 $ would cover it?" Toby stretched lazily against the crumpled sheets shooting him a sultry smile.

"Tobe..." Chris whined covering his face with his hands, " fuck, babe, just drop it already, OK? I said I'm sorry."

"No, seriously," Toby propped himself up on one elbow to look at Chris ,"I just want to know. Wasn't I any good?"

"You're kidding me, right?" Chris lifted a curious eyebrow at him.

"No." Toby blushed under his intent gaze. "Damn it, Chris I thought we had something going there, and I thought..." His voice faltered, his eyes downcast.

"I thought you felt it too."He muttered, playing nervously with a seam of his pillow.

"Oh, baby." Chris reached for him, his fingers brushing along his cheek. "I definitely felt it......." He crooned pressing a kiss on his lips, kissing him lightly, kissing him tenderly.

A knowing smirk flickered at the corner of his mouth and he climbed on top of Toby, pinning him down,"......and something tells me you're gonna feel it once more."

"Oh, I am, am I?" Toby gave an amused snort at that.

"Uh-huh." Chris gave a short, playful laugh grinding his crotch against Toby's.

"Now?" Toby asked, his voice shaky with excitement.

A corner of his mouth quirking upwards with a lazy smile Chris nuzzled his ear, and blew on it a husky "Now."

That sexy voice tickled against his skin, and made him push against that hard body on top of him.

"Right now." Toby whispered, his breath coming in strained little gasps as Chris trailed his lips down his throat and chest ,lapping at his nipple.

"Oh, yeah like right fucking now." Chris bit lightly at the gentle bud.

"Naughty...." Toby whimpered. Working his hand low between them Chris palmed his cock, and Toby groaned a heartfelt "......Jesus." in the same breath.

" That's a new one, Beech." Chris drawled with a self-satisfied smirk on his face.

"Fuck you." Toby squirmed underneath him, arching his back, pushing into Chris' palm.

"Nah, it's my turn."


"Babe?" Chris whispered wrapping his arms around Toby, tugging him closer.

"Ummmm?" Toby murmured sleepily, burrowing deeper into Chris' embrace.

"I have tickets for tomorrow's game. You wanna go?"


"Yes. Yankees." Chris scooted back a little way giving him an incredulous look.

"Uh-huh, yeah," Toby gave a nod barely awake now, "OK."

"Ya sound all fired up there, Tobe." Chris chuckled gently cradling him in his arms.

"Yeah, ummmmmmm."

Chris smiled a fondly amused smile and wrapped his arms tighter around the blonde, burying his face into the silken curls.

"Nice, this is so nice." He thought closing his eyes, sighing gustily.

"Very, very nice." He murmured against Toby's cheek planting a tender goodnight kiss there.


"Looking perky there K-boy." Ryan greeted his partner with a usual : steaming cup of strong black coffee and his no shit grin. "Hot date last night?"

Sitting his well-loved ass behind his desk and stiring some sugar into his coffee Chris threw him an oh so innocent look.

"Let me guess," Ryan leaned back in his chair, "the hot blonde from the supermarket?"


"Damn, why not? She was smokin' hot."

Chris looked at him grinning from ear to ear now.

"You know what, " Ryan eyed him, suspicious all of a sudden, "I don't want to know."

"No?" Chris slanted him a playful look.


"OK." Chris shrugged his shoulders. "Now, I'll have to tell ya everything."

"Fuck you."

" Oh, but that's exactly what..." Chris started with his game face firmly on.

"The phone is ringing." Ryan pointed at the telephone on his desk.

"Oh, but I ain't finished."

"Just, pick up the fucking phone, Keller." Ryan rolled his eyes. He really didn't want to know anything, about anything. He was not homophobic no matter what Glor said. It didn't matter to him who the fuck Keller fucked. As long as he ain't checking out his ass. But he wasn't really his type, anyway.

tbc I promise

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