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The Beach House 7

by kellerluvstoby

Chapter 7

A week later Olivia was sitting at her desk when Elliot walked in to the Squad Room. She glanced at him for a moment then went back to work.

"Morning Liv"


"You want a cup of Coffee?"

"No thanks"

"You alright?"


It was only 7.00am and already I have done something to piss her off he thought to him self. He watched her for a minute, and then sat at his desk; he was still looking at her when his cell phone rang.


"Hey" It was Toby "You want to have lunch today?"

"Sure, when and where?"

"How about at my place and we can be each others lunch" Toby said with a laugh

Elliot laughed at this which made Olivia give him a very funny look, she shook her head and went back to work on the file in front of her.

"Sounds great, I will meet you there at lets say one"

"Ok...... I love you"

"Right back at ya" Elliot said with a smile then hung up.

It had been a semi slow morning with only one major case that they were working on, but they got the guy and now all that was left was the paperwork, and there was a hell of a lot of that. Elliot rubbed his temples and took a deep breath.

"Headache" Olivia asked when she looked up at him.

"Mmmmm Just a small one"

"Take an aspirin"

"Yeah or I might just go to lunch instead, might help if I take a break from this" he said indicating the case file in front of him. He knocked on Toby' door right on 1 o'clock, when Toby answered it he grabbed Elliot by the tie and pulled him inside.

When Elliot got back to the station house he started to get on with the paperwork which he had left there that morning. He felt great now and he knew why, he didn't need an aspirin he needed a bit of Toby. He was glad that his headache had gone before he got to Toby's place, cause that would have been funny if he had said to him, not today as I have a headache, he chuckled to him self and went on working.

He was finishing up on the last lot of paperwork when Olivia asked him what he was doing for dinner

"Sorry I've got plans"

"Oh ok" she said feeling a bit rejected

"If you need to talk, I can cancel I'm sure they wouldn't mind"

"No that's ok, maybe tomorrow?"

"Sure, no problem"

"See you"

"Liv, is everything alright?"

"Yeah, we will talk tomorrow over dinner, ok"

"Ok, see you"

Elliot watched her leave and wondered if she was ok. She had been a bit different towards him for a couple of weeks now, since he got back from his time off. Does she know about Toby? No she couldn't, we have never met up anywhere where she or anyone else from here or Toby's work could see us, or have we?

He was sitting there going over what he would say to her if she did ask about Toby when his phone rang


"Hey.....you still working?"

"Ahh...yeah" Elliot looked at his watch and realized what the time was "Shit...Sorry Toby, I guess I lost track of the time"

"Yeah figured as much" Toby laughed

"I'm so sorry, I will be there soon"

"No need to rush, I just got in myself and I've just put dinner in the oven anyway"

"Are you sure"

"Yeah no problem, I will see you soon"

"Ok" Elliot hung up, smiled to himself and looked at his watch again "Fuck" he straightened up his desk and left the station house.

He zigged and zagged through traffic to get to Toby's place. As he parked he saw a car that he thought looked like Olivia's, he sat there looking at it through the rearview mirror for awhile then dismissed the thought saying "No way is that her, she doesn't know I come here" he got out and went up to Toby' place.

"Come on in, Elliot its open" came the reply when he knocked

"You shouldn't do that"


"Yell out like that"

"Why? I knew it was you"

"That's not the point; I could have been a Sex maniac"

"Mmmmm... But you are" Toby said with a laugh

"Smartass, I'm serious"

"Always on duty hey Detective"

"Yep" he said as he grabbed Toby and kissed him long and hard. Toby pulled free first to catch his breath.

"I hope you like Lasagna"

"Yep, love it"

"Good" Elliot lent in to kiss him, but was stopped by the buzzer on the oven. "Give me a hand?"

"Sure, what do you need?"

"Besides you you mean" Toby answered with a smile.


"You can help me with the Salad"

"What you mean like cutting up the Tomatoes and stuff?" "Yep"

"Ok no problems"

After they had eaten and tidied up, they sat on the couch talking about their day. "I'm having dinner with Olivia, my partner tomorrow night"

"Really, Should I start to worry?" Toby laughed

"No of course not, I think she just needs to talk to me about something"

"Is she ok?"

"Not sure" Elliot said with worry "I will find out tomorrow night, I guess"

Toby moved closer to Elliot, he lent in and nuzzled his neck, Elliot moved his head to the side for Toby to have better access to it. Toby kissed his earlobe then licked down his neck to his collarbone.

He got down in between Elliot's legs and started to unbutton his shirt, leaning in and licking each part of exposed skin as he opened the shirt making Elliot moan. Toby opened up the shirt and flicked his tongue over one of his nipples then the other making Elliot buck his hips up, Toby licked, nipped and sucked his way down Elliot's chest and stomach coming to a stop at the top of his pants.

He ran his hands up Elliot's legs from his claves to his inner thighs stopping just short of his groin. He ran his hands up his hips and across his stomach to the button of his pants, he slowly undid the button and zipper bringing the pants down slowly over Elliot's hips letting his cock springs free, he slipped them off over his feet and threw them on the floor.

Toby sat back and looked at Elliot lying back on the couch; he moved his eyes from Elliot's down to his mouth and watched as Elliot's tongue darted out to moisten his lips, his eyes traveled down over his body to his rock hard cock. Toby ran his hands up Elliot' inner thighs to his groin, his thumbs running up the sides of his cock making Elliot call his name.

Toby wrapped his hand around Elliot' cock and started to slowly pump his fist up and down, be bent down and licked the tip of his cock, licking away the pre-cum that had seeped out.

"Toby" Elliot moaned when he engulfed the head into his warm mouth, he swirled his tongue around the tip and into the slit. Elliot's hand went to the top of Toby's head trying to push him down on his cock, but Toby had other ideas. He lightly pushed Elliot's hand away still with his cock in his hand he started to pump faster and faster smiling up at him he locked eyes with Elliot, his administrations making Elliot raise his hips up off the couch and explode over his stomach and Toby' hand.

"Fuck" Elliot said between breathes "That was amazing"

"Mmmmm knew you would like it, now if you would follow me" Toby said as he got up and put his hand out for Elliot which he took, Toby led him to the bathroom and closed the door. Toby woke earlier then normal and sighed when he saw that it was 4am, he looked over at his lover sleeping, a ray of moonlight lay across his chest illuminating the small beads of sweat that lay there.

Toby couldn't help himself he lent over and licked the beads, he marveled at the way Elliot tasted it was so sweet, he loved the way he smelt even after sex, the way his eyes light up when he smiles and most of all he loves the way that he says I Love you because he knows how hard it is/was for him to admit that. Toby knows Elliot has never been with a man before and in a big way was happy that he got to be the man Elliot chose.

He lay back down and molded himself to Elliot's body. Elliot embraced him tightly bringing him closer to him. Elliot moaned into Toby's ear as they pushed up against each other, Elliot kissed Toby's ear lightly and tightened his arms around Toby making him grunt.

"What time is it?" Elliot asked still with his eyes closed

"It's 4 in the morning"

"Bloody hell, what are you doing awake at this hour?"

"I don't know I just woke up, go back to sleep"

"Mmmmm" Elliot moaned as he drifted back off to sleep and Toby soon followed.

Elliot woke at the sound of his cell phone ringing; he searched for it and found it in his pants pocket.

"Yeah" he said sleepily

"Are you coming into work today, or are you having the day off?" Olivia asked him

"Fuck" he said when he looked at the clock on the dresser "I'll be there right away"

He turned to Toby, who was looking at him and said that he had to go "I'm Late for work" I will call later, as he was about to leave he stopped, turned and pulled Toby into a passionate kiss.

"Mmmmm I love the way you taste" Toby said licking his lips.

"Yeah" Elliot smiled, but it faded when he looked at his watch "I got to go"

"Yeah ok" but Toby wasn't sure if he heard him because Elliot was gone and the door was closed.


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