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The Beach House 8

by kellerluvstoby

Chapter 8

That night at Olivia' place, they were having dinner and short conversations here and there. But Elliot knew that she had something on her mind and defiantly something to say.

"Liv, is everything alright?" Elliot asked

She took a deep breath then let it out slowly. "I need to tell you something" she said softly

"Ok, go ahead"

"I know about you and the person you are seeing"

Elliot stopped with his fork in mid air and looked at her with narrow eyes "Oh, really and what do you know"

"Why" she asked

"Why what?"

"Why him and not me?"

"Olivia, I.... I just don't think of you that way, you know that, you're my partner."

"But we could have....."

"No we couldn't" he said cutting her off. "We work together and if we had a relationship.....look it just wouldn't have worked."

"How do you know, it could have."

"No, it wouldn't have." He said softly

"He was the one you met when you were on leave, wasn't he?"

"Yeah" He said nodding his head.

"What's his name?"

"Toby.....Tobias Beecher"

"What does he do?" she asked

"Why do you want to know?"

"I want to know what he has that I don't?"

Elliot thought of one thing, but didn't say anything. He sat there and thought that he really didn't want to be here anymore and that he really wanted to be with Toby, holding and kissing him. But he was bought back to reality by Olivia's voice

"Elliot, are you listening?"

"Liv, please don't do this."

"Why not?" she asked getting angry

"Because you won't like what I have to say."

They sat there in silence for a moment; Elliot could tell she wanted to ask more about Toby. He wasn't sure how she would react when he told her that he loved this man very much.

As he was sitting there he went back to last night when he pulled up in front of Toby' place, he thought about the car. His head shot up and he looked at her "Have you been following me? That's the only way you could have known about Toby and I." She sat there not looking at him.

"Olivia" he said "Have you?"

"Yes, yes I have" she said looking him straight in the eye "I wanted to see who was making you so happy"

"Why didn't you just ask me, I would have told you?"

"Elliot, I just don't understand why you are with a man, you have always been on your guard when it comes to ......... homosexuals?"

"I know Liv, It's just. I...I don't know why."

"Well that's just not a good enough reason Elliot"

"It's the only one I can give you at the moment"


"Liv, look I'm sorry that I have hurt you so much, but I can't help the way I feel"

Olivia wasn't listening to him anymore the only thing she could hear was her heart beating loudly in her ears. She stood there thinking about every thing that has been said tonight and everything that she has seen, as the realization hits her, this man truly makes Elliot happy and she should be happy for him and not stand in his way.

She doesn't really want to loose Elliot as a friend or a partner, so she made the decision there and then to be there for him if he needed her. She was fighting back the tears that were stinging and threatening to escape her tired eyes. She shook her head slightly to clear it then she turned and faced Elliot.

"Elliot" she said quietly


"I .....I understand"

"What do you understand Liv?"

"That you are happy with him ..... with Toby and that I will not stand in your way."

"You mean that Liv, that you wont stand in the way of us?"


Elliot stood and took Olivia in his arms and gave her the biggest hug he could without crushing her to death. "Thanks" he whispers in her ear.

"So, when do I get to meet him"? She asks him

"Ummm, maybe we should wait awhile before that" he said to her but then added quickly "Don't get me wrong I want you to meet him, just not yet. It's all still new to me and we need some us time"

"Ok Ell, when ever you're ready, just let me know"

"Thanks Liv" he said hugging her again

"Ummm Elliot"


"Ummm ... what are you going to tell everyone else?"

"Fuck, I really don't know, I completely forgot about that" he said rubbing his face

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