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For this you will need the following:
1. willing suspension of disbelief
2. basic understanding of stem cell research and genetic modification (nah, just a fair amount of yer plain ol' wild imagination, I guess)
3. uterine replicator
Now, step into my laboratory (cue diabolical laughter).

We will call her Toby, after her, ummm,well, I guess, mother

by ozfanfreak or lalioz

"Mr.Beecher would you, please come with me?" nurse McAllister, as her nametag said, smiled at him courteously as could be.

He got up from his chair throwing the magazine he's been reading for the last twenty minutes down on the coffee table and gave her an equally polite smile, and a puzzled look. "Is there a problem?"

With the expressive shrug of her shoulders, and a look in her eyes that seemed to suggest she saw strangest thing happen, she led him down the hallway. "Mr. Keller asked for you." She said stopping in front of the room three to knock on the door. "Mr.Keller," she called out. As she heard the lock she turned to the blonde standing next to her. "If you need anything, just use the buzzer." She said heading back to the nurses station, her professional smile still firmly on, although somewhat bellied by the amused glint in her dark brown eyes.

"Tobe." He heard Keller's urgent voice and was yanked inside by a strong hand. He watched as Keller pushed the door closed and turned the lock. The look in his eyes made Toby want to laugh. "What's wrong?" he tried hard not to, though. "Fuck you, Beecher." Keller growled pacing up and down the room. "I can't do this shit, ya hear."

Leaning back against the door, and folding his arms across the chest Toby could feel his mouth twitch with a smile. "You mean, you can't..." he pointedly looked at Keller's crotch. "Now, Christ, that's the first."

Keller shot him a murderous glare at that. "Watch it, Beecher." Next thing though, he was sitting down abruptly burying his head in his hands. "This is not funny, Beech." He groaned. Toby pushed off the slick surface of the door and stepped to him burying his hands into Chris' short dark hair, caressing, forcing him to look at him.

"Chris," he said, his voice calm, soft and trying to soothe," if you are not sure about this..."

"No, baby, no," Chris held his eyes firmly," it's not that." He slid his arms around Toby's waist, pressing his face against Toby's hard belly. "I...." he laughed softly, looking up, and meeting Toby's eyes. "This is huge, baby."

Cupping his face with both hands, and leaning in to press a gentle kiss on his lover's lips, Toby smiled against them, winked at Chris. "I know."

Chris smiled his eyes locked on Toby's squeezing him tight. "Damn, Tobe, I love you."

"I know baby, I know." Toby murmured nuzzling his temple, sliding his hands down Chris' shoulders and straddling him. Feeling Chris' hands on his back, and lower cupping his ass, squeezing, kneading Toby chuckled. He cradled Chris' head with his arms, and dove for a kiss pressing his mouth over Chris', flicking his tongue against his. Nipping lightly at Chris' lower lip he rocked in his lap grinding their crotches together. "Chris," he chuckled at the crazy thought that came to his head, "ya realize this is probably the first time you are fucking like a good little Catholic is supposed to- for procreation purposes only."

Letting out a surprised chuckle, his lips still firmly on Toby's, Chris slapped his ass hard. "Damn, Tobe," he pressed his body closer,"you are one sick fucker." He growled sucking Toby's tongue in, his hands roaming low between them in search for Toby's belt buckle and zipper.

"Chris," Toby murmured against his lips, his breathing strained, "I don't think they are interested in my sample."

"I need to touch ya , babe." Chris growled burying his hand inside Toby's pants and boxers, wrapping his fingers around Toby's already hard cock. "God, Tobe, ya so good." He said grabbing the back of Toby's neck with his other hand, pulling him in for a hard kiss.

With a shuddering sigh Toby pushed his cock into Chris' firm grasp and his tongue down his throat. "No, baby, c'mon." he groaned, "I'll take care of you..." He somehow managed to pull himself away from Chris' touch. "C'mon Chris, c'mon baby." He reached for Chris' zipper.

Leaning back in his seat Chris threw him a smoldering look, his breath coming in short gasps, and a dark eyebrow lifting in a challenge.

Toby slithered down on his knees digging inside of Chris' pants with the zeal of a gold prospector, his hungry eyes holding Chris' as he unearthed his big beautiful cock.

"Ya know," Chris closed his eyes throwing his head back, pausing to catch his breath, as Toby's diabolical tongue closed in on his mark," if it is a girl, we will name her Toby...." He heard Toby Sr. chuckle. "After her, well I guess....mother."

"Ummmm..." Chris moaned fumbling for a plastic specimen cup, and handing it to Toby."Yeah....."

The end

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