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A Thing of Beauty (chapter1)

by ozfanfreak or lalioz

Living in a dream of the things to come your lips mouth a voiceless sound; Scarred, but still wanting more.... (dunno who wrote this,found it somewhere)


Pulling on the reins lightly Christopher Keller started his descent to the valley bellow- the unbroken stretch of sloping green under the cloudless sky and his unwavering gaze.He left the mountains behind. Soft blades of grass swayed in the wind as he crossed a stream. A hawk swooped down on an unsuspecting rabbit.

He heard them coming long before he saw them-whips cracking through air, loud voices and catcalls, whistles and hoofs. A large herd streamed down the valley raising a cloud of dust behind it, six cowboys on their tail. Keller rose in his stirrups, one hand squeezing the reins tightly, his eyes searching the horizon. Now he knew he was trespassing, the question was would he regret it.

Pretty soon the raiders noticed him-one of them giving a loud whistle, calling the others,pointing at him. As the cattle crowded the stream three of the cowboys roughed it through to him. The two of them were on skew bald horses; the third-high strung and pulling sharply at the reins of a roan.

"That's a fine looking animal." Keller drawled jerking his chin at the roan.

A pair of cornflower blue eyes gleamed at him under the rim of a dusty Stetson.

"Who the fuck are you?" came a low query from one of the skew bald twins.

"Hank! Manners boy!" a tall sallow-faced man riding a black thoroughbred joined them. "Vern Schillinger." He said touching the rim of his hat by way of greeting."My sons."

"Christopher Keller." Chris nodded his head, easy smile never leaving his lips.

"Boss," the blue eyed crazy dismounted the roan,"Star needs a good brush down."

"Key." Schillinger nodded, his gaze never wavering from the stranger.

Glancing blankly at them the guy walked away.

"That boy's crazy about that mare." Schillinger smiled.

"Tobias!" He yelled after the blonde. "Tell Robson we're setting up camp here."

The blonde merely nodded.

"You're more than welcome to join us." Schillinger offered an invitation.

With a ready smile Keller accepted.


They were sitting by the fire;one of the Schillinger boys, Andy, obviously the younger of the two, drawing out a sad melody from a harmonica, a weaselly looking fellow nearby busy with the stew and coffee.

"Zabitz, you are one ugly fucker, but ya sure can cook."A tall beefy Teuton guy smiled over his plate.

"Cuttler, shit man, watch yer tongue, wait if Vern catches ya." Robson drawled with a smirk hidden behind a steaming cup of coffee. He knew better than to piss the guy off.

Chris listened to the banter his eyes surreptitiously on the tall crazy eyed blonde sitting away from the fire, in the darkness, all by himself. "What's with him?" He jerked his chin in the general direction of the blonde.

"Shit, don't take it personally, he's always like that." Cuttler said around the bites. "Crazy-ass-motherfucker."

"Shut up, Wolfgang." Andy Schillinger squatted down by a cauldron. "You don't know shit."

"And you do?" His older brother drawled belligerently.

Exasperated, Andy threw him a tired look. "Just shut it, Hank."

"Or what?" Hank egged on.

"Leve the boy alone." came Schillinger senior's icy voice. "Zabitz."

"Here boss." Zabitz handed him a plate readily.

"So, Chris... You don't mind me calling you Chris? What brings you here?"


"Toby." Andy walked to the blonde carrying a plate and some bread. "Here man, you need to keep your strength."

"Thanks." The blonde mumbled.

Sitting down beside him Andy sighed,looked up at the dark sky over their heads.

"So, who's the guy?" Toby asked. "Dunno, he says he's from back east. Your neck of the woods."

"Well,somehow I doubt it." Toby smiled wryly.

"Tomorrow we're through with the round-up. "Andy hooked his hands behind his head, his voice sliding into a purr. "And then....hello,Kitty."

"Now, that's one fine lady." Toby smiled aiming an amused look at the youth.

A lone wolf howled in the distance. Toby smiled at a cliche.



The next morning brought romp, rattle and clanks. "Hey. You want some coffee?" came a gravely voice and Keller opened his eyes to look at the blonde sitting couple a feet away from where he was laying with steaming cup of coffee in one hand and a kettle in another.

"Yeah,thanks." He mumbled getting up, gathering the blanket around himself and taking the offered cup. Taking a cautious sip he sat down facing the blonde.

"I don't think we were properly introduced." The blonde leaned over extending a hand. "Tobias Beecher."

"Christopher Keller." He shook the guy's hand.

Beecher nodded, did not smile, though.

They sat in silence.

Keller took another sip of his coffee taking the mental inventory of the blonde.

The guy was young,well, certainly younger than him, Chris thought, taking in the guy's cute nose and beautiful blue eyes. His hair was strawberry blond, reddish in the sun;his crazy beard and mustache slightly darker. His clothes was dusty, and comfortably broken in, the Stetson laying on his knee looked worn for the weather.He looked somehow incongruous, though, there in a crisp cool morning surrounded by the sounds of cattle, nature and the men. Even his name sounded out of place.

"We should get going." Beecher said after a while pouring the rest of his coffee over the fire, "You are riding with me. Vern said so."

"I have to take a leak." Keller grinned.

Beecher shrug his shoulders. "Key." And with that he left.


They were riding in silence. Beecher didn't talk much. In a matter of fact the guy didn't talk at all. But he sang;one stupid nursery rhyme after another. Right now,though, he was blessedly silent. Keller sighed. He was riding behind Beecher most of the time, his eyes riveted on the guy's supple back and shoulders. Now, that's one fine looking animal, indeed. Chris tried to smother a chuckle with a cough. Turning to shoot him a wry look Beecher huffed. "Doing OK?"

"Yeah. Peachy." Keller grinned.

With a huff Beecher turned his head away from him.

Rising in his stirrups slightly Keller adjusted his crotch. Behave. He chuckled, to himself this time.

"We should reach 'Teufelskott' by nightfall." Beecher said glancing back, his eyes narrowing suspiciously at Keller's smiling face.

"OK." Chris grinned.

"Yeah." Beecher huffed looking away, neck reining his roan mare to the left then galloped off.

Feisty lil devil. Keller smiled going after him.


'Teufelskott' was a large and obviously well-kept place, and Shirley, that's second Mrs.Schillinger, was obviously a very cordial lady. Keller smiled appreciating the view as she leaned into him her firm little breasts exhibited ostentatiously in an expensive looking deep green dress.

"Now Mr. Keller you simply must join us for some refreshments." Her distinctive southern drawl as sweet as magnolias invaded his personal space.

"Much obliged, ma'am." His lips curved in a dazzling smile.


Her dainty hand curled around his bicep as she led him from a table couple of hours later, gazing into his eyes dreamily as if mesmerized by the story of his life that he was telling-at least with the version he gave them.

"Now,Christopher, you've led a mighty interesting life." She leaned close, her smile inviting. "Hasn't he , my darling?" She glanced at her husband, a radiant smile curving her lips.

Schillinger raised his glass at them, sitting his stocky figure down on a sofa.

"Now, what brings you to our little corner of the world, I wonder, Mr.Keller?"

"Adventure, Ma'am." He winked gazing down in her big dark eyes then smiled a swoonsome kind of smile, dimples and all.

"Oh,my..."She chuckled bringing her tiny braceleted hand to her breasts. "You are a real trouble. Darling isn't he trouble?"

"He sure looks the part."

"I see you are a collector, Vern?" Chris said looking at the guns and pistols displayed on a wall with proprietary pride.

"I see something beautiful, I must have it. It's that simple."Schillinger said.

Carding a gentle finger over a beautiful ivory handle of a colt his eyes riveted to the enamel shamrock adorning it Keller drawled, his voice deceptively lazy. "Now, Vern." His lips twitched with a faint smile."Nothing in life is that simple."


"What the fuck are you doing here? I almost had a heart attack when I saw your face you fucker!" The gentile southern drawl notably absent from her voice Shirley Belinger also known as Shirley the Cat, Shirley Murphy, and as of late, Mrs. Vernon J. Schillinger originally from the fine state of South Carolina, hissed at Chris Keller standing in his room at the second floor in the middle of the night with her arms akimbo and her dainty breasts rising and falling in agitated staccato.

"Shhh, shhh..." he grinned trying to grab her by the hands and calm her down by pulling her close against his chest.

"Did Ryan send you?" She squealed her face buried against his soft skin. " I swear Chris... if you ruin this for me...I swear to God..."

"Ryan's dead." Keller said, a somber expression on his face, his sapphire blue eyes searching hers.

Stepping back from him she raised a trembling hand to her lips. "No.." She whispered brokenly. "No...Who? Who dared?" She growled.

Chris aimed a dark look at her." It took me a year to find out."

Sitting down on the edge of a bed Shirley hissed her eyes dark with rage. "How are you going to do it?"

"Shirley my pet," Chris grinned stepping to her, lifting her pretty face with a soft finger on her chin." I'm going to need your help."

"Ooooh, you can count on me Chrissy." She smiled flopping back on the bed her dark hair spreading like a halo around her face.


As he dismounted in front of Marie's Saloon his plan was made. He needed a hand,though. A scapegoat of sorts. Destiny nudging fate in the ribs Tobias Beecher came flying through the doors.

"You need a hand?"Keller drawled leaning against a pole his blue eyes raking over the lean body of the blonde sprawled on the floor.

"Fuck off." Beecher got up wiping the blood from his lips.He was breathing hard bracing his hands against the thighs. "On second thought," he mumbled raising his head and meeting Chris's eyes, a crazy chuckle escaping his throat. "Why not..." He stretched his back rubbing at the painful spot."I'll take the skinny one , you take the chief." He winked.

Shaking his head Keller smiled. "We'll play it by ear, 'Key?"

"Key." Beecher nodded, the two of them going inside.


Couple of hours later they were sitting in a bathtub in the back room of Claire's whore and tea house blissfully numb and silent. Glowering at the bottle of whiskey Beecher whispered a low prevenient "I need to quit drinking." then took a long hearty swig.

"You do what you have to." Chris murmured.

"I still don't trust you." Beecher said, his eyes still closed, his head thrown back.

"Let's wait and see what happens, 'Key?" Keller smiled reassuringly, warmly, benign.

Opening his eyes and looking at him for the longest while Beecher finally smiled. "Yeah, let's see what happens."


a week later

His first instinct was right-the guy was crazy. Shaking his head Keller watched a stark raving mad Tobias having a go at one of Marie's equally drunk patrons over nothing in particular.

"Toby, c'mon man, c'mon, it's too fucking early for that shit." He threw an arm round the man's supple shoulders yanking him back, restraining him efficiently. Fixing the other guy with an icy stare he growled. "Ya feelin' lucky, punk?"

The guy backed down. Keller led Toby outside casting an apologetic look and a dazzling smile at Marie. That lady liked him, she liked him a lot. Winking at him she smiled back. Yep, she loved him.

"My savior." Toby mumbled drunkly throwing his arms round Chris's shoulders. His knees gave way and he was chuckling against Chris' flat belly now.

"Fuck, Beech, you really should stop drinking."Chris murmured tugging at him.

"Nah, I'm no fun when I'm sober." came Toby's low slur. Chris could feel his hot breath through the fabric of his dark west and a shirt. "Fuck man, you smell nice." Toby chuckled raising his arm to sniff at his own armpit. Making a face he chuckled. "I need a bath."

Chris smiled, but before he could react Toby gained his feet and threw himself into a nearby trough. The next second he was howling like a demented banshee trying to climb out of obviously too cold water.

Almost bent double Chris was howling with laughter. Yep, the man was batshit insane.


Handing him a towel Chris sat on the bed, leaned against the headboard, his arms crossed over his chest. He was smiling.

Standing in the middle of the room and looking like a half drowned mouse Toby whined. "Chris, I'm cold."

"Then take your clothes off." Chris simply said.

Toby huffed just standing there staring at the floor.

"What,you're shy all of a sudden." Chris drawled.

"I can't do it when somebody's watching me." Toby mumbled his eyes still pinned at the floor.

"C'mon Beech, it's not like I'm gonna ravish you." Chris chuckled winking at him."Your virtue is safe with me." The way his eyes glinted made the vocal affirmation somewhat dubious.

Toby's blue eyes snapped up, looking at him startled, wavering.

Chuckling at that Chris said. "Bathroom's through there."He pointed to the door in the opposite wall. "I'll get you some dry clothes."


He was yanking some pants and a shirt from a top drawer of a dresser at his bedside when he heard an ouch and a thump.

"Beech, ya OK in there?" He called out hurrying to the door.

When after a couple of seconds there was no replay, he went in. He found Toby on the floor-lights out and half naked.

Hauling him over his shoulder he carried him back into the bedroom and gently lay him down. Reaching for the button he unfastened Toby's pants. Pulling them down his thighs he could not force himself not to look. Well well well, To-bi-as. With a low whistle of appreciation for the fine form Keller grinned and tossed Toby's soaked pants to the floor. Appreciative of a beautiful landscape Keller stood back with arms crossed over his chest, his head tilted to a side. Seconds later he was staring incredulously at Toby's ass as the blonde turned to his stomach mumbling something unintelligibly into a pillow.

A distinctive letter T-the brand Schillinger's cattle bore was seared into that pale perfect flesh. Chris's face grew dark. He closed his eyes for a moment. A promise firm on his lips he pulled a blanket over the slumbering man. Carding a gentle hand over the soft wet curls he got in bed beside him, surprised when Toby cuddled up to him searching the comfort of his warm embrace. Squeezing the blonde into a desperate embrace Chris closed his eyes, but could not find sleep for a longest while. He sighed. His plan needed some serious revising.

...........//.......... He felt safe, he knew that much. Opening his eyes to bright morning light and the welcome feeling of actual good night sleep Toby fixed his eyes on a handsome face of the man laying next to him, asleep and peaceful. Toby smiled fondly. Stretching his long legs his mouth gaping in an expansive yawn Toby realized in horror, his eyes opening wider-he was naked.

Nothing happened,though, he was reasonably certain of it. Lately he was unlaid as a pile of bricks; he would've known if he got lucky. He shook his head at the crazy train of thought. He woke up in a strange bed with a man. That should bother him, a lot actually . Strangely enough, it didn't. Besides, he lifted the blanket to look underneath, Chris was fully clothed. Damn. He sighed laying back and throwing a hand over his eyes, chuckling to himself. Beecher, you are one sick fucker. If the guy knew what were you thinking about just know he would kick your ass so hard....His eyes opened in horror. He must have seen it. Toby sat up. Jumping out of bed he picked his clothes in a panicked ballet across the room, got dressed in a hurry and left without a backward glance. Shame was a powerful feeling.


"Tobe?" Chris mumbled trying to open his eyes. He forgot to close the curtains last night and the morning sun was relentless. Squirming under the sheets he realized he was alone in bed. Toby has left. He let out a muffled groan. Fuck, it wasn't like he had time for that shit right now. Someone should take a minute to explain that to his cock, though. He pressed his stubborn erection into the mattress. No, we have no time for that. He growled at it sternly.

Yeah, that would be the first, his cock grumbled.

Well, fuck you, we are on a mission.

Yeah, I thought so too.

Fuck off.

No chance for that man, you hold the reins.

Oh, for fuck's sake. Chris whispered to himself gruffly. Get up and get on.

That's what I said.

Oh, shut the fuck up, I'm on it. Chris huffed turning on his back, unfastening his pants, his hand quick to squeeze the throbbing length of his cock. Closing his eyes he cleared his mind of everything except the sound of Toby's husky voice and his cute face; Toby's lithe body sprawled wantonly on the bed under his mind's eye hungry gaze. His back arched, his hand puling at his cock in a dogged rhythm Chris was bringing his own body to near orgasm then backed off ,trying to stem it off for as long as he could, grinning, his voice coming in desperate little moans, imagining Toby's hot mouth swallowing him whole, imagining his angry blue eyes on him all the while as that wicked tongue of his licked and slurped eagerly. Letting out a low growl Chris covered his eyes with a sweaty hand as he savored the sensation of every neuron firing on the genitals-to-spine-to-brain route of his orgasm. Panting heavily he grabbed the edge of sheet to wipe himself off.

Well....His cock demanded.

Yeh, you were right. It was just what I needed.

Told you so.

Yeah,you do know me best.


Yeah, now shut it, we have job to do.


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