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A PWP pretending to be more.u_u

Carnival Nights

by RogueMarch

This one is just an idea that popped to my head during the last Cervantino's festival (no, is not a personal experience, sad to say u_U). This is a PWP on steroids. Thanks Onamack2185 for her beta work, resting grammar, spelling mistakes or typos are only mine. English is not my mother tongue.

Disclaimer: Tom Fontana, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you and if I didn't loved you so damn much, I'd hate you a little more. Lee - sama & Chris- sama, love you with the hot intensity of ten white suns!

Carnival nights

It was a while since he had arrived to the celebration. The street was flooded with people dancing and having fun, but he was bored enormously, nobody had catch his attention except for the typical drunkards and the occasional girl, but to tell the truth, nothing of that was what he came looking for tonight.

He was adjusting his white velvet mask while he started considering walking a couple of blocks up to test his luck, when he saw something that called his attention.

It was a man who's faded and tight jeans showed the best formed ass in the world as his deep blue silk shirt fell from his shoulders, marking his wide back and making the first man want to know what was under the rest of the clothes. Without a doubt that man was the best thing he had seen that night, in fact, that man was the best thing he had seen in a long time.

He gulped his beer in a second, turned around to order another, ready to enjoy the show of the gorgeous man in the blue silk shirt dancing with sensual movements, but when he returned to watch, the other man had gone away.

Without second thought, he began to walk through the dancing people, cursing himself for losing such a handsome man, but he knew that the other man could not have gone very far, and now that he had found something so perfect for him, he didn't have the intention to let him disappear so easily.

In the other side of the street serving now as dancing floor, a man with a black velvet mask and a deep blue silk shirt, was looking for something to refresh himself, leaning on the handrail that served as a security fence, returning a small smile to a boy that was ogling him up and down.

But he really was not interested in the boy, at least not enough to catch his attention for long. He had come to the carnival looking for something else, the adventure and freedom that only a night with covered faces could offer. He wanted someone extraordinary, someone that could burn him to ashes. Someone exactly like the guy in the white mask he had just found.

The blond man with the white mask was walking through the people dancing rhythmically with the music. The silhouette of a beautiful body surrounded completely in an olive green silk shirt emphasized each one of the man's muscles, and his blond hair seemed to shine with his a light of his own.

It seemed that he was looking for someone in the crowd, he looked anxious; maybe he was with a partner, but it didn't matter to him. The blond man was too tempting to let him pass, so the darker man begun to walk towards him, souring him playfully, stepping in front of him, preventing him to walk away.

- "Hello handsome, what is someone you like doing in a place like this? Are you alone and lost?" - he asked loud enough to be heard over the noise of the place.

The man in green silk dedicated a seductive smile to the other man. It seemed that the man he was looking for had just founded him first. He had to give it to him, the taller man was totally captivating and his deep blue eyes where piercing him through the black mask.

Set out not to lose the opportunity to be with this gorgeous man, the blond in the white mask took a step closer towards the other man with slow movements and whispered -"I'm not lost and now that I found who I was looking for, I'm not alone either"-.

-"How curious, because now I'm with someone too, and let me say he is the sexiest man in the place. Wanna dance?" - He asked while his arm clung to the waist of the blond man, pushing him against his body in a provocative invitation.

-"Dance?" - The other man answered in a false innocent tone - "Just that?"

And after that, the man in the green shirt began to move its hips to the rhythm of music without separating himself of the man of the black mask while he felt his own pulse accelerate more and more, knowing without a doubt that this would be one memorable night.

-"For now"- the dark haired man laughed into the other man's ear while he parted his thighs with his own denim covered leg.

And they let the music take over them, rhythmically moving body against body, lowering and raising while rubbing each other seductively, until they got drunk with desire for the other.

The green dressed man approached the ear of his companion pretending wanting to speak to him but instead of that, he used his tongue to caress the lobe of the ear and immediately afterwards his teeth started nibbling it subtly, waiting an answer from his dance partner.

The tempting touch caused an electrifying current to curse across the blue shirted man; a feeling that went burning directly to his groin, which was beginning to show signs interest. Soon he felt it crying out within his narrow trousers.

He grabbed the other man even strongly, grinding their hips harder to let the other man feel his hardness as the blond man attacked his neck with kisses and wet licks.

-"See how hot you make me? What are you planning to do about that?"-

-"I can think of several things to do about it, but we are in a place way to public for all of them"- the blond man responded while rubbing against the hip of the other man, grabbing his ass, enjoying the firmness he found there.

-"That could be easily fixed"- the darker man was biting all the exposed parts of the bond's silky neck. - "Come with me"- It was more an order than a question but the other man's hand grabbed his hand and then he was hauling the blond through the still dancing crowd on the street.

Finally after a few minutes, they managed to leave the crowd behind by getting lost in the first alley they could find, running through it until they were completely alone in a place where even the street lights couldn't reach them.

Once there, the one in the dark mask pushed the other against the hard wall, trapping him completely with his own body, just to start nibbling again at that gorgeous neck exposed just for him as his hands anxiously caressed all the anatomy of his lover.

On the other hand, the blond man was trying to get rid of the darker man's blue silk shirt, fighting to kiss that torso. That gained him a low growl from the other man; he could see that the mask covering up an aquiline profile hid a man with a strong personality and that turned him on even more.

When the blond had finally undone the shirt, he pushed the dark haired man's back against the wall, reversing their positions. He continued with his kisses lowering slowly by the chest of the other man, nibbling and licking each centimeter of skin that was in front of him, until he was on his knees undoing the zipper of the other man's jeans, sinking his hand on that gorgeous groin.

The blue shirted man grabbed fistfuls of blond hair as the other man teased him by smoothly caressing his hardness with his fingertips and smiling, eyes full of desire. After a few tantalizing moments, he took the shaft with one hand and while he held it from the base, he caressed the rest of it with his tongue.

The one of the black mask grunted for the sweet torture that he was enduring, even though the caresses were more than exasperatingly good with just a hint of a warm tongue rubbing him, he had the urgency to be surrounded by that heat, making him drift back and forth between pain and pleasure. Soon, he couldn't take it any more and grabbed the blond head of the other man, demanding total attention of his mouth.

When the blond felt the force of the other man's grip in his head, he smiled smugly, then he covered the crown of the other man's penis with his warm mouth, just enough to make it wet and then blew over it. He played like that for a few moments before showing some mercy to the standing man above him and taking him completely in his mouth, sucking and licking.

A hard moan came out of the other man's mouth when he finally got the attention he needed; the heat in the alley increased as the blond man continued on his knees making the darker man mad with lust with every lick and caress. This stranger was giving him the greatest pleasure he had ever felt.

Sighs and moans got worse; pleasure and ardor increased while the one in the green shirt continued delighting the hard member of the one in the blue shirt, enjoying giving the ministrations that were making the other man crazy, but soon he realized that they were quickly reaching the limit, and it wasn't the moment for that yet.

The man with the dark mask seemed to read his thoughts `cause now he was pulling his golden curlsa helping him get to his feet and pushing him against the wall, tearing up the green shirt completely.

- "Now it's my turn to get to know you better" -The darker man whispered to the blonde's ear with a faltering voice while he used one of his hands to run through the naked chest and the other to caress the still covered crotch. - "And it seems that somebody is really anxious to say hello to me".-

The blond man willingly received the caresses of the other man on his covered member with a sigh and said with a rough voice:

- "And that's all you are going to do to greet him? The poor thing is going to be very frustrated"-

- "No, it would be a sin to leave him like this" -the darker man responded as his hand submerged into the jeans of his lover and pressed with savagely the hard shaft in there.

A hoarse moan escaped of the blonde's throat as a result of that violent gesture, but no, he wasn't going to give away so easy, after all, he also liked to play.

- "To tell the truth, he and I would be very thankful if you don't do that again"- he said dedicating a charming smile to the man in the black mask, a smile that tried to cover the tone of lack of innocence that he had used.

-"He seems to like it just fine"- he gave another abrupt pull- "Almost as much as I do".

This being said, he unzipped the blond man's jeans and pulled to his thighs, just enough to be able to continue with his savage and provocative masturbation more freely. His other hand caressed the smooth skin of the other man's ass, pinching it in some areas and biting the blonde's nipples with an urgent desire.

The man in the white mask arched his back feeling fire running through him as the other man gave him the hand job of his life. To an outsider viewer, the ministrations would have seemed savage and brute, but the blond man truly loved it, it was like the other man knew exactly how to touch him.

The one of the black mask raised until he was facing his new lover, and for the first time that night, moved by an ardent desire, kissed his lips while grinding their bodies together, making their pulsating penises rub against each other in delight.

The kiss lasted what seemed minutes, a wet, enthusiastic kiss, loaded of a voracious appetite, until the man in the black mask ended it abruptly and with a sudden movement turned the other man around, making him face the wall.

Now he was biting his back, while his hands played with the other man's ass pinching and caressing it, playing with his puckered entrance with smooth movements, urging that delicate part to open and trying to obtain more gasping pleas.

-"Come on, damn it!"- The blond man said in a guttural tone- "You are not expecting a formal invitation, are you?"-

The darker man take that plea as a challenge, which fascinated him, definitively this man was his perfect lover, as ardent as he was, as wild as he was in the sexual games.

Fulfilling his desires, he let one of his fingers enter the blond man, submerging it without gentleness, beginning to caress his humid interior at the same time, leaving and entering him again and again, making circles, then inserted two fingers, masturbating him with the other hand, biting and licking his back and neck, squeezing himself against the other man desperately, causing both their breaths escape as the ardor was burning them, two sweaty bodies supplicating total release.

The blond in the white mask could not longer stand it, he needed the darker man inside him or he would die.

The man in the black mask removed his fingers from the sweet heat of the blonde's interior and without warning he pulled the other man's waist closing the distance between his cock and the most delicious ass he ever met; he opened other man's legs with his, and positioned behind him finding the exact point to give the first thrust that penetrated the other body, both making distressing moans as the electricity rushed through them.

The blond laid his back against the chest of his lover, the intensity of it all made difficult to breathe for a couple of seconds; the other man resting his forehead in the nape of his neck. When their breaths were slower, the darker man started to move his hips against him trying to get closer than physically possible, deeper in him than anyone before.

The darker man continued moving within him with delight, with abruptness and passion, but looking all the same to provoke the maximum of sensations, wrapping his hand around his cock, pinching his nipples, biting the skin of the back of his neck and shoulders.

Both of them were moaning sensual and dirty words; both exuberant with a joy beyond words, their bodies fitting perfectly.

Finally all the accumulation of sensations was too much for the man in the white mask that was trusting franticly in the fist of his lover, until he finally came in the other man's hand with total delight, howling like a wolf would do it to the moon. Just a couple of seconds later the man in the black mask came inside him with the intensity of a cosmic explosion, biting his pleasure in the other man's neck.

The two lovers stayed connected, the darker man resting his head on the blond man's shoulder, both trying to regain their breaths and minds.

And they stayed embraced to each other, using the little force they had left to keep standing and not to fall to the ground. Then man with the dark mask moved a little, leaving his companion and leaning himself against the wall.

With a satisfaction grin, the blond man watched the darker man while he began dressing again as much as he could.

- "Wow, in the end the night wasn't as boring as it seemed at the beginning".

-"Definitively not"- The darker man answered as he pushed very lightly against the other man- "That was magnificent"-

After saying that, he gave the blond man one last kiss, much more barren but as passionate as the first one. After that he separated from him smiling, while they resumed getting somewhat presentable, both savoring the sight of the other and savoring that last kiss.

-"Without a doubt". - The blond finally said with a great smile. - "It was a pleasure to meet you".-

That being said, the darker approached him and gave him a light tap in the ass before turning away and leaving the alley, losing himself again through the still dancing crowd.

The blond man saw the darker man disappear into the crowd and couldn't avoid feeling a certain degree of sorrow, after all, that was more than just a magnificent fuck. But thus were the rules of the nights of carnival, the masks hid the faces, the people, the names; non written rules that made the adventure and the pleasure possible.


An hour later at the Keller household:

Chris had just arrived home a couple of minutes ago and decided to have a relaxing drink before going upstairs to get into his bed. He opened the bar and poured a single glass of wine before lighting a lamp on the coffee table. He dropped his black velvet mask in the sofa and seated himself comfortably to enjoy his drink.

Toby got of the cab with a tired gesture.

Throughout the entire journey, the taxi driver had been staring at his practically ripped green silk shirt and the white mask he had in one hand, but Toby didn't bother to give the driver an explanation, the only thing that he wanted was to get home, have a nice warm shower and get into his bed.

Once he approached the door and while he was looking for his keys, he noticed that there was a light coming from his living room. It was very weird that someone was up that late at night so as soon as he entered, Toby walked to the living room trying to see who the nighthawk was, so to speak.

The tenuous light of the room gave a warm atmosphere to the room, almost intimate. With a quick scan, Toby looked for the person who had to be there. Yeah, there he was a familiar form with a blue silk shirt and a black velvet mask besides him on the sofa.

His eyes opened wide while he recognized the face he loved in the person now rising from the sofa to standing opposite him. Chris took the white mask from Toby's hand and throw it aside. Silence surrounded them while they shared an intense glance in mutual recognition.

Chris grabbed Toby by the hair, pulling his head backwards and then fusing his lips together with a furious kiss, biting and sucking Toby's lips intensely, eagerly.

Toby's hand clung to Chris' back while responding to the kiss with the same fierceness he was receiving it until the lack of air forced them to separate, just enough to look into each others eyes.

-"I loved your plan"- Toby whispered to Chris' ear, giving him light kisses on his neck - "But the next time I get to choose... and by the way, you didn't exactly fulfill this one out, I will have to gave you a penalty. You were supposed to be waiting for me in our bed, not in the living room drinking wine" -

- "My playing plans are better than the yours, Beecher"- Chris answered smiling to his partner as he took him from the waist, making Toby's legs lock on his waist as his arms clung to his neck, picking him up - "And the bed is very cold without you. I wouldn't know what to do in it without you beside me".-

After saying this, Chris left the living room with the love of his life in his arms and went to the stairs, leading them to their bedroom.

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