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Written for "In Oz Drabble Tree No One Can Hear You Scream". Prompt: Back to his place for a tumble in the sheets.


by levitatethis

How's that saying go - been around the block?

And the other one - never met a pussy he didn't want to fuck?

And he did fuck a lot of them. Even Howell's, but he's pretty sure she worked some devil mojo to make him do it. That bitch was not fucking right in the head.

Most of his conquests weren't particularly difficult. All were ready and willing, and just thinking about their response to him - flushed skin, deepening breaths, speeding heartbeats, peaked nipples, moans - makes him hard.

But the ache for release comes with the one can't have, at least not yet.

Gloria - just beyond his grasp she is the brilliant light at the end of the tunnel which threatens to ensnare him. She thrums his body and mind with seismic vibrations, twists his soul, and renders him enthralled. She's unlike the others and doesn't deserve to be demeaned in the same breath. With her it's not about going back to his place for a tumble in the sheets. It's about the consuming fire of forever, the declaration of eternity, the sacrifice of bitter logic.

He'll make her see the truth that has forced his eyes open.

They can burn together in its shattered light.
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